北京天通苑上门女多少钱大概 Beautiful the State Council informs against admire of person exposure bitter fleabane abstruse be engaged in ” questionable activity ” be prevented


Author | Zhang Ni

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Local time 19 days, many beautiful intermediary exposes to the sun a fierce makings, say to have the stuff that comes from American the State Council ever with respect to admire of bitter fleabane of Secretary of State abstruse participating in domestic and internationally ” questionable activity ” be related tries to issue a warning to office of general affairs of law of the State Council and administrative leadership layer for many times, but however by relevant personage ” prevent ” .

Integrated United States ” congress hill signs up for ” , ” daily beast ” wait for media 19 days message, employee of this the State Council that did not disclose a full name and other witness express, bitter fleabane admire abstruse be suspected of participating in ” doubtful trade ” the place includes Florida, new York, Washington and other and abroad site. Nevertheless, media returns unavailable more to concern the material information of these mobile property at present.

“A lot of actions that I witnessed him directly ” , inform against a person to express so, point out even the person of a few witting and pertinent information ” ever tried for many times the high level from administrative secretariat is sought over there leader and counsel office clear and directive opinion, but if wish,fail ” . In complaining, mention, official of a few the State Council also is informed for many times this matter, but did not take significant action however. “Be known according to me, person of the neither one in them takes action will solve a problem, after even a few people are put forward in this one problem, subordinate of special still directive continues to assist bitter fleabane admire abstruse this kind of questionable activity ” , tattletale is written so.

Beautiful intermediary points out, employee of American the State Council can pass the hot line service that gets protection, faceless to the State Council censorial long report their be anxious. the message said this year in May, this hot line received admire of concerned bitter fleabane many report of abstruse behavior. Current, american the State Council rejects to give to this buy is judged.


南京君临国际 炮楼 Supreme Court: Delay in murder case was excessive under timely justice rules

Sivaloganathan Thanabalasingham arrives for a detention review at the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada in Montreal, Thursday, April 13, 2017.Graham Hughes / THE CANADIAN PRESSOTTAWA — The Supreme Court of Canada has upheld a judge’s decision to halt a murder case because of excessive delay, even though the accused man was long ago deported from Canada.The ruling today is the high court’s latest pronouncement on the pressing issue of timely justice.In 2017, a Quebec Superior Court judge ruled Sivaloganathan Thanabalasingham should not face trial for the alleged killing of his wife due to the nearly 60-month delay between his 2012 arrest and the start of proceedings.In its landmark Jordan decision, the Supreme Court set a 30-month limit between the laying of charges and the conclusion of a trial for superior court cases.Thanabalasingham was deported to his native Sri Lanka following his release, but arguments about halting the case continued to play out in the Canadian courts.Last October the Quebec Court of Appeal said the Crown had not proven any errors in the trial judge’s decision to stay the murder charge.CommentsShare your thoughts

Rainforest Alliance launch 2020 certification program

File photo File photoClick to read all about coronavirus →The Rainforest Alliance has unveiled its 2020 Certification Program after years of hard work and collaboration.The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organization working at the intersection of business, agriculture, and forests to make responsible business the new normal.The NGO is building an alliance to protect forests, improve the livelihoods of farmers and forest communities, promote their human rights, and help them mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis.Mr. Kwame Osei who is Country Director for Rainforest Alliance Ghana announced in an interview with this reporter on Ghana’s Agricultural Sector and tailored supply chain services.According to him the broader strategy of RA in addition to Reimagining Certification includes three other interventions; Landscapes and Communities, Advocacy, and Tailored Supply Chain Services. These interventions are ‘’thousands of companies and even more millions of consumers through several products in more than 130 countries around the world.Even before the merger, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ have already helped many of the world’s largest coffee brands achieve baseline certification towards environmental, social and economic sustainability in their supply streams. Rainforest Alliance currently estimates that more than 400,000 coffee farmers with more than one million hectares of farmland are currently engaged in Rainforest Alliance certification.Mr. Osei says Rainforest Alliance 2020 Certification Program defines their long-term vision for the future, and the path required to get us there.The Country Director explains that the new standard, assurance system and related data and technology systems are designed to deliver more value to the many people and businesses around the world that use Rainforest Alliance certification as an essential tool to support sustainable agricultural production and supply chains.He adds that reimagining certification is part of Rainforest Alliance’s wider strategy to drive sustainability at scale in the sectors in which they operate through interconnected interventions supporting certification, tailored supply chain services, landscapes and communities and advocacy.He indicated that beginning July 2021, certificate holders at the farm level will only be required to comply with the core requirements of the 2020 Sustainable Agriculture Standard.He explains that after July 1, 2022, in their first full-scale certification audit, certificate holders at the farm level will be audited against the full set of applicable farm requirements.

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Beijing to Canada: Don’t criticize China’s treatment of Hong Kong

A Chinese flag is illuminated by sunshine in the Hall of Honour on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Thursday, September 22, 2016.Adrian Wyld / THE CANADIAN PRESSOTTAWA — China is threatening retaliation against Canada after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned a new security law giving Beijing more control over Hong Kong.In a news conference today, a spokesman for China’s foreign ministry said Canada had “seriously violated international law and basic norms governing international relations, and grossly interfered in China’s internal affairs.”Zhao Lijian said Hong Kong’s affairs are internal Chinese business and other countries have no right to get involved, and China reserves the right to further react.Last week Canada joined other countries in restricting exports to Hong Kong and complaining that the new law violates the principle of “one country, two systems” that is meant to govern Hong Kong’s place in China.Tensions between Canada and China have already been high, with China accusing Canada of malfeasance in detaining high-tech executive Meng Wanzhou on a U.S. extradition warrant and Canada accusing China of arbitrarily detaining Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor.Canadian exports of canola and meat to China have also been obstructed.CommentsShare your thoughtsCanada China

Indian accredit army can firing Zhang Shaozhong: Their tattered gun can start shooting

Origin: Bureau Zhang Shaozhong

On June 21, according to Indian media coverage, indian premier Mo Di already accredit India army is in as military as China conflict, can firing fire. This signifies the strife in future in, indian army will use boxing base no longer likely or be bludgeon, use firearms however even heavy weapons firings.

Although such accredit will surely not create armed conflict truly, but the risk that also increased conflict to expand apparently. The Yin Jun in the circulates on gregarious media conflict video before looking at this nevertheless carries ” tattered ” firearms, can’t help inviting person suspicion: Is this gun returned can start shooting?

On June 6, 1995, arms of covey India special type is taking the advantage of the dim light of night, in the Xiang Kaji below the help of gunfire the Pakistan position on Er hill launched attack. In altitude 5000 meters highland is a mountainous area go up, soldiers are carrying these India breathlessly to fight heavily equipment, risking a heil of bullets ceaseless ascend is worn.

The film ” control line: Ka Jier ” in the INSAS automatic rifle that Yin Jun uses

Admire attacking is big fear of military strategist in ancient China originally, face the Ba Jun that holds advantage landform, yin Jun’s soldiers still have ” killer mace ” , that just enlists in army namely the India of an outfit is homebred and new-style musket. Weight of this kind of musket is deft, those who blast off is advanced 5.56 millimeter small-bore musket bullet, the lord gun that Ba Jun should compare apparently in close quarters battle is good many what use. Eventually, before these Indian soldiers developed Ba Jun’s position, should firinging when fire, many people discover however: Oneself gun is hit did not ring!

The film ” aim at ” in the INSAS that Yin Jun uses is automatic musket

Although be below the influence of main forces press on the border of India and international situation, the war of Er blocking auspicious 1999 with Pakistan comprehensive hind remove and end, india also calls announce of this armed conflict ” victory ” , but in the conflict that produces on the battlefield with the top height above sea level on this world, yin Jun also exposes those who went out to go up from equipment, direct, training a series of problems. And we today’s leading role, be expressed great expectations by Indian army at that time namely, in actual combat however ” drop chain ” homebred and new-style musket: INSAS automatic musket.

INSAS automatic musket

After World War II ends, india becomes independent as British colony, became an independent dominion state. Even if is such, the weaponry of Indian army is long-term still master from England, classical plum – the brunt musket that musket also returns Enfeierde is Indian army. British transhipment of through cargo after automatic musket of Belgian FN FAL, india produced his version after close also therewith, name 1A of Er of wave of the Sha that it is Yi automatic musket.

Till today, the England that Indian police still is using period of World War II Li musket. Part from media so-called Yin Jun can use musket of this kind of antique to play the bullet hole that is dug into Chinese machine gun in the hundreds of handle outside rice in, the training of visible India soldier is excellent, marksmanship is extremely accurate.

Interesting is, to thank England inside allied forces liberates Belgium, belgian government gave FAL freely to England the manufacturing license of automatic musket, but this status was not enjoyed however after India is independent. Because India produces this kind of musket to did not obtain Belgian authorization, because this is Belgian,put forward to protest to India. Final, indian premier Nihelutong passes ” money of a place of strategic importance ” , purchased a batch of other weapons to settle this dispute to Belgian FN armory.

The Indian soldier of automatic musket of 1A of Er of use Yisha wave

But arrived 20 centuries 80 time, the army of world each country begins the development direction that with weight the small-bore musket with light, small recoil regards future as, indian nature is not exceptional also. In textual research a variety of outside army after the weapon, india decides to develop a kind of homebred small-bore automatic musket to replace existing FAL by oneself. And passed the research and development that is as long as 10 years, new-style musket of India — INSAS met with everybody for the first time eventually.

From the point of overall modelling, the modelling of INSAS still is more beautiful: Gunstock and real wood makes protect wood, the class on high-end air, have 20 centuries very much the firearms of 339 time designs a style. The main part of complete gun is made for rolled steel entirely, do not use contemporary musket to go up absolutely commonly used plastic or it is material of light qualitative alloy. On gun body hit thickly full 20 many rivet, produce craft to go up to have distinguishing feature extremely. As to the structure, INSAS division bear from classical AK-47, also be a descendant of notable family.

Of course, regard a kind of massive amount as weapon of yield for military use, the hard to avoid of charge for the making of sth. of INSAS automatic musket is not very good. After all the weapon is not artwork, bear went. Besides have now and then drop lacquer, craze, wear away, be out of shape, rusty these indisposition, also the advantage with special that’s all right. Just although not up to much of charge for the making of sth. , the crop of INSAS also did not catch up with, do not have a law at all all and vintage musket that army of India of rapid transhipment of through cargo enlists in army.

During Ka Jier conflicts, Yin Jun still is in a large number of use actually AKM and FAL are automatic musket

Do not have method, seeing homebred money is to be used not quite really, indian army was obliged to purchase musket of a batch of AKM from hamster each country, send those deploy in a gleam of, the unit that plans go into action at any time is used. This can bother: What FAL musket blasts off is 7.62 millimeter north makes an appointment with pace cartridge, and although AKM also is 7.62 millimeter, but and eat chicken in different, both bullet is not general. Plus homebred INSAS, indian army had the rifle making type of 3 kinds of mutual and complete not general bullet and spare parts at a draught.

But during the Kajier 1999 conflicts, by ” express great expectations ” INSAS however ” drop chain ” : Below downy complex climate condition, INSAS musket produced a series of problems, for example ligneous gunstock and grasp rupture easily, the screw that uses on the gun is easy damaged, bring about a spare parts to become loose or drop wait for a problem.

Still have Indian soldier report in addition, the meeting when INSAS is shooting goes to gun oily splash on the face of archer — this can not be what bagatelle reason, oil of a lot of guns is to the person’s skin a poisonous sex and caustic, can cause apparent loss to the skin, if splash eyeball of pleasant to see,cause blindness possibly even.

Finally, INSAS musket cannot full automatic fire, can have 3 hair fixed fire only, this fights in close quarters in it is very adverse — this blemish is very good also understanding, won’t be the reader that believes to had played to eat chicken used can ” 3 a running fire ” does M16 go hitting fighting at close quarters? Become loose because of the spare parts nevertheless or drop, do not have originally full automatic functional INSAS is likely however in actual fire because of breakdown ” unfreeze ” , do not suffer pilot a running fire to shoot, this also makes Indian soldier special headache.

Indian soldier coachs U.S. Army study uses INSAS rifle

Because India returns the own production that cannot finish cartridge of 5.56 millimeter pace and logistics safeguard at that time, during Kajier conflicts, yin Jun has a few elite troops transhipment of through cargo only this kind ” new-style weapon ” . In light of now, this is the very lucky in misfortune simply: If Yin Jun is comprehensive at that time transhipment of through cargo this kind of musket, that battles can hit into what kind of still do not know.

Ka Jier one afterwar, indian army expresses exceeding dissatisfaction to INSAS musket, armory of Er of wave of requirement Yi Sha tries to improve. Armory of Er of Dan Yisha wave thinks his gun is no problem however, it is Indian army is used for certain have by accident. After a few brawl, armory of Er of Yi Sha wave rolled out INSAS 1B1 automatic musket, but Indian army expresses not to accompany you to play, purchased from Romania again one large quantities of AKM automatic musket.

The at least of INSAS 1B1 automatic musket after improving is change ligneous part into completely plastic

Not only such, 2005, the abroad user with INSAS not much amount to — Nepalese also expressed dissatisfaction to India. Fight in what turn over guerrilla in the action, nepalese soldiers and police sufferred guerrilla of Nepalese Communist Party ambush, many 40 soldiers and police is beaten dead. The musket quality that Nepalese army considers as India to sell is too poor, just feel these soldiers and police dead. And Indian reply also is consistent: The pose that is your operation for certain is incorrect! And Er of Xiang Ni berth offerred a batch of manuals.

In the center of the India that holds INSAS to join parade mothball police force

And Indian director home makes the same score betray, in the center of make a fight for a long time with guerrilla mothball police force (CRPF) early the inferior quality that cannot bear INSAS musket, announced to convert 2014 AK-47 and musket of Israel X95 assault. 2015, a Yin Jun’s retired officer is Jiang Yisha more wave Er armory tells a court, think armory of Er of Yi Sha wave produces inferior weapon, not consider the life of Indian soldier, but final still in order to lose a lawsuit wind up. is 2014, indian INSAS is improved model — ” divine sword (Excalibur) ” assault musket is referred formally to Indian army.

Be right! It is the EX curry club in this fokelore…

Etc, put bad figure ” divine sword (Excalibur) ” assault musket

Will look from the exterior, “Divine sword ” look more modern, but the design that main body still is INSAS. To this kind of new-style musket, indian army does not catch a cold. Although Indian army purchased a batch ” divine sword ” try out, but this raises musket and approbate without what get Indian army. 2016, indian army announces to make public invite public bidding to purchase new-style musket to replace INSAS external, “Divine sword ” also announced to fail thoroughly 2018.

In try out ” divine sword ” assault musket

Current, SIG-716 of United States of the equipment when Indian army has announced to be the same as is automatic musket and musket of Russia AK-203 assault, former the country unit that has begun consign India army, and latter also did not enlist in army formally till today. Although be the musket of 7.62 millimeter caliber, but these two kinds of musket also cannot general ammo. Nevertheless this nods a problem not to supply supply rear service originally to India, had been dead pig is not afraid that boiled water was ironed.

AK-203 of Russia authorised edition (on) what purchase with India is low match AK-203 (below) this year, have even AK ” green edition “

Begin the INSAS of research and development from 80 time, to 2018 ” divine sword ” , india is ground 30 years one ” divine sword ” , the result gives unexpectedly grind abandoned, such ending can’ts help making a person be between tears and smiles a little — be in nevertheless India on this magical land, such story also is not first time happening.

Venture Capital Scandal: Court rejects Duku’s repayment plan for the second time

Court hammer Court hammerClick to read all about coronavirus → The court presided over by Justice Anthony Oppong, a Justice of the Court of Appeal, with additional responsibility as a High Court judge, turned down the offer with the explanation that the court in its discretion was not satisfied with the terms of agreement considering the fact the accused persons were not willing to pay the restitution at a goal but in installments. On Friday, June 5, 2020, the Director of Public Prosecutions, Mrs. Yvonne Atakora Obuobisa, informed the Accra High Court that the three accused persons – Irene Anti-Mensah, who was an Executive Assistant to Mr. Duku and Frank Aboagye Mensah, the husband of Anti-Mensah – have reached an agreement with the A-G, and therefore the state would like the court to accept the agreement and convict the accused persons as guilty. Justice Anthony Oppong, the presiding judge, however, said the agreement for restitution had not been fully executed by the accused person and the A-G as it has not been signed by the accused persons. He, therefore, directed the two sides to fully execute the agreement and file it at the court for the court to determine it per Section 35 of Act 459. Prosecutions Facts According to the facts of the case, Duku facilitated the recruitment of Irene and Sarpong, who were his work colleagues at the Ghana Investment Promotion Authority (GIPA). Upon assumption of office, Duku introduced a loan scheme named Development Assistance Fund (DAF) to provide credit directly to individuals and companies in clear contravention of the VCTF Act and contrary to the objects of VCTF. Despite the advice of solicitors of VCTF on the illegality of the proposed loan scheme, Duku allegedly managed to obtain the approval of the Board for the establishment of the DAF scheme. According to the prosecution, Duku, by approval of the Board, could only approve loans not exceeding GH¢30,000. Any loan amount above GH¢30,000 was subject to Board approval. The Board also approved strict guidelines under which the loans were to be disbursed. An amount of GH?1,000,000, which was later increased to GH?2,000,000 was approved by the Board as a revolving fund for the DAF project. According to the prosecution, investigations have revealed that the Duku disbursed various sums of money under the scheme, the total of which far exceeded the approved amount of GH?2,000,000. Prior to the appointment of Duku as CEO and the establishment of DAF, VCTF operated an existing scheme that gave loans to farmers in the Northern and Brong Ahafo Regions for the cultivation of sorghum. This loan scheme known as the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) gave loans to certain Venture Capital Finance Companies (VCFC) namely SINAPI ABA and Techno Serve Company Limited for onward lending to farmers. The SPV had a minimum of GH?50,000 and GH?500,000 as the maximum amount that could be disbursed at a time to the Venture Capital Finance Companies. This program ran successfully until the Duku assumed leadership in June 2010 when the project stopped. However, in or about October 2010, the SPV was reintroduced at the instance of the 1st accused (albeit with Board approval) this time to be controlled directly from the office of the 1st accused. 1st accused could however only approve loans up to GH?50,000. Any loan amount above the GH?50,000 threshold required Board approval. Contrary to and in flagrant disregard of the approved Board thresholds for the CEO, the 1st accused person persistently approved loans purportedly under DAF and SPV well above his threshold directly to a number of companies some of which were non-existent. Some of these fictitious companies bore addresses, which belonged to the 1st accused. The accused persons used the names of a number of companies belonging to other persons to obtain loans without the knowledge, permission and or consent of the owners of the companies. The 6th accused, who was at all material times the accountant at VCTF and a signatory to the VCTF account, aided the 1st accused by signing blank cheques to grant loans to some of these companies while on leave. Some of the cheques were issued even before the purported applications for the loans were received. The 1st accused, using these blank cheques signed by the 6th accused, granted loans totaling GH¢4,240,000 which resulted in a total loss of GH¢12,601,796.25 being principal and accrued interest to the Fund. The Board, upon realizing the financial challenges facing the Fund in its sustainability, instructed the 1st accused in 2013 to stop the disbursement of loans under the DAF scheme and to rather concentrate on recoveries. However, the 1st accused misled the Board by reporting that he had recovered 81% of the outstanding loans under DAF when he knew that to be false and consequently obtained the Board’s approval to resume disbursements under the DAF scheme. At the request of the 1st accused, the Board relies on the false report of the 1st accused person, increased the DAF Fund from GH¢1,500,000 to GH¢2,000,000. Again, in January 2015, the Board instructed the 1st accused to completely stop the disbursement of loans and focus on the recovery of loans already disbursed. These instructions were ignored by the 1st accused who authorized the disbursement of more loans without the knowledge or authority of the Board. In June 2015, even though the appointment of the 1st accused had been terminated, he remained in office until September 2015 during which period he disbursed some more loans to companies some of which belonged to his official driver and some cronies. During the period, the 1st accused obtained an amount of Twenty-Six thousand and Sixty-Three dollars ($26,063) to attend an official programme in the United States of America. Even though the 1st accused did not attend the programme he failed to pay the money to chest and dishonestly appropriated the entire amount. The Board on realizing that the 1st accused did not attend the programme, directed him to refund the Twenty-Six Thousand and Sixty-Three dollars ($26,063) to VCTF in response to which directive the 1st accused issued false cheques to VCTF, which were dishonoured upon presentation at the bank. The 2nd accused person too obtained loans in the names of companies based on false representations to VCTF without the knowledge, permission, or approval of the owners of the companies whereas in other instances the loans were obtained in the names of non-existent companies. The 3rd and 4th accused persons, who were responsible for evaluation and processing of loan applications to VCTF, failed to conduct the requisite due diligence on loan applicants but rather facilitated the grant of loans through falsified records by entering false information on the loan application forms. It has been established that the 5th accused person used non-existent companies to obtain loans from VCTF and acted together with 1st, 3rd and 4th accused persons to dishonestly appropriate various sums of money from VCTF in the names of these companies.

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Pompeo calls on China to release two Michaels, says U.S. stands with Canada

In this June 11, 2020, file photo, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaks at the State Department in Washington. Yuri Gripas / THE ASSOCIATED PRESSOTTAWA — U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is calling on China to release two Canadian men that he says face “groundless” charges of spying.Chinese authorities announced the charges against Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor on Friday, after they had spent more than 550 days in prison without access to lawyers or family.Since January, China has prevented Canadian diplomats from visiting Kovrig and Spavor, citing COVID-19 restrictions.The two men were arrested in December 2018, nine days after Canada detained Chinese high-tech scion Meng Wanzhou on an American extradition warrant.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Friday Chinese authorities “directly linked” Meng’s case with Kovrig’s and Spavor’s, and reiterated the government’s long held position that China has “arbitrarily detained” them.Pompeo says the U.S. is deeply concerned by China’s decision to formally charge Kovrig and Spavor.“These charges are politically motivated and completely groundless. The United States stands with Canada in calling on Beijing for the immediate release of the two men and rejects the use of these unjustified detentions to coerce Canada,” Pompeo said in a statement on Monday.“Additionally, we echo Canada’s call for immediate consular access to its two citizens, in accordance with the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, as China has prohibited such access for almost six months, and the world has no knowledge of the two Canadians’ condition.”Meng, the chief financial officer of Huawei Technologies, is living in luxury Vancouver home while her extradition hearing wends its way through a British Columbia court.The United States wants to prosecute Meng for fraud, alleging she lied to banks in Hong Kong about her company’s connections with Iran, which could possibly violate U.S. sanctions.A spokesman for China’s foreign ministry said Monday that his country does not arbitrarily detain people, and that Trudeau’s Friday remarks were “irresponsible.”Last month, the B.C. Supreme Court judge ruled the allegations against Meng could constitute a crime in Canada. That meant Meng’s case remains before the court, unresolved.Last week, Meng’s lawyers accused the Americans of misleading the B.C. court and said they are seeking a stay in the proceedings.CommentsShare your thoughts

Meet Yahaya: The young poultry farmer who ‘cannot be stopped by a virus’

Yahaya Abdulai is poultry farmer Yahaya Abdulai is poultry farmerClick to read all about coronavirus →Success is for the daring. It is only those who are ready to press on in life that can succeed in any endeavour. That is what has accounted for the success of a young poultry farmer in Tamale, capital of the Northern Region in Ghana. He started life as a trained teacher but later found love with birds and decided to switch professions. Find out as he shares his story with the B&FT how he is keeping his business afloat despite the threat of coronavirus.Yahaya Abdulai is a product of the Ghana Senior High school in Tamale, where he studied science. From there, he moved on to the Tamale Training College where he gained training as a professional teacher. After teaching for a year, he took a study leave to study for his first degree at the University for Development Studies. He graduated with a degree in Agriculture Technology. He followed with a second degree in Agriculture Economics. And currently, he is in the final year of his PHD in the same programme.The whole poultry farm idea came when he was taking his second degree in 2014.He decided to put into practice what he was learning. To raise capital for the farm, he went for a loan of GH¢6,000 and used half as part payment of his fees and the other half he invested into the poultry farm – with the thinking that he would be able to recoup the GH¢3,000 to pay for his fees in the second year.Unfortunately, he counted his chicks before they were hatched. Things didn’t go that well for him as there were other risks he didn’t know of. The good thing is that he didn’t quit. He continued the business with just 200 birds, and borrowed some money from family and friends to inject into the farm.With that little investment and prudent management, he was able to increase the birds to 500. Favour found him and he got a grant from an NGO – and doubled the number of birds with that investment. Currently, the business has progressed to a point where he has 4,000 birds in stock. AY Farms, which is the name of his business, also supplies 800 broilers every two months to a company; and also produces 1,000 crates of eggs every month. His main markets are schools, restaurants, hotels and the market women who buy them in bulk to sell.VisionIn the next five years, AY Farms wants to be the largest poultry farm in all the regions of northern Ghana – and even expand to other parts of the country.To ensure business continuity, he plans to engage the services of other professional to manage the business. Currently, he is doing so with his wife and six other people; but in the future when the business becomes large, he plans to bring in qualified persons to run it so as to ensure its continuous existence.ChallengesYahaya’s challenges are not new to what all poultry farmers in the country face. Poultry farmers operating at his scale and beyond rely on imported feeds, as they are the ones that have the right formula to make the birds grow healthy.And due to the fact that they are imported, prices are always going up because of exchange rate volatilities. Yahaya says the cost of feed alone takes almost 70 percent of his total costs.Another challenge poultry farmers experience is the mortality rate of birds in the event of any disease. Once a disease attacks a bird, it spreads to the others quickly – and that becomes a loss to the farmer.Also, another challenge is competition with imported chicken, because it is cheaper than locally produced ones due to the high cost of production incurred by farmers in the country. This creates unfair competition for the local poultry farmers.Financial constraints cannot be left out of the problem. Due to the high-risk nature of agriculture, most financial institutions do not want to lend to players in the sector for fear they may not be able to pay back.How the coronavirus pandemic has affected businessThe pandemic, Yahaya says, has worsened the challenges highlighted above. In addition to that, the market for poultry has shrunk due to closure of schools, hotels and restrictions on social gatherings. This has significantly reduced revenue that comes in every month, starving the business of very necessary capital.Again, because of the closure of borders, day-old chicks and the feeds that are imported from outside have not been able to come in.How AY Farms is coping with the challengesTo continue operating even amid the pandemic and its associated challenges, he has turned to local solutions. He now uses soya beans to prepare feed for the birds; and has teamed up with another local entrepreneur who uses larvae to make protein for fish and bird feeds.To also make up for losses coming from the egg glut, he has reduced the prices to encourage buying from consumers in the community, at least to break even if they won’t make profit. The number of broilers they are producing has also been cut by about 70 percent – all in a move to keep the business running till things return to normal.How the GCIC has helpedYahaya says the Ghana Climate and Innovation Centre (GCIC) is supporting his business to implement the concept of organic poultry farming. Also, the GCIC has provided his business with funding of GH¢100,000 for the farm’s expansion.The impact of educationFor Yahaya, his education, especially in agriculture, has been of great help to him. He has the needed knowledge to manage the business by himself. Again, the training he got from business plan competitions he partook has helped him to write his own business plan and pitch it to investors without engaging the services of a professional.How government must supportIf the youth are to be attracted into agriculture, Yahaya says, there must be enough motivation from government. He thinks there should be an Agriculture Fund that would be a source of funding for every youth who wants to go into agriculture. That fund, he added, should be free of politics so that it doesn’t become available to only party followers of ruling governments of the day.Beyond the funding, he says, market access should also be created by government so that those who enter into agriculture wouldn’t have to bear the headache of who or where to sell to. This would ensure price stability for farmers, he said.Advice to young entrepreneurs“Business comes with a lot of challenges, but I would still advise young people to consider entrepreneurship. If you put in the structures and you work on them, you are going to succeed. And if you do start a business, look for different sources of funding. Open up your network as much as possible and you will get other people who are interested to support the business.”

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Old person of Yang Guizhen of Nanjing massacre survival died last night die at the age of is 102 years old

Original title: Old person of Yang Guizhen of Nanjing massacre survival died last night, die at the age of is 102 years old

Die according to massacre of Nanjing of @ Japanese Invading Army brethren memorial hall is small rich message: Old person of Yang Guizhen of Nanjing massacre survival died last night, die at the age of is 102 years old. Before a week, body of Yang Guizhen grandma is unwell, victim of Japanese Invading Army helped association arrange staff member and doctor of the cure that save a person technically still to come to express sympathy and solicitude for, did not think the old person leaves so quickly.

Walmart to stop keeping ‘multicultural’ beauty products in locked display cases

Pictured is the Walmart Supercentre in Deerfoot City Mall on Friday, May 29, 2020.Azin Ghaffari / Azin Ghaffari/PostmediaWalmart Inc will stop keeping personal care products designed for people of colour in locked display cases, the retailer said, after the practice drew flak online with many saying it suggested customers for these products cannot be trusted.“We have made the decision to discontinue placing multicultural hair care and beauty products in locked cases,” the company said in an email statement on Wednesday.Walmart said the practice was in place in about a dozen of its 4,700 stores in the United States and the cases were in place to deter shoplifters from products such as electronics, automotive, cosmetics and other personal care products.The criticism of the retailer comes at a time when the United States has been rocked by protests against racial discrimination, following the killing of an unarmed black man, George Floyd, on May 25.The change in Walmart’s policy was prompted by a June 8 CBS News report that a Walmart customer had complained of the practice being discriminatory against people of colour while visiting a store in the city of Denver.“The multi-cultural hair care is all locked behind the glass. That’s so ridiculous,” Lauren Epps, a black woman was quoted as saying in the report.Many companies have issued statements in support of the black community, in addition to setting up funds to fight systematic racism.Walmart Chief Executive Doug McMillon has said the company, along with Walmart Foundation, will commit $100 million to create a new center on racial equity.CommentsShare your thoughts