Beautiful aerospace army signal of satellite of the Russia in planning to purchase 48 interference system to disturb

[Round-the-world times reports] company of American Peng rich says 18 days, american aerospace army the plan purchases 48 interference system before 2027, in order to interrupt the telecommunication satellite signal of Russia and China. Russia expert expresses to this, associated action should be taken in Russia, collective antagonism United States disobeys peace to use the act of deep space.

The report says, american aerospace army these ground interference systems that purchase aim ” below the situation that produces conflict with big country ” the job that disturbs Russia and Chinese telecommunication satellite. American aerospace army weapon development and get a center to say on behalf of Sidifen Buluogen, these ground interference systems basically will be used at the communication signal that in conflict initial stage temporary block breaks spacecraft, is not to destroy a satellite. System of first this kind of interference already was used at was being thrown in March, the United States is developing code name ” careless field ” improve type, can make a satellite temporary occurrence breakdown. It is will lighter, more compact, predict first 4 ” careless field ” disturb systematic general in October 2022 aerospace of consign United States army.

Russia ” now economy ” 19 days of reports say the net, current Russia and United States are deciding hold meeting of work of group of deep space expert, among them the problem that one of first item avoid deep space armament race namely. “Russia officer ” Peilianjiyefu expresses · of Alexander of member of committee of experts, american aerospace army buy the interference system that is aimed at Russia and Chinese satellite, disobeyed peace to use the international agreement of deep space. He thinks, american aerospace army the dimensional antagonism that this action is intent apply colours to a drawing and Russia or China, allocate funds in order to win more parliament. But ” the measure that Moscow will seek Russia of antagonism of response United States and Chinese satellite system ” . (Chen Shan)

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards say they have increased Gulf patrols

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards warned the United States about its military activities in the Gulf on Sunday, adding that their navy had as a result increased patrols, which would also secure the passage of Iranian ships and combat fuel smuggling.The U.S. military said on Wednesday that 11 Revolutionary Guards naval vessels had come close to its navy and Coast Guard ships, describing the moves “dangerous and provocative.”The Guards’ statement on Sunday, which said Iran will give a decisive response to any mistake by the United States in the Gulf, provided the first confirmation of the incident.“We advise the Americans to follow international regulations and maritime protocols in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman and to refrain from any adventurism and false and fake stories,” the statement said.“They should be assured that the Revolutionary Guards navy and the powerful armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran sees the dangerous actions of foreigners in the region as a threat to national security and its red line and any error in calculation on their part will receive a decisive response.”The U.S. military statement said the Iranian vessels approached six U.S. military ships conducting integration operations with Army helicopters in international waters.At one point, the Iranian vessels came within 10 yards of the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Maui, the U.S. military said.In its statement the Guards navy denied the U.S. military’s account of the incident and said the U.S. had acted unprofessionally.While such incidents occurred occasionally a few years ago, they had stopped. But tensions between the two states spiked this year after the United States killed Qassem Soleimani, the head of Iran’s elite Quds Force, in a drone strike in Iraq.Iran retaliated on Jan. 8 with a rocket attack on Iraq’s Ain al-Asad base, where U.S. forces were stationed. No U.S. troops were killed or faced immediate bodily injury, but more than 100 were later diagnosed with traumatic brain injury.CommentsShare your thoughtsIran U.S. U.S. Military U.S. Navy

Canadian COVID-19 deaths jump by almost 12% in a day: Official data

OTTAWA — The total number of people killed by the coronavirus in Canada rose by just under 12% to 1,506 in a day, official data posted by the public health agency showed on Sunday.In a statement posted shortly before 11:00 eastern time (1500 GMT), it said the figure for those diagnosed with the coronavirus had climbed to 33,922.The respective figures on Saturday were 1,346 deaths and 32,412 positive diagnoses.CommentsShare your thoughtsCanada coronavirus death

American hemp saves street of small town of 40 thousand person to survey 200 people randomly, 1/3 has new coronal antibody

(compile / contain of observer net Guo) to understand new coronal the exact number of pneumonic infection patient, the United States is strengthening those who be based on virus antibody to detect. After the street of small town of a 40 thousand person detects randomly, city of this Zhu Sai of Zhou Zaima Sa discovers researcher, 200 there is antibody of the existence inside 64 human bodies in having the symptom, dweller that did not accept nucleic acid to detect, hold sum total near 1/3.

Researcher thinks, this means local epidemic situation ” indulge in wilful persecution ” , a lot of people are couldn’t get detect, “Go on the street not to know oneself carry virus even ” . Also mean at the same time, curve of epidemic situation popularity should go possibly in front of of other small towns.

Researcher is cutting Er city street undertakes check of antibody of new coronal virus survey a plan to the citizen randomly on the west from: Gregarious media

” Bostonian round-the-world newspaper ” 17 days of reports, hemp saves a polyclinic to cut Er in Bostonian north small town recently faceless investigation has on the west. After informing via shifting to an earlier date, reach 15 days to be in at 14 days street is random and draw-out 200 volunteer the haemal sample that attends a dweller, undertake fast sieve of antibody of new coronal virus detects.

The result shows, the antibody that there are 64 people among 200 people detects show masculine gender. This means them new coronal virus has been contracted before this. The participator that arranges an in part admits, a month had appeared in the past shape of inflammation of lung of at least one kind of new coronal.

Researcher discloses, nucleic acid had not been accepted to detect before picking this 200 people that give, majority person appears body in order. Considering the form of faceless investigation, doctors cannot signal newest result those measuring to get electropositive person.

Qieerxi’s mayor Thoms Anbuluosinuo is described, this one word is ” your person is sober ” (Sobering) result. But he is not accident to this, thought to mirror nucleic acid to detect insufficient fact.

“We all the time since know the government reports a figure far backward and real epidemic situation. Those numbers are based on nucleic acid of new coronal virus to detect. We also know, qieerxi and other place had person of very little part to get detecting only. Qieerxi and other place had person of very little part to get detecting only..

Graph from: ” Bostonian pioneer signs up for “

According to Yaohanhuopujinsi the university is newest data, state of equestrian Sa Zhu Sai is current accumulative total diagnose 36372, accumulative total dies 1560, serious degree only city of second new York, new jersey and Mixiegen city. Data still shows, this city undertook nucleic acid detects 156806 times in all at present, be equivalent to every 44 people detecting one person.

And Qieerxi the town seat, Sa Fuke county that is a center with Boston, it is the epidemic situation center of city of Ma Sazhu a place of strategic importance, accumulative total diagnose 7696, be next to Midesaikesi county. The hemp that is located in Boston saves a polyclinic, in Qieerxi city also has medical treatment center. According to state government statistic of 16 days, this hospital closes at present treat doubt to be like patient of as new as diagnose coronal 409, weigh disease sickbed among them 153, it is entire administrative division closes treat a the amount is maximum.

Qieerxi diagnose of city accumulative total 712, die in one’s bed 39, infection rate is made an appointment with 1.8% . The diagnose in be equivalent to every 100 thousand person 1900. Statistical population made an appointment with this city 2018 40 thousand person.

City is located in Qieerxi Boston, population makes an appointment with 40 thousand person

The John Lafuleite that studies initiator, hemp visits polyclinic pathology division expresses, this one result ” half happy care ” .

“The bad news is, qieerxi’s epidemic situation is in indulge in wilful persecution (Raging Epidemic) , a lot of people that take on the street do not know they carry virus, may infect family. May infect family..

“Good news is, this means Qieerxi to had held out those who crossed this epidemic situation to comparative one part. They (curve of epidemic situation popularity) the likelihood should compare other small towns to take advanced side.

Nevertheless medical treatment expert also reminds, produce antibody and do not mean complete to virus immunity. Anbuluosinuo discloses, the citizen also is engaged in very much Qieerxi originally medical treatment sanitation and nurse the job of the industry. This lets everybody more reason abides by socialization to keep apart policy. At present the house home of city of a place of strategic importance makes Ma Sazhu provisional come continuously on May 4.

Hemp saves a polyclinic to cut Dien Zelasi of director of center of cure of Er Western medicine to express, understanding has how many person to affect is ” crucial ” . “We must keep apart them, send guaze mask in the city, establish more safety to isolate a particle. Establish more safety to isolate a particle..

Researcher hopes to also build new antibody to check a place in other city, get the status of the person that be checked, in order to inform them of the result.

Kuomintang of case of illness of stage warship occurrence diagnose is round: “Somebody wants to conceal epidemic situation “

[Round-the-world net reports] according to Taiwan ” sign up for jointly ” report, 18 sunrise input Taiwan outside pneumonic condition of 3 new coronals now diagnose case of illness, the person that affect is stage navy ” Yuan Hang of promote friendly relations trains detachment ” member. Stage defense department 18 days urgent announce collectivity round-the-clock Dai Kou is overspread since stage army this day. 18 days of evening give out Kuomintang group statement, criticize this epidemic situation authorities of eruptive indication Democratic Progressive Party ” administrative courtyard ” the member that did not take stage soldier seriously is actual demand, oppugn affection of prophet of issue of stage defense department, ask stage army and center of command of epidemic situation of Taiwan area popularity explain external.

The report says, kuomintang group is oppugned, this relevant case appears namely at the beginning of April symptom, why naval Zhou San (15 days) in ” legislature defense commission ” answer unmanned infection still indicates when ask, during whether does somebody wants to conceal epidemic situation or information deliver process occurrence crevasse? Stage army and ” administrative courtyard ” must make it clear that the outside is oppugned promptly.

Kuomintang group shows, stage army because of the task special, concentration lives in region of Gao Qunju field, it is new coronal pneumonic high risk catchs an object, already came out a few days ago in warship of beautiful, law officers and soldiers group get together during affecting, kuomintang reminds stage army to reach already ” administrative courtyard ” beard lead deploy, answer to supply amount of guaze mask of stage army personnel amply.

Kuomintang group is criticized, during authorities of Democratic Progressive Party fights epidemic disease this serve as related conduct propaganda external all with ” lead deploy ” boastful, but face inadequacy of demand of epidemic prevention of stage army guaze mask, obtain foreign aid of 10 million guaze mask however, let crevasse of stage army occurrence epidemic prevention, come behindhand yesterday (18 days) the member that just decide stage soldier is daily a guaze mask.

Kuomintang group shows, this ” Yuan Hang of promote friendly relations trains detachment ” the incident that catch epidemic disease is eruptive process, if defense department somebody conceals epidemic situation painstakingly, relevant director office should undertake investigating instantly, avoid relevant state to happen again.

Chris Hadfield, Hayley Wickenheiser star in new federal coronavirus ad

Chris Hadfield.PAUL MORDEN / Postmedia NetworkOTTAWA — The federal government is deploying celebrities in new ads meant to amplify the plea of public health experts for Canadians to stay home to curb the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus.The ads, one in French, one in English, are to begin broadcasting nationally tonight during the One World: Together at Home concert.The English advertisement features astronaut Chris Hadfield and women’s hockey star Hayley Wickenheiser, alongside Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief public health officer.The trio exhorts Canadians to stay home and save lives.Hadfield says Canadians have always overcome challenges by looking out for each other and doing their part.Wickenheiser, noting that even people without symptoms can spread the disease, reminds Canadians that their actions can make the difference between life and death.The French ad conveys similar messages, using astronaut David Saint-Jacques and Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, the Canadian football star who helped the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl in February. They appear alongside Dr. Mona Nemer, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s chief science adviser.The exhortations to stay home come as federal political parties are to continue negotiating today about when and how Parliament should reconvene in the middle of the pandemic.The House of Commons is to resume business as usual Monday — with all 338 MPs, along with their staff, clerks, interpreters, security and cleaners — unless an agreement is reached before then on scaled-back sittings.Trudeau’s Liberals are proposing one in-person sitting each week, with a small number of MPs and extended time for longer questions and more thorough answers than would normally be allowed during the daily question period. More sittings would be added as soon as the technical and logistical requirements for virtual meetings can be worked out.All opposition parties appear satisfied with that proposal, except for the Conservatives.Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is demanding up to four in-person sittings each week, with fewer than 50 MPs in the chamber, to hold the government to account for its response to the health crisis and the resulting economic disaster.Except for two single-day sittings to pass emergency aid bills, Parliament has been adjourned since mid-March.On Friday, Senate Speaker George Furey announced that the upper house, which was to resume Tuesday, will not return until June 2 at the earliest.CommentsShare your thoughtsCanadian Politics coronavirus

The United States is naval: Aircraft carrier already had Luo Sifu number new coronal of infection of 660 people diagnose is pneumonic

Washington of China News Service reported on April 17, american naval spokesman confirms 17 days to media, up to that day, aircraft carrier of U.S. Army nuclear power ” Xiaoduo Luosifu date ” the sailor that already had 94% accepts new coronal virus to detect, among them 660 people detect the result shows masculine gender.

“Luo Sifu date “

A statement that American navy issues 16 days says, team of dispatch of a cleanness spy is clean already disinfected ” Luo Sifu date ” the cabin of 80% , cleared 2000 many rooms.

This carries the aircraft carrier of nearly 5000 people, because epidemic situation is large-scale eruptive already brought about captain of a naval ship to overcome Luo Ze to be dismissed, acting admiralty grows Modeli to resign. American navy confirmed external a few days ago, “Luo Sifu date ” an aviation armament soldiers of 41 years old already died on April 13 Yu Xinguan is pneumonic.

The United States ” news weekly ” naval spokesman of cite United States says, “Luo Sifu date ” go up to have 4865 sailors in all, up to now really examine number means the sailor of about 13% to be affected. In diagnose case of illness, 7 people already were turned to courtyard of surgeon of sea of Guam United States to accept treatment.

“Luo Sifu date ” before because send letter navy high level to recourse to answer epidemic situation and meet with,Ke Luoze of captain of a naval ship is of Mo Deli discharge, but the support that this one decision that he makes got the bluejacket on naval vessel and media public opinion. American media exploded recently makings say, navy is considering to make Keluoze rehabilitative. The United States prevents ministerial dust Si Po is being accepted interview express, rehabilitative to Keluoze be related is held ” open manner ” , but after the investigation that everything wants to wait for naval interior ends, give out again reasonable opinion and judgement.

According to American media coverage, already nearly 4700 U.S. Army soldiers, family member and national defence contractor are detected to discover new coronal virus shows masculine gender.

The U.S. Army already had 3 naval naval vessels to appear at least new coronal epidemic situation, “Luo Sifu date ” be among them one of. Ceng Fang of the first ten days of a month asked this naval vessel Vietnam Xian harbor in March, discovered on naval vessel 3 people contract new coronal virus on March 24, number of after this diagnose increases gradually.

Occupy message of face of American sea army additionally, u.S. Army amphibious atttacks naval vessel ” the date in Li Bo ” because diagnose of at least 9 sailors is new the coronal is pneumonic and bring about 630 sailors to be transferred. The boat of naval medical treatment that fighting epidemic disease in los angeles ” beneficent date ” also have at least 7 sailors are affected.

(primary problem is ” beautiful ” Luo Sifu date ” aircraft carrier already had 660 people diagnose to affect new coronal pneumonic ” )

Why doesn’t the liberation army that pays attention to firepower equip Jiatelin machine gun? Have better choice

Origin: Army fierce a face

Firepower intensity leans in serving as small arms famed the heavy-duty firearms at the whole world, the bullet most propbably that the come down in torrents when machine gun is firinging gives Jiatelin all over the world in heavy-duty firearms look for adversary hard, the fact is really such also, depending on much root barrel, be similar to Jiatelin gun of a favourable turn of type of this kind of multibarrel coming back can achieve a kind of special bloodcurdling to shoot frequency really, in drama of of all kinds movie and TV, this also is Jiatelin machine gun is famed at the world establish a body this.

Nevertheless, rely on the heavy-duty firearms with famous firepower as, normally for the liberation army should value this machine gun very much just is, after all it is famed that the firepower of my army is not worth scared disease at the whole world, but, the liberation army besides in its navy is prevented nearly prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun and straight – embark on the helicopter of 20 and so on outside having this kind of weapon, other place is little have see row outfit rotates this kind type multibarrel machine gun. So, why is the liberation army powerful to this kind the firearms of firepower not quite Where is cold?

▲ homebred CS/LM12 turn tubal machine gun

Above all, as a of this kind of heavy-duty firearms the awfullest defect, everybody also thought of most propbably, the firepower output of this weapon is durative be too low really, with homebred CS/LM12 model turn tubal machine gun is exemple, its firing rate is the most high-energy reach 6000 hair / or so minutes, that is to say, want it to achieve the status of firepower a standard-sized sheet only, 6000 hair bullet can can hit one minute entirely almost.

And can average soldier carry so much ammunition? The answer is negative, unless skeletal outside prospective for military use technology gained revolutionary headway, or, considering carry out fight of the task practical, this kind of machine gun is far from comfortable at carrying out a few fight for long the task.

▲ the weight with Jiatelin, it is commonly fort of the army that make sheet is on battlefield

Besides, though be in drama of of all kinds movie and TV, the sample that of all kinds hero holds Jiatelin to firing to enemy really special handsome, but, this kind of circumstance can be only merely in drama of movie and TV appear, in real ground, the metropolis when both sides fights hides in blindage to avoid the end of enemy firepower in order to achieve as far as possible, after all everybody does not want to expose his completely the firepower in enemy to fall to be hit into bolt, and measure with Jiatelin’s body, cannot avoid freely in real ground at all.

▲ holds Jiatelin this kind to mop up the setting of enemy can appear in drama of movie and TV only commonly

It is after all in of all kinds and public real ground data, we had not seen who to have half take a prone hides in blindage, still use Jiatelin of backstroke of machine gun of this kind of multibarrel ” hero ” , it is not quite actual really after all. Of course, the structure of the multibarrel machine gun that like Jiatelin this plants special also complex, if be in battlefield get stuck, be in with average soldier the maintenance condition of battlefield, accomplish very hard foster cordial relations between states its, and the environment of battlefield is very harsh also, this increased the fault rate of machine gun of this kind of multibarrel undoubtedly.

▲ resembles Jiatelin the use that machine gun of this kind of multibarrel develops on multipurpose helicopter will be bigger

This shows, if this kind multibarrel machine gun produced breakdown in the battlefield of ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye, so it can become extremely likely ” make a fire rod ” . Accordingly, my army row installs a few simple soldier that can replace it to assist a weapon just is before last plan, in this respect, my army has a lot of weapons to be able to replace it, other do not say, a when with respect to me army row installs classical weapon, 74 type flamethrower can be planted from some hand-held multibarrel is replaced on the meaning Jiatelin the action of machine gun.

The reason is very simple also, the strong firepower of an instantaneous sex that this weapon is pursuit is outputted, and eject of 74 type blaze no matter its are from weight and will look on use effect, compare Jiatelin many what machine gun of this kind of multibarrel wants be to one’s profit, consider use effect after all, the firepower suppress effect that on fire of gush of 74 type flamethrower will come to cause also no less than Jiatelin machine gun, more what is more,the rather that the flamethrower firings below OK and procumbent condition, use security wants a lot of taller.

The instant that ▲ flamethrower firings

Nevertheless, after all 74 type flamethrower is old equipment, lean the way of effect of suppress of force of high baking temperature compared with traditional sheet, present of all kinds assist model the weapon pays attention to the instant to destroy enemy group, can let enemy do not open gun ability to achieve best firepower suppress result after all, in this respect, the 97 type Chan Bingyun that the liberation army equips explodes playing what can say in this respect to go up is an expert.

Familiar cloud explodes the everybody that plays a principle also knows, the cloud explodes play when explosion, it can produce the section that a superhigh temperature kills and wound for an instant, in field of this high temperature, basically do not have the requirement that any life can exist here, and 97 type cloud explodes play can accomplish carry by Chan Bing, this lets the Chan Bing of my army assisted firepower to promote a step undoubtedly.

97 type of ▲ the cloud explodes the instant of flick fire

This has not been over, be in some closer year, go up to achieve my army to be assisted in firepower the goal that exceeds essence of life to be changed definitely, my army is some closer year come new the emitter of shrapnel of 11 type snipe that roll out can say is a special comprehensive spirit turns a weapon definitely, be in as my army is new fight the child that is born below the thought, emitter of shrapnel of 11 type snipe can say the essence snipe gun is accurate and the great power of small-bore shrapnel accomplished relatively perfect union.

11 type of ▲ snipe shrapnel emitter

And of this weapon OK still and compatible much money is played kind, no matter cope with Chan Bing splintery the broken armour that play or meets armor target is played, emitter of shrapnel of 11 type snipe can answer freely. Besides, emitter of shrapnel of 11 type snipe can accomplish those who make a soldier relatively comprehensive to concealment, compare with a few big guy after all rise, emitter of 11 type shrapnel also is small and exquisite. So, because my army has like this assist model weapon, like Jiatelin this is planted ” play handsome ” the Chan Bing weapon of type does not have reason more by me army took a fancy to.

Italy, hit hard by coronavirus, sees deaths edge higher

A construction site is reflected on the sunglasses of a man wearing a protective mask as the spread of COVID-19 continues, in Naples, Italy, Friday, April 17, 2020.Ciro De Luca / ReutersROME — Deaths from the COVID-19 epidemic in Italy rose by 575 on Friday, up from 525 the day before, while the number of new cases declined slightly and scientists warned that infections were now mainly happening among family members.The daily tally of new cases stood at 3,493, down from a previous 3,786, with both deaths and infections extending the broadly stable situation in place over the last 12 days.This plateau is considerably lower than the peaks reached around the end of March, but the downtrend has not proceeded as was widely hoped in a country that has been in lockdown for almost six weeks.“Probably most of the infections that have occurred since the lockdown have occurred within families,” Giovanni Rezza, a director of Italy’s top health body, the Superior Health Institute (ISS), told a news conference.Nuclear physicist Paolo Branchini, who has been focusing on the trend of cases and deaths in Italy, told daily Corriere della Sera on Friday that the lockdown initially put a lid on infections but had now “exhausted its beneficial effect.”Branchini said that because the main source of infections was now within families, the only way to reduce deaths and cases further was to put all people who tested positive in dedicated centres away from their relatives.The official death toll since the outbreak came to light on Feb. 21 has risen to 22,745, the Civil Protection Agency said, the second highest in the world after that of the United States.However, the Italian authorities acknowledge that the true number of fatalities is much higher.The Superior Health Institute said a survey on a sample of nursing homes suggested more than 40% of residents who died from Feb. 1 to April 15 had either tested positive for the new coronavirus or had symptoms consistent with the disease.The government has said its tough restrictions on movement and the closure of most businesses will continue at least until May 3, but there is not yet any clear plan over to what extent, or how gradually, it will then be lifted.In the meantime, some of Italy’s 20 regions are threatening to take autonomous action.Luca Zaia, the head of the northern Veneto region which has made particular progress in bringing the outbreak under control, said on Friday he wanted to relax restrictions before May 3.“The lockdown doesn’t exist anymore,” Zaia told reporters, in reference to the government having allowed a few types of business to reopen over the last week.In response, the chief of the southern Campania region around Naples, Vincenzo De Luca, said if northern regions did not respect all the curbs in place, Campania would “close its borders” and refuse entry to non-residents for any reason.The outbreak remains heavily concentrated in the northern regions of Lombardy, around the financial capital Milan, and neighbouring Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna.The number of officially confirmed cases in Italy on Friday totalled 172,434, the third highest global tally behind those of the United States and Spain.CommentsShare your thoughtscoronavirus Italy

Ontario sees 55 more COVID-19 deaths, daily hike in cases of 564

Another two long-term care facilities have reported COVID-19 outbreaks and 55 more Ontarians have died, according to the latest public health numbers.Ontario reported a one-day increase Friday of 564 cases, up 6.3%, for a total 9,525 confirmed cases of COVID-19.The growth rate of confirmed new COVID-19 cases in Ontario has flattened out at around 6% for the last few days, but the death rate is growing.“It’s generally looking better,” Ontario Associate Medical Officer of Health Dr. Barbara Yaffe said Friday. “We are not out of the woods”There are 106 outbreaks in nursing homes with 216 deaths among residents.Ontario public health officials confirmed 1,229 cases among residents or patients of long-term care facilities and 621 among staff.Another 30 outbreaks have been identified in hospitals with 117 patients and 76 staff infected and 10 related deaths.Premier Doug Ford said it has been worth the toll the province has paid to protect the most vulnerable.“We can’t give up and we won’t give up,” Ford said Friday.Community transmission of the coronavirus is now the most common way that people have become infected where the source was known, surpassing travel.aartuso@postmedia.comCommentsShare your thoughtsAging and the Elderly coronavirus death Ontario Public Health