CCTV news on September 18 message, local time on September 17, lukashenke of White Russia president announces, white Russia will close the border with Lithuania and Poland, strengthen the canal of dialogue Russia and area of the condition side Wukelan to accuse.

According to Russia media coverage, lukashenke appeared suddenly in that day ” for White Russia ” intercurrent performance says the spot of woman forum. Lukashenke emphasizes, white Russia general election does not need those who get other country to admit, general election is voting itself is lawful. He expresses, white Russia will shut this country western the border land with Lithuania, Poland. Lukashenke appeals the countryman such as Lithuania, Poland and Wukelan is numerous, check the frantic activity of politician, in order to avoid warlike outbreak.

That day later on, orgnaization of White Russia frontier defence announces to carry out Lukashenke’s president about shutting as attrib border as polish, Lithuania law. The border area of White Russia and Wukelan allows to have the passenger that is a purpose with going back and forth between white Russia to pass only at present.

The Lukashenke before this expresses external, deploy of army of White Russia of current close half the number is in western attrib border, the reason is the martial aggression menace that White Russia is come from north to make an appointment with army of territory of quarter at Poland and Lithuania.

(primary problem is ” Lukashenke of White Russia president announces to will close the border with Lithuania, Poland ” )



(observer net dispatch) local time on September 19, according to ” now Russia ” (RT) cite place executes the law sectional message says, city of American new York Luoqiesite city produced pop event, already caused death of at least 2 people at present, the gun in 16 people gets hurt.

“Now Russia ” reportorial check scheme

According to Luoqiesite city police station discloses, pop incident happens in before dawn of 19 days, have one male one female be killed, the age all is controlled for ten years old. And according to Broadcasting Corporation of American whole nation (NBC) the message of TV station of the WHEC-TV below the banner says, this large-scale pop case produces v/arc be on the throne Yuluoche this special Ni Yada of standard of city guest evening on the party of a compound around.

Current, the police of the motor-driven headquarters of local police and new York city already arrived at Luoqiesite accident scene, the spot collected a lot of lash-up car, relevant section already was blocked.

According to RT report, eyewitness of a spot is described to local media say, this has the reputation of a heil of bullets when pop incident happens, sound ” resembling is to making Vietnam war ” .

Video cut pursues

The · of acting director mark of city police station cheats Luoqiesite on the west this (Mark Simmons) can go up in journalist divulge, when police reachs the spot, about 100 people are in the spot. Although may have a few eyewitness among them, but still do not have any apprehension to act at present. Ximengsi urges any people that have relevant news to contact police at the same time.



Origin: Ability of arms engineering course

Not long ago, air force is fast ability office expresses to media, first B-21 of general assembly ” assault person ” machine of prototype of concealed body bomber is preliminary already shape, wait for the influence of the element as a result of indulge in wilful persecution of new coronal epidemic situation, former on a flying time by 2021 by remit to 2022, difference of time around fault is not big nevertheless, look B-21 leaves us really closer and closer.

These two days came out again an important information about B-21, the United States ” national interest ” the website reported on September 16, air force high level is being added considerably in the consideration buy B-21 bomber, the 80~100 that purchases by original plan is worn, increase 180, this one message means B-21 it seems that most the cost problem that gets attention got be controllinged effectively really, future, if air force is purchased really amount to 180 B-21, will bring essential sex to change to its long-dated strategy tactics.

Shrink edition B-2? Cost, still be cost!

On Feburary 26, 2016, air force announced new generation formally to hit bomber remotely (LRS-B) exterior graph. This model long-range bomber is by Nuosiluopu Geluman the company is designed, and plane code name by provisional for B-21. The initiative vertical view of the appearance of B-21 and B-2 does not have too big difference, besides undertook be adjustmented certainly into gas opening position in engine, those who cancelled B-2 is toothed model tailing edge, turned more concise odd M into modelling by double M modelling. In addition, of B-21 engine ” the mouth that take energy of life ” more bend, built-in airframe, the airframe all round the mouth that take energy of life looks rounder, angle is a bit small, this means some kind of new design that the United States uses on body of backward and infra-red concealed.

The appearance although height is similar, but the dimension weight of B-21 wants undoubtedly small much. The United States ” aerospace technology weekly ” disclose in an article 2015, the takeoff weight of B-21 may have 68~80 only ton, bomb load is in 5.5~9.1 ton, and 2019 the United States ” air force magazine ” the effective load that reports B-21 is controlled in 13 tons. Such looking, b-21 is the smallest in American strategy bomber really, relatively the B-52 strategy at 220 tons, 216 tons B-1B and 160 tons B-2.

Accordingly, from the point of each index, b-21 is the B-21 of shrink edition only it seems that, although be on concealed body, b-21 also has big breakthrough hard, had achieved concealed body perfection because of B-2. But this just also is the dominant position with the largest B-21, because B-2 is on the design,the biggest question is too pursuit is advanced, those who cause cost is exalted, let finally ambitious air force looks before day price and be promoted sigh, purchase an amount finally to have many 20 only, monovalent cost reachs 2 billion dollar further, the funds of annual care and maintenance also is astronomical. Accordingly, because cost control is undeserved, b-2 also became air force the biggest on equipment phylogeny ” white elephant ” one of projects. This one tragedy still is in ceaselessly ” Zhumuwoerte ” go up with F-35 project repeat.

Accordingly, project of air force B-21 at the beginning, very sensitive to cost control. Smaller size, and more the design of forthright, already and the mature technology of B-2 of many continue to use, make B-21DE cost is controlled in unit price 600 million dollar is the following, this also provided necessary safeguard to future purchases an amount in great quantities.

Many B-21 is more important than B-2

Of course, cost control is not weakened on behalf of ability. Express next generation strategies of great expectations bomber as air force, b-21 has a variety of brand-new ability is other bomber can not look forward to reachs. In recent years, air force emphasizes future fighting more and more plane, the advantage in sky ” ability forms a cluster ” concept, “Ability forms a cluster ” core is to advance interior of beautiful air man to differ fight of ability cross region to cooperate with, much territory of aggregate sky, day, net, report restricts empty ability; Abandon development ” next generation ” the traditional concept of single platform, exert oneself defies at undertaking from systematic level, the advantage in capturing sky. Its equip common characteristic is sufficient in did not fight apply permeate with dash forward prevent wait for a variety of methods, “Penetrable ” enemy compose builds ” intervene instead / area refus stops ” environment, be entered repeatedly and be in hostile still retain fight fight in the airspace of force.

And B-21 is air force future ” ability forms a cluster ” the core of construction equips, its largest dominant position is had namely like B-2 ” penetrable ” the ability of area of hostile air defence, although dimension relatively B-2 is a few smaller, but have the aid of cheers ability in the U.S. Army’s powerful sky, b-21 has the capacity that the whole world arrives and hits quickly likewise. Although its bomb load has 13 tons or so only, but also can have the capacity that carries all and large ammunition, include the bomb with U.S. Army the biggest stock (GBU-57 is giant get the ground to play) .

The concealed body coating of B-2 too cross enervated, effect of body of the concealed below wet circumstance can be reduced apparently, the U.S. Army must deposit theirs dot and Education Foundation are chosen dry area is compared in native land climate (the Huai Teman air base of Missouri) . Erupt when the war only or when the situation is tight, just now and then them the clique is gone to abroad. In addition, after B-2 is flying every time, the maintenance of concealed body coating the project should take up a lot of man-hour, and the requirement must undertake inside the garage with constant temperature, wet, clean constant, a lot of jobs must be finished by the technical personnel of the manufacturer, when preparing before executive flight, the adhesive plaster that uses coating of corresponding the body that take hidden from view even affixes the aperture of all sorts of port, this job is very troublesome, affected B-2 badly dispatch frequency second with efficiency.

As technical progress, b-21 can convert for certain new technical measure and new concealed body painting, lest weigh the track of an overturned cart of skip B-2. Prospective B-21 accredits abroad martial base very likely in great quantities, this also strengthened its to fight greatly undoubtedly the flexibility of deploy.

Will integratedly look, equipment amount is huge, the B-21 with deploy wider range, have the each advantage capacity that B-2 has, on report of airborne radar boat and electronic warfare capability, b-21 also can have larger late dominant position for certain, because, b-21 is in the historical status of air force, will exceed the B-2 with extremely limited amount far.

Tremendous and minatory

Current, only the bomber force of 10% has the U.S. Army can penetrate system of advanced hostile air defence. And future 180 B-21 equip, after replacing existing B-1B and B-2 gradually, this one scale reachs promotion 2/3, certainly will brings essential sex to change to the strategic tactics of prospective air force. U.S. Army future will be core with B-21, configuration includes early-warning machine, advanced battleplan, long range is cheered not to have man-machine, sky to shoot cruise in machine, sky / ballistic missile and the complex system that include the member composition such as army of ground special type, form alleged ” next generation attack a system remotely ” , bring enormous strategic pressure to our country. To this, we need to maintain high vigilance, as soon as possible develops answered advanced equipment and tactical battle way.



Does Jian Yiwei rely on an election to appear on the stage? Not, it is the abdicate and hand over the crown to another person of attaint law order

[Civil / enterprise of Japan of Chen Yan of author of observer net column (China) the academy carries out a dean]

The passed congressman and 47 places branch on September 14, 2020 from civilian party representing that Japan is in office is voting, the election gives new president Jian Yiwei.

16 days temporarily congress is held, in An Beijin 3 premier announce abdication hind, parliamentary vote gives new prime minister, jian Hao replaces An Beicheng to be the 99th acting new prime minister without ground of be concerned about.

It is the president election of the party no matter, still be parliamentary vote new prime minister, jian Neige is the political power that the election comes out, but Japanese media thinks as before, this cabinet is the result that influence turns demesne only (” morning sun news ” on September 16 column) , in other words, be to install actually times gave villous themeda influence abdicate and hand over the crown to another person.

The policy of such Jian Neige’s layout, inside and outside that will implement henceforth can continue only install times line, next successive installing the total negative assets of times political power, him villous themeda also has emphasized him will acceding repeatedly how times have a line already.

Congress takes up the post of new prime minister at Jian Yiwei of formal on September 16 nomination (video cut pursues)

Within the party award people according to their contributions of high-level person selected, ministerial new Ren Dachen makes a person fix eyes upon

Super stability is the oldest goal that Jian Yiwei reachs the pursuit on ministerial person selected in party work.

In party work respect, from civilian party with ” 3 battle ” (3 tycoons) president of assist a ruler in governing a country. A secretary in charge of sth that 3 battle are thing of responsible party wife and election respectively is the chairman of general affairs of chief of body of highest volition decision of long, party, responsible government affairs investigation and the chairman of government affairs investigation that project approving works.

Be in from civilian within the party, this second president election shares villous themeda of 5 support that send a powerful person. Award people according to their contributions needs of course after villous themeda is elected, it is besides 3 battle, take the action of election countermeasure chairman and congress countermeasure chairman seriously.

On party work, the layout of villous themeda is: A secretary in charge of sth is long 2 rank handsome rich (81 years old, 2 rank cliques) , exert oneself of cane of assist of general affairs chairman (68 years old, hemp lays a group) , article of rich of the village below politics attune chairman (66 years old, fine cropland sends = actually bring times group) , peaceful of mountain pass of election countermeasure chairman bright (71 years old, the clique below bamboo) , Sen Shanyu of congress countermeasure chairman (75 years old, shi Yuan is sent) . “5 battle ” average age is 72.2 years old, as aged as Japan state special be identical, suit assist a ruler in governing a country particularly Jian Zong of 71 years old is cut into parts this year.

On ministerial person selected, in 20 member of the cabinet besides premier, get rid of the stale and take in the fresh 5 people, it is husband of letter of defensive chancellery bank respectively (be believed by the son bank that brings times familial adopt a young relative to believe interpose to the bank and, change surname bank. An Beijin the afterbirth younger brother of 3) , revive chancellery of chancellery, 100 million total active chancellery, aricultural aquatic product, 10 thousand rich (world rich) chancellery.

Let install the afterbirth younger brother of times to take up the post of defensive chancellery among them, it is right bring times give a plum in return for a peach-return present for present. In addition, how times expressed to will resign on August 28 after premier, talk suddenly at was being published on September 11 — ” the new policy that guarantees policy about safety ” . How times emphasized retaining in the talk the necessity that atttacks hostile missile base directly, when wanting to have not erupt in the war, cast the first stone hostile missile base, anticipate the enemy, start a war first. Whether can be Japan done so, install times this problem gave villous themeda; Jian You pushed the issue now bring the bank of afterbirth younger brother of times.

All sorts of matting, japan is done flawless. In install to know times will dismiss on September 16 the circumstance of one duty plays prime minister formally, install times cabinet defensive chancellery river is wild too man was mixed on September 9 designedly American brain truster ” strategic international institute ” (CSIS) on online colloquium, announce ” China is the menace on safe safeguard to Japan ” . What with this former days is in diplomacy and security aspect think to have Japan of menace of a country only is safe, that is Korea. River tough minister delimits Chinese fixed position nowadays for ” minatory ” , placed with China ” at daggers drawn ” posture.

In new cabinet, administration of river wild transfer reforms chancellery, the platoon from cabinet on look, be inferior to a river it seems that wild the foreign affairs minister that has become, defensive secretary is principal, but the job that Jian Neige has window most is to create digital office, undertake administrative system is reformed. Villous themeda will give a river the seat abdicate and hand over the crown to another person of premier henceforth wild too the meaning of man is very clear. Apparently the river is wild did not have the place that have sex with diplomacy, defense, but regard Japan as as defensive chancellery ” minatory ” (hostile) country, enlarged China from Korea, the task of diversionary in new cabinet China basically will reach a river by the bank henceforth wild two people are finished.

As to the member of the cabinet of other side, because acceded to install the legacy of times cabinet in the round, need the content that comment on without more.

Deputy prime minister exists in name only, the parliament makes a strike bedraggled

Majority Japan (and China) public opinion did not touch a such problems.

In December 2012, an Beijin 3 found new cabinet when, from civilian party the consideration was installed 2007 too times because cankerous sex colonitis resigns premier position belong to the same organization. Bring the times disease that contract ineradicable, the possibility that has a relapse once more is very large. In other words, how times resign because of cankerous sex colonitis premier works once more likely (actually, installed on August 28 times also say because,oneself are really have a recurrence of an old illness, must resign premier works) . Installed designedly in cabinet for this ” deputy prime minister ” one duty, when so that be in,installing times abrupt resignation, not be by the official the room seniors office or officer to replace prime minister temporarily, allow authority of in control of of deputy prime minister directly however.

But, actually of premier position have sex used ” abdicate and hand over the crown to another person ” means: How times do not say to let deputy prime minister (hemp is unripe) the job that replaces oneself, just ask to hold president election from civilian party; 2 rank handsome rich a secretary in charge of sth grows the first to express to support Jian Yiwei to be elected, create some kind of situation, let within the party a powerful person or family of 5 big groups supports villous themeda jointly, sink of broken group of bank cropland clique and rock is isolated condition. Within the party very leave to happen ” villous themeda avalanche ” (entire party reachs stone except bank cropland clique besides broken clique, cast vote consistently villous themeda) phenomenon.

From civilian not be within the party oppugn this without the person within the party election. Install times till September 16, did not install times cabinet like first time evening is bedfast in that way, should see the person sees a person, should publish guiding principle to express guiding principle, should attend within the party of the election voting attend, a bit morbid state also is done not have. 16 days midday, an Beijian pace walks out of premier official mansions like land of one province or county enlosed by that of another, went announcing oneself resignation to Capitol. Bring times prime minister really have a recurrence of an old illness, but the delegate that can not add each place branch in congressman only to the election from civilian party undertakes inside this kind of little scope ” critical condition ” , do not have more ” occurrence politics is blank ” possibility.

When installing times body to be able to fulfill government affairs completely, install especially times had created become in Japan premier term is the longest, consecutive the new record with a premier the longest time, be moment gives another person position abdicate and hand over the crown to another person. Had successive job 147 days right now, the new condition that must resign suddenly because of body reason, how times gave villous themeda influence abdicate and hand over the crown to another person.

“Of parliamentarism bedraggled ” , ” morning sun news ” on September 16 such evaluations on front page bring the abdicate and hand over the crown to another person of times.

People sees, install times inside begin defend oneself of concessional exercise collective to counterpoise (attend a war external the power that reachs declare war) ; The country has specific provision on the emeritus age of inquisitor, but because his favorite person wants to lengthen inquisitor at will,install times cabinet emeritus age; Ought be decided by constitution or carry the responsibility that modification law will come to correct, cabinet can make relevant decision through a resolution. Japanese countryman, congressman (Japan says ” era is discussed person ” ) the making with relevant decision and nonrelevant.

Enter later period install times political power to change heal hair despises congress, proud to opposition manner, install times number month not to hold a press conference, do not have concrete result to Russian diplomacy to the United States, but accuse public opinion to let person sense bring times foreign affair through holding very assiduous, effort.

Look be like reach each place to come out on behalf of the election by the congressman of the party from civilian party president, premier also is by temporarily congress two courtyards assemblyman is final choose, but the whole process that exterior article can not conceal influence to let villous themeda from An Beichan. Such abdicate and hand over the crown to another person, successive, with ” morning sun news ” the company criticizes group group leader for the sentence that essential Qing Dynasty upholds, “It is one kind damaged the politics of legal order. “It is one kind damaged the politics of legal order..

The work that Jian Yiwei should do most, be afraid should be control epidemic situation, dissolve a parliament as early as possible, ask politics at civilian, carry out new round election.



On September 18, ren Guojiang of spokesman of department of defense expresses, begin today, war zone of the eastpart part of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army organizes actual combat to change drilling around the Taiwan Strait. This is to be aimed at the situation of current Taiwan Strait, proper and necessary action that defends state sovereignty and territorial integrity place to adopt.

After this makes known this position before long, stage army releases a message to say, the liberation army dispatchs 2 bang – 8 6K opportunity for combat, annihilate – 4 16 opportunity for combat, annihilate – 4 11 opportunity for combat, annihilate – 10 opportunity for combat, much batch is hanged from many direction play enter Taiwan southwest, western area of air defence identifying. Stage army is urgent takeoff battleplan, dispatch system of air defence missile undertakes answering. Stage intermediary says, stage army each base each model critical takeoff time amounts to opportunity for combat 17 take second place are much, wing of partial Taiwan air force takeoff frequency of opportunity for combat is more since achieving Cheng Jun record.

The annihilate of war zone of the eastpart part – 11BS and annihilate – 16, it is the brunt of pair of stage air battle, these advanced heavy-duty aircraft used more outstanding empty empty dragoon to even if be the F-16V graph source that has upgraded,make: Edition of army net English

On September 19, the liberation army dispatchs again large-scale a group of planes begins the operation. Include 2 annihilate – 10, 2 annihilate – 11 wear annihilate with 4-8 – 16 cross central line of alleged Taiwan Strait to undertake performing example, and airspace of direction of Taiwan island southwest has include 2 to bang – 6, a carry – 8 antisubmarine plane and many annihilate – 16 be close to Taiwan island to launch the operation.

From the stage army in light of the signal of action of liberation army opportunity for combat that announce, the direction of action of opportunity for combat of 18 days of liberation armies that participate in the action basically comes from taiwan strait direction and direction of Taiwan island southwest. Among them 4 annihilate – 11, 4 annihilate – 10 with 4 annihilate – the action direction of 16 is taiwan strait inside, its are basic the movement is after crossing so-called channel central line, in water area of the eastpart part of taiwan strait central line in the sky take action; And 4 annihilate – 16 fighter plane bang with 4 – 6K bomber launchs the operation from Taiwan southwest direction. The film photograph that stage army releases the basis looks, dispatch bang – 6K every machine carried 4 eagles to attack – missile of 12 supersonic speed empty naval vessel. Although action of 19 days forms into columns the amount changes somewhat, but integral action mode agrees basically also.

According to the act law of the liberation army, what engine of as follows much direction, much type plants is long the action in complex sky, inevitable meeting has early-warning plane to assume empty affection masters and direct the task, big probability can have accompanied electronic war plane to undertake electromagnetism scouts or despotic assists the task. Nevertheless stage army did not mention these planes in the bulletin, after the position that should be their place leans relatively, not by the stage army dog effectively and discover.

So large-scale, of much direction dispatch, little also not special type machine is coordinated as a whole

Although do not know taiwan strait,just be to on 3 groups of opportunity for combat in sky the around sequential circumstance that dispatch. Nevertheless with general tentative idea in ” 1000 army 10 thousand horses cross channel ” grand occasion is different, these 3 groups 12 fighter plane are empty on the Taiwan Strait if be to dispatch at the same time, add the missile of long-range air defence of mainland direction deploy, basically can have satisfied capturing Taiwan central mountain range with on the west in the sky the need of mastery of the sky. And the round-the-clock existence that if the liberation army can keep the force of opportunity for combat of such dimensions,goes up in the Taiwan Strait, and squelch successfully the enginery of long-range air defence of stage army and strike back a group of planes, in the sky can carry pair of channel actually the abidance of mastery of the sky is controlled, at the same time all sorts of effect is covering assuming hit the duty of the task rightly.

Of course, these 3 groups of different fighter plane in channel group because of the reason of function level of its fighting capacity has difference each, ability of its air battle should distribute brandish thunder with can be being filled – the annihilate of advantage of range of 15 long-range empty empty missile – 16 opportunity for combat are most outstanding. Its take off relative to Yu Taijun the advantage of headroom high speed of intercept opportunity for combat, cooperate advanced active photograph to accuse a radar and place of empty empty missile to gift next inspecting next ejaculation ability, can let stage army opportunity for combat just to enter the space to suffer strong suppress.

The ground guides army squelched stage army opportunity for combat is in Taiwan with the mobile space on the west

No matter be my army,still be stage army, in contemporary air battle, hit out besides first time can large a group of planes dispatchs beyond, an aircraft that base can maintain 12 dimensions only commonly is in both sides ethereal graph source: Stage intermediary

As to Taiwan island southwest direction carries an eagle to attack – of the 12 missile that turn over naval vessel bang – 6K, the target on apparent Taiwan island is not his dish, and no matter,the supersonic speed that reachs 16 counters naval vessel missile to the stage army where naval ships of a surface, even stage army with 1-2 Kyd class chaser forms into columns for the large-scale surface naval ships of core, appear too atrocious apparently. This kind of cannon-shot exceeds the heavy-duty supersonic speed of 400 kilometers to turn over the adversary of naval vessel missile remotely, it is a hope apparently the force outside uniting national territory action to have the place of interference to China with large aircraft carrier — when meeting this kind of force of course, the eagle is attacked – of 12 hit out order may want a platoon to be in true ” fall from the day ” after blow, in order to reduce adversary carrier-borne a group of planes and naval vessel of time Si Dun to missile dash forward those who prevent is cloggy.

And if these bomber carry the AKD-20 cruise missile that is pair of ground attack, so the end that be shadedby foilage of those mountain range of flatter oneself centrally play even Taiwan the eastpart part, had escaped impossibly also just punish.

Bomber is round round of fusillade, it is 96 Akd-20

See not hard, these two direction, the help that 18 opportunity for combat impose form a complete set plane, cooperate long-range and ground-to-air missile to come from the blow force of rocket army with etc again, had drawn the outline of the liberation army basically to capture channel mastery of the sky and strike back force of the interference outside the condition fights two kinds basic outline of the form. In short-term and visible future, this kind fights to increase of the form further, at fighting individually with respect to Yang Lai elemental itself is in on specifications upgrade replacement.

Specific go up to the angle of capturing mastery of the sky, this can realize what upgrade quickly most among them, assume the fighter plane of air battle task namely. Be in this week, army newspaper reported already partial transhipment of through cargo annihilate of opportunity for combat of the Five Dynasties – of 20 ” Wang Hai group ” brigade of place air force is performing example in with ” 0 injury ” price with one action ” down enemy plane ” 17 results of battle, show the opportunity of the Five Dynasties that has property of outstanding concealed body to be in undoubtedly face 4 era / 4 generation show the huge advantage that come out when half opportunity for combat. Although case of this kind of maneuver has been performed frequently in U.S. Army hand, but on the army body that only such circumstance produces in him liberation army, just experience opportunity for combat of the Five Dynasties more can deeply ” really sweet ” essence.

According to the liberation army the test before this, if say annihilate – 11B develops thunder adequately – the function of 12, annihilate – thunder of 16 completely can complete play – the function of 12, annihilate – the thunder with bigger range of 20 can sufficient play – dominant position of 15 missile performance, add annihilate – the concealed body function of 20 itself, the liberation army can accomplish the help in the information system such as rear early-warning plane completely to fall, the safe space that cannot explore is amounted to to go up in Tai Junlei (it is basic also near channel central line) deploy annihilate – opportunity for combat of 20 bodies waiting for concealed, the target in the hostile air that uses any long-range empty empty missile is right occurrence undertakes hitting.

At present ” king sea group ” place brigade already transhipment of through cargo the annihilate of two digit – 20 opportunity for combat, also say the dimensions according to the action in this liberation army sky, the liberation army can be in what realize stage army to lose sight of for nothing now on the Taiwan Strait ” the wall of power dragon ” . Because just used on 4 generation,be in to returning half opportunity for combat and the Taiwan air force of be pleased with oneself, such power is already enough saying to go up is honest ” disaster ” .

Similar setting not only can appear in taiwan strait, in the East China Sea, Yellow Sea and even Nanhai water area in the sky, should match only proper, the annihilate of force level dimensions – 20 can rely on rear support the dominant position in forming powerful sky. Although just break through the annihilate of a brigade to consign gross – 20, total force uses annihilate – 20 return be a happiness to wish temporarily scene, but as the liberation army another fights army is about to be fond of carry annihilate – 20, and the annihilate that uses homebred motor truly – the crop of 20 begins further climb, future is built on Chinese sky case ” power dragon Great Wall ” day, apparent too won’t long.


Nana Appiah Mensah is CEO of Menzgold Gold Dealership Nana Appiah Mensah is CEO of Menzgold Gold DealershipThe leaders of the Coalition of Aggrieved Customers of Menzgold, Ghana, have cautioned the group’s members against falling for what they describe as the latest scam being rolled out by the embattled CEO of the gold-trading firm, Nana Appiah Mensah (NAM1), in connection with his promise to give 500 plots of land to the customers as a goodwill gesture.NAM1 made the announcement via Twitter on 12 September 2020 in commemoration of the two-year anniversary of the collapse of the company.While recounting the measure of pain caused by “many losses”, NAM1, as he is also called, noted that “refreshingly, we celebrate many successes.”According to him, one of such successes is Zylofon Hills.He explained that Zylofon Hills is an “envisioned” modern smart city in the offing.He tweeted: “12th Sept 2018; in retrospect, we’re pained by the many losses we count. Refreshingly, we celebrate many successes. We commemorate today with an over 4,000-plot envisioned new smart city coming up. As a goodwill gesture, 500 residential plots are reserved for Menzgold customers.”The 4,000-plot capacity smart city will contain a helipad, sports complex, business complex, golf course, water park, sports stadium and solar power station.Zylofon Hills will also have a shopping arcade, music museum, film village, recording studio, cinema, gymnasium, swimming pool walk of fame and metro station.However, the Coalition of Aggrieved Customers of Menzgold, in a statement dated Friday, 18 September 2020, issued by its Accra, Kumasi and Tarkwa leadership, said advised their members “against patronising” the “supposed 500 plots of land” which NAM1 is “claiming to be available for Menzgold customers”.The group said subsequent to NAM1’s tweet, his “agents and assigns” “have been calling unsuspecting customers to patronise these offers and demanding additional sums of money ranging from GHS30,000 to GHS150,000 to purchase the said lands”. “We urge customers to disregard such calls and not to fall for this scam for the fourth time from NAM1/Menzgold, since customers have been subjected to such schemes by the same person”, the statement warned.“As we did warn customers to be wary of Payboy, so we caution you”, the statement added.It said: “We do not understand why the government of Ghana would allow this gentleman/company to keep on breeding such questionable schemes every now and then, to scam already-suffocating customers?”“What happened to the frozen plots of land and other assets contained in the court order of 29th January 2019?” the group inquired.Send your news stories to and via WhatsApp on +233 55 2699 625.form#revue-form div{float:left}form#revue-form{width:600px;margin:auto}.revue-form-group{margin:10px 10px 10px 0}.revue-form-actions{width:298px;margin:10px 0}div#revue-embed{width:715px;display:inline-block;text-align:center;background-color:#e1e1e1;margin-top:10px}form#revue-form h3.title{text-align:center;padding-top:5px; width: auto;position: relative;bottom: auto;}input{border:solid 1px #d2d2d2;border-radius:3px;padding:10px}input#member_email{width:270px}input#member_first_name{width:191px}input#member_last_name{width:193px}input#member_submit{width:300px;padding:10px;background:#99b53a;cursor:pointer;color:#fff}input#member_submit:hover{padding:10px;background:#8db115;cursor:pointer;color:#fff}@media screen and (max-width:768px){div#revue-embed{width:100%;display:inline-block;margin:0 0 10px}form#revue-form{width:100%;margin:auto}.revue-form-group{width:95%}label{margin:0 0 5px 0;display:block}input#member_email{width:93%}form#revue-form div{margin:0 10px 10px;width:95%}input#member_submit,input#member_submit:hover{width:99%}}


Yaw Baah, Secretary General of TUC Yaw Baah, Secretary General of TUC Dr Yaw Baah, Secretary General, Trades Union Congress (TUC) Ghana, has reiterated the union’s calls on government to rectify the “unfairness and discrimination” in the implementation of the three-tier pension scheme and adjust upwards, the low lump-sum benefits of pensioners. The TUC said pensioners were being shortchanged in terms of the lump-sum benefits they received, adding that the situation, including the miscomputation of Past Credit by the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT), was worrying and would not be allowed to continue. He indicated that workers who retired from January 2020 were worse-off as they were receiving lump sums benefits way lower than what they would have received from SSNIT had they retired under PNDC Law 247 – which required SSNIT to pay 25 per cent lump sum to contributors. Dr Yaw Baah who was speaking at a regional forum on pensions in Tema, called on government to engage stakeholders to address the anomaly and make the pensions scheme more sustainable. The forum, organised by the TUC in partnership with the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, sought to, among other objectives, sensitize members on pension reforms in Ghana, overview and implementation of Act 766, which introduced the three-tier pension scheme. He said there had been a series of attempts, albeit unsuccessful, to get government to convene a stakeholders meeting to address the concerns and related issues of pensioners. Dr Baah added that there was some apparent discrimination in the payment of pensions which ought to be adequately addressed, explaining that the reforms that led to the current pension scheme was not being implemented appropriately to address the concerns of workers and pensioners. He, therefore, called on government to as a matter of urgency convene a stakeholder’s dialogue to further discuss ways of addressing the “unfair, unjust and discriminatory” treatment being meted out to pensioners and ultimately strengthen the pension scheme. Mr Reynolds Ofosu Tenkorange, General Secretary, Health Services Workers’ Union of the TUC, advised Ghanaian workers to prepare adequately towards pension and reap the benefits thereof. He reiterated the need for government to organize a stakeholder forum to address the challenges workers were confronted with, particularly to ensure that pensioners got what was suitably due them.Send your news stories to and via WhatsApp on +233 55 2699 625.form#revue-form div{float:left}form#revue-form{width:600px;margin:auto}.revue-form-group{margin:10px 10px 10px 0}.revue-form-actions{width:298px;margin:10px 0}div#revue-embed{width:715px;display:inline-block;text-align:center;background-color:#e1e1e1;margin-top:10px}form#revue-form h3.title{text-align:center;padding-top:5px; width: auto;position: relative;bottom: auto;}input{border:solid 1px #d2d2d2;border-radius:3px;padding:10px}input#member_email{width:270px}input#member_first_name{width:191px}input#member_last_name{width:193px}input#member_submit{width:300px;padding:10px;background:#99b53a;cursor:pointer;color:#fff}input#member_submit:hover{padding:10px;background:#8db115;cursor:pointer;color:#fff}@media screen and (max-width:768px){div#revue-embed{width:100%;display:inline-block;margin:0 0 10px}form#revue-form{width:100%;margin:auto}.revue-form-group{width:95%}label{margin:0 0 5px 0;display:block}input#member_email{width:93%}form#revue-form div{margin:0 10px 10px;width:95%}input#member_submit,input#member_submit:hover{width:99%}}



Zuo Zhe Shu Ming : Xiao Tian

Ju Yin Du Mei Ti 《 Jing Ji Shi Bao 》 Wang Zhan Bao Dao , Yin Du Zheng Fu Yi Jing Pi Zhun Liao Bian Jing Jing Cha Bu Dui Cai Gou Wu Ren Ji 、 Xian Jin Yuan Cheng Zhen Cha He Guan Ce Xi Tong 、 Lei Da 、 Quan Di Xing Che Liang He Xue Di Mo Tuo Che De Ti Yi , Zhe Xie Zhuang Bei Jiang Yong Yu Wu Zhuang Yu Lin Guo Jie Rang De Bian Jing Shao Suo 。

Yin Du Bian Jing Jing Cha Bu Dui Fu Ze Bao Wei Yu Lin Guo Zhi Jian 3488 Gong Li Chang De Shi Ji Kong Zhi Xian Di Qu , Gai Guo Jia Yan Zhuo La Da Ke , Shi Kong Xian Cong La Da Ke Di Qu , Bei A Kan De Bang , Xi Jin , Yi Zhi Dao Xi Ma Zuo Er Bang 。

Yin Du Guan Yuan Men Shuo , Zhe Xiang Shou Gou Shi Dui Bian Jing Bu Dui De Jian Shi She Bei He Pei Jian Jin Xing Da Gui Mo Gai Zao Ji Hua De Yi Bu Fen 。 Ta Zheng Zhi Yin Du He Lin Guo Zai Ban Gong Hu 、 Jia Le Wan He Gu Deng Di Fa Sheng Mo Ca Zhi Ji 。

Yi Wei Bu Yuan Tou Lu Shen Fen De Yin Du Zheng Fu Gao Ji Guan Yuan Shuo , Yin Du Bian Jing Jing Cha Bu Dui Yi Xun Qiu Bu Shu Geng Duo Gao Ke Ji Jian Kong She Xiang Tou , Ta Ke Yi Kan Dao Lin Guo Jing Nei 25-30 Gong Li De Fan Wei Zai Gao Hai Ba Di Qu , Wu Ren Ji Zai Jian Shi Lin Guo Jun Dui De Huo Dong Fang Mian Ye Fei Chang You Yong 。”。

Xian Jin De Yuan Cheng Zhen Cha He Guan Ce Xi Tong , Ke Ti Gong Yuan Cheng Bai Tian He Ye Wan De Jian Kong Neng Li 。 Gai Xi Tong Ke Yi Zai Bai Tian He Hei Ye Yi Ji E Lie Tian Qi Xia Tan Ce He Gen Zong De Ren Yuan He Che Liang De Huo Dong 。 Mu Qian , Yin Du Zai Shi Ji Kong Zhi Xian Di Qu Da Yue You 180 Ge Bian Jing Qian Shao Zhan , Mei Ge Qian Shao Ji Di Bu Shu You Yue 100 Ming Shi Bing 。

Jin Nian Yi Yue , Yin Du Lian Bang Zhu Fang Bu Pi Zhun Liao Xin Jian 47 Ge Bian Jing Bu Dui Qian Shao Zhan He 12 Ge “ Lin Shi Ying Di ” De Ji Hua 。 Zai 47 Ge Bian Jing Qian Shao Zhan Zhong , You 34 Ge Yi Jing Ji Hua Zai Ji Wei Huang Liang De Xi Ma La Ya Shan Qu Jian She 。 Huan You Wu Ge Jiang Zai Xi Bu Bian Jing Jian She 。 Er “ Lin Shi Ying Di ” De Jian Li Wei Liao Gei Yan Xi Ma La Ya Bian Jing Xun Luo De Yin Du Bu Dui Ti Gong Yi Ge Lin Shi Qian Shao Zhan , Bing Wei Zhe Xie Bu Dui Ti Gong Kou Liang , Hou Qin Wu Zi He Zhu Su Di Dian 。

Yin Du Nei Zheng Bu Guan Yuan Shuo , Bian Fang Bu Dui Yi Zhi Shi Tu Jian Li Lin Shi Ying Di , Yi Jian Shao Zai Pin Fan Fa Sheng Bao Feng Xue He Ji Qi Han Leng He Jian Ku Bian Jie Qian Shao Zhan Zhi Jian De Xun Luo Ju Li 。 Xin De Bian Jing Qian Shao Zhan Jiang You Wen Du Kong Zhi Xi Tong , Ke Yi Bang Zhu Yin Du Bian Fang Bu Dui Geng Hao De Jian Shi Lin Guo Xing Dong , Bing Qie You Zhu Yu Cong Hou Fang Xiang Qian Xian Diao Dong Bu Dui 。 Mu Qian , Yin Du Bian Fang Bu Dui Mei San Ge Yue Jiu Hui Huan Fang Yi Ci 。