Does Jian Yiwei rely on an election to appear on the stage? Not, it is the abdicate and hand over the crown to another person of attaint law order

[Civil / enterprise of Japan of Chen Yan of author of observer net column (China) the academy carries out a dean]

The passed congressman and 47 places branch on September 14, 2020 from civilian party representing that Japan is in office is voting, the election gives new president Jian Yiwei.

16 days temporarily congress is held, in An Beijin 3 premier announce abdication hind, parliamentary vote gives new prime minister, jian Hao replaces An Beicheng to be the 99th acting new prime minister without ground of be concerned about.

It is the president election of the party no matter, still be parliamentary vote new prime minister, jian Neige is the political power that the election comes out, but Japanese media thinks as before, this cabinet is the result that influence turns demesne only (” morning sun news ” on September 16 column) , in other words, be to install actually times gave villous themeda influence abdicate and hand over the crown to another person.

The policy of such Jian Neige’s layout, inside and outside that will implement henceforth can continue only install times line, next successive installing the total negative assets of times political power, him villous themeda also has emphasized him will acceding repeatedly how times have a line already.

Congress takes up the post of new prime minister at Jian Yiwei of formal on September 16 nomination (video cut pursues)

Within the party award people according to their contributions of high-level person selected, ministerial new Ren Dachen makes a person fix eyes upon

Super stability is the oldest goal that Jian Yiwei reachs the pursuit on ministerial person selected in party work.

In party work respect, from civilian party with ” 3 battle ” (3 tycoons) president of assist a ruler in governing a country. A secretary in charge of sth that 3 battle are thing of responsible party wife and election respectively is the chairman of general affairs of chief of body of highest volition decision of long, party, responsible government affairs investigation and the chairman of government affairs investigation that project approving works.

Be in from civilian within the party, this second president election shares villous themeda of 5 support that send a powerful person. Award people according to their contributions needs of course after villous themeda is elected, it is besides 3 battle, take the action of election countermeasure chairman and congress countermeasure chairman seriously.

On party work, the layout of villous themeda is: A secretary in charge of sth is long 2 rank handsome rich (81 years old, 2 rank cliques) , exert oneself of cane of assist of general affairs chairman (68 years old, hemp lays a group) , article of rich of the village below politics attune chairman (66 years old, fine cropland sends = actually bring times group) , peaceful of mountain pass of election countermeasure chairman bright (71 years old, the clique below bamboo) , Sen Shanyu of congress countermeasure chairman (75 years old, shi Yuan is sent) . “5 battle ” average age is 72.2 years old, as aged as Japan state special be identical, suit assist a ruler in governing a country particularly Jian Zong of 71 years old is cut into parts this year.

On ministerial person selected, in 20 member of the cabinet besides premier, get rid of the stale and take in the fresh 5 people, it is husband of letter of defensive chancellery bank respectively (be believed by the son bank that brings times familial adopt a young relative to believe interpose to the bank and, change surname bank. An Beijin the afterbirth younger brother of 3) , revive chancellery of chancellery, 100 million total active chancellery, aricultural aquatic product, 10 thousand rich (world rich) chancellery.

Let install the afterbirth younger brother of times to take up the post of defensive chancellery among them, it is right bring times give a plum in return for a peach-return present for present. In addition, how times expressed to will resign on August 28 after premier, talk suddenly at was being published on September 11 — ” the new policy that guarantees policy about safety ” . How times emphasized retaining in the talk the necessity that atttacks hostile missile base directly, when wanting to have not erupt in the war, cast the first stone hostile missile base, anticipate the enemy, start a war first. Whether can be Japan done so, install times this problem gave villous themeda; Jian You pushed the issue now bring the bank of afterbirth younger brother of times.

All sorts of matting, japan is done flawless. In install to know times will dismiss on September 16 the circumstance of one duty plays prime minister formally, install times cabinet defensive chancellery river is wild too man was mixed on September 9 designedly American brain truster ” strategic international institute ” (CSIS) on online colloquium, announce ” China is the menace on safe safeguard to Japan ” . What with this former days is in diplomacy and security aspect think to have Japan of menace of a country only is safe, that is Korea. River tough minister delimits Chinese fixed position nowadays for ” minatory ” , placed with China ” at daggers drawn ” posture.

In new cabinet, administration of river wild transfer reforms chancellery, the platoon from cabinet on look, be inferior to a river it seems that wild the foreign affairs minister that has become, defensive secretary is principal, but the job that Jian Neige has window most is to create digital office, undertake administrative system is reformed. Villous themeda will give a river the seat abdicate and hand over the crown to another person of premier henceforth wild too the meaning of man is very clear. Apparently the river is wild did not have the place that have sex with diplomacy, defense, but regard Japan as as defensive chancellery ” minatory ” (hostile) country, enlarged China from Korea, the task of diversionary in new cabinet China basically will reach a river by the bank henceforth wild two people are finished.

As to the member of the cabinet of other side, because acceded to install the legacy of times cabinet in the round, need the content that comment on without more.

Deputy prime minister exists in name only, the parliament makes a strike bedraggled

Majority Japan (and China) public opinion did not touch a such problems.

In December 2012, an Beijin 3 found new cabinet when, from civilian party the consideration was installed 2007 too times because cankerous sex colonitis resigns premier position belong to the same organization. Bring the times disease that contract ineradicable, the possibility that has a relapse once more is very large. In other words, how times resign because of cankerous sex colonitis premier works once more likely (actually, installed on August 28 times also say because,oneself are really have a recurrence of an old illness, must resign premier works) . Installed designedly in cabinet for this ” deputy prime minister ” one duty, when so that be in,installing times abrupt resignation, not be by the official the room seniors office or officer to replace prime minister temporarily, allow authority of in control of of deputy prime minister directly however.

But, actually of premier position have sex used ” abdicate and hand over the crown to another person ” means: How times do not say to let deputy prime minister (hemp is unripe) the job that replaces oneself, just ask to hold president election from civilian party; 2 rank handsome rich a secretary in charge of sth grows the first to express to support Jian Yiwei to be elected, create some kind of situation, let within the party a powerful person or family of 5 big groups supports villous themeda jointly, sink of broken group of bank cropland clique and rock is isolated condition. Within the party very leave to happen ” villous themeda avalanche ” (entire party reachs stone except bank cropland clique besides broken clique, cast vote consistently villous themeda) phenomenon.

From civilian not be within the party oppugn this without the person within the party election. Install times till September 16, did not install times cabinet like first time evening is bedfast in that way, should see the person sees a person, should publish guiding principle to express guiding principle, should attend within the party of the election voting attend, a bit morbid state also is done not have. 16 days midday, an Beijian pace walks out of premier official mansions like land of one province or county enlosed by that of another, went announcing oneself resignation to Capitol. Bring times prime minister really have a recurrence of an old illness, but the delegate that can not add each place branch in congressman only to the election from civilian party undertakes inside this kind of little scope ” critical condition ” , do not have more ” occurrence politics is blank ” possibility.

When installing times body to be able to fulfill government affairs completely, install especially times had created become in Japan premier term is the longest, consecutive the new record with a premier the longest time, be moment gives another person position abdicate and hand over the crown to another person. Had successive job 147 days right now, the new condition that must resign suddenly because of body reason, how times gave villous themeda influence abdicate and hand over the crown to another person.

“Of parliamentarism bedraggled ” , ” morning sun news ” on September 16 such evaluations on front page bring the abdicate and hand over the crown to another person of times.

People sees, install times inside begin defend oneself of concessional exercise collective to counterpoise (attend a war external the power that reachs declare war) ; The country has specific provision on the emeritus age of inquisitor, but because his favorite person wants to lengthen inquisitor at will,install times cabinet emeritus age; Ought be decided by constitution or carry the responsibility that modification law will come to correct, cabinet can make relevant decision through a resolution. Japanese countryman, congressman (Japan says ” era is discussed person ” ) the making with relevant decision and nonrelevant.

Enter later period install times political power to change heal hair despises congress, proud to opposition manner, install times number month not to hold a press conference, do not have concrete result to Russian diplomacy to the United States, but accuse public opinion to let person sense bring times foreign affair through holding very assiduous, effort.

Look be like reach each place to come out on behalf of the election by the congressman of the party from civilian party president, premier also is by temporarily congress two courtyards assemblyman is final choose, but the whole process that exterior article can not conceal influence to let villous themeda from An Beichan. Such abdicate and hand over the crown to another person, successive, with ” morning sun news ” the company criticizes group group leader for the sentence that essential Qing Dynasty upholds, “It is one kind damaged the politics of legal order. “It is one kind damaged the politics of legal order..

The work that Jian Yiwei should do most, be afraid should be control epidemic situation, dissolve a parliament as early as possible, ask politics at civilian, carry out new round election.