Origin: Ability of arms engineering course

Not long ago, air force is fast ability office expresses to media, first B-21 of general assembly ” assault person ” machine of prototype of concealed body bomber is preliminary already shape, wait for the influence of the element as a result of indulge in wilful persecution of new coronal epidemic situation, former on a flying time by 2021 by remit to 2022, difference of time around fault is not big nevertheless, look B-21 leaves us really closer and closer.

These two days came out again an important information about B-21, the United States ” national interest ” the website reported on September 16, air force high level is being added considerably in the consideration buy B-21 bomber, the 80~100 that purchases by original plan is worn, increase 180, this one message means B-21 it seems that most the cost problem that gets attention got be controllinged effectively really, future, if air force is purchased really amount to 180 B-21, will bring essential sex to change to its long-dated strategy tactics.

Shrink edition B-2? Cost, still be cost!

On Feburary 26, 2016, air force announced new generation formally to hit bomber remotely (LRS-B) exterior graph. This model long-range bomber is by Nuosiluopu Geluman the company is designed, and plane code name by provisional for B-21. The initiative vertical view of the appearance of B-21 and B-2 does not have too big difference, besides undertook be adjustmented certainly into gas opening position in engine, those who cancelled B-2 is toothed model tailing edge, turned more concise odd M into modelling by double M modelling. In addition, of B-21 engine ” the mouth that take energy of life ” more bend, built-in airframe, the airframe all round the mouth that take energy of life looks rounder, angle is a bit small, this means some kind of new design that the United States uses on body of backward and infra-red concealed.

The appearance although height is similar, but the dimension weight of B-21 wants undoubtedly small much. The United States ” aerospace technology weekly ” disclose in an article 2015, the takeoff weight of B-21 may have 68~80 only ton, bomb load is in 5.5~9.1 ton, and 2019 the United States ” air force magazine ” the effective load that reports B-21 is controlled in 13 tons. Such looking, b-21 is the smallest in American strategy bomber really, relatively the B-52 strategy at 220 tons, 216 tons B-1B and 160 tons B-2.

Accordingly, from the point of each index, b-21 is the B-21 of shrink edition only it seems that, although be on concealed body, b-21 also has big breakthrough hard, had achieved concealed body perfection because of B-2. But this just also is the dominant position with the largest B-21, because B-2 is on the design,the biggest question is too pursuit is advanced, those who cause cost is exalted, let finally ambitious air force looks before day price and be promoted sigh, purchase an amount finally to have many 20 only, monovalent cost reachs 2 billion dollar further, the funds of annual care and maintenance also is astronomical. Accordingly, because cost control is undeserved, b-2 also became air force the biggest on equipment phylogeny ” white elephant ” one of projects. This one tragedy still is in ceaselessly ” Zhumuwoerte ” go up with F-35 project repeat.

Accordingly, project of air force B-21 at the beginning, very sensitive to cost control. Smaller size, and more the design of forthright, already and the mature technology of B-2 of many continue to use, make B-21DE cost is controlled in unit price 600 million dollar is the following, this also provided necessary safeguard to future purchases an amount in great quantities.

Many B-21 is more important than B-2

Of course, cost control is not weakened on behalf of ability. Express next generation strategies of great expectations bomber as air force, b-21 has a variety of brand-new ability is other bomber can not look forward to reachs. In recent years, air force emphasizes future fighting more and more plane, the advantage in sky ” ability forms a cluster ” concept, “Ability forms a cluster ” core is to advance interior of beautiful air man to differ fight of ability cross region to cooperate with, much territory of aggregate sky, day, net, report restricts empty ability; Abandon development ” next generation ” the traditional concept of single platform, exert oneself defies at undertaking from systematic level, the advantage in capturing sky. Its equip common characteristic is sufficient in did not fight apply permeate with dash forward prevent wait for a variety of methods, “Penetrable ” enemy compose builds ” intervene instead / area refus stops ” environment, be entered repeatedly and be in hostile still retain fight fight in the airspace of force.

And B-21 is air force future ” ability forms a cluster ” the core of construction equips, its largest dominant position is had namely like B-2 ” penetrable ” the ability of area of hostile air defence, although dimension relatively B-2 is a few smaller, but have the aid of cheers ability in the U.S. Army’s powerful sky, b-21 has the capacity that the whole world arrives and hits quickly likewise. Although its bomb load has 13 tons or so only, but also can have the capacity that carries all and large ammunition, include the bomb with U.S. Army the biggest stock (GBU-57 is giant get the ground to play) .

The concealed body coating of B-2 too cross enervated, effect of body of the concealed below wet circumstance can be reduced apparently, the U.S. Army must deposit theirs dot and Education Foundation are chosen dry area is compared in native land climate (the Huai Teman air base of Missouri) . Erupt when the war only or when the situation is tight, just now and then them the clique is gone to abroad. In addition, after B-2 is flying every time, the maintenance of concealed body coating the project should take up a lot of man-hour, and the requirement must undertake inside the garage with constant temperature, wet, clean constant, a lot of jobs must be finished by the technical personnel of the manufacturer, when preparing before executive flight, the adhesive plaster that uses coating of corresponding the body that take hidden from view even affixes the aperture of all sorts of port, this job is very troublesome, affected B-2 badly dispatch frequency second with efficiency.

As technical progress, b-21 can convert for certain new technical measure and new concealed body painting, lest weigh the track of an overturned cart of skip B-2. Prospective B-21 accredits abroad martial base very likely in great quantities, this also strengthened its to fight greatly undoubtedly the flexibility of deploy.

Will integratedly look, equipment amount is huge, the B-21 with deploy wider range, have the each advantage capacity that B-2 has, on report of airborne radar boat and electronic warfare capability, b-21 also can have larger late dominant position for certain, because, b-21 is in the historical status of air force, will exceed the B-2 with extremely limited amount far.

Tremendous and minatory

Current, only the bomber force of 10% has the U.S. Army can penetrate system of advanced hostile air defence. And future 180 B-21 equip, after replacing existing B-1B and B-2 gradually, this one scale reachs promotion 2/3, certainly will brings essential sex to change to the strategic tactics of prospective air force. U.S. Army future will be core with B-21, configuration includes early-warning machine, advanced battleplan, long range is cheered not to have man-machine, sky to shoot cruise in machine, sky / ballistic missile and the complex system that include the member composition such as army of ground special type, form alleged ” next generation attack a system remotely ” , bring enormous strategic pressure to our country. To this, we need to maintain high vigilance, as soon as possible develops answered advanced equipment and tactical battle way.