The U.S. Army sends an electron to scout enters Nanhai and touch flight of close Taiwan south again

[Round-the-world net military affairs reports] on March 25, the information that releases according to tracking the gregarious account Aircraft Spots of tendercy of American military plan for a long time shows, a number was the scout of electron of American naval EP-3E of 157318 to in the sky show body Nanhai sea area that day, airspace of by Taiwan south northwest direction flies, fold subsequently return.

The EP-3E electron scout of near future U.S. Army shows body Nanhai often. On March 18, the United States is naval a number 159893, the EP-3E scout of SF925 of radio cry out in distress in the sky enters Nanhai via bus channel, the mission is executed in about 7200 meters of headroom, it is to approach Chinese Hong Kong for a time more during the airspace around.

Senior colonel of Li Huamin of spokesman of news of war zone of liberation army south is in to aircraft of U.S. Army ship before this of Nanhai ” the voyage is free ” behavior makes a response say, latter, the United States just is being hit ” the voyage is free ” banner, aircraft of frequent clique ship reachs Nanhai area mobbish make trouble, we urge our to stop this kind to provoke adventurous move, lest produce accident event. China reachs his to add coastal waters region to have incontestable dominion to Nanhai Zhu Dao, no matter machine of beautiful square ship runs what pattern, make fun of what crafty plot, chinese army has resolution capable defend state sovereignty is safe, maintain Nanhai area peace and stability.