Assist fight epidemic disease! Airplane of the 15th military flies to Russia Italy

Author | Zhang Sha Sha

▲ graph source: Russia satellite network

Russia department of defense expresses in a statement, the airplane of the 15th military of Russia aerospace unit already took off from Moscow, will head for Italy to help them answer eruptive epidemic situation.

Occupy Russia satellite network 25 days to report, russia department of defense expresses, the new coronal that breaks out to help Italy answer is pneumonic epidemic situation, the transport of for military use of the 15th Il-76 of Russia aerospace unit already from Jikaluofusiji the airport takes off, will head for Italy, to be located in the base of air force Pratica Di Mare that 30 kilometers locate Italian Rome southwest to ship special device and tool. Current, russia army is deciding with Italy traffic course, so that move of equipment of will special war arrives,designate area.

Russia department of defense points out, according to the relevant agreement with Italian respect, expert of Russia military affairs participates in the Bei Jiamo city that the first area that fights epidemic disease is Italy.

It is reported, 23 days, russia already expedited 14 military airplane to head for Italy to help, new coronal of collective beat back is pneumonic epidemic situation. Among them, the military airplane of expert of 9 embarking medical treatment and equipment reachs destination. Home of embarking Russia epidemiology and virus learn the 10th of the home to also had arrived with the 11st plane.

Up to local time 24 days 18 when, 24 small stylish of Italian add new coronal pneumonic diagnose case of illness 5249. Accumulative total diagnose 69176, die 6820, cure 8326. Existent in 54030 diagnose case of illness, serious illness 3396, house home keeps apart 28697.