The U.S. Army will build Xi Yatu of preexistence of 5 field hospital and new York to begin construction

[Xu Lu of reporter of round-the-world network coverage bright] American department of defense released a message to say on March 23, · of mark of American defense minister dust Si Po expressed that day, american naval ” beneficent ” date hospital ship march to los angeles, alleviate in order to help the pressure of local hospital, let them can throw new hat of more energy cure pneumonic patient.

“Beneficent ” before date hospital ship sets out, go to los angeles

Mark · dust Si Po says on 23 days of held the Pentagon press conferences: “We are in with clasp of confederative lash-up management board, for ‘ beneficent ‘ the ready-made setting out of date hospital ship, this boat aux will be able to alleviates for hospital of los angeles place pressure, vacate new coronal of more bed cure pneumonic patient. Vacate new coronal of more bed cure pneumonic patient..

Dust Si Po says, in future a few weeks inside, american naval ” comfortable ” date hospital ship also will head for new York to carry out same job, this boat is in at present the Norfolk navy base of Buddha auspicious Ni Yazhou undertakes maintenance, at present the naval vessel of this naval vessel member people the deploy assignment that has protestinging epidemic situation to carry out prepares.

Dust Si Po still expresses, american department of defense has been mixed to army of 5 field hospital make known to lower levels of relevant expeditionary medical team ” preparative deploy ” command, predict this week begins to undertake deploy more to the United States. His complement says, the whereaboutldirection of these army will depend on the result that the army and confederative lash-up management board discuss and calm.

The U.S. Army is built inside gymnasium ” square cabin hospital “

Dust Si Po says: “Current, we plan to be in Xiyatu and new York to build a field hospital each. Besides, once get affirming, we still send the consideration field hospital troop to other place. We will continue to supervise and urge army makes good deploy preparation, be in next proper when undertake deploy. ” he expresses, hospital ship, field hospital and army of expeditionary medical treatment must provide relevant medical personnel, among them great majority is from inside preliminary labor force draw-out, if these people are recruited,arrive in military medical establishment, they should be versed in from former civilian post first the evacuate in making. Dust Si Po says: “We are very clear, if want,be the job in field hospital, must transfer them first former unit, need ensures the area of this won’t original to them work causes an effect. Need ensures the area of this won’t original to them work causes an effect..

Of U.S. Army edition ” square cabin hospital ” it is simple camp bed

Dust Si Po still says, at present the personnel of martial medical treatment of deploy also comes from active force, the department of defense needs to ensure the ability of task of executive military affairs, the personnel that can provide so and goods and materials also are finite. In the inchoate phase of epidemic situation popularity, the department of defense can be his to offer safeguard to assist inside a few weeks of time, transform the place such as dormitory of gymnasium, hotel, university medical treatment establishment. Corps of American army engineer has begun to begin the work inside limits of American whole nation at present, contract hotel, dormitory or it is the establishment of blame medical treatment such as other building, transform its for temporarily medical treatment establishment. Dust Si Po expresses, such transforming should save a large number of time than building a hospital.

Occupy CNN website additionally to reported on March 23, interest of rice of · of mark of chairman of joint meeting of American chief of staff represents, two field hospital of Xi Yatu and new York will be in ” inside hour or 72 shorter time ” finishing. Every hospital can offer 248 pieces of sickbed, among them 48 pieces are ICU sickbed, every hospital still will deploy 11 lung ventilator. Additionally still more field hospital received the order that plans disposition, at present these two field hospital are the establishment of medical treatment of for military use of first deploy.