The U.S. Army produces major change because of epidemic situation in European action 3 B2 bomber goes back to the motherland

According to media coverage, newest statistic data shows, up to Beijing time on March 23 6 when, number of diagnose of European accumulative total already exceeded 160 thousand, seeing Europe from this data had been the new center that new coronal virus erupts. Meanwhile, the epidemic situation posture of American respect also nots allow hopeful, according to people network coverage, at present case of illness of new coronal diagnose already exceeded the United States 35 thousand person, epidemic situation already presented eruptive state in the United States.

And what make American afraid most is, virus already ” inbreak ” arrived U.S. Army core is in-house. According to the report, american department of defense expressed external a few days ago, the Pentagon already had 37 people to be affected by diagnose new coronal is pneumonic. And be in early last week, the Pentagon has begun big range to carry out long-range office, and decline caller. In the meantime, because epidemic situation is affected, the U.S. Army also produced major change in martial action of Europe. And in European respect. Occupy data of ADS-B air route to show, build on March 20, the bomber of strategy of body of 3 B-2A concealed that be subordinate to belongs to air force has left Europe, return the Huai Teman air base of American mainland. And bomber of body of concealed of these 3 B-2A on March 12 just just deploy goes to England Feierfude air base, undertook 2 times flying training an activity only after arriving at England. Delimit according to original work out a scheme, bomber of these 3 B-2A will attend ” defender Europe ” 2020 year joint military exercise, and

Nowadays these 3 ” the nucleus hits edge tool ” undoubted the will most massive war game since this north makes an appointment with absent 25 years.

Nevertheless, this is not late still, show according to latest news, at present American army is deciding to abandon this army act, stop to continue to add group staff and equipment to Europe, and the 6000 U.S. Armies that deploy shifts to an earlier date to be in Europe for maneuver before this also are gone back to the motherland by urgent call together inside. To this, martial expert comment says, the United States has decided to be in the moment of truth ” abandon ally ” . But, although the U.S. Army has notted hesitate to fight epidemic disease effectively ” hero breaks wrist ” , but its did not gain considerable success it seems that. Express according to American department of defense, be stationed in Europe U.S. Army to already 35 people diagnose contracts new coronal virus at present. In addition, because likelihood and patient had had a contact, at least soldiers of 2600 U.S. Army is in Europe and nonmilitary personnel must undertake ego is kept apart. Meanwhile, be in East Asia area, ministry of the U.S. Army that be stationed in Han also has diagnose of 9 relevant personnel to contract virus of new-style coronal shape in the team.

Just, even if got of epidemic situation pound considerably, the U.S. Army still did not abandon undertaking ado to our country Nanhai and circumjacent maritime space. In fact, only after epidemic situation erupts, the U.S. Army has sent a warship for many times, military plan undertakes defiant to our country. Just, considering at present inside the U.S. Army wanton spreading new coronal epidemic situation, if its continue ” unbridled ” and to epidemic situation ” outside close inside loose ” , its are afraid put an end to new coronal virus very hard to be in truly army inside spread.