Beautiful intermediary says tank of ” of robot of Russian army ” does not rely on chart to grooming let its understand person word

According to the United States the website reported Forbes on June 30, russia is testing robot tank, the key is to want to be able to understand human language.

Russia scientist is in ” groom ” tank of a robot, in order to understand the oral command of human commander.

The Kremlin is advanced study foundation (ARF, american national defence is advanced the Russia that considers to plan bureau DARPA travels together) already began to test artificial intelligence, this technology can make ” Marker ” experimental sex ground makes battle car send the command of human soldier to make response to the commander.

[The car of Marker unmanned ground of Russia]

“Be ongoing! Stop! Firing! Backtrack! Backtrack!!

According to original design, “Marker ” the statement that follows computer of flat of operation personnel kiss to give out. ARF manager Aoliege Madiyanuofu (Oleg Martyanov) tell TASS: “Next, when commanding to subordinate and robot make known to lower levels when the commander, we tried speech to control a technology. We are developing it now. We are developing it now..

The course is long protracted, russia is being developed eventually advanced, the air that has fighting capacity counteracted ground robot respect to obtain progress. The Hunter-B concealed body of Russia air force flew first in August 2019 without man-machine. Russia army is in in May 2018 to Syria deploy armed robot of an Uran-9 ground undertakes fighting experimenting.

[Car of Russia Uran-9 unmanned ground had had a test on Syrian battlefield]

But Uran-9 expects the result without what achieve an architect. After the battle that experienced a month merely, the Kremlin admits this nobody drive ground car has not prepare groovy front to use. Senior researcher installs Delie Aniximofu (Andrei Anisimov) the Kuciniezunfu in Sanket is naval conferences of the institute: “Contemporary Russia nobody drive ground car cannot with fighting classically means executes distributive mission. ” the analytic personnel of BAE Systems of company of British national defence plants 12 tons to weigh to this, equiped the description of the UGV of quick-firer and rocket is ” fluky ” .

[” Marker ” should compare Uran-9 a lot of smaller, its barbette can be demolished]

Say according to BAE, besides mishandle ” task of the distributive in classic battle type ” besides, of radio pilot Uran-9 ” heat also cannot discover 1.25 miles of enemies beyond like appearance and sensor of light produced by electricity ” . Complement of this England company says: “Because lack stability, when Uran-9 acts, sensor and the weapon that its guide cannot be used, ” ” when issueing an order, can have very big delay. ” Uran-9 is disturbed easily still by radio, this may be brought about ” communication / control is missing ” .

Say according to BAE, uran-9 is had only ” finite own function ” . This unmanned scout car that hefts 12 tons ” fall in the circumstance that did not intervene artificially, discovery, the ability that identify and attacks enemy is limited. The ability that identify and attacks enemy is limited..

ARF may conduce to in the job on Marker raise front UGV (for example Uran-9) dependability and own performance. The Marker of tank size used the chassis of existing panzer holding a person it seems that, because this is likely the Uran-9 that compares custom-built design is smaller, simpler, solidder.

[After Russia Uran-9 checks through actual combat, be considered as fluky]

The near future target of Russia is make a robot compensatory and not be the soldier that replaces ground armed forces. The analyst that American navy analyses center and safe center of new United States Saimiaoer Bentete (Samuel Bendett) express, “Nobody fight plane ” will ” in all functions that need at present play assists action, include an action, surveillant, logistics, carriage personnel or other action. Carriage personnel or other action..

ARF does not indicate the development level of Russia robot technology certainly to experiment of jussive of man-machine interaction speech. The Kremlin may hope its battle robot has enough autonomy, so that need human guidance scarcely. Bendite says: “Marker ” the experiment is Russia anything but the final payoff that at present automation fights.