Mosquito craft capsize sends 2 dead stage army: Depth of water only 1.5 meters but water of soldier instant choke

Stage ” Marine Corps ” (associated newspaper data pursues)

Abroad net on July 6 broadcasting station army ” Han Guang ” during maneuver rehearse, produce accident of mosquito craft capsize at 3 days, cause 7 soldiers to fall into water, 2 officers and soldiers die. Stage navy releases preliminary findings to say 6 days afternoon, preliminary exclude factitious element and mechanical factor, mosquito craft capsizes maritime space depth of water only 150 centimeters (1.5 meters) , but relevant personnel instant by choke water, cannot save oneself in time.

According to ” sign up for jointly ” report, stage navy holds a press conference 6 days afternoon, demonstrative stage ” Marine Corps ” on July 3 ” land jointly fight ” the foot at the beginning of drill accident checks a result. Media inquiry capsizes at that time maritime space depth of water how many, stage ” land points to a ministry ” deputy commander Ma Qunchao expresses is 1.5 meters. Media is oppugned, relevant personnel why cannot cannot stand or save oneself? Stage army explanation says, the boat is at that time break up forth from buttock, personnel instant just cannot be saved oneself in time by water of ocean wave choke; Relevant personnel wears life jacket, add Shanghai billow to wait for an element, meeting cannot stand. Stage ” naval headquarters politics battle director ” Sun Changde alleges, sha An is below relevant personnel foot, different time concerns because of current, the deepness of every position is not quite same, as to correct figure ” even cross-check one ” .

Occupy additionally ” central company ” report, sun Changde still expresses, accident account is initial exclude factitious element and mechanical factor, integrated judgement sea-ox increases, the environmental element with exorbitant ground swell, because of,be this main cause.

Stage ” Marine Corps ” in Kaohsiung 3 days open waters of garden of left battalion peach produces rubber a light boat to capsize accident, cause 7 officers and soldiers to fall the sea, 4 people send medical service, among them two people already proclaimed do not treat die.

The basis before this ” Dong Senxin hears the cloud ” message, stage ” Han Guang ” maneuver has been held 36 times up to now, had produced grave accident 12 times. Martial expert Song Zhongping ever expressed, “Han Guang ” maneuver is told to Cai English just make beautiful. (abroad net Yang Jia)