Indian army launchs revengeful operation: Heavy artillery bangs front position returns evil person to bring a lawsuit against first suddenly

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Indian army installs the M777 howitzer of equipment

On July 6, according to ” round-the-world net ” report, indian army violates cease-fire agreement with Pakistan for, start revengeful operation suddenly to Pakistan army, indian army employs heavy-duty howitzer to be opposite of Kashmir front cling to phalanx ground starts stonk, cause 2 Pakistan army to be killed in battle, additionally 3 soldiers get hurt. India brings a lawsuit against first in evil person of add of get victory succeed, captain of Devender Anand of Indian government spokesman claims: “Pakistan soldier violated cease-fire agreement first, to Peng Qi county Barak specially area launched assault, pakistan army uses small arms and position of India of trench mortar fire, indian gunfire strikes back completely reasonable. Indian gunfire strikes back completely reasonable..

Indian army installs the K9 howitzer of equipment

Indian army is in Kashmir border deploy a large number of heavy fire, include M777 howitzer and howitzer of K9 proper motion. M777 is one kind exceeds light-duty 155 millimeter howitzer, the battle does not exceed 4.2 tons again completely, can realize quick disposition by helicopter, and can spread out quickly, quick shot, suit to have abrupt assault very much. India ordered M982 technically for M777 howitzer ” divine sword ” artillery shell of control and guide, hit the target to the target outside 40 kilometers the error does not exceed 10 meters, the front position of Pakistan of OK and complete suppress. And the howitzer of K9 proper motion that Indian army equips has very strong maneuverability, turn to need time 1 minute only to project condition from travel, ultimate firing rate was achieved minutely 8 hair, use rocket adds Cheng to bomb the target that can atttack 42 fair inside and outside.

Indian army equips ” Shiwadi ” radar of artillerist fixed position

In addition India still is in Kashmir deploy ” Shiwadi ” radar of artillerist fixed position, the artillerist position position that this kind of India can raid the orbit computation of artillery shell to give opponent according to coming from grinding artillerist radar, will shoot Zhu Yuanfa quickly to send one’s own side artillerist, it is the edge tool of suppress Pakistan artillerist. From the point of equipment circumstance, indian artillerist has absolutely advantage in Kashmir, make a surprise attack this to the gunfire of Pakistan position more resembling is to premeditate long already, retaliating a gender to strike back is play truant nevertheless say demit stops.

Indian soldier

What there is a report to call India a 14 people before this is picked fight maniple approachs Nepalese border, suffer Nepalese armed personnel as a result ambush, this picked fight maniple is completely annihilated. By actual strength far weak at oneself Nepalese after beating, indian army is eager to seeking an outer part, er of berth of rushed Xiang Ni starts aggression to may cause the condemnation of international public opinion, because this can choose move to Pakistan only, use artillerist advantage to started abrupt assault to become optimal program to Pakistan position.

A100 bazooka

Do not cross what Pakistan artillerist also has him to make an instrument instead, pakistan had equiped A100 bazooka, this kind of bazooka can fire the heavy-duty rocket of 300 millimeter caliber, rocket still has technology of simple and easy control and guide, precision approachs short range ballistic missile. If Pakistan army dispatchs A100 bazooka, artillerist of complete suppress India, indian artillerist even if has radar of artillerist fixed position, because shoot path difference,also can be apart from only and passivity takes a beating. At present Pakistan army has not dispatched A100 bazooka, if India continues the bombard of unbridled, may force Pakistan to employ this ace weapon.