Beautiful department of defense affirms first servicemans are new case of coronal virus death

The U.S. Army affirms first active personnel are new case of coronal virus death.

Abroad net on March 31 message, local time Zhou Yi (30 days) , american army announces, u.S. Army because one serviceman is new the coronal is pneumonic die, department first place dies at the American serviceman with new pneumonic coronal.

According to network of news of American cable television (CNN) report, american department of defense releases statement 30 days to say, a soldier of army countryman posse that comes from new jersey last week 6 (28 days) die, this soldier since March 21, accept treatment in the hospital all the time.

“To the department of defense, today is the day of a sadness, because of us the first serviceman was divested by new coronal virus life. ” American defense minister dust Si Po says in statement, “This is our legionary huge loss, we express to mourn to his family, friend, colleague and whole countryman posse. Aggrandizement of this one message we and cross sectional partner to strengthen cooperation, in order to prevent the resolution of new coronal virus. Aggrandizement of this one message we and cross sectional partner to strengthen cooperation, in order to prevent the resolution of new coronal virus..

The data of real time statistic that according to the United States the university releases Johns Hopkins shows, up to Beijing time on March 31 7 when 45 minutes or so, pneumonic diagnose case of illness already exceeded global new coronal 780 thousand, add up to 782365. Among them the United States reports new coronal is pneumonic in all diagnose case of illness 161807, diagnose number occupies global first place, dead case of illness 2978, rehabilitation number 5644 people.

Inside completely beautiful limits, epidemic situation ” epicenter ” number of diagnose of accumulative total of new York city already exceeded 66 thousand. According to network of news of American cable television (CNN) message, division of governor of new York state not shows 30 days local time, accumulative total of pneumonic diagnose case of illness amounts to this city new hat 66497, case of illness of accumulative total death amounts to 1218; At present be in hospital of case of illness of more than 9500 diagnose accepts treatment, weigh disease to guard 2352 among them. Division Mo Yi is warned again, the menace of virus of new York new coronal makes system of this city medical treatment can’ts bear heavy burden likely.

(primary problem is ” beautiful department of defense affirms first active personnel are new case of coronal virus death ” )

The United States is curule: China is capable to atttack aircraft carrier U.S. Army to must change battle way

Reported on March 24 according to website of American Yahoo news, american navy expresses, as aircraft carrier of Chinese capable attack, it must change battle way.

Senior official is in American naval last week 4 say, china can be used turn over naval vessel missile remotely to assault American naval aircraft carrier, do not mean aircraft carrier worthless. American navy fights Jill of · of commander Michael Er is worn (Michael Gilday) express, country of beautiful state-owned the central Shaanxi plain ” enter instead ” the pessimism of the weapon too too simple, but this does not mean navy to should not adjust its battle pattern.

Jill wears a proposal: “Let us see this problem like studying physics is inscribed. ” ” people can say: ‘ hypersonic speed weapon flies very quickly, and cannon-shot is very far. Aircraft carrier (during hypersonic speed weapon flies) can advance only a paragraph of length is ‘ X ‘ distance, because of this aircraft carrier will must run away. ‘ see a problem so too simple. ‘ see a problem so too simple..

[Of China turn over naval vessel ability remotely to force American navy to think change]

“Since become navy to fight since commander, I had entered large battle twice, I believe absolutely, how to contend with China, we must the derive in the current situation from today more force. We must the derive in the current situation from today more force..

Wear in Jill during publishing afore-mentioned comments, the year that American fleet is intensifying undertaking planning to undertake this summer is large-scale the first time maneuver in maneuver. This major maneuver move will make navy can test new war idea, use new technology. American navy is in from gather in the unit of warfare of put together collaboration all round the aircraft carrier that regards main blow as force, change is a more dispersive army, the hope can force China to enlarge surveillant dimensions, extinct China lets the ability with American disastrous navy.

Jill is worn say, but should achieve this goal, navy must be thought up fight newly means.

[Once the American navy of extremely arrogant begins to ponder over future seriously now]

His USNI national defence in Washington says to audience on forum: “A few fight otherly concept, we must develop, we must have a test, but group of attestation level that have battle disposition are hit in aircraft carrier, we won’t be done so. ” ” we must experiment in massive exercise unmanned and masked equipment. That is the new capacity that we should try. That is the new capacity that we should try..

Dai Cheng identifies Jill, his fleet did not undertake optimizing at present, what with coming true it must embrace some beat back China is new fight means, but this is not meant let naval raise one’s hand surrender.

He says: “Our naval force is too small, our ability piles up go up in too little large ship vessel. ” ” this need is changed as time. But we had had major investment on aircraft carrier, we will use them for a long time. We will use them for a long time..

“It seems that, people did not give us enough credit, and we have a few very clever people to thinking how to fight better. We have some naval forces today, the naval vessel boat that has 75% among them will enlist in army 2030. Accordingly, we must consider how to achieve more earnings from which. We must consider how to achieve more earnings from which..

Fight in navy before commander defends for aircraft carrier, active service before mixing, naval and senior official is in respectively ” national defence news ” on published two articles, defend aircraft carrier lasts in what turn over times of naval vessel missile remotely effectiveness.

Be in about aircraft carrier intervene the environment fights mediumly instead what is the discussion of efficiency new issue, but a few the middle of a month in the past, because the strategy and budget evaluate a report with the closest center to appeal navy,enhance its remote the ability that fight, this topic already got pay close attention to.

This carrier-borne function that considers to appeal future is quite in submarine battle hunt kills submarine (as S-3 ” Viking ” the substitute of the plane) , offer monitor and aim at a function, the weapon that uses blame oneself to carry destroys hostile ship vessel and ground target. These all fighting double the limits of the task is range of current carrier-borne machine almost.

If navy wants to cope with the cruise missile of China that turn over naval vessel to increase naval capacity, it must renew the idea of long-range air battle of cold war period, the key of this concept is long-range aircraft, with the bomber of antagonism Russia. But, the main author of this research, retired underwater officer and gram of carat of · of favour of analyst cloth Lai (Bryan Clark) think, carrier-borne machine must be besides 1000 sea mile battle, is not to be besides 200 sea mile have a fight.

This year some earlier the phone of moment interviews in carat gram says: “The wing in prospective sky trains the horror that need not center energy atttack Syria battalion and hut, and hostile ship vessel and submarine should be eliminated morely on Yu Zaihai centrally, fight in order to realize taller ocean ability fights littoral with what be based on islands ability. ” ” these are challenges: Limits is being changed with the task. Limits is being changed with the task..

In other words, whole carrier-borne machine, include the distance that it can fight and the job that should carry out, must revise thoroughly.

[The MQ-25 of Boeing company ” stingray ” carrier-borne cheers unmanned aircraft automatically]

Carat gram appeal is naval from comprehensive and devoted MQ-25 ” stingray ” cheer unmanned aircraft automatically to begin. Should making without man-machine war can of will current carrier-borne aircraft fight limits is patulous to 1, in 000 seas.

The value of before Boeing company was obtained last year 4 MQ-25 the contract of 805 million dollar, and be in in September 2019 portion, the archetypal machine that this company announces MQ-25 undertook head fly.

Beautiful expert: Russia is turned over invisible radar weakness does not have law guiding missile to launch attack more very much

” national interest ” website report, a few years ago, russia becomes the world to go up the last announce oneself are developed new-style the country of radar of the body that oppose hidden from view. But with other and similar model, this kind is called ” helianthus ” low frequency exceeds apparent distance radar to also having a lot of weak points.

[Concealed body plane is to be aimed at design of high frequency radar]

According to the definition of Russia respect, helianthus radar agrees to be able to discover concealed body plane. But the precision of this kind of discovery won’t be very tall, can’t generate wave of a bundle of radar to guide missile to launch attack. Concealed body plane is very difficult discovery, aim at and destroy, although Russia made public helianthus radar,also be such.

Be in early in July 2016, russia media disclosed the existence of helianthus radar. Russia ” messenger ” the website says, “Russia exceeds apparent distance radar formidably… helianthus radar can discover and dog plane of body of concealed of the Five Dynasties and all aircrafts that have concealed body capacity. ” this paragraph of report is report Russia ” Na Yaxin hears Si Wobo heart ” .

[Duan Lei amounts to the KU frequency of thunder company]

Say from the technology, this kind of view is correct. The concealed body plane of battleplan size is to be aimed at what high frequency radar designs C wave band, X wave band, KU wave band, S wave band. The wavelengh of low frequency radar is longer, the effect that concealed goes to since the design personally is not big.

The resonance effect of low frequency radar can produce remarkable echo on concealed body plane, even if used concealed body,the appearance is mixed suck wave coating to also cannot be prevented. But the drawback that low frequency radar also has exploration precision to differ at the same time. Wheat of officer of battle of the electron before air force is overcome – Piyetucha once expressed when accepting a reporter to interview, low frequency radar can give out accurately on 3000 meters of distances only target position, mean it to cannot be used lead missile charge. Accordingly, such low frequency radar can use helianthus at inchoate early-warning only, remind air defence arms the likelihood has concealed body plane to near his defence area.

[Helianthus radar]

Although this fights to air defence for it is valuable, but not fancy. The country such as the United States, him Russia, China and Iran already deploy radar of a few low frequency is used at inchoate early-warning.

These radar can see concealed body plane. Because the ability of the body that oppose hidden from view of this helianthus radar is more,the ground is conduct propaganda, is not Russia obtained a breakthrough on technology of the body that oppose hidden from view.

The gain with helianthus the biggest radar is not to be able to discover concealed body plane, however miniaturization. The bulk of radar of most low frequency and specific power consumption are very tremendous, be mixed very easily to destroy by discovery. But helianthus radar volume is minorrer, OK and convenient motor-driven. According to ” messenger ” the report of the website, this radar wants 10 days to be able to debut only, want 3 people to be able to be operated only. Bad news report very low, operation is very apt, also do not need too much and accessory equipment.

But the action distance of helianthus radar is inferior to radar of former large low frequency, it can discover the cause with 480 far kilometre only. Nevertheless, russia can be in the helianthus radar with war zone many deploy, the concealed body aircraft that can reach its allied country to the United States so gives out inchoate early-warning.

How does new coronal virus ascend U.S. Army aircraft carrier? Or concern with this country

From Luo Sifu the mobile contrail of date above looks, the time that brings about bluejacket to contract new coronal virus with the best will in the world is nodded even if be during Vietnam of aircraft carrier visit.

On March 26, luo Sifu date already had American naval on aircraft carrier new coronal of infection of 25 bluejacket diagnose is pneumonic, and this is apart from this aircraft carrier 24 days to report first appear 3 diagnose case goes 3 days merely. The twice growth of diagnose number means virus to had spread in space of congested aircraft carrier, in the report with newest CNN, american naval officer also admits, predicting Luo Sifu still meets those who have more person to detect on date the result shows masculine gender, may appear ” a few ” case of illness.

Another official shows, because fear the adversary such as China or Korea thinks Luo Sifu date aircraft carrier can’ts bear biff, if return the case that existence adds newly in great quantities, beautiful department of defense is willing to announce Luo Sifu order external not quite number of aircraft carrier infection is occupied in naval whole than the circumstance. American defense minister dust when Si Po accepts Reuter special report 26 days, express, future still can be announced everyday army in the total number of diagnose, it is nevertheless ” avoid divulge a secret ” , will not announce an U.S. Army to communicate the detailed information of the number.

Luo Sifu date aircraft carrier is American newest deploy to India – the aircraft carrier of Pacific Area, this aircraft carrier left port of mother of holy alternate dagger in January this year, head for imprint too executive deploy task, in Feburary the middle ten days of a month arrives at Guam. So the issue came, the aircraft carrier of this U.S. Army that goes in maritime boat all the time, how to acquire new coronal virus?

Track Luo Sifu number aircraft carrier arrives at India – the mobile contrail after Pacific Area can discover, this aircraft carrier visits Vietnam Xian harbor to have a visit at arriving on March 5. Association website studies in American navy (USNI) in the report March 24, american navy fights Ke Jierdi expresses ministerial admiral wheat, in Luo Sifu date arrives when visitting Vietnam, this country had appeared 16 new coronals are pneumonic diagnose case of illness. But American navy considers diagnose case load is less at that time, and case appears in Vietnam north area and be kept apart, aircraft carrier relies on harbor to visit should the question is not big, decide visit as usual undertakes.

On March 5, vietnam army holds grand ceremony, receive American Luo Sifu order aircraft carrier and harbor of Xian of Vietnam of visit of cruiser of missile of date of state gram hill.

But notable is, luo Sifu date aircraft carrier overcomes cruiser of hill date missile to reach Vietnam Xian harbor at the same time with state at that time, berth of cruiser of missile of date of state gram hill was in Xian harbor dock, and Luo Sifu date is anchor only in berth, did not rely on harbor, vietnam respect dispatched a barge is in charge of be being received between dock and aircraft carrier send personnel. During visitting Vietnam, arms of American sea officer and souther side developed multinomial communication activity, include to attend to hold the greeting ceremony, community that heads for Xian harbor place and beneficent center to undertake expressing sympathy and solicitude for in more square dock and invite Vietnam place media and mother of Shanghai Airline of Vietnam officers and soldiers to visit communication to wait. And the photograph that publishs according to government of fleet of American Pacific Ocean shows, during all sorts of communication activities, american warship did not take any epidemic prevention step, the United States is more bilateral unmanned also adorn guaze mask.

On March 7, vietnam army personnel ascends Luo Sifu aircraft carrier sees sign.

After the end was visited to Vietnam on March 10, aircraft carrier is approaching Luo Sifu mark Nanhai direction is ongoing, and with beautiful interest on March 15 firm date amphibious atttacks landing boat of dock of amphibious of date of naval vessel, green bay to wait for many ship vessel to begin associated drilling in Nanhai. The Luo Sifu after drilling date sails a Nanhai maritime space, reach Philippine of great capacity, had maritime and transverse supply on March 17, on March 18 with come from air force the F-15C battleplan of the B-52H bomber of squadron of the 69th expeditionary bomber and air force undertook associated drilling.

Aircraft carrier was in date of Si Fu of American navy collect on March 15 the warship such as ship of assault of firm date amphibious develops Nanhai and beautiful interest associated drilling

Arrived on March 19, as the epidemic situation rapid development in world each district, what once erupt on aircraft carrier,American navy also realizes this kind of virus is serious and sequential, to answer the epidemic situation that the likelihood on naval vessel appears, the medicine of deploy of American naval forward position defends the member of army and research center of naval medical treatment also entered Luo Sifu order in this day aircraft carrier, carry a variety of major to detect equipment ascends naval vessel, these equipment include FilmArray instrument, ABI one-stop RT-PCR detects machine, what can be used at virus of new-style coronal shape is fast detect. This is meant, once the bluejacket on aircraft carrier appears,affect a symptom, can undertake detecting on naval vessel instantly, and need not send its to the bank.

On March 19, u.S. Army cure protects personnel to be in ” Luo Sifu ” aircraft carrier built number temporarily medical lab, use at to example of new coronal virus detect.

This epidemic prevention ” special type army ” mother of firm Shanghai Airline is built with respect to ground of without a stop temporarily lab, isolate an area temporarily, the member that launch all pair of ship has detected job. Be in subsequently on March 24, american media exposes to the sun a diagnose of on Luo Sifu date 3 people, this is U.S. Army aircraft carrier appears first new coronal is pneumonic diagnose case of illness, also be an U.S. Army discover on the warship of executive deploy task virus detects first positive case.

On March 24, luo Sifu date amphibious of date of ship of assault of firm date amphibious, blue mountain leads aircraft carrier and beautiful interest the large warship such as landing boat of dock of amphibious of date of naval vessel, green bay, associated drilling is begun in Philippine sea.

Be in nevertheless be exposed to the sun to go out first of diagnose case of illness that day, luo Sifu date aircraft carrier still very active, date of ship of command of amphibious of date of ship of assault of firm date amphibious, as blue as beautiful interest mountain, green bay and day ear landing boat of dock of amphibious of graceful city name in all battleship of brunt of the 7th fleet is in 6 United States again Philippine maritime hold form into columns the voyage trains, be in maritime ” beautiful muscle ” .

From Luo Sifu the mobile contrail of date above looks, the time that brings about bluejacket to contract new coronal virus with the best will in the world is nodded even if be during Vietnam of aircraft carrier visit. And will look from time place, to March 24 after end Vietnam was visited on March 10 two weeks of time appear diagnose case of illness, also have certain be identical. Also cannot exclude Luo Sifu order nevertheless the possibility that aircraft carrier introduces virus through other way, during undertaking associated drilling and maritime supply with American other warship, luo Sifu date and vessel of ship of other U.S. Army have personnel contact possibly also. And the aircraft carrier in maritime voyage also is not completely isolated, the C-2 carriage function on aircraft carrier is enough very transport staff between aircraft carrier and land conveniently, include to prepare off and off returning aircraft carrier naval vessel member.

Martial expert Song Zhongping expresses 27 days, the main task that instantly of Luo Sifu date faces is berth Guam, undertake to personnel in martial base complete a segregation, undertake to doing an aircraft carrier proper pass the time in a leisurely way reduces the job. Answer the regulation of epidemic situation according to navy of the United States before this, american warship is in after leaving a port, must be in maritime segregation 14 days, do not have base of navy of berth of the ability after the person is affected certainly. And the situation of Luo Sifu date is more awkward now, just reached maritime segregation level of 14 days, appeared instantly however diagnose case of illness. At present this aircraft carrier has been in Philippine maritime wander several days, theory comes up say to stop to Guam namely ” one foot is oily ” thing, did not act tardy however, look the United States allows Luo Sifu date to also did not follow number in Guam berth heart to denying this then at present.

The medical establishment that at present Luo Sifu date has passed carrier-borne helicopter to affect much name bluejacket to carry Guam base undertakes keep apart and be remedialed, what do not cross the member that this also caused base to my wife is anxious. Deploy is in the personnel of a few U.S. Armies of Guam navy base, had been transformed facilities of a few base by the command temporarily segregation place, so that from already erupted of epidemic situation of new coronal virus ” Luo Sifu ” date on aircraft carrier, the member that accept its part naval vessel. Be in ” beast daily ” in report of 26 days, an U.S. Army soldier that enlists segregation establishment construction says frankly, a few army fear they can be come from Luo Sifu date the naval vessel of aircraft carrier member infect new coronal virus. Complement of this American soldier says: “We were over. “We were over..

Origin: Round-the-world net / Xu Lu bright

The U.S. Army produces major change because of epidemic situation in European action 3 B2 bomber goes back to the motherland

According to media coverage, newest statistic data shows, up to Beijing time on March 23 6 when, number of diagnose of European accumulative total already exceeded 160 thousand, seeing Europe from this data had been the new center that new coronal virus erupts. Meanwhile, the epidemic situation posture of American respect also nots allow hopeful, according to people network coverage, at present case of illness of new coronal diagnose already exceeded the United States 35 thousand person, epidemic situation already presented eruptive state in the United States.

And what make American afraid most is, virus already ” inbreak ” arrived U.S. Army core is in-house. According to the report, american department of defense expressed external a few days ago, the Pentagon already had 37 people to be affected by diagnose new coronal is pneumonic. And be in early last week, the Pentagon has begun big range to carry out long-range office, and decline caller. In the meantime, because epidemic situation is affected, the U.S. Army also produced major change in martial action of Europe. And in European respect. Occupy data of ADS-B air route to show, build on March 20, the bomber of strategy of body of 3 B-2A concealed that be subordinate to belongs to air force has left Europe, return the Huai Teman air base of American mainland. And bomber of body of concealed of these 3 B-2A on March 12 just just deploy goes to England Feierfude air base, undertook 2 times flying training an activity only after arriving at England. Delimit according to original work out a scheme, bomber of these 3 B-2A will attend ” defender Europe ” 2020 year joint military exercise, and

Nowadays these 3 ” the nucleus hits edge tool ” undoubted the will most massive war game since this north makes an appointment with absent 25 years.

Nevertheless, this is not late still, show according to latest news, at present American army is deciding to abandon this army act, stop to continue to add group staff and equipment to Europe, and the 6000 U.S. Armies that deploy shifts to an earlier date to be in Europe for maneuver before this also are gone back to the motherland by urgent call together inside. To this, martial expert comment says, the United States has decided to be in the moment of truth ” abandon ally ” . But, although the U.S. Army has notted hesitate to fight epidemic disease effectively ” hero breaks wrist ” , but its did not gain considerable success it seems that. Express according to American department of defense, be stationed in Europe U.S. Army to already 35 people diagnose contracts new coronal virus at present. In addition, because likelihood and patient had had a contact, at least soldiers of 2600 U.S. Army is in Europe and nonmilitary personnel must undertake ego is kept apart. Meanwhile, be in East Asia area, ministry of the U.S. Army that be stationed in Han also has diagnose of 9 relevant personnel to contract virus of new-style coronal shape in the team.

Just, even if got of epidemic situation pound considerably, the U.S. Army still did not abandon undertaking ado to our country Nanhai and circumjacent maritime space. In fact, only after epidemic situation erupts, the U.S. Army has sent a warship for many times, military plan undertakes defiant to our country. Just, considering at present inside the U.S. Army wanton spreading new coronal epidemic situation, if its continue ” unbridled ” and to epidemic situation ” outside close inside loose ” , its are afraid put an end to new coronal virus very hard to be in truly army inside spread.

The U.S. Army will build Xi Yatu of preexistence of 5 field hospital and new York to begin construction

[Xu Lu of reporter of round-the-world network coverage bright] American department of defense released a message to say on March 23, · of mark of American defense minister dust Si Po expressed that day, american naval ” beneficent ” date hospital ship march to los angeles, alleviate in order to help the pressure of local hospital, let them can throw new hat of more energy cure pneumonic patient.

“Beneficent ” before date hospital ship sets out, go to los angeles

Mark · dust Si Po says on 23 days of held the Pentagon press conferences: “We are in with clasp of confederative lash-up management board, for ‘ beneficent ‘ the ready-made setting out of date hospital ship, this boat aux will be able to alleviates for hospital of los angeles place pressure, vacate new coronal of more bed cure pneumonic patient. Vacate new coronal of more bed cure pneumonic patient..

Dust Si Po says, in future a few weeks inside, american naval ” comfortable ” date hospital ship also will head for new York to carry out same job, this boat is in at present the Norfolk navy base of Buddha auspicious Ni Yazhou undertakes maintenance, at present the naval vessel of this naval vessel member people the deploy assignment that has protestinging epidemic situation to carry out prepares.

Dust Si Po still expresses, american department of defense has been mixed to army of 5 field hospital make known to lower levels of relevant expeditionary medical team ” preparative deploy ” command, predict this week begins to undertake deploy more to the United States. His complement says, the whereaboutldirection of these army will depend on the result that the army and confederative lash-up management board discuss and calm.

The U.S. Army is built inside gymnasium ” square cabin hospital “

Dust Si Po says: “Current, we plan to be in Xiyatu and new York to build a field hospital each. Besides, once get affirming, we still send the consideration field hospital troop to other place. We will continue to supervise and urge army makes good deploy preparation, be in next proper when undertake deploy. ” he expresses, hospital ship, field hospital and army of expeditionary medical treatment must provide relevant medical personnel, among them great majority is from inside preliminary labor force draw-out, if these people are recruited,arrive in military medical establishment, they should be versed in from former civilian post first the evacuate in making. Dust Si Po says: “We are very clear, if want,be the job in field hospital, must transfer them first former unit, need ensures the area of this won’t original to them work causes an effect. Need ensures the area of this won’t original to them work causes an effect..

Of U.S. Army edition ” square cabin hospital ” it is simple camp bed

Dust Si Po still says, at present the personnel of martial medical treatment of deploy also comes from active force, the department of defense needs to ensure the ability of task of executive military affairs, the personnel that can provide so and goods and materials also are finite. In the inchoate phase of epidemic situation popularity, the department of defense can be his to offer safeguard to assist inside a few weeks of time, transform the place such as dormitory of gymnasium, hotel, university medical treatment establishment. Corps of American army engineer has begun to begin the work inside limits of American whole nation at present, contract hotel, dormitory or it is the establishment of blame medical treatment such as other building, transform its for temporarily medical treatment establishment. Dust Si Po expresses, such transforming should save a large number of time than building a hospital.

Occupy CNN website additionally to reported on March 23, interest of rice of · of mark of chairman of joint meeting of American chief of staff represents, two field hospital of Xi Yatu and new York will be in ” inside hour or 72 shorter time ” finishing. Every hospital can offer 248 pieces of sickbed, among them 48 pieces are ICU sickbed, every hospital still will deploy 11 lung ventilator. Additionally still more field hospital received the order that plans disposition, at present these two field hospital are the establishment of medical treatment of for military use of first deploy.

Assist fight epidemic disease! Airplane of the 15th military flies to Russia Italy

Author | Zhang Sha Sha

▲ graph source: Russia satellite network

Russia department of defense expresses in a statement, the airplane of the 15th military of Russia aerospace unit already took off from Moscow, will head for Italy to help them answer eruptive epidemic situation.

Occupy Russia satellite network 25 days to report, russia department of defense expresses, the new coronal that breaks out to help Italy answer is pneumonic epidemic situation, the transport of for military use of the 15th Il-76 of Russia aerospace unit already from Jikaluofusiji the airport takes off, will head for Italy, to be located in the base of air force Pratica Di Mare that 30 kilometers locate Italian Rome southwest to ship special device and tool. Current, russia army is deciding with Italy traffic course, so that move of equipment of will special war arrives,designate area.

Russia department of defense points out, according to the relevant agreement with Italian respect, expert of Russia military affairs participates in the Bei Jiamo city that the first area that fights epidemic disease is Italy.

It is reported, 23 days, russia already expedited 14 military airplane to head for Italy to help, new coronal of collective beat back is pneumonic epidemic situation. Among them, the military airplane of expert of 9 embarking medical treatment and equipment reachs destination. Home of embarking Russia epidemiology and virus learn the 10th of the home to also had arrived with the 11st plane.

Up to local time 24 days 18 when, 24 small stylish of Italian add new coronal pneumonic diagnose case of illness 5249. Accumulative total diagnose 69176, die 6820, cure 8326. Existent in 54030 diagnose case of illness, serious illness 3396, house home keeps apart 28697.

The U.S. Army sends an electron to scout enters Nanhai and touch flight of close Taiwan south again

[Round-the-world net military affairs reports] on March 25, the information that releases according to tracking the gregarious account Aircraft Spots of tendercy of American military plan for a long time shows, a number was the scout of electron of American naval EP-3E of 157318 to in the sky show body Nanhai sea area that day, airspace of by Taiwan south northwest direction flies, fold subsequently return.

The EP-3E electron scout of near future U.S. Army shows body Nanhai often. On March 18, the United States is naval a number 159893, the EP-3E scout of SF925 of radio cry out in distress in the sky enters Nanhai via bus channel, the mission is executed in about 7200 meters of headroom, it is to approach Chinese Hong Kong for a time more during the airspace around.

Senior colonel of Li Huamin of spokesman of news of war zone of liberation army south is in to aircraft of U.S. Army ship before this of Nanhai ” the voyage is free ” behavior makes a response say, latter, the United States just is being hit ” the voyage is free ” banner, aircraft of frequent clique ship reachs Nanhai area mobbish make trouble, we urge our to stop this kind to provoke adventurous move, lest produce accident event. China reachs his to add coastal waters region to have incontestable dominion to Nanhai Zhu Dao, no matter machine of beautiful square ship runs what pattern, make fun of what crafty plot, chinese army has resolution capable defend state sovereignty is safe, maintain Nanhai area peace and stability.

Dad builds ‘baby pod’ to protect infant from coronavirus in China

Cao Junjie poses for a picture with his two-month old baby inside a safety pod he created to protect his baby from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), at a residential compound in Shanghai, China March 25, 2020. (REUTERS/Xihao Jiang)SHANGHAI — The father of a two-month-old infant in Shanghai has created a custom-built pod complete with an air purification system to keep his baby safe from the coronavirus outbreak.Cao Junjie, 30, refashioned a cat carrier to make the sealable pod that includes an air-quality monitor displaying the concentration of carbon dioxide inside.“Because of the epidemic, I spent a month making this baby safety pod for my kid … It can provide a safe and comfortable environment for the baby,” Cao told Reuters on Wednesday.Cao’s wife, Fang Lulu, said she initially wasn’t sure how comfortable the baby would be inside the pod.“I think the baby pod he made is pretty safe. We have tried it several times, so I feel relieved,” said Fang.Cao Junjie walks around a residential compound to demonstrate for the camera a safety pod he created to protect his two-month old baby from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Shanghai, China March 25, 2020. REUTERS/Xihao JiangCommentsShare your thoughtsChina coronavirus

WHO says countries need to use lock-down time to attack coronavirus

World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus attends a daily press briefing on COVID-19 at the WHO headquaters in Geneva on March 11, 2020. (FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP via Getty Images)ZURICH/GENEVA — Countries which have locked down their populations to prevent the spread of the coronavirus need to use the time to find and attack the virus, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday.“Asking people to stay at home and shutting down population movement is buying time, and reducing pressure on health systems. On their own these measures won’t extinguish epidemics,” said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.“We call on all countries to use this time to attack the virus,” Tedros told a press conference.Countries need to expand, train and deploy their health care and public health workforces, as well as implementing systems to find every suspected case, and ramping up testing, he said.CommentsShare your thoughtscoronavirus World Health Organization