Agri-food business platform opens in Ghana

Head of the European Business Organization, Celestino Alvarez-Neira with some delegation Head of the European Business Organization, Celestino Alvarez-Neira with some delegationClick to read all about coronavirus →The European Union (EU) in collaboration with the European Business Organization and the African Union has rolled out a platform that would see the agri-business industry in Ghana and neighbouring countries compete with the European market.At the 1st AU-EU Agri-food Platform launch in Ghana, Head of the EU Delegation in Ghana, Diana Acconcia said linking the African and European private sectors in the agri-food sector will foster sustainable and inclusive investments in African agriculture and help identify sector-specific barriers to private investment and trade.The EU is one of Ghana’s major trading partners accounting for more than 10% of Ghana’s total exports. This has been due largely to the fact that Ghanaian exports have unlimited access to the European Union market, leveraging on the economic partnership agreement pact. The legal framework for the Agri-food sector, policies and regulations, access to credit, effective government intervention, and responsible investments are all potential topics of the Agri-food Platform.Head of the European Business Organization, Celestino Alvarez-Neira noted that the platform will promote agri-food business-to-business initiatives such as the exchange of best practices, mentoring schemes between companies, as well as give a structure and effective voice to the African agri-business sector comparable to those existing in Europe, where agri-food is one of the most important productive sectors.The AU-EU Agri-food Platform was initially mentioned in the Business Declaration of the EU Africa Business Forum and the Abidjan Action Plan back in 2017. It was also included in the action agenda endorsed at the third AU-EU Agricultural Ministerial Conference of 21st June, 2019. Ghana, as an important partner of the EU in West Africa, is the first country to discuss the initiative and put forward proposals for shaping the platform – the first of its kind in West Africa.Send your news stories to and via WhatsApp on +233 55 2699 625.form#revue-form div{float:left}form#revue-form{width:600px;margin:auto}.revue-form-group{margin:10px 10px 10px 0}.revue-form-actions{width:298px;margin:10px 0}div#revue-embed{width:715px;display:inline-block;text-align:center;background-color:#e1e1e1;margin-top:10px}form#revue-form h3.title{text-align:center;padding-top:5px; width: auto;position: relative;bottom: auto;}input{border:solid 1px #d2d2d2;border-radius:3px;padding:10px}input#member_email{width:270px}input#member_first_name{width:191px}input#member_last_name{width:193px}input#member_submit{width:300px;padding:10px;background:#99b53a;cursor:pointer;color:#fff}input#member_submit:hover{padding:10px;background:#8db115;cursor:pointer;color:#fff}@media screen and (max-width:768px){div#revue-embed{width:100%;display:inline-block;margin:0 0 10px}form#revue-form{width:100%;margin:auto}.revue-form-group{width:95%}label{margin:0 0 5px 0;display:block}input#member_email{width:93%}form#revue-form div{margin:0 10px 10px;width:95%}input#member_submit,input#member_submit:hover{width:99%}}

Couple of white man of area of wealthy person of by way of of American protest crowd holds a gun with demonstrate person confront each other

Author | Zhang Min

Site plan: Associated press

According to England ” daily Post ” report, local time 28 days, the remonstrant crowd of city of American Missouri st. louis heads for abode of this city mayor to undertake remonstrant. Handle wealthy person zone time in the course, before couple of one dialogue person holds firearms to stand in gate of an old-style of oneself a person of extraordinary powers with demonstrate person confront each other.

Graph source: Push special

Spot picture shows, the husband holds AR-15 semi-automatic musket, the wife is taking a pistol, two people barefoot stands before oneself door, demand display one’s strength person those who be far from oneself is private and feudal. Demonstrate person see state, subsequently bypass leaves, the spot did not produce intense conflict.

That day, this is opposite by way of of the person that have 300 put on a show of force about near connubial abode, demonstrate person the way that going home of mayor of st. louis city is processional, ask the mayor resigns.

Graph source: Reuter

The analysis weighs the lawyer John Anman of university of American st. louis, couple two can in order to fear oneself is safe, regard the behavior of remonstrant as encroach. “If house-owner feels,be browbeaten, they will have authority to take action defend oneself; But if remonstrant does not have special menace through their home to arrive,this is opposite couple, they will have no right to use vital force. ” the report says, this is the lawyer of respect of person harm case to the couple, still not be clear about a couple at present two hold a gun whether does the behavior of the person that aim demonstrate offend law.


Does force of Chinese preliminary labor lead system to adjust? Released what signal after all

[Red of Yuan of Guo of round-the-world times reporter] force of Chinese preliminary labor will be brought into in the round since July 1 military leader leads a system, by show march ground (army and place) dual leadership, adjust unite a leadership centrally for the Central Committee of Communist Party of China, central the Central Military Commission.

Occupy official media 28 days to report, by central print and distribute ” the decision that heads system of organization about adjusting preliminary labor force ” (the following abbreviation ” decision ” ) point out, preliminary labor force is the component of people liberation army, be opposite to hold to and perfect a party the absolutely guidance system of people army, ensure implementation party is in of new era strong army target, build people army in the round the world is top-ranking and legionary, according to army be army, alarm be alarm, civilian be civilian principle, to preliminary labor force guidance system undertakes adjustment.

The basis publishs a report, preliminary labor force is it is a backbone with the serviceman, give priority to a of body fundamental strength with preliminary service personnel, participate in national economy construction at ordinary times, urgent when answer national appeal to deal with rush to deal with an emergency provides disaster relief, lash-up dimension is certain wait for sudden circumstance, the country issues war basis arouse make turn for active force, fight all right then the task. When preliminary labor force makes up personnel to make the same score beforehand, be in dispersedly respective post, once the motherland needs, they have call together to be answered surely, command of obedience of ground of honor permits no turning back, take on important task. A report of Chinese army intermediary says, group of maintenance of some preliminary service equipment is in rocket army to organized officer of many 240 expert preliminary service to undertake arousing remotely quickly 2014 drilling. Service officer receives this group provision that is in 23 province city of countrywide dispersedly hurry off to China north somewhere urgent arouse after making, hand over at hand quickly to work, take train of plane, high speed to set out from great river north and south separately, arrive at China north some training field builds up.

” round-the-world times ” the reporter reports discovery through arranging the government, preliminary labor force by dogface, artillerist, cavalry, engineer, prevent change the Zhujun arm of services such as arms, signal corp and air force, navy to comprise. According to coverage of Chinese government media, division of first preliminary service of Chinese at going up the century is in at the beginning of 80 time city of Liaoning bright and beautiful is established.

Develop as the times, preliminary labor force also with when all is entered. 2019 National Day on 70 years of military review, square group of preliminary labor force combines form of organizing into groups to appear with Zhujun arm of services first. Suffer read team member 83% above are veteran, come from a society each industry. Basis ” round-the-world times ” the reporter is interviewed at that time, suffer read officers and soldiers to involve each army many professional domains mix arms of service different fight element, it is the the most extensive, most all ready in all previous parade. Relevant personage is right ” round-the-world times ” the reporter expresses, this proves national defence and military reform spring tide are medium, preliminary labor force also fights jointly forward and go jointly.

Below national defence and military reform trend, the attune of the preliminary labor force that regards the liberation army as mothball force rectifies and reform change is success will come when conditions are ripe. Army newspaper reported one piece in July 2018 say, force of good to cooperate to do preliminary labor adjusts reform to consider to prove the job, collect the opinion of broad officers and soldiers to suggest, rely on strong army net is opened ” preliminary labor force adjusts reform opinion box ” welcome broad officers and soldiers to build character actively to make suggestions, offer true, objective, specific, specific opinion proposal. About the branch will serious collect is combed, study an analysis deep.

The liberation army is the the Central Military Commission is in charge of total, war zone to stand for war at present, army services advocate the structure that build, a detail shows preliminary labor force also has been blended in among them, for instance the conference in official report appears ” force of labor of provision of army of war zone of the eastpart part ” wait for a formulation.

A faceless observation personage is opposite 29 days ” round-the-world times ” the reporter expresses, ” decision ” the concentration that publishs indication the Party Central Committee, central the Central Military Commission to strengthen pair of preliminary labor force unites a leadership, the leads system adjustment of preliminary labor force makes direct smoother, efficient, more be helpful for preliminary labor force satisfying exercise life mission. In addition, for the construction from army, ” decision ” come on stage can allow preliminary labor force more normalization, specialization, be helpful for increasing army fighting capacity. In light of the angle that trains from the military affairs, central the Central Military Commission unites direct, will let a military affairs train more system, strict, more actual combat of press close to, make preliminary labor force becomes to have ability of task of the mission that finish, come as soon as called to come can the force of battle. This observation personage also expresses, as ” decision ” carry out, preliminary labor force will welcome a series of simple change, for instance personnel structure more optimize, more in be helpful for attracting professional to join preliminary labor force, come; In provision of equipment safeguard respect battle team can undertake complement and be updatinged, the weapon that equips to active force stage by stage draws close. Ensure in logistics respect and before inspect local economy to develop a standard different safeguard strength also differs somewhat, ” decision ” come on stage let rear services of preliminary labor force ensure standardization, system to change.

This personage expresses, preliminary labor force will greet a new history to develop level, fighting capacity will produce profound change, can make larger contribution to national defence modernization, become the strong complement of liberation army sources of soldiers. Preliminary labor force is protecting the respect such as national security to had fulfilled due mission.

Alanis Morissette gets patriotic for new Alexa Loves Canada campaign

Alanis Morissette is Amazon Alexa for Canada Day.Handout / Toronto SunAlexa, the virtual assistant, is getting patriotic just in time for Canada Day.Amazon Canada has launched Alexa Loves Canada for the month of July with the help of Ottawa’s Alanis Morissette and many other Canadian artists.As of July 1, if you say “Alexa, Happy Canada Day,” Morissette will sing O Canada.And beginning July 3, the You Oughta Know hitmaker shares seven different Canadian thoughts of the day, including growing up in Ottawa, by simply saying, “Alexa, what’s Alanis’ thought of the day?”Others Canadians featured singing the national anthem in this campaign include country artists Brett Kissel and The Reklaws, rapper Shad (a spoken word reflection), Josh Ramsay of pop act Marianas Trench, Quebec’s Bobby Bazini, and pop star Johnny Orlando. Just ask, “Alexa, sing the national anthem by (the artist’s name).”We caught up with Morissette, 46, from her home in the San Francisco Bay area in an exclusive interview with the Toronto Sun.Why did you want to be involved in this Alexa Loves Canada campaign?Because I love connecting with people in many forms and I love Canada.Do you use Alexa yourself at home/in your car?Sometimes … (in the) living room. Makes for a fun night when the whole fam is asking Alexa questions all at the same time. (laughs)When you think of Canada, what do you think?I think of a country that is lush in its beauty, filled with friendly people who only snap sometimes (laughs) and I like their health insurance.Is it hard to be so far away from your home town right now during the COVID-19 pandemic?I miss Canada every day. And can’t wait to go back.You’re now a mom of three. What do you tell your kids about Canada? Or do they know it well through visiting?Ever and Onyx and Winter, too, they all know they are Canadian as well as American (and I never let them forget it. (laughs)Do you consider yourself patriotic? Yes. I adore Canada. (I’m) super proud (to be a Canadian).How did you come up with the seven Canada Day thoughts for Alexa?I channelled it. (Laughs)Have you sung the anthem in any major circumstances previously? Is it hard to sing?The anthem is gorgeous and super fluid to sing. I have performed the anthem countless times at sports events, etc.You were supposed to be on tour this summer for Jagged Little Pill (JLP)’s 25th anniversary but COVID-19 put a stop to that. What have you been doing instead?The tour has been rescheduled for a time when it is safe for us all to gather (2021). I have been recording songs, being a mom, nursing my new baby boy winter, unschooling our children. (I have) a new record (coming out July 31 called) Such Pretty Forks in the Road. (There’s) the Broadway musical (version of Jagged Little Pill). We did a Zoom chat. And I have been teaching and leading meditations. And many more things.What would you tell Alanis from JLP days that you know now?I would encourage her to have guardians around her who really take her well-being into account. I was surrounded by a lot of people who had agendas around “getting” by being associated with me. I felt pretty alone in terms of not having had a ton of people I could trust around me.What was the process of turning JLP into a theatrical experience like for you?It was a dream come true. It took eight years. Once Diablo Cody signed on to write the book, Diane Paulus directing, Tom Kitt doing music and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui choreographing … It has been such a healing and inspiring process working with so many talented people. We lean on each other here and there and it truly feels like one plus one equals 50.Your new album was postponed by COVID-19 but is now due July 31, are there any performances planned around then?Only virtual.jstevenson@postmedia.comCommentsShare your thoughts

Ex-cop pleads guilty to 13 ‘Golden State Killer’ slayings, spared death penalty

Joseph James DeAngelo, the suspected Golden State Killer, appears in court for his arraignment on April 27, 2018 in Sacramento.Justin Sullivan / Getty ImagesSACRAMENTO — An elderly ex-policeman confessed on Monday to being the violent serial prowler known as the “Golden State Killer,” pleading guilty to 13 murders and admitting to dozens of rapes and break-ins that terrorized California during the 1970s and ’80s.Joseph James DeAngelo, 74, entered the pleas as part of a broader deal with prosecutors sparing him from a potential death sentence in return for his admission to all of the offenses he stood accused of – charged and uncharged – in 11 California counties.Under terms of the unusual plea agreement, approved by Superior Court Judge Michael Bowman at Monday’s hearing, DeAngelo faces life in prison without the possibility of parole rather than a potential death sentence.Prosecutors said the deal ensured that aging survivors and victims’ relatives lived to see the case resolved, sparing them further legal proceedings likely to have dragged on for 10 years.“The time for justice stands in front of us now,” said Amy Holliday, deputy district attorney for Sacramento County.The hearing was held in a Sacramento university ballroom, rather than a courthouse, to allow for socially distanced seating amid the coronavirus pandemic. The defendant and his attorneys wore medical-style, clear plastic face shields.DeAngelo, dressed in orange jail garb, sat expressionless and slack-jawed in a wheelchair throughout the seven-hour proceeding.He spoke in a weak, raspy voice only to give yes and no answers to procedural questions from the judge, and later to answer “guilty” when Bowman asked his plea to each of 13 counts of first-degree murder and kidnapping.He also replied “I admit” to dozens of allegations of rape, robbery, and other crimes as prosecutors took turns presenting “factual-basis” statements graphically detailing every murder, sexual assault and burglary with which DeAngelo was accused. His admissions encompassed a total of 161 uncharged crimes, prosecutors said.Prosecutors also revealed that on the day of his arrest, while alone in an interview room, DeAngelo was overheard having an animated conversation with himself, referring to an apparent alter ego named “Jerry,” whom he described as being “in my head” and compelling him to “do those things.”‘NOT AFRAID TO FACE HIM’One of many surviving victims who attended the hearing, Kris Pedretti, said she felt satisfied with the outcome of DeAngelo’s plea, telling Reuters during a break, “I do think he is owning it.”Pedretti, who was 15 when sexually assaulted, said she and other survivors “want people to know that there’s hope and that we’re not afraid to face him.”DeAngelo’s arrest in 2018 capped more than 40 years of investigation that authorities finally solved through DNA evidence and data from commercial genealogy websites.The breakthrough came about two months after the case gained renewed national attention in the bestselling book, “I’ll Be Gone in the Dark.” A TV documentary series spawned by the book premiered by coincidence on HBO on Sunday.Besides the 13 murders and kidnappings, prosecutors said DeAngelo was tied to nearly 50 rapes and more than 120 home invasions – mostly in and around Sacramento, the eastern San Francisco Bay area and Southern California.The crime spree ran from 1975 to 1986 and began while DeAngelo was still a police officer. He served on two small-town departments during the 1970s.The suspect, whom authorities also nicknamed the “East Area Rapist” and the “Original Night Stalker,” was notorious for creeping into his victims’ bedrooms at night, tying them up, raping them, and stealing their valuables.Formal sentencing was set to begin on Aug. 17.CommentsShare your thoughts

Plans for three new parks in Waiuku

Concept plans for the redevelopment of Kevan Lawrence Park, Massey Park and Centennial Park playground have been adopted by Franklin Local Board.Plans to develop the Waiuku playgrounds began in 2018, and because all three are close to the town and only about 10 minutes from each other, the board wanted plans that ensure community use and ongoing sustainability is maintained.Waiuku board representative Sharlene Druyven says consultation and engagement events were held with iwi and stakeholders, including community groups and residents, and feedback from those has informed the plans.Kevan Lawrence is on about 5000 square metres, and is well-used, sitting close to the library, Plunket and a retirement village. It has established paths, open space and mature trees.Massey Park has easy access to the newly refurbished skate park. On about six hectares, it includes sports fields, toilets and a community hall and playground that is currently in the upper western corner about 200 metres from the skate park, toilet and basketball facilities, which leads to a lack of use.Centennial is the most central park. On about three hectares, it is also home to other facilities such as the Whiteside Pools, a kindergarten, and the Waiuku River. Its playground is on a large hill hidden from view when driving pass on Kitchener Road.“Feedback showed overwhelming support for retaining and renewing all three playgrounds,” Druyven says.“Safety and access are concerns and residents told us they want better sightlines, connectivity and accessibility, so four key themes were identified – more interesting equipment for all ages and abilities, better access by relocating playgrounds, improved safety and security and more seating and shade for families.”The work will eventually cost more than $700,000 – $370,000 at Massey, $250,000 at Kevan Lawrence and $95,000 at Centennial.

Teenager who threw French boy from London art gallery roof jailed for life

A handout photo released by the London's Metropolitan Police on Dec. 6, 2019, shows Jonty Bravery posing for his custody photograph in London.Metropolitan Police / AFP via Getty ImagesLONDON — A British teenager who threw a six-year-old French boy from a 10th-floor viewing platform at the Tate Modern art gallery in London with the intention of killing him was jailed for at least 15 years on Friday and told he might never be freed.Jonty Bravery, who was 17 at the time of the incident and told police he carried it out because he wanted to be on the television news, pleaded guilty to one count of attempted murder last December.The unnamed victim, who was visiting Britain with his family, fell 100 feet (30 meters) after he was targeted by Bravery and was found on a fifth-floor roof. His mother was heard by witnesses screaming: “Where’s my son? Where’s my son?”The boy survived but suffered a bleed to his brain and several fractured bones. Judge Maura McGowan said the boy’s life would never be the same again and his parents had been forced to give up their lives to care for him.“You had intended to kill someone that day. You almost killed that 6-year-old boy,” she told Bravery.Bravery, now 18, who was arrested shortly afterwards, told police he had planned to hurt someone at the museum to be on television. He had researched how to kill people on the internet the previous day and before the incident he had asked a member of the public the location of a tall building.The teenager, who has autistic spectrum disorder and a personality disorder, was being held at the high security Broadmoor Hospital.The judge at London’s Old Bailey court said his conditions did not alone explain his actions, adding he posed a “grave and immediate threat to the public.” She decided he should be jailed for life and serve a minimum of 15 years.“You may never be released,” she said.In a statement read out by a police officer on their behalf outside court, the victim’s parents said he had been able to eat again in January, could speak a little but remained very weak, with many years of physiotherapy ahead of him.“He is still in a wheelchair today, wears splints on his left arm and both his legs and spends his days in a corset molded to his waist sat in his wheelchair,” they said. “He is in pain. There are no words to express what we are going through.”CommentsShare your thoughts

Man faking illness on boardwalk won’t be charged

Toronto Police say a man pretending to be sick while out on the east beach boardwalk Sunday was not charged with public mischief.SCREENGRAB / @s1m0n2013/6IXBUZZTVSome people will do anything for five seconds of fame.In this case, it was 45 seconds.A man, dressed in a blue hospital gown and wearing a face mask, was seen walking along the boardwalk of an eastern Toronto beach, bent over and coughing while bystanders watched. The man, appearing to have an IV drip bandaged to his right arm, at one point collapses, groaning.The clip was uploaded to the media company 6ixbuzzTV’s Instagram account, submitted by @s1m0n2013. View this post on Instagram A man was on the beach pretending to be a COVID-19 patient scaring people ? did he go too far with this? ??⤵️6️⃣? (Via: @s1m0n2013) A post shared by 6ixBuzz TV 6️⃣? (@6ixbuzztv) on Jun 28, 2020 at 6:24pm PDT“A man was on the beach pretending to be a COVID-19 patient scaring people. Did he go too far with this?” was the caption of the video.Towards the end of the video, the man is seen walking off towards Lake Ontario. “At this point, several people call 911,” a message pops up.Toronto Police Const. Michelle Flannery confirms the incident took place Sunday at around 3:40 p.m. “somewhere in between Woodbine Beach and Ashbridges Bay.”People pack Woodbine Beach, despite Ontario uptick in COVID-19 casesCOVIDIOTS: Trinity Bellwoods jam-packed despite rules“Police spoke with the man, who was filming something for social media and then the man packed up and left, no charges laid,” she said.Comments on the post criticized the man’s actions.“Do people have nothing better to do?” wrote one person.“SMH people do anything for attention nowadays,” said another.Woodbine Beach attracted thousands of people two weekends ago, many of whom were not practising social distancing. Premier Doug Ford warned that if people couldn’t be responsible while out in public, there would be negative consequences.“You look at the pictures, it looked like South Beach, Fla.,” Ford said the following day at a news conference.“You see what happened down in Florida, there was 4,000 cases in one day the other day. Folks, I get it. You want to get out, (it’s a) hot day, there is a beach. We got to maybe come up with better protocols. I’ll talk to the mayor about it … we need to get bylaw officers out there.”jyuen@postmedia.comCommentsShare your thoughts

Answer Pan Renchuan lands: Mack a person of extraordinary powers of this play away bets Aseben why to be hit won


On June 25, 1950, korea war erupts. Original, korea people army the dominant position is held on battlefield, but the U.S. Army is landed in Ren Chuan, inverted early days war situation, also make horse and foot becomes more overbearing up and down, the square warning in disregarding, encroach territorial air for many times, even bomb red east. Can say, erupt to 4 the middle of a month that people who volunteer to fight in another country is forced to attend a war from the war, ren Chuan is landed is very important one link. However, is Ren Chuan is landed the bureau of the United States that surely win really?

[Civil / author of observer net column hears rich]

“Great challenge can be accomplished let him remain invincible, but should gain a victory little however not of the enemy cooperate. But should gain a victory little however not of the enemy cooperate..

“Want to duplicate Buddhist nun of a bank the victory of type, you need a Han Ni to unplug not only, still need a tile collect. Still need a tile collect..

— Shilifen

According to parallel world theory, ought put in a lot of kinds on the world likelihood, however the existence as a result of objective observer, make all sorts of probability collapse shrank only result — this is the history.

But as a result oriented thinking made us be immersed in machinery constantly however only in the trap of content, since the thing happened,feel, this is the result that only possibility exists, it is fated ending, next at the same time the mistake of oversight conqueror, search reason to eulogize hard conqueror, across magnifies the loser makes the mistake below indefinitely again, feel that is a destiny beforehand arrangement.

The Ren Chuan September 1950 is landed is a very good example.

From 1949 arrive first 1950 the East Asia of end, can saying is since World War II ends, human history is the richest theatricalized extract. 3 big battle, new China is built, Korea war erupts, people army is advanced quickly, Renchuandeng land, U.N. army strike back, easy hand of people army total beat a precipitate retreat, Seoul, smooth soil falls into enemy hands, people who volunteer to fight in another country enters face, U.N. army go back 38 lines, etc, above these familiar to the ear can the historical turn of detailed is informal which alone winkle comes, its are dramatic can be patted movies of grade of a historical fact, be adapted countless paragraphs child.

Nevertheless, this I do not plan to say people who volunteer to fight in another country, one for already much enougher, 2 come the suspicion that hard to avoid has blow one’s own trumpet; This I want to say to retroflexion for the first time Korea war situation, but long-term since that battle that is felt to be of course is without be concerned about by many people — Ren Chuan is landed. (also call ferrochrome action Operation Chromite, the attention is not ” iron ” , come for a long time incorrectly relay an erroneous information of material of a lot of Chinese, still can arrive in each big website search up to now a large number of ” iron ” the article of the action, your person smiles. )

Very long period of time, the Ren Chuan September 1950 is landed all the time by person place the reason of take delight in talking about, not be specific the process that fight, after be being landed however, the U.S. Army is like like entering an place without anyone carry everything before it, the people of footing close west is fond of from beginning to end the dramatic result that discusses its place to bring and to war situation overturn effect, and be extolled again and again holding the Mai Shuai with corn pipe full self-confidence. Be, who can be represented better than him after all be played by right of dawdle in those days and the United States of extremely arrogant?

The little experience of life: Do not establish Flag!

Even if footing stands in in face at the same time, also nod attention can morely mostly put after land the take a sudden turn and become worse rapidly of Korea war situation, the dying of people who volunteer to fight in another country helps and the victory of unexpected. At that time, the Northern Dynasties is bright people army organizational system is thrown into confusion, by the side of green river of duck of fall back on, do not go out ” accident ” if, korea war will end inside a month.

But the issue came, if war situation answer dish, reductive at the outset all sorts of conditions, whether is Ren Chuan is landed fated victory? If say people army ” cooperate ” facilitated to be gotten the better of in reality greatly, so if people army not so if cooperating, how will be another kind of history adapted?

The article tries to solve these problems.

The geographical condition of Ren Chuan harbor

Go up first graph (note: The map that the article uses is in those days what U.S. Army landing force uses is same cover a map) .

Ren Chuan harbor pursues completely: Maize arrowhead is haven gorge of only course flying fish, red is the breakwater of island of tail of the month outside join port area and harbor, black line is arrive from port area the railroad of Seoul direction. The terminal point that railroad approachs the coast is namely at that time main commercial and transportation center of Ren Chuan.

Ren Chuan harbor is local enlarge graph: Outside can seeing the channel besides stricture, other it is very shallow mud beach (tag for Mud) , once encounter low ebb can show water, right now the ship cannot grab a beach.

If get on all likely geography list with the disadvantage of naval respect if coming, so all has Ren Chuan. — when navy holding the post of the United States fights ministerial Xie Erman

What this word says is right, ren Chuan harbor is in the condition 1950 is really unsuited do large-scale amphibious to land. Objective reason is very sufficient:

1. Ren Chuan harbor faces southwest to slant south, the gorge of only course flying fish of haven of pass in and out is the narrowest place is only 200 meters wide less than, channel depth of water is controlled in 5-6 rice merely. Haven of large ship vessel must multiply tide haven to uninstall, can be aground otherwise in the mud that spreads all over haven.

2. Ren Chuan harbor is one of haven with the most acuteness change of the tide on the world, the tide difference between full tide and ebb-tide can exceed 10 meters, average tide is 7 meters tall. According to tide table, the window date that lands aptly after August 1950 is merely the middle ten days of a month will be mixed in September October inside a few days of the middle ten days of a month, if land failure, land the next time must delay a month.

3. Geological condition of Ren Chuan is abominable, have natural beach hardly, slimy beach is besides coasting, refluent the depth that can achieve a few kilometers later, make a light boat cannot grab all sorts of large landing boat the beach uninstalls goods and materials. And the coasting at slimy beach is towering aloft a Shi Di, port cannot be opened after landing craft is stood by, the soldier must be mounted through ladder ability (following graphs) . This bit of circumstance is mixed actually our country Hua Dong area is very similar, shanghai and the coasting of around Zhejiang also slimy beach is spread all over, lack beach and many sea wall.

By the way, but must not look down upon slimy beach ladder and Shi Di. The battle of mouth of the 2nd in 2 crow big buy, flower law marine corps is defect is in slimy beach by Qing Jun vintage shotgun and carry gun suppress, good had climbed not easily muddy arrived bank, discover the ladder of the belt is too short however, in bang up 3 only ladder and after still failing to had searched earthy bank, flower law allied forces can climb to escape from slimy beach only on the boat — of course cost does not poor, its casualties is adjacent attend a war the half of military strength.

4. Stem from land fight need, landing craft must be in 7.6 meters (25 feet) the tide of above when ability fights, tank landing boat needs 8.8 meters (29 feet) . This is meant, of landing force grab a beach, personnel toes disembark and goods and materials is uninstalled must finish inside 3 hours of full wet around. And everyday twice spring tide can use only early morning and dusk. That is to say, if the first disembarkation army encounters early morning,strike back, as before the 2nd friendly forces wants afloat wait for ability 10 hours or so to assist, they can look at look on in despair only during.

5. Whole port area is surrounded by the upland, be located in the lunar tail island that main channel entrance is in especially, the commanding elevation on the island 105 uplands can look down at whole port area controls channel. Controlling lunar tail island is the key that controls Ren Chuan harbor, and razzia 105 uplands are the premise condition that other place lands the action to spread out smoothly.

6. Lunar tail island is joined by a breakwater and Ren Chuan harbor, this is prevented wave carry another when cut off flying fish gorge at the same time, make flying fish gorge is become only the blind gorge that connects directly, also make at the same time channel current delay, very comfortable at lay mines.

Low ebb when the cargo ship that boards in slimy beach aground and landing craft (graph / American country archives)

Use most one Zhang Dengliu picture, land at that time the following day red beach is panoramic according to, magnify 4 tank landing boat has been in in the center of visible picture refluent hind sit completely beach, and big mud beach is outward and outspread to eye shot end. The naval vessel boat that these take a beach inside 12 hours will cannot move. (graph / American country archives)

In other words, be aimed at landform condition, if people army does following deploy, can make almost Ren Chuan lands completely unworkable:

1. Lay mines. Combinative channel current the characteristic with shallow water of slow, channel, can decorate mixture mine field, will bleach collocation of thunder, heavy bottom thunder to decorate, on main channel at the same time cloth sets mooring mine, deepness is OK set is in low ebb depth of water. As long as lay mines is proper make the U.S. Army cannot finish mine sweeping to work inside 3 days, the U.S. Army’s disembarkation the intent will be exposed completely and according to tide table, must defer land a month, even throw the helve after the hatchet.

2. Heavy boat. Heavy boat is the properest way. The heavy boat that assigns 34 kiloton grade on main channel jams channel and aboard lades concrete / block, can force an U.S. Army successfully to abandon landing a purpose. This is listening to have bit of incredible story, but the truth is very simple. This kind of heavy boat is not 9 weeks can clear completely clean. Although the U.S. Army controlled Ren Chuan harbor, want channel to be illogical only, the U.S. Army cannot use haven establishment to finish goods and materials to carry as before. Even if U.S. Army can use head of a few beaches to make the provision that grab a beach (for instance the makings Luo Wan during bombard golden gate) , low provision level puts in those who limit minitary force as before and attack rhythm, such strategic meanings that Ren Chuan lands were lost.

3. Blow up haven establishment. It is good to use engineer army to be set beforehand in haven blow up equipment, once the U.S. Army lands an intent to make clear, blow up all haven equipment instantly, destroy railroad, station, storehouse to wait. The provisions of goods and materials that a few belts do not walk along destroy by melting or burning, prevent an U.S. Army to be used possibly with around establishment to haven further.

Investment did not involve above to increase military strength investment at 3 o’clock, is the estimation problem that decision-making layer lands possibility to the U.S. Army merely.

In actual history, macArthur is landed in Ren Chuan after gaining initial combat success, temporarily conceive a design land brunt a land battle 1 division and dogface 7 division are removed from live wire, reload ran to bank of the East China Sea to do yuan of hill to land aboard, but be being landed this is complete failure.

People army falls in Russia adviser guidance, be in ahead of schedule cloth set yuan of hill harbor many 3000 each model mine, decorated coastal artillerist, formed professional thunder field. Land by yuan of hill that the team of the same military headquarters that raise the United States that lands Ren Chuan initiates, however by be a burden on of logy mine sweeping plan, till delicacy of the Southern Dynasties army razzias from overland direction yuan of hill, land the action to still was not finished. Can saying yuan of hill to land is a complete failure.

The evaluation to this him U.S. Army is, very difficult imagination plans Ren Chuan successfully to land the meeting that lands with yuan of foolish hill is same individual… yuan of hill faint enrol make be in originally on the west of the line the 10th army fall with the 8th a group army in hill of the east boiler, its faint the attack front that court rate hopes to strap a group of the 4th armor from Si Dalin case especially namely probably is removed turn to Caucasian direction, next again Si Dalin case straps recall of direction famous faint action ability is rivalled.

Land actual combat

The actual combat that ferrochrome acts spreads out spread out not poorly according to second of tide table cent almost. Land the action to divide level: Target of the first phase is lunar tail island, code name green beach, the 2nd phase atttacks north and south of Ren Chuan harbor two side, red beach of boreal side code name, to code name blue beach.

Had said above, lunar tail island is to razzia Ren Chuan’s key and premise, because tail of this pair of months attacks nature to be arranged to be in,the first time at high tide that day engraves D-day, and remain two beaches head to give that day the 2nd of the dusk full tide. To the first offensive, lunar tail island landing force must any likelihoods that occupational and firm beachhead repels people army alone strike back, because below one is landed,want when towards evening 17 when ability is initiated.

Same, after the 2nd lands the menace that can land already successful clean up to come from lunar tail island in the first only, ability can be carried out. From 17 when initiate land sunset only 1 hour many, landing force must be landed, firm beachhead must be built before at nightfall and capturing haven, considering the 250 thousand population of Ren Chuan harbor, this will be a formidable task.

Landing whole that day process it is thus clear that is a closely linked, the look does not get a bit trip.

Landing prelude is the firepower preparation that lasts more than 2 days, the purpose is the people that eliminates lunar tail island to go up army artillery fire. The U.S. Army chooses days to carry out artillery fire, the purpose is to use low ebb period of time, people army will think by accident is common thither bombard act and not be to land fight.

But low ebb the warships that also means chaser above will cannot participate in bombard. Fortunately people army is decorated in the military strength of lunar tail island very weak, only big gun of a shore connects equipment 76mm revive make fieldpiece, connect protection by a dogface additionally. People army was not decorated tunnel and always have defence works, mere build exterior defence works. The firepower that goes up because of chaser of this U.S. Army (127mm naval vessel prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan) and firepower of empty medium-counts aid made crushing dominant position. Chaser of the U.S. Army in actual combat sails to slimy beach brim to be in ability to begin bombard all the time, chaser of the closest Jia Erkai date is apart from lunar tail island to have 720 meters only! I as if saw artillery action of door of Sino-British 1841 tiger…

The another big gains that bombard acts is in low ebb when discovered Korea is fragmentary the mine that decorate, as a result of refluent, these bleach Lei Dou to be aground on the slimy beach outside channel, chaser without striking a blowing keeps clear of bombard of its one by one. It is to be during full tide suppose, these bleach thunder will be big trouble. And people army did not set the mooring mine that waves not easily and heavy bottom thunder in the cloth on main channel, this makes very few ten mine did not constitute any menace to the U.S. Army almost.

The people on lunar tail island army the 76mm gun position that one place is abandoned, look from pallet position and teakettle and tub, people army position did not part cloth is set concealment place and fire position. Only sand includes position and entrenchment. (graph / Vicki 100 divisions)

The bombard action of beautiful naval vessel encountered strong resistance in the first day only, 5 chaser exit artillery action for a time, but only also one person be killed in battle, 8 people are injured. The following day bombard encounters fragmentary resistance merely.

D-day the first phase begins from early morning, taking flow, landing boat team is close to lunar tail island, 0627 the first is landed give off, 0631 ascend a beach, only later than booking time a minute! 0645, the 2nd landing force is landed, 9 tank open Shanghai beach. Because the emplacement of all 5 76mm artillery is already advanced,be eliminated in firepower preparation of two days, because landing force of this U.S. Army encounters fragmentary resistance merely. 7 when 1 minute 0, the U.S. Army razzias the commanding elevation on the island 105 uplands, 7 when 50 minutes basic and occupational complete island.

In the battle people army has be killed in action of 200 much people, among them 100 much people are by tank bury alive or burn in dying in burrow, additionally 136 people are captured. Casualties of U.S. Army landing force 17 people.

Of the first phase although,land U.S. Army tonk, but be in later low ebb of more than 10 hours period, the U.S. Army that has landed isolates actually without aid, the possibility faces alone in surrounding people army reinforcements that is in slimy booth counterattacks. But counterattack to never come, 10 quiet hours go very quickly.

Controlled at 5 o’clock afternoon, the 2nd phase lands the U.S. Army spread out, differ with lunar tail island, because beach head sea wall is abrupt, the port of landing craft cannot be put down, the soldier can use ladder of simple and easy wood to climb only climb cross sea wall. The action is landed to encounter people army small arms strike back only during.

The U.S. Army should appreciate the kindness that people army does not kill again, because if De Jun 352 infantry division breaths out beach head to had passed through to come from abstruse horse, protect the Ren Chuan with errant beach more abominable head to be able to come a dozen Ren Chuan’s animal.

A piece of famous Ren Chuan lands a photograph, because sea wall is abrupt, the port of landing craft cannot be put down, the soldier can use ladder of simple and easy wood to climb only climb cross sea wall. (graph / center of American naval history)

The U.S. Army tries a tank from beach head direct trice crosses sea wall. This kind of operation is in without clean up the impracticability before people army. That is to say, the heavy weapons with direct lack of the first batch of landing force is accompanied assist.

Afterwar analysis

What 3 detail can see people army lands preparation to turning over is listless:

The carrier-borne chance that firepower of aviation of travel of first-order Duan Jin boosts 1.D-day hit people army corner to come in Ren Chuan the ammo of edge of water former highway, caused acuteness explosion, rise high into the air and the cloud of dawdle shape smoke that remove is as high as 1000 meters, so that anchor thinks even in the person on the fleet of open waters,sufferred the nucleus is atttacked. Be in much ammunition corner actually highway both sides, it is thus clear that people army does not have expect U.N. at all army meeting is landed in Ren Chuan.

2. Land, the U.S. Army razziaed Fu Ping. After Pacific Ocean war ends, the U.S. Army is garrisoned supply ever regarded Fu Ping as base when the Southern Dynasties is bright, the U.S. Army mogged 1949 hind turn over base Korea army to use, till July 1950 by people army razzia, in ammunition storehouse of Fu Ping, u.S. Army accident discovered what Korea leaves army when pulling out in those days to include artillery shell and bullet inside about 2000 tons of ammoes, and these ammoes can be used entirely now, to just landing supply still not abundant U.N. army, it is the sky drops pasty simply. On the contrary bright people army organization of Ren Chuan garrison is to committing a crime simply.

3. Runway of golden riverside airport is 2000 meters long, 50 meters wide, can rise fall large airlines, it is at that time the airport with the most important Korea, to U.N. army for, get golden riverside airport can improve supply efficiency greatly not only thoroughly, and can produce tremendous effect as front airport. But be in Ren Chuan – the people that the golden riverside airport on Seoul road was not pulled out however army destroy — 18 days 14 when 20 minutes, a F4U of the U.S. Army undertakes touchdown experimenting in golden riverside airport, after gaining a success, de Haijun lieutenant general multiplies Er of Xie Fei of commander of American Marine Corps to arrive by air. Then, corps of aviation of the 33rd Marine Corps garrisons the United States that bides his time in Japan all the time golden riverside airport, the C that from boiler Shan Lichuan takes off, 54 transport also are fully loaded with supply goods and materials to receive to descend in Jin Pu airport.

The a week after golden riverside airport is razziaed uninstalled more than 1500 tons of all kinds goods and materials

Up to 18 days of evening, u.N. army already went up land armed forces 25600 people, car 4547, all sorts of goods and materials 14166 tons. If do not have in good condition take next Ren Chuan haven, if do not have golden riverside airport to be used normally, all these is inconceivable.

Contrast does not have the abstruse horse of haven establishment to breath out beach, for the distance that although abstruse horse breaths out beach head to be apart from the distance of rear base,goes to Japan compared with Ren Chuan almost negligible not plan, but the U.S. Army is in land uninstalled Aomahadeng to be less than goods and materials of 100 tons of supply merely that day. Also have 1429 tons only the following day. Although use a person to be versed in temporarily dock, landing two weeks when begin in, the goods and materials that allied forces also uninstalled 9000 tons in Aomaha only and 2000 car and 11000 personnel, far the result that under Ren Chuan harbor obtains two days. And the chrysalis that Ren Chuan lands is only a month is less than.

Talk about Renchuandeng finally land is affected in strategic.

The strategic purpose that ferrochrome acts is very clear: The first recapture Seoul afresh, political significance is immense; The 2nd encircle the U.N. inside jointly with boiler hill defence army surround people army brunt.

Political smell of MacArthur is very acute, wear to the new and occupational mark of Seoul delicacy of the Northern Dynasties is in in the past inside 3 months obtain positive result basic come to naught. U.N. of this will great promotion army one party taxi is angry, also can carry greatly at the same time the mana of political military affairs that rises oneself.

After accordingly Mai Shuai is being landed a few days throw total energy on the charge that leads Xiang Hancheng personally, to catch up with the war will erupt to was rectified in March on September 25 ” auspicious day ” , not hesitate the front hits a street battle to chase house and people army contention. Announce with respect to too impatient to wait before the suburb returns not complete clean up finally ” recover ” Seoul.

It is cost with the results of battle on sacrificial military affairs to the pursuit of political interest.

Be used up in aggression originally and below the bowstring in U.S. Army sky, troops of people army frontline is already whacked, personnel equipment loss is huge cannot get seasonable complement however. The U.N. that comparative boiler hill gets in a steady stream reinforces ceaselessly army, team of people military headquarters already was a spent force, can saying is recumbent 7, temporary bluff stayed in two months of 8 aggression impetus of a swift and fierce the U.N. on army, let U.N. for a time army think openly people army military strength exceeds him double above.

The head that although be in,the U.S. Army lands successfully two days, people army directs a layer to still try to hide an information, the attempt avoids soldier’s morale to shake. But 18 days of messages or spread fast, frustrated badly the will to fight of troops of frontline of people army Luo Dongjiang. In openly U.N. army capture instead eventually all fronts breaks down.

U.N. army Zuo of dispatch of Lynch spy was organized after boiler hill is broken through successfully, this team expedites tank to connect one day in go straight towards 170 kilometers madly, will mix formerly in water eventually on September 26 division of the 7th infantry vanguard join forces. And the linear space that water is apart from Ren Chuan formerly is only 40 kilometers. Can say, the landing force of Ren Chuan direction climbs in the tortoise. Land first, 1 division attune goes to a land battle with best fighting capacity Seoul of take by storm, hind land, be short of the group of division of the 7th infantry that organize badly to fold ring of encirclement, this is serious direct mistake.

Face the U.S. Army of complete mechanization, division is veteran weary people army want to carry out enemy before the organization pulls out is wishful thinking simply, breaking down is inevitable final result. What do not decide exclusively is the U.S. Army can wrap how old dumpling merely. (have to say campaign 5 times the people who volunteer to fight in another country of the 2nd phase is to resemble annulus to be born nearly really, much did not spread out, everybody sees Guan Ke check with oneself the circumstance at that time. )

The U.S. Army in reality chooses to on the west again northerly, was equal to a bag to live boiler hill front on the west that half enemy of the line. People of the others greater part army although be defeated, but final be able to furl army, transferred north into organizational system. If U.S. Army chooses to be in group of hill land, the size of ring of encirclement also is met and do not have in reality how old distinction. And the interference that did not have political element, the feed rate of U.S. Army landing force also is met a lot of faster.


Martial principle: Makings enemy from wide, do not hope according to us how the enemy is done, want what to can do to make a plan with the enemy however.

Without doubt, ren Chuan is landed is classical, and score huge success strategical amphibious lands the action. But also can see this the success has part of very big star inside, evenhanded ground says, macArthur is betted in a person of extraordinary powers, he has place of far east U.S. Army the unit that motor-driven military strength forms an army rank, throw a conclusive offensive, and the successful critical factor of this offensive depends on again of adversary scanty at be on guard, this is the gamble of one hundred percent. In other and senior officer, naval command layer objects Ren Chuan clearly landing the circumstance of plan to fall, be wheat handsome individual insisted to just persuade someone else, accordingly he is betted went up oneself reputation and authority.

In addition, although although fail the 10th army also won’t suffer how old loss, but build up rise land remove the waste that removes rest and reorganization to mean valuable time again, u.S. Army more do not wish war of sit by and watch is deeply anxious change pull a winter all the time, the opportunity that turns over bureau of fight in some places one by one thoroughly accordingly once, see people army whether be like MacArthur to predict in that way carelessness.

Assume people army superstratum is done not have so be eager to an U.N. army turn go into business, if not be,carry all resource and minitary force in order to buy oily way to Luo Dongjiang front, if people army adopts a dot to land preparation prettily instead a little, hold in the arms turn into Ren Chuan surely the resolution that dead harbor rubble also does not yield an U.S. Army to use, although,then MacArthur’s a person of extraordinary powers is betted unapt capital play away, but also can be to add the biggest failure after Libodi to land teaching material. Of later ages army history sure meeting holds student land preparation brash, landing point choice is harum-scarum, place a hope at the enemy scanty wait a moment at be on guard and disregarding all sorts of objective disadvantage, make the classical opposite teaching material in battle history.

But, macArthur is betted really was opposite. From the point of after the event, people army decorates the terrible negligence that shows people army superstratum to go up to be landed to Ren Chuan in the strategy in Ren Chuan respect. Want to prevent battle purpose of the U.S. Army, do not need actually to take up too much military strength and resource. Yuan of hill that values bank of the East China Sea and negligence on the west coastal Ren Chuan, it is delicacy of the Northern Dynasties really those who commit is the biggest strategical one of error.

Of course, we also can look for some of objective reason to give boreal Korea absolve.

Coastal tide differs Korea peninsula on the west big, seawater is shallow, besides Ren Chuan, Mu Pu admirable haven is very few. And coast of its the eastpart part is coasting however endless, seawater is deep, current difference is little, all the year round is not frozen. Among them main 3 haven yuan hill, promote south with Luo Jin harbor all is Japanese colonial period to build, own quite good deep water commercial and transportation center, be in charge of will plundering the nearby of goods and materials from Jilin and Heilongjiang sends toward Japan. Accordingly the haven dimensions of bank of the East China Sea should compare Ren Chuan big, haven condition also is close friends a lot of, value the business that is nature. And yuan the haven such as hill is in all the time boreal Korea churchyard, sufficient time decorates defence, and Ren Chuan opens afterwar ability by people army capture, the time that arranges matters pertaining to defense is not abundant.

But this also is excuse only merely just, the people at that time army had increased all can devoted resource glib style ground is thrown in Luo Dongjiang front, on detain of this kind of overall not plan the strategy of sequential type assigns talent is the prime cause that Ren Chuan is landed easily by the U.S. Army.

The destiny also overcame Arthur finally to open a big joke with wheat. The political ambition with him and operate the ability of public opinion, all-time success of Ren Chuan is the start of more distant journey only it seems that. However the show that people who volunteer to fight in another country does not deserve this to add up to him, the failure that following sb’s heels and comes inverts and bring understanding finally to direct the order of authority except him with the disagreement of supreme commander.

Should know Du Lu door so but be being risked,do enrage the huge risk of American public, 9 lunar hind were to achieve the people support of the lowest on the history to spend more, still was not broken by Telangpu till today. Can force the boss to this pair of cropland, look in his true on lively superior special effort. He can look at the colleague in World War II only finally, the Eisenhower that is a General of the Army together ended that year to become American president in Korea war.

But after all, the success that Ren Chuan lands still is big victory of MacArthur, it is the big victory of American respect more. It is indicating in the past people of 3 months Korea army all victory come to naught. Meet like the victory however be pregnant with fails the next time, also meet in failure be pregnant with wins, what Ren Chuan brings is not warlike end, the end that is begin only just. Duck green river in that giant that is forgotten is in after experiencing the ceaseless failure of hundred years and abasement, will face those to come from the self-invited bad settle or live in a strange place that foreign lands again, just, this he chooses to stand up bravely face.

The word that a paragraph of big Liu uses here regards full text as coda:

In the most Chinese before this, had not experienced peace and tranquility, do not know what calls prosperity, also do not know after all what is equality, freedom, independence is mixed own. They are born in the troubled times of withered of that China civilization, the guest that sees not to be pooh-poohed also dare not say not.

Later one day, a hope shines in darkness, although we do not know the future that it enlightens is level road,still be bramble everywhere, we do not know the road leads to He Fang after all even, brilliant; Somebody is praised, also a lot of people are derogated or be reprimand. But hope itself pays no attention to these praising or be invective, it just rises bravely, bring more people light and courage, already fulfilled a mission.

Add: Beautiful a land battle 1 division 1 group 2 battalion land the battle report full text of before 5 days in fighting in Ren Chuan.

Indian accredit army can firing Zhang Shaozhong: Their tattered gun can start shooting

Origin: Bureau Zhang Shaozhong

On June 21, according to Indian media coverage, indian premier Mo Di already accredit India army is in as military as China conflict, can firing fire. This signifies the strife in future in, indian army will use boxing base no longer likely or be bludgeon, use firearms however even heavy weapons firings.

Although such accredit will surely not create armed conflict truly, but the risk that also increased conflict to expand apparently. The Yin Jun in the circulates on gregarious media conflict video before looking at this nevertheless carries ” tattered ” firearms, can’t help inviting person suspicion: Is this gun returned can start shooting?

On June 6, 1995, arms of covey India special type is taking the advantage of the dim light of night, in the Xiang Kaji below the help of gunfire the Pakistan position on Er hill launched attack. In altitude 5000 meters highland is a mountainous area go up, soldiers are carrying these India breathlessly to fight heavily equipment, risking a heil of bullets ceaseless ascend is worn.

The film ” control line: Ka Jier ” in the INSAS automatic rifle that Yin Jun uses

Admire attacking is big fear of military strategist in ancient China originally, face the Ba Jun that holds advantage landform, yin Jun’s soldiers still have ” killer mace ” , that just enlists in army namely the India of an outfit is homebred and new-style musket. Weight of this kind of musket is deft, those who blast off is advanced 5.56 millimeter small-bore musket bullet, the lord gun that Ba Jun should compare apparently in close quarters battle is good many what use. Eventually, before these Indian soldiers developed Ba Jun’s position, should firinging when fire, many people discover however: Oneself gun is hit did not ring!

The film ” aim at ” in the INSAS that Yin Jun uses is automatic musket

Although be below the influence of main forces press on the border of India and international situation, the war of Er blocking auspicious 1999 with Pakistan comprehensive hind remove and end, india also calls announce of this armed conflict ” victory ” , but in the conflict that produces on the battlefield with the top height above sea level on this world, yin Jun also exposes those who went out to go up from equipment, direct, training a series of problems. And we today’s leading role, be expressed great expectations by Indian army at that time namely, in actual combat however ” drop chain ” homebred and new-style musket: INSAS automatic musket.

INSAS automatic musket

After World War II ends, india becomes independent as British colony, became an independent dominion state. Even if is such, the weaponry of Indian army is long-term still master from England, classical plum – the brunt musket that musket also returns Enfeierde is Indian army. British transhipment of through cargo after automatic musket of Belgian FN FAL, india produced his version after close also therewith, name 1A of Er of wave of the Sha that it is Yi automatic musket.

Till today, the England that Indian police still is using period of World War II Li musket. Part from media so-called Yin Jun can use musket of this kind of antique to play the bullet hole that is dug into Chinese machine gun in the hundreds of handle outside rice in, the training of visible India soldier is excellent, marksmanship is extremely accurate.

Interesting is, to thank England inside allied forces liberates Belgium, belgian government gave FAL freely to England the manufacturing license of automatic musket, but this status was not enjoyed however after India is independent. Because India produces this kind of musket to did not obtain Belgian authorization, because this is Belgian,put forward to protest to India. Final, indian premier Nihelutong passes ” money of a place of strategic importance ” , purchased a batch of other weapons to settle this dispute to Belgian FN armory.

The Indian soldier of automatic musket of 1A of Er of use Yisha wave

But arrived 20 centuries 80 time, the army of world each country begins the development direction that with weight the small-bore musket with light, small recoil regards future as, indian nature is not exceptional also. In textual research a variety of outside army after the weapon, india decides to develop a kind of homebred small-bore automatic musket to replace existing FAL by oneself. And passed the research and development that is as long as 10 years, new-style musket of India — INSAS met with everybody for the first time eventually.

From the point of overall modelling, the modelling of INSAS still is more beautiful: Gunstock and real wood makes protect wood, the class on high-end air, have 20 centuries very much the firearms of 339 time designs a style. The main part of complete gun is made for rolled steel entirely, do not use contemporary musket to go up absolutely commonly used plastic or it is material of light qualitative alloy. On gun body hit thickly full 20 many rivet, produce craft to go up to have distinguishing feature extremely. As to the structure, INSAS division bear from classical AK-47, also be a descendant of notable family.

Of course, regard a kind of massive amount as weapon of yield for military use, the hard to avoid of charge for the making of sth. of INSAS automatic musket is not very good. After all the weapon is not artwork, bear went. Besides have now and then drop lacquer, craze, wear away, be out of shape, rusty these indisposition, also the advantage with special that’s all right. Just although not up to much of charge for the making of sth. , the crop of INSAS also did not catch up with, do not have a law at all all and vintage musket that army of India of rapid transhipment of through cargo enlists in army.

During Ka Jier conflicts, Yin Jun still is in a large number of use actually AKM and FAL are automatic musket

Do not have method, seeing homebred money is to be used not quite really, indian army was obliged to purchase musket of a batch of AKM from hamster each country, send those deploy in a gleam of, the unit that plans go into action at any time is used. This can bother: What FAL musket blasts off is 7.62 millimeter north makes an appointment with pace cartridge, and although AKM also is 7.62 millimeter, but and eat chicken in different, both bullet is not general. Plus homebred INSAS, indian army had the rifle making type of 3 kinds of mutual and complete not general bullet and spare parts at a draught.

But during the Kajier 1999 conflicts, by ” express great expectations ” INSAS however ” drop chain ” : Below downy complex climate condition, INSAS musket produced a series of problems, for example ligneous gunstock and grasp rupture easily, the screw that uses on the gun is easy damaged, bring about a spare parts to become loose or drop wait for a problem.

Still have Indian soldier report in addition, the meeting when INSAS is shooting goes to gun oily splash on the face of archer — this can not be what bagatelle reason, oil of a lot of guns is to the person’s skin a poisonous sex and caustic, can cause apparent loss to the skin, if splash eyeball of pleasant to see,cause blindness possibly even.

Finally, INSAS musket cannot full automatic fire, can have 3 hair fixed fire only, this fights in close quarters in it is very adverse — this blemish is very good also understanding, won’t be the reader that believes to had played to eat chicken used can ” 3 a running fire ” does M16 go hitting fighting at close quarters? Become loose because of the spare parts nevertheless or drop, do not have originally full automatic functional INSAS is likely however in actual fire because of breakdown ” unfreeze ” , do not suffer pilot a running fire to shoot, this also makes Indian soldier special headache.

Indian soldier coachs U.S. Army study uses INSAS rifle

Because India returns the own production that cannot finish cartridge of 5.56 millimeter pace and logistics safeguard at that time, during Kajier conflicts, yin Jun has a few elite troops transhipment of through cargo only this kind ” new-style weapon ” . In light of now, this is the very lucky in misfortune simply: If Yin Jun is comprehensive at that time transhipment of through cargo this kind of musket, that battles can hit into what kind of still do not know.

Ka Jier one afterwar, indian army expresses exceeding dissatisfaction to INSAS musket, armory of Er of wave of requirement Yi Sha tries to improve. Armory of Er of Dan Yisha wave thinks his gun is no problem however, it is Indian army is used for certain have by accident. After a few brawl, armory of Er of Yi Sha wave rolled out INSAS 1B1 automatic musket, but Indian army expresses not to accompany you to play, purchased from Romania again one large quantities of AKM automatic musket.

The at least of INSAS 1B1 automatic musket after improving is change ligneous part into completely plastic

Not only such, 2005, the abroad user with INSAS not much amount to — Nepalese also expressed dissatisfaction to India. Fight in what turn over guerrilla in the action, nepalese soldiers and police sufferred guerrilla of Nepalese Communist Party ambush, many 40 soldiers and police is beaten dead. The musket quality that Nepalese army considers as India to sell is too poor, just feel these soldiers and police dead. And Indian reply also is consistent: The pose that is your operation for certain is incorrect! And Er of Xiang Ni berth offerred a batch of manuals.

In the center of the India that holds INSAS to join parade mothball police force

And Indian director home makes the same score betray, in the center of make a fight for a long time with guerrilla mothball police force (CRPF) early the inferior quality that cannot bear INSAS musket, announced to convert 2014 AK-47 and musket of Israel X95 assault. 2015, a Yin Jun’s retired officer is Jiang Yisha more wave Er armory tells a court, think armory of Er of Yi Sha wave produces inferior weapon, not consider the life of Indian soldier, but final still in order to lose a lawsuit wind up. is 2014, indian INSAS is improved model — ” divine sword (Excalibur) ” assault musket is referred formally to Indian army.

Be right! It is the EX curry club in this fokelore…

Etc, put bad figure ” divine sword (Excalibur) ” assault musket

Will look from the exterior, “Divine sword ” look more modern, but the design that main body still is INSAS. To this kind of new-style musket, indian army does not catch a cold. Although Indian army purchased a batch ” divine sword ” try out, but this raises musket and approbate without what get Indian army. 2016, indian army announces to make public invite public bidding to purchase new-style musket to replace INSAS external, “Divine sword ” also announced to fail thoroughly 2018.

In try out ” divine sword ” assault musket

Current, SIG-716 of United States of the equipment when Indian army has announced to be the same as is automatic musket and musket of Russia AK-203 assault, former the country unit that has begun consign India army, and latter also did not enlist in army formally till today. Although be the musket of 7.62 millimeter caliber, but these two kinds of musket also cannot general ammo. Nevertheless this nods a problem not to supply supply rear service originally to India, had been dead pig is not afraid that boiled water was ironed.

AK-203 of Russia authorised edition (on) what purchase with India is low match AK-203 (below) this year, have even AK ” green edition “

Begin the INSAS of research and development from 80 time, to 2018 ” divine sword ” , india is ground 30 years one ” divine sword ” , the result gives unexpectedly grind abandoned, such ending can’ts help making a person be between tears and smiles a little — be in nevertheless India on this magical land, such story also is not first time happening.