西安吉祥村学生多少钱 MAXWELL FILES: Prince Andrew tried to get Epstein off the hook

Prince Andrew desperately lobbied the U.S. government to give his pedophile pal Jeffrey Epstein the sweet deal that saw the billionaire serve just 13 months in a local jail.The bombshell allegation is contained in the treasure trove of documents pulling back the curtain on the sexual machinations of Ghislaine Maxwell, an old friend of the prince.The claim was part of a motion by legal eagles for two Epstein accusers as part of a 2015 libel case against the 58-year-old British socialite Maxwell brought by former alleged sex slave Virginia Roberts.Maxwell had tried to keep the file secret fearing they could taint a jury in her coming sex-trafficking trial.MAXWELL BOMBSHELL: Epstein's alleged pimp had 'constant' sun-splashed orgiesGhislaine Maxwell reportedly getting royal treatment in the jointLawyers for the two young women, identified as Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2, wrote: “(They are) seeking documents regarding Epstein’s lobbying efforts to persuade the government to give him a favourable plea arrangement, including efforts on his behalf by Prince Andrew and former Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz.“They have alleged these materials are needed to prove their allegations that, after Epstein signed the non-prosecution agreement his performance was delayed while he used his significant social and political connections to lobby the justice department to obtain a more favourable plea deal.”Roberts claims she had sex with Prince Andrew three times, including while she was underage. He denies wrongdoing.Virginia Roberts insists photos of her and Prince Andrew were not doctored. She said the FBI told her there are “credible” death threats against her. 60 MINUTES AUSTRALIAIn the newly released documents, Roberts lashes out at what she claims was Andrew’s involvement in the financier’s activities.Her lawyers asked whether Andrew would have pertinent information about the case.“Yes, he would know a lot of the truth.I don’t know how much he’d be able to help you with, but seeing as he’s in a lot of trouble himself these days I think he might, so I think he might be valuable,” Roberts said.Disgraced Prince Andrew was fired from his royal duties following a disastrous U.K. TV interview where he stumbled, stammered, obfuscated and claimed he didn’t know Roberts.That’s despite a photo of himself, Maxwell and Roberts on the night she claims they had sex at the urging of Maxwell.So far, the royal appears to have been avoiding talking to the FBI but his flunkies say the feds are lying.bhunter@postmedia.com@HunterTOSunCommentsShare your thoughts

全国约资源app 93 things narrate journey the 61st collect: Cross river battle Jin Ling points to south banners and flags


Guide language: Found an army 93 years to celebrate a the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, sina military affairs spreads out especially ” 93 things narrate journey ” series serialize, with the harships course that 93 stories on my army history tell about people army 93 years.

On Feburary 11, 1949, central the Central Military Commission indicates: “During crossing river battle, total the front committee of unaltered exercise the Huai-Hai Campaign heads military affairs and the powers and authorities of office that fight. Cross river campaign total the front committee to still wait for 5 people to comprise by Deng Xiaoping, Liu Baicheng, Chen Yi, Su Yu, Tan Zhenlin, deng Xiaoping is a secretary, liu Baicheng, Chen Yi is members of standing committee. ” this assures with respect to what made textural to cross river battle to win.

On April 1, rate of Deng Xiaoping, Chen Yi crosses headquarters of river campaign total the front committee, from the Home Sun defensive wall or stockade surrounding a village of the outskirt austral mussel port move reachs Hefei city east of outskirt precious jade hillock village, deploy and direct initiate soon cross river battle. A decisive battle that decides Chinese destiny and future is about to pull open heavy curtain.

Precious jade hillock village has nearly 100 families, here woods is thick, traffic is convenient, positional moderate. Total the front committee is set in the village in a central antiquated and austere siheyun. house is total the front committee directs a center to fight assembly room, deng Xiaoping politics appoint reside right house, old manager lives in him next door.

On April 1, total the front committee protocol ” Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou battle carries out compendium ” report a the Central Military Commission, 3 days, the the Central Military Commission approves make known to lower levels namely. Whole command system and army threw insecurity at this point prepare for war. Although this is big prewar dreariness, enemy at swords’ points of my both sides, atmosphere respectful is killed, but old manager, Deng Zheng appoint in what devise clever strategies, still from time to tome ” idle front courtyard strolls ” asthetic mood. A day of dusk, two people take a leisurely walk in village head roam. Right now, the Yu Hui of setting sun is aspersed to the field of viridescence, golden cauliflower is dazzling and balmy, far be in group of Shan Rudai, lie across a hunderd li, in evening mist envelop next healing to appear heroic bearing is threatening. Witness this scene this affection, deng Zheng appoint cannot refrain fromingly song goes grand of the first month of Tang Dynasty poet like that ” pass old friend place of business ” line ” old friend provides gallinaceous millet, invite me to reach cropland home. Greenery village edge closes, green hill Guo Wai is inclined. ” the old manager of element Xi Fushi blurts out instantly: “Open garden of field of face of a small room, hemp of wine word mulberry. Need the day that weigh this world, still come with respect to chrysanthemum. ” these two fellow villagers are unisonant, it is the revolutionist in French part-work and part-study system, militarist together, recite poems right now lyric, caused an applause and a laughter of attendant give advice and guard personnel. Archenemy is current, leading cadres self-possessed so easily, if not have ” between Tan Xiao, mast scull ash flying smoke destroys ” sufficient self-confidence, it is impossible such. Apparent, they are decision-making to crossing the strategy of river battle reach relevant deploy, early with respect to have a well-thought-out plan, be clear at the heart.

On April 15, central the Central Military Commission cables total the front committee and Su Yu, Zhang Zhen, Liu Baicheng, Zhang Jichun, Li Da: “Peaceful negotiation decides at 20 days of in the limit of, … you receive this report to prepare to razzia to reach river heart fortified point except all boreal banks beyond Anqing, two riverside at 20 days instantly. ” 17 days, total the front committee is given out cross river fight deploy adjusts an opinion, sign up for a the Central Military Commission. With day, bureau of total the front committee, Hua Dong combines to sit a meeting, deploy is crossed river before raising, mix take-over the job after Changjiang Delta city, country. The leader such as the Xiaoping having Deng that attends the meeting, Liu Baicheng, Chen Yi, Su Yu, Tan Zhenlin and Li Da, Zhang Zhen, Rao Shushi.

All deploy be in order, be ready in take action, see hostile attitude. On April 20, nanjing government rejects to be in ” domestic peace agreement ” on sign, push oneself to the blind alley. The the Central Military Commission is indicated in the center of basis of total the front committee, a group army in cabling the direct such as Tan Zhenlin at once is in fir this world comes abundant brook mouth paragraph initiate above all cross river, carry out intermediate breakthrough. This day afternoon, total the front committee fights indoor except old manager, Deng Zheng appoint outside, the other chief of Hua Dong bureau also is in. Old manager right hand takes microphone, left hand back up, earnest and sturdy, organ make known to lower levels of Song Shi annulus commands Wang Jianan of sonorous Xiang Qibing regimental commander, 9 army commanding officer: “I command you on behalf of total the front committee tonight 19 when initiate 30 minutes cross river fight, eliminate all stubbornly resist thoroughly stoutly enemy! Eliminate all stubbornly resist thoroughly stoutly enemy!!

19 when 30 minutes, be in in on the river bank of a group army, neat growl of 10 thousand artillery piece, deafening, firedrake flies to hostile position. In powerful gunfire covering below, the liberation army officers and soldiers of battle of gallant be apt to hallooes ” had hit the Yangtse River, liberate complete China ” catchword, brave the wind and waves, 1000 sail boatrace, be just as group of dragon to wear river, with one action broke through natural barrier of the Yangtse River. 7 corps 24 army the two division with one action of the first echelon formation razziaed Wen Xinzhou, violet alluvion; River of back-to-back clip of fight one’s way across a river, the vanguard used many minutes 20 to ascend south bank only. 9 corps 27 army the river that broke through enemy very quickly also is prevented. Two army clasp, after repelling enemy to kickback for many times, consolidated held beachhead. 21 army also cross river success in succession. First days of evening, a group army has 4 in army triumphal ground ascended south bank of the Yangtse River.

According to the instruction of central the Central Military Commission, total the front committee commands the group is mixed on the west east the full-scale attack that group unit crosses river battle at spreading out 21 days late. To 23 days, a group army is on the west below direct of Liu Baicheng, Zhang Jichun, Li Da occupational and other places of Gui Chi, Peng Ze, brunt to push forward of line of another name for Jiangxi Province of short for Zhejiang Province, chase after annihilate quickly to escape enemy, cut off Shang Enbai and the connection between white group high happiness; Commanding of Su Yu, Zhang Zhen east a group army, also in succession occupational mouth of Dan Yang, Changzhou, Zhenjiang, riverside, wait for town without stannum.

Frequency of news of victory of each powerful army is passed, but most make total the front committee excited, or east a group army 35 stratocracy appoint He Kexi’s report: “My army already at 23 days of evening, occupational Kuomintang president government office! ” old manager gets this report, excited to crew bright track: “Comrades! My army is occupational already tonight Kuomintang president government office! The den of Home Jiang dynasty was demolished by us! ” Deng Zheng appoint raise both hands and attendant officers and men gladly to cheer together applause, be full of humor ground to say to old manager: “Chen Zong still remembers yuan of acting Sa perversing ” ascend stone wall ” ? ” old manager laughs: “Write down, write down. ” then two leading cadres the recital that be the same as sound: “On stone wall, look at day of low Wu Chu, eye sky does not have content. Show famous scenic spot of 6 government body, only green hill is like a wall… ” chant stops, deng Zheng appoint laughing to say to old manager: “Take the advantage of this asthetic mood, come a free verse written in a vernacular how? ” old manager answers readily: “Good, good. ” he is buried in thought a short while, with the lofty sentiments that be full of, extemporaneous book writes down an a four-line poem with seven characters to a line and a strict tonal pattern and rhyme scheme:

Great river edge points to south banners and flags,

Endless onrush emerges God.

Straight hill issueing gold is settleclear 6 close,

All places contends for eulogy to change the world.

Right now, already was 24 days of before dawn. Old manager is without tiredness, work sedulously again rise. Browse a little while file, battlefield report, stare a map a little while, examine a data, still raise all sorts of questions often to give advice personnel. In aside Deng Zheng appoint look in the eye, want to be in the heart, send a word eventually: “Chen Zong, what are you thinking, I can guess a pretty close. ” ” be, politics appoint can you still know my what state of mind? ” old manager nods again and again, pointing to area of the Lang Xi on the map, wide heart: “I think, want a Jiang Jieshi namely this ten forces are eaten off! Another, want to hold sober head namely, overcome army to cross river pursue and attack those who form is disorder. ” Deng Zheng appoint greatly sympathize ground says: “I and your view agrees completely. That asks Chen Zong to send a telegram to Su Yu, Comrade Zhang Zhen, tell them our idea, accuse a the Central Military Commission with times, accuse uncle bear comrade. Accuse uncle bear comrade..

After resting a little, old manager personally write drafts with respect to text, give millet at generating electricity that day morning, piece. Text points out: “Crossed river battle this to already gained great victory, but up to now, the enemy by annihilate not much, I should send a team to chase after annihilate enemy at the same time, rectify situation at the same time, overcome and stop to cross river those who pursue and attack place to form is disorder. Thief showing Jiang already organized defence to Shanghai, the likelihood takes the advantage of my disorder organization to strike back, estimation answers to come here on our leader dot, ability is unapt produce afore-mentioned situations, make oneself are in an unfavorable situation. … we divide a decision in wild south line of another name for Jiangxi Province issueing short for Zhejiang Province, agree with 7 corps to enter short for Zhejiang Province, you Shiqu leads army reach two army or 4 division are entered be stationed in line of Nanjing, Zhenjiang, should master 8, 9, main force of 3 10 army, select opportune opportune moment, site, form pair of Shanghai surround, shanghai is likely peace is received, yi Ke can pass a fight, reason should make all sorts of preparation. Reason should make all sorts of preparation..

Old manager this text, it is the basis crosses the actual condition in river battle, consider the situation, be opposite in time ” Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou battle carries out compendium ” made important complement, it is to expand cross achievement of river battle victory, guidance liberates the major strategy of the campaign of Changjiang Delta city such as Hangzhou, Shanghai. This text, also be total the front committee preciouses jade at leaving 26 days before hillock village garrisons Nanjing, direct crosses last text that river troops fights in coordination.

After Su Yu, Zhang Zhen receives text, chase after annihilate more sturdily to escape enemy determination, more man of handy land director, extensive campaign, resolute decision: Except leave Suzhou of direction of Shanghai of Beijing of 29 army edges to force, of surveillant Shanghai direction enemy outside, the brunt of 4 corps pursues and attack escape in disorder with the rapiddest rate enemy. “Appropriate chases after remnant brave tottering enemy, cannot buy name learns Xiang Yu the Conqueror. ” cross river army, height was carried on ” do not be afraid of exhaustion, do not be afraid of hunger, fight continuously ” battle style, rapid was cut off escape enemy a way of escape, enemy 5 army forced of Lang Xi, wide heart a mountainous area, enemy chaos makes posse, became trapped. To 29 days in the morning, use 5 days of time only, full wipe out 139 thousand enemy, the conspire that makes Jiang Jieshi, Shang Enbai organizes the 2nd defense line in line of another name for Jiangxi Province of short for Zhejiang Province thereby comes to nothing completely, accelerated the process that area of another name for Jiangxi Province liberates short for Zhejiang Province greatly.

As a result of Lang Xi, wide De Zhidi by annihilate, people liberation army liberated Hangzhou smoothly on May 3, formed extremely favorable situation to Shanghai. Factual effectively explains, the text of old manager, showed the great talent and bold vision on his military affairs, cause cross river fight the first, 2 phase victory ends.

厦门学生新茶 Kwahu West: Over 2,600 farmers benefit from Planting for Food and Job

Mr Yaw Owusu-Addo, the Municipal Chief Executive Mr Yaw Owusu-Addo, the Municipal Chief ExecutiveClick to read all about coronavirus → Over 2,600 farmers in the Kwahu West Municipality have benefited from the Planting for Food and Jobs (PFJ) programme, which enabled them to expand their farms. The farmers benefited from subsidised fertilizers, seeds and planted maize and vegetables. Disclosing this at the Assembly meeting at Nkawkaw in the Eastern Region, Mr Yaw Owusu-Addo, the Municipal Chief Executive(MCE), said a total of 400 bags of NPK, 200 bags of Urea, 595 sachets of cabbage seeds and 427 bags of certified seed maize were received by the Municipal Agriculture Department and distributed to the farmers. He said the Assembly would do its best to ensure that the people benefitted from government’s flagship programmes to enhance their lots. The MCE said many of the farmers also signed onto the Planting for Export and Rural Development (PERD) initiative and were into oil palm and cocoa production. Under the Special Rice Initiative (SRI), Mr Owusu-Addo said the Assembly distributed 96.5 bags of rice seed to registered farmers to be planted on 241 acres of land. He said the District Agriculture Extension Officers had trained about 300 youth in bee keeping and mushroom production and the use of hermetic storage bags for the storage of grains, cereals and legumes in the Municipality. Mr Owusu-Addo indicated that other youth in the Municipality were also trained in the use of modern technologies in the application of fertilizers, diseases and pests’ control, planting in roll, planting in time and how to prevent post-harvest loses. He said the Assembly also procured 225,000 cocoa seedlings out of which 220,704 had already been distributed to farmers, adding that the Assembly had plans of raising 60,000 oil palm seedlings at Jejeti- Asuoso under the programme. He said PERD programme aimed at encouraging the farmers to cultivate tree crops such as mangoes, coffee, cocoa, oil palm, coconut and cashew as a form of investment and to produce raw materials to spur the establishment of factories in the Municipality. He said PFJ and PERD initiatives were making significant impacts on the economy as a result of which the country had reduced the importation of some food crops. Mr Owusu-Addo therefore called on the citizenry to support the government in implementing the various initiatives for accelerated socio-economic development of the country.

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南京梧桐客栈论坛 Economist advocates for local production of agriculture equipment

Dr Yaw Ansu, Chief Economist at Africa Centre for Economic Transformation Dr Yaw Ansu, Chief Economist at Africa Centre for Economic TransformationClick to read all about coronavirus → Chief Economist at Africa Centre for Economic Transformation (ACET) and Advisor to the Minister of Finance, Dr Yaw Ansu, has advocated for local production of agricultural tools and equipment as part of efforts to increase productivity. He said agriculture mechanization and value addition to agriculture products was critical for the transformation of Ghana’s economy. Dr Ansu said this in his presentation at the 11th national development forum in Accra, which was organised by the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) on the theme “Ghana’s Development Response to COVID-19 Pandemic: Building Resilience Against Hazards”. He noted that difference between developed and developing countries was technology; stating that as a nation, almost every little piece of engineering equipment which was needed in agriculture sector in Ghana, had to be imported. He intimated that for Ghana to be able to modernize its agriculture, it had to begin to manufacture the tools and equipment locally. “If we are talking about adding value to agriculture, every piece of equipment that is needed for our food processing has to be imported; why don’t we do that, ourselves? Dr Ansu questioned. “Going forward some of these agriculture equipment that we use will have to be manufactured locally to help domestic production.” He said the production of local agricultural equipment and tools could be achieved through a public private partnership (PPP). Dr Ansu said in order to accelerate economic growth; there was also the need for digitisation as a technology sector in business – in terms of using technology to leverage certain aspect of the economic to increase productivity and to improve delivery of public good and service. “We intend to leverage our position as the headquarters of Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), to really position Ghana as a hub in at least three areas: as a financial hub, the first point of call for global companies trying to do business in Africa and as a logistic hub.” He said the Government had launched a number of flagship projects to move the economy forward; such as the One District, One Factory (1D1F), the Planting for Food and Jobs and the Free Senior High School (Free SHS). He said as part of measures to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses, the Government had come out with programmes such as the Coronavirus Alleviation Programme (CAP) Business Support Scheme to support Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). He said finance plays a pivotal role in executing Government’s programmes; adding that a development bank was in the offing, which they hope to launch before the end of the year. He said the Ghana at hundred agenda was not only about money to achieve it but how Ghanaians deploy their resources efficiently. Ansu recommended that there should be continuity in direction and focus to achieve the Ghana at hundred objectives. He reminded Ghanaians that attitudinal change was essential for the attainment of Ghana at hundred. Dr Kodjo Mensah-Abrampa, the Director General, NDPC, lauded the efforts of the people of Ghana, championed by the Government in combating the COVID-19 pandemic “We think that it is also a time to review our development path and be able to come out with all sort of innovations to bring about the next level of development,” he said. “Development theories will tell you that anytime there are some of these hazards, it presents with it opportunities to move to the next level of development, and we have seen this with our history.” Professor Stephen Adei, the Chairman of the NDPC, said the COVID-19 pandemic had exposed weaknesses in national development systems across the globe. He said the single most important factor was human lives; stating that farmers play critical roles in feeding the nation.

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合肥龙凤桑拿按摩论坛 Ottawa initially refused to hold joint inquiry into N.S. mass killing: Minister

Then-Attorney General Mark Furey, left, fields a question as Bret Mitchellin, CEO of the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation, looks on at a news conference in Halifax, Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018.Andrew Vaughan / THE CANADIAN PRESSHALIFAX — Nova Scotia’s justice minister says he privately pushed Ottawa for a full federal-provincial public inquiry into the April mass shooting but federal officials initially rejected the idea.Mark Furey says that’s why the province chose to go along with the less rigorous independent review announced last week.That move was widely criticized, and it was reversed Tuesday with the creation by Ottawa and the province of a joint public inquiry.Furey did not say why Ottawa was opposed to a joint public inquiry — and federal Public Safety Minister Bill Blair could not be reached for comment.Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil also confirmed Ottawa had initially refused to budge on the province’s request.After a cabinet meeting Thursday, McNeil did not answer directly when asked why his government did not publicly declare what type of investigation it favoured until a few hours before the change was made on Tuesday.CommentsShare your thoughtsNova Scotia

南京天印大道有服务吗 AngloGold Ashanti announces increases in earnings

The increases in earnings were partly offset by higher taxes, withholding taxes and royalties paid The increases in earnings were partly offset by higher taxes, withholding taxes and royalties paidClick to read all about coronavirus →Anglogold Ashanti has posted healthy earnings from gold sales and other production activities, with the company indicating to shareholders that they have reasonable certainty that headline earnings for the period are expected to be between US$392 million and US$416 million, with headline earnings per share (“HEPS”) of between US$94 cents and US$99 cents. Headline earnings and HEPS for the comparative period in 2019 were US$120 million and US$29 cents, respectively.The total basic earnings from continuing and discontinued operations (“basic earnings”) for the period are expected to be between US$410 million and US$432 million, resulting in total basic earnings per share from continuing and discontinued operations (“EPS”) of between US$97 cents and US$102 cents.The basic earnings and EPS for the comparative period were US$114 million and US$27 cents, respectively.The expected overall increases in headline earnings and basic earnings for the Period compared to the comparative period were primarily due to the following reasons; the gold price received increased by more than 25%; weaker local currencies mitigated increases in cost of sales; higher foreign exchange gains of US$19 million; income from joint ventures, mainly Kibali, increased by US$41 million (post-tax) or US 10 cents per share; and care & maintenance costs of $21 million (post-tax) or US 5 cents per share incurred at Obuasi in the prior year were not repeated in the current period.The increases in earnings were partly offset by higher taxes, withholding taxes and royalties paid in most jurisdictions and deferred taxes raised in Brazil on foreign exchange movements relating to non-monetary assets; negative movements on realised and unrealised oil and gold derivatives of US$18 million (posttax) of US$4 cents per share.Another reason for the increase is the discounting of the Argentine export duties receivable resulted in a decrease in earnings of US$11 million (post-tax) or US$3 cents per share; and a Brazilian power utility legal settlement received in April 2019 of US$11 million (post-tax) or US$3 cents per share not repeated in the current period.In addition to the above, earnings were favourably impacted in the current Period by $17 million (posttax) relating to the non-cash impairment reversal on the South African producing assets and related liabilities classified as held for sale as a result of the agreement to sell these assets to Harmony Gold.

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琼苑国际大酒店罗新雄案件 GCB rolls out instant VISA, Mastercards, Union pay

GCB Bank GCB BankClick to read all about coronavirus →GCB Bank has begun the instant issuance of both proprietary cards and international cards across its branches nationwide.GCB customers can now apply and receive VISA Cards, Mastercards and GCB ReadyCash cards across all branches instantly.A statement issued in Accra and copied to the Ghana News Agency said, the Bank would also begin the instant issuing of Union Pay International (UPI), formerly China Union Pay early next month.This follows the successful migration of the Bank’s system and integration of ATMs last week.It said the instant issuance of GCB cards was a major move under the Bank’s transformation and digitization programme.The Managing Director of the Bank, Mr Anselm Ray Sowah, in a remark, said, “Investment is being made to transform the Bank into a world-class one to delight customers.”He said, “The banking landscape is changing. A new wave of technology is revolutionizing the way customers engage with their finances. From social to mobile capabilities, GCB is having to redirect the way we do business to deliver a better customer experience and remain competitive.”It said with networked branches of 185 across the country and digitization, GCB was becoming the bank of choice.Mr. Charles C. C. C. Crabbe, Head of Operations speaking on the project stated that the strategic move was aimed at providing convenience for customers to help drive digital banking especially in the Covid-19 era.It said, “These cards can be used on the over 300 GCB ATMs nationwide, other bank’s ATMs, Point of Sale (POS) devices at merchant points and for other international transactions.”

DisclaimerGhanaWeb is not responsible for the reportage or opinions of contributors published on the website. Read our disclaimer.Send your news stories to and via WhatsApp on +233 55 2699 625.form#revue-form div{float:left}form#revue-form{width:600px;margin:auto}.revue-form-group{margin:10px 10px 10px 0}.revue-form-actions{width:298px;margin:10px 0}div#revue-embed{width:715px;display:inline-block;text-align:center;background-color:#e1e1e1;margin-top:10px}form#revue-form h3.title{text-align:center;padding-top:5px; width: auto;position: relative;bottom: auto;}input{border:solid 1px #d2d2d2;border-radius:3px;padding:10px}input#member_email{width:270px}input#member_first_name{width:191px}input#member_last_name{width:193px}input#member_submit{width:300px;padding:10px;background:#99b53a;cursor:pointer;color:#fff}input#member_submit:hover{padding:10px;background:#8db115;cursor:pointer;color:#fff}@media screen and (max-width:768px){div#revue-embed{width:100%;display:inline-block;margin:0 0 10px}form#revue-form{width:100%;margin:auto}.revue-form-group{width:95%}label{margin:0 0 5px 0;display:block}input#member_email{width:93%}form#revue-form div{margin:0 10px 10px;width:95%}input#member_submit,input#member_submit:hover{width:99%}}

鸡信息 Disregard U.S. Army of out of control of domestic epidemic situation to run to the Black Sea to brush again ” existence feeling “


On July 27, wu Kelan department of defense releases statement to say in its official net, hold in the Black Sea ” maritime breeze, 2020 ” multilateral joint military exercise has ended.

In by a definite date year exemple march of 7 days acts in, by the 8 countries of American dominant the warship is built up old show of the Black Sea ” muscle ” . Expert analysis points out, since June, the United States ignores home’s austere epidemic situation condition, get together is multilateral the area waits to organize many joint military exercise in Beijing University West, Baltic, mediterranean and the Black Sea, be aimed at Russia intent apparent, not only aggravate area insecurity condition, also cheat a shadow for pestilence of global collaboration war.

Not quite not little joint military exercise

According to report of Russia satellite news service, 2000 soldiers attend peace treaty of 19 27 warships of the country such as Wukelan, United States, Turkey, Spain, Gelujiya, Bulgaria, Romania, Norway, planes, include American navy of the 6th fleet ” baud ” date missile destroyer.

Wu Kelan and United States were initiated 1997 ” maritime breeze ” multilateral joint military exercise, after this development acts for year exemple march, last normally two weeks left and right sides. But get new hat influence of pneumonic epidemic situation, this time of joint military exercise shortens for a week, withhold maritime project only. All maneuver topic all uses north to make an appointment with a standard.

According to the statement that Wu Kelan department of defense issued on July 27, this the one big characteristic of the joint military exercise is to establish double command center — Wukelanaodesa is naval base and Spanish Luo Damei the country is naval base. In addition, be in this army act went up to still practice destroying offshore target by helicopter first.

“This is not quite not little joint military exercise, integral scale is not large, indicative implication is clear. ” Gao Fei of diplomatic college professor expresses to our newspaper reporter, participate in ” maritime breeze – 2020 ” in the country of the joint military exercise, wu Kelan and Gelujiya are not north to make an appointment with member country, relatively hereat before 3 joint military exercises that the United States and north restrict ally to hold — ” European defend person, 2020 ” ” Baltic action, 2020 ” ” vigor cat stoat, 2020 ” , this joint military exercise is held in maritime space of the Black Sea of Wu Kelan south, since is opposite to show Wukelan’s support, also be to make Wukelan draw close about north ceaselessly.

Not the political intent with axiomatic character

“Strengthen north to make an appointment with dilate of Russia of internal coordination, keep within limits and the area influence that show the United States, it is dominant of American near future for many times the main purpose of the joint military exercise. ” Gao Fei is analysed, through frequent army act, ally of hook in west, old to Russia show ” muscle ” , the United States tries to reveal his to still retain ability of powerful strategic keep within limits below epidemic situation indulge in wilful persecution. In addition, american government is facing the epidemic situation, enormous pressure that chooses affection and public feelings to interweave currently, also hope to pass series army to act enhance the existence that is in Europe to feel, the ally that responds to unilateral creed policy to bring about is malcontent, conceal the fact of the not do one’s best that fight epidemic disease, divert the attention of domestic people.

Antagonism Russia is to participate in ” maritime breeze – 2020 ” the consistent goal of country of joint military exercise. Gao Fei expresses, after crisis of the Miya in Russian case war, gram, gelujiya, Wukelan becomes the daring vanguard of antagonism Russia; Romania, Bulgaria serves as ” new Europe country ” , the hope binds the chariot that is in the United States to go up closely; Because Syrian problem and Russia produce the Turkey that the upper and lower teeth not meeting properly, want to borrow participate in army demonstrate good United States; Norwegian, Spain makes an appointment with interior to maintain affinity with the United States all the time in north.

One Cibuwen not area rich of fire weichis

Around this joint military exercise, wu Eshuang just has each unscramble.

Aliekexi Neicipapa says commander in chief of Wu Kelan navy, the purpose of the joint military exercise is the safety that defends maritime space of the Black Sea and stability. To this, gelushenke of undersecretary of Russia Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed a few days ago, “Maritime breeze – 2020 ” multilateral joint military exercise did not consolidate weakening area security however. He thinks, this army acting is north is in about its east one of a lot of and brisk activity of side, show north is made an appointment with its east side-glance is menace, will bring about Europe to appear new ” boundary ” .

Russia side is right army act carried high be on the alert. Russian intermediary the statement of management center of cite nation national defense reported a few days ago, fleet of Russian the Black Sea employs all force and artifice to attending ” maritime breeze – 2020 ” the north of multilateral joint military exercise makes an appointment with warship and military plan to carry out surveillance. A statement that publishs according to this center shows, radar of fleet of Russia the Black Sea discovers American P-8A for nothing on the Black Sea ” Nereus ” patrol machine and U-2S scout, russian army opportunity for combat undertakes accompanying flying to its respectively.

Gao Fei points out, this maneuver is not lukewarm not fire, did not touch the substantial interest of Russia. Russia is adopted make instead further upgrade the possibility of measure is not large. Maneuver concerns to beautiful Russia and the influence of black Russia relation still remains to observe, but deepened bilateral distrust undoubtedly.

“Current new coronal is pneumonic epidemic situation spreads in the whole world, world each country should unite originally collaboration answers a challenge, the United States is passed army act reveal ‘ muscle ‘ practice, weakened international collaboration further, fought epidemic disease to cheat a shadow to the whole world. ” Gao Fei says.

微信官网手机版 The department of defense enters the heat such as Nanhai to answer question with respect to the U.S. Army (memoir)


July 2020 memoir of character of press conference of routine of department of defense

On July 30, 2020

Release a person: Spokesman of news of deputy director general of bureau of news of department of defense, department of defense holds the post of national strong senior colonel

Ren Guojiang: Via approval of central the Central Military Commission, the member that army of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, air unit will be sent goes to Russia to attend to will be held on September 5 at will coming on August 23 ” international war race – 2020 ” . Among them, army troops will join ” tank two ” tank vehicle group, ” safe environment ” nucleus biochemical spy series, ” car hotshot ” car arms, ” reconnoiter pioneer ” reconnoiter team and group, ” wide water area ” 5 matches such as Zhou Qiao army, the air unit will attend ” airborne platoon ” match of airborne arms element.

Fight the moment of truth of epidemic disease hand in hand in the whole world, square clique takes part in the match in the team goes to Russia to play international war game, the Russia in aiming to be strengthened further two army strategic cooperation, deepen a military affairs to train collaboration of field deal with concrete matters relating to work, take part in the match with each country ancient bronze mirror of the teammate good communication, each other that be the same as example,

Ren Guojiang: The near future, organization of air arm of navy of southern war zone bangs – 6G, bang – the new-style opportunity for combat such as 6J begins the high strenth between day and night to train about maritime space in Nanhai, finished rise between day and night fall, long-range long-range raids, right the training course such as offshore target attack, achieved expect the result. This training is the routine sex arrangement inside annual plan, conduce to the ability tactics level that raises air man and army round-the-clock fight ability.

Reporter: We notice, flood prevention situation is very grim this year, many troops officers and soldiers still fight bravely at present a gleam of of fight a flood in and other places of Fujian, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Anhui, performed the touching picture that one act act and time race, humanness civilian serves. Introduce army to participate in the overall condition that flood prevention provides disaster relief please.

Ren Guojiang: Since entering high water this year, many province of countrywide happen big waterlogged geological calamity. Height of chairman of be used to takes seriously and make important instruction, liberation army of requirement place where troops are stationed and armed police army should take an active part in job of rush to deal with an emergency providing disaster relief. People army heart to the party, after war pestilence again fight a flood. It is important that army of horse and foot carries out chairman of be used to stoutly directive, ensure safety of people life property is put in the first place, hear ” flood ” and move, brave carries weight, begin work of rush to deal with an emergency providing disaster relief hammer and tongs, obtain positive result. Up to on July 28, the liberation army and accumulative total of armed police army dispatch commando of 725 thousand person-time, organization two hundred and twenty-eight thousand five hundred person-time, dispatch Zhou Ting 7749 second, project machine and car 54116 second, enter rescuing operation of rush to deal with an emergency 3749 times, assist a place to transfer stricken be hit by a natural adversity masses 137 thousand person, carry goods and materials 4560 tons, backfill sandbag more than 1180, seal a Guan Chong dikes and dams of 3800 more than place, consolidate 900 kilometers, scrape passageway way 224 kilometers.

Party flag indicates namely vexillary place to. People of direct audition a party, service is people army forever changeless army fetch and tenet. Since this year, army of horse and foot is below the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, the Central Military Commission central and chairman of be used to, talent war epidemic situation, go to disaster area again, with the people of the whole country together, the unity is strength, stand together regardless of situation, difficult when be being overcome in all, cross difficulty in all, build the steely impregnable bulwark that has flood prevention fight a flood for people with utter devotion, till capture,flood prevention provides disaster relief the last victory of the fight.

Photograph of flood prevention spot providing disaster relief:

Reporter: The United States is prevented long dust Si Po addressed recently say, china is undertaking destructive international regulation and baleful and threatening behavior, aggressive sex action is taken in the East China Sea and Nanhai, hold pair of stage army to act increase risk of miscarriage of justice. Excuse me to this He Ping is talked?

Ren Guojiang: The United States just concerns experience China opinion on public affairs to be without basis, blankety-blank, be full of proud with bias, attack and bring shame on, we object stoutly to this.

Beautiful square regular to international ” close to be used, disagreement is abandoned ” , do greatly ” the United States is preferential ” creed of unilateral bully approach, it is the fact of known to all already. As square as the United States ceaseless ” retreat group ” ” break one’s promise ” different, the day that just just announces to exit World Health Organization in the beauty in was joined ” weapon trade pact ” , fulfil international responsibility and obligation with real operation.

Beautiful Fang Xuanyao is imprinting too the area holds the war game with much field extremely strong specific aim, deploy changes regular weaponry, barefaced even ” the knot that play a side is sent ” China of keep within limits. We offer a piece of advice what the person that the United States just does not want the agitate bureau with the Hun of redo world peace, stable area, country concerns is provocative person.

Since the near future, the United States just adds the military affairs of area of Great Harmony Taiwan to contact ceaselessly, promote connecting with the boxing skill of pair of stage carry out, acclaim beautiful stage assist example, transmit serious and wrong signal to authorities of Democratic Progressive Party. This is the United States just violates a China principle and Sino-US what 3 combination bulletin sets is newest ” performance ” , the country is municipal in this kind of interference, destroy Taiwan Strait peace and stability, try in vain ” make with the stage China ” intrigue is full of prunes it is extremely dangerous to mix. The United States just should realise, china is sure and unified, the Chinese nation is sure implementation is great revive.

Did not go in the past, future already came. Had proved in the past, sino-US both sides combines a two advantage, fight an all injury; Prospective declare publicly we, each beautiful its beauty, beautiful beauty and in all the exclusive foreground that destiny community is human development. Thinking of cold war of square slam the door of our hope beauty and 0 with the idea, rational look upon is Sino-US two countries two army relation, stop negative words and deeds, to advance Sino-US two countries two army relation, safeguard Sino-US and bilateral common interest to do bit of significant thing.

Reporter: Since this month, beautiful the State Council publishs file of experience Nanhai footing to state, say China is in Nanhai seek ” marine empire ” , beautiful department of defense criticises China is in sanded maneuver brings about Nanhai condition to be not stabilized on the west. Meanwhile, the U.S. Army is in many push special Zhang date is high-key announce to be sent twice this month ” Shuang Hang’s mother ” attend Nanhai exercise. The report says, this is lie between when the U.S. Army make this kind of arrangement again for years, will play havoc with Nanhai peace and stability. Excuse me to this He Ping is talked?

Ren Guojiang: We object stoutly the United States just states this. The United States not just considers the historical classics abb of Nanhai problem and objective fact, fly in the face of the United States just does not maintain the commitment of footing to Nanhai sovereignty question, wanton for no reason criticises country of China, provocative area concerns, send ” Shuang Hang’s mother ” attend Nanhai exercise, this reveals the beauty adequately square ” hegemonic state of mind ” , double standard. Of problem of United States Fang Yina sea alleged ” intercessor ” pose as, the agitate bureau that is Nanhai peace actually person, what the Hun that the area cooperates, country concerns is provocative person.

China reachs his to add coastal waters region to have incontestable dominion to Nanhai Zhu Dao, this are having sufficient history and legal principle basis. Current, mix in China east below the joint efforts of allied country home, nanhai condition is overall and stable, relevant negotiation gains active headway. We ask the United States just stops to publish wrong opinion on public affairs, stop to adopt a military affairs to provoke the action in Nanhai, stop to have incite one against the other to area country. United States Fang Zaina sea ” make trouble ” in can letting only square more firm ground ” brave the wind and waves ” , more sturdy him defend dominion and safety, maintain the peace and stability of Nanhai more sturdily.

Reporter: We notice, beautiful stage near future strengthens martial connection ceaselessly. New approval of beautiful the State Council a 620 million dollar is opposite a case of army carry out, stage defense department says this action conduces to maintain Taiwan Strait peace and stability. In the meantime, the conduct propaganda of unit of warfare of United States spy piece appeared beautiful stage assist the picture of example, stage intermediary says this is transmit clear strategy signal to the mainland. Excuse me to this He Ping is talked?

Ren Guojiang: Just announce about the United States new plan of weapon of stage of round of carry out, we already indicated solemn and just position, right the company of Martin of · of main contractor Losk Heed of case of this army carry out implements sanction.

The member that the U.S. Army is sent goes to a stage to begin communication performing example, disobey international badly to concern basic principle, the politics that in violating beautiful way badly, just makes is affirmatory, to Sino-US two countries two army relation and Taiwan Strait peace and stability bring serious and negative effect, to ” stage alone ” disrupt force issues wrong signal, be in cold blood provoke action. Just express to resent strongly and object stoutly to this in, just already put forward solemn and just bargaining to the United States. We ask beautiful Fang Li corrects an error namely, stop to undertake with Taiwan area the official dealings of any forms and military affairs are contacted, cogent in scrupulouslying abide by, the principle mixes the country Sino-US regulation of 3 combination bulletin, affirmatory not recurrent similar incident.

Taiwan is China impartible cut one share. Taiwan future depends on a country uniting, department of Taiwan brethren happiness and benefit revives at the nation. Nip ocean is self-prossessed have no way out, “Make with the stage China ” be destined infructuous. We have sturdy volition, sufficient confidence and sufficient capacity, frustrate the outside force of any forms is interfered and ” stage alone ” disrupt act, sturdy defend state sovereignty and territorial integrity, maintain peace and stability of Taiwan Strait area sturdily.

Reporter: China is answering epidemic situation hand in hand with Latin America country. Introduce the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and army of Latin America country to develop the case of the collaboration that fight epidemic disease please.

Ren Guojiang: Since pneumonic epidemic situation produces new coronal, fang Mi cuts the development trends that pays close attention to epidemic situation to be in Latin America area in, pull in in the keep watch and help defend each other in beat back epidemic situation, deep feeling thick friendship is pulled in was being shown with real operation. Army asks the state such as Ying Agen the court of a feudal ruler, Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuadorian, Peruvian, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, we are offerred to afore-mentioned national army defend take, medical the epidemic prevention goods and materials such as guaze mask.

This year is medium open of try to establish a relationship with sb 60 years. Come 60 years, pull in cooperate hand in hand harvested ” 10 thousand lis put bosom friend, skyline to be like near neighbour ” friendship. In China and Latin America country lead jointly, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and the martial communication that pulled American home army to begin active deal with concrete matters relating to work and collaboration, in the high level the domain such as training of association, military affairs, Training Within Industry obtained positive result of plentiful and substantial. Nowadays, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and relation of army of Latin America country fight epidemic disease in epidemic prevention get consolidate and developing further in collaboration. Next, we will deepen the military affairs that is the same as Latin America country actively to concern, make positive contribution to deepen China and the friendly collaboration significance that play American home.

Reporter: According to the report, alliance near future held meeting of video of series of matters pertaining to defense east. Ask those who introduce Chinese army to participate in a circumstance.

Ren Guojiang: Came 8 days on July 7, chinese army delegate attends in Beijing east alliance matters pertaining to defense is curule enlarge congress, east policy meets safety of alliance area forum video conference. Attend the meeting to just attend beat back new coronal with respect to army each the topic for discussion such as pneumonic epidemic situation and international and area safety topological features undertakes communicating, strengthen east alliance prevents long spread congress and east alliance area forum is harmonious compare notes. Square key introduced Chinese army to participate in new coronal of domestic beat back in experience of pneumonic epidemic situation and begin collaboration of the international that fight epidemic disease to concern a situation, put forward to just should be strengthened each answer blame tradition safety to challenge ability to build jointly. The conference obtained the promotional understanding, favorable result that enlarges consensus.

Since pneumonic epidemic situation produces new coronal, china and east defense department and army maintain allied country home to be communicated closely harmonious, exploration normalizes epidemic situation to prevent the communication that accuses a situation to fall and cooperation, help in the goods and materials that fight epidemic disease, dispatch medical treatment expert group and hold the respect such as conference of experience communication video to obtain positive result. Next, chinese army will be strengthened as always fighting epidemic disease, couplet to perform couplet example, humanitarian to come to help with each the deal with concrete matters relating to work that decreases the domain such as calamity cooperates, safeguard area safety to stabilize hand in hand.

Reporter: The near future, japanese government is published 2020 edition ” defensive white paper ” , call Chinese military strength lack ” diaphaneity ” , go up in problem of the East China Sea, Nanhai ” one-sided changes the current situation ” , it is interest of politics of grasper seek oneself in order to refuse epidemic disease assistance, concern two sides described as ” in the stage concerns ” , excuse me to this He Ping is talked?

Ren Guojiang: On July 14, day just is released 2020 edition ” defensive white paper ” , its experience China content not considers a fact, make carding comments to Chinese national defence and military construction, apply colours to a drawing is alleged ” Chinese military affairs is minatory ” , in experience sea, fight in be opposite on the problem such as epidemic disease square ill-natured bring shame on, in the talk a lot of nonsense on Taiwan problem. We express to resent strongly and object stoutly to this, just put forward solemn and just bargaining to day.

Current, sino-Japanese relation is in the crucial period that improves development. We urge day square with Shi Weijian, face future, stop to continue to publish wrong opinion on public affairs, it is with consensus of strategy of two countries leader lead, in be the same as square photograph to travel, drive compose to establish constructive bilateral and safe relationship jointly, for safety of politics of promotional two countries each other is believed, maintain area peace and stability, drive Sino-Japanese relation to improve development to make vigorous effort continuously.

Reporter: The near future, countrywide each province already announced result of the university entrance exam in succession, introduce the progress case that military school recruit students works please?

Ren Guojiang: Job of military school recruit students arranges the basis this year, high quality of education of have sth in mind specializations talent of new-style military affairs, get used to the university entrance exam to reform new requirement, father to mix qualificatory condition admit a standard, 27 schools face the whole army 31 province recruit graduate of average high school nearly 13 thousand. Current, each province is organizing politics careful, check-up and interview.

Annals enters oneself for an examination the pertinent information that the examinee of military academy can pay close attention to office of each provincial recruit students and office of job of recruit students of province military region closely to release, school of understanding control army admits by examination requirement. Examinee shifts to an earlier date except military school of fill in a form and submit it to the leadership batch admits outside having military status major, still can choose university of science and technology of national defence of fill in a form and submit it to the leadership and army, naval, air man in common batch of 3 Military Medical Universities without major of military status recruit students. Those who need ambitious shift is, military school recruit students executes recruit students plan and order of recruit students of the university entrance exam strictly, without the quota of people outside so-called plan and internal target. Welcome extensive candidate for an entrance examination, parent to be supervised in real time,

Reporter: Does active service this year soldier enter oneself for an examination what new policy does military school have?

Ren Guojiang: Fulfil a the Central Military Commission to reform decision-making intent to carry out, widen from inside the soldier choose grows officer channel, attract achievement of the university entrance exam the exceedingly good, soldier that has development latent capacity, begin this year pilot right ” double top-ranking ” (the country builds course of university, top-ranking construction first-rate) student soldier (qualification of reservation enter a school or enrollment of keep one’s name on the books) avoid try assiduously study military school. The achievement of culture of the university entrance exam of this kind of soldier needs to achieve this province a control line, the military affairs is collective course exam achievement is outstanding, what learn major to accord with army to build need, and contented and military academy recruits condition of student politics condition, body and mind, and the soldier enters oneself for an examination the other condition of military academy.

Major to carrying out task and the soldier examinee that attend a gleam of to fight epidemic disease, military research made clear an exam to impose the value that separate branch and condition, relax appropriately the task soldier such as executive peace keeping, convoy enters oneself for an examination education of sergeancy profession skill enlists in army requirement of fixed number of year.

Reporter: According to media coverage, tibetan military region was in a few days ago many meters 4000 downy district had height above sea level many a sham battle, introduce concerned case please.

Ren Guojiang: Recently, tibetan military region organizes much artillery piece to plant in area of high height above sea level, cross firepower of day and night to attack drilling and drill of artillery fire assault, advocate if examine,army leaves long-range and accurate blow and firepower assault capacity in downy environment. Afore-mentioned drilling are year inside training plan, do not be aimed at any specific countries.

Reporter: Imprint in in since adding area of Le Mohe valley to produce conflict, two army frontier defence army held a talk many rounds. Introduce concerned case further please.

Ren Guojiang: Since adding conflict of Le Mohe cereal to happen, imprint in both sides was begun through diplomacy and martial channel communicate effectively harmonious. Current, show tension of ground condition incline to, army of two countries frontier defence is breaking away from a contact stage by stage.

Imprint in each other is important neighbour, safeguard border area peace and quiet accord with bilateral and common interest. We hope to imprint square with in square photograph to travel, according to the important consensus that two countries leader reachs, imprint from inside safeguard from beginning to end overall situation of peace and stability of concern overall situation, area sets out, focusing collaboration, appropriate is in difference, cogent drive two countries two army the concern grows ceaselessly along the right way of friendly collaboration.

Passing two days again is the important time that the the Chinese People’s Liberation Army founds an army 93 years. Come 93 years, below the strong leadership of the Chinese Communist, flames of war of war of classics of people army all previous, all the way break through brambles and thorns-hack one’s way through difficulties, conquer hardship pinch, obtain another glorious victory, stand up for Chinese people, rich rise, strong rise established great history meritorious service, made important contribution to safeguard the world and restful peace and prosperous progress.

Since this year, chinese army makes the same score thought of socialism of characteristic of new era China to be guidance nearly with be used to, implement idea of close Ping Jiangjun of be used to deep, solid fulfil duty mission, strengthen training to prepare for war in the round, in defend one’s country, epidemic situation is prevented accuse, on the battlefield that the assault fortified positions that take off deficient, flood prevention provides disaster relief, listen to people of party director, service, do not fear pain, 2 do not be afraid of death, go all out in work tenaciously, not negative great trust. At found an army during the part comes, people army uses victory and dedication, report to party and people, celebrate for oneself unripe! Here, we to broad officers and soldiers, be in to the battle especially the comrade-in-arms of rush to deal with an emergency of the frontier defence army of a gleam of, officers and soldiers that fight epidemic disease, fight a flood pays great tribute! Army of horse and foot will continue to accede and carry on good convention, yongbao’s people is legionary property, tenet, ecru, bear removes new era Jiang Junxing army historical mission, it is implementation China dream with real operation Jiangjun dream, safeguard world peace to make new larger contribution!

镇江国际饭店8楼998 Indian flatus arrives in be opposite, imprint border dispute has He Ying to ring: Negligible not plan


Origin: Cook up executes man

On July 27 morning, one of the flatus opportunity for combat that Indian air force orders 5 (3 two-seater with 2 sheet model) from France Mei Li Ni Yake airport of Boerduo takes off, began its boundless turn a road that go back to the motherland. The help of machine is cheered to fall in sky of a France, opportunity for combat of these 5 flatus is successive flight 7 hours first, flight 7000 kilometers arrive at cloth of A of capital of A couplet chief of a tribe to plunge into than Al Dhafra air base; After passing rest and reorganization of a day, on July 29, this batch of planes set out again, installed in India at 6 o’clock afternoon local time cling to pull air base to land.

▲ is whole course calculates on the distance of Pakistan of steer clear of, total range has 10000 kilometers almost

The most advanced to at hand of this India air force, also be the opportunity for combat with the highest unit price at the same time, indian whole nation is the attitude that a pair of raise one’s head and look expects up and down, indian army prepared traditional floodgate to welcome a ceremony for this batch of new machine not only, still expedited two on a special trip revive – 30MKI opportunity for combat is its convoy, and Indian media also is quite excited, even media did so called ” direct seeding ” , a few hours replace every other the news of a dependency.

▲ is used ” flank guard ” opportunity for combat comes ” flank guard ” flatus, what also be an Indian is strange think of clever want

Imprint in this after all the bilateral thing on border land wants carefully to still do not have complete past, this one India ” new and high equipment ” also be one big stimulation to morale of common feelings of people, be like Chinese Taiwan to save ” Han Guangjun acts ” later this locality media is a fierce boast to F-16V opportunity for combat, flattered at a heat ” F-16V and annihilate – 20 equal ” rate is same, its function mixes flatus opportunity for combat in the Indian media mouth recently value also is ” grow day and day ” , even ” flatus excel annihilate – 20 ” the website that such argument also had ascended Indian media. This also not by curiosity letting a person, f-16V and flatus battleplan, who is just the most advanced battleplan on the world.

▲ applies fellow to feel to return is F-16V, after all the Chinese should support a Chinese!

According to the arrangement of Indian army, 5 this the first batch flatus will use at establishing Indian air force afresh the 17th ” Jin Jian ” squadron, the MiG that this branch group began to use 41 years from 1975 – 21, be in subsequently 2016 as MiG – of 21 retire, this raises army to also be disbanded for a time. This kind is disbanded and recombine between without a few years ” time difference ” , also mirrorred Indian air force to change in the equipment after 2010 somehow the troubled condition of the plan. India began to start homeland 2008 ” medium-sized multipurpose battleplan ” (MRCA) plan of invite public bidding, the plan opens up endowment 7.7 billion dollar, purchase and licence 126 multipurpose battleplan, the result passes contest mark of 4 years, january 2012, flatus opportunity for combat wins out formally by right of lower whole life cost.

▲ originally the end that everybody thinks contest mark is a story, did not think of the story just just began…

Be in as a result of both sides subsequently nevertheless ” India is made ” serious difference of the part, what both sides arose several years again on the contract is labyrinthian, affirmatory finally from ” buy + go to ” when shrink of 126 opportunity for combat buys 36 flatus for sheet, time has undertaken in July 2015, the time that signs a contract formally should arrive more in September 2016. Because,be this one laggard, the 17th squadron when opportunity for combat retires, squadron is disbanded trashy also etc come new aircraft. Add ” brightness ” what development of opportunity for combat produces is protracted, the production of new opportunity for combat of Yin Jun of this one period, in purchasing an item, have only revive – 30MKI is punctual undertake, consider MiG again – 27, MiG – 21 wait for a series of old old opportunity for combat retire, the bluff type that caused Indian air force finally to be able to use amount of tactical aircraft military unit corresponding to a company to appear in 10 years of in the past glides.

▲ India air force is measured this ahead of schedule is not to hit big, it is to press a root to was not hit enough ah

Current condition looks, 36 flatus opportunity for combat will be used at establishing two battleplan military unit corresponding to a company, a plan adds bought MiG from Russia – 29 opportunity for combat also will form a military unit corresponding to a company, add MK1 version ” brightness ” battleplan will match neat the 45th squadron and the 18th squadron, will not 5 years control, rely on these new opportunity for combat and last batch revive – of 30MKI into battle, the amount of military unit corresponding to a company of aircraft of tactics of Indian air force glides trend should can get certain keep within limits. Go up in quality nevertheless, although the Indian air force that is technical level top with flatus faces his basically Pakistan air force still can maintain fictitious enemy stated dominant position, but face heart of Indian media heart to read aloud those who read aloud ” big BOSS ” — Chinese air force, bilateral difference is to want to be pulled further apparently big.

▲ although the machine that 10 thousand lis of consign can show flatus very much besides pretty good, of Dan Yinjun and flatus adjust even beautiful not little time

This has the liberation army to fight already among them comprehensive and integrated aggrandizement of the system, right ” the Eight Power Allied Force ” the Indian air force of type forms use a dominant position, also have the liberation army machine of more and more the Five Dynasties the advantage that half opportunity for combat enters service and forms fighting capacity to Indian air force with a large number of 4 generation. After all of India revive – 30MKI serves as ” inchoate 4 generation half ” , the time of advantage of theoretic to the liberation army on the technology existence also has gone a lot of years. Face these two gap, former cannot chase almost with equipment state of India and training level, and latter is to be used to on international ammunition market ” buy buy buy ” India, also because Russian-made revive – the delay of plan of pay of 57 opportunity for combat, temporarily between actually ” at the end of one’s wits ” — though the United States offers the possibility of F-35 opportunity for combat to India,exist all the time, but the ally that should let the United States cross one pile to return the order form before waiting ten years really delivers the goods to India ahead of schedule, the very little with such true possibility.

▲ always cannot buy a 4 generation again half, employ Chinese Taiwan media to help next boast

To the liberation army, although the word of a platitude is ” makings enemy from wide ” , but short-term in light of, the possibility that the generation of attrib border conflict that to imprinting in at present two countries may be faced with affects opportunity for combat of the first batch of flatus is almost negligible not plan. After all the liberation army is in western the advantage between the air force force of war zone deploy and India is far 5 flatus can be not changed, and as a brand-new opportunity for combat, yin Jun undertakes after introducing this machine test, training, maneuver also wants to expend many time. Real world is not to use free novel after all, appearance of Luo Na of similar A Mu ” make effort at the last moment ” the bridge that makes talent driver paragraph do not exist. And will for a long time look, the 4 generation of two squadron although half opportunity for combat can enhance the combat effectiveness of Indian air force, but see the opportunity of the Five Dynasties in liberation army hand, apply fellow to feel, indian media still must increase an interest again.

▲ acting difference is acting difference after all…

As a result of itself of flatus opportunity for combat from introduce at first assemble became purchase purely, the impact that this opportunity arises to the South Asian Subcontinent and institute of its periphery state, look now also confine hereat. As to prospective India air force farther ” expand ” need takes which route, produce in the quantity of machine of Russia the Five Dynasties, the American exit to Indian hi-tech weaponry or India grinds oneself opportunity for combat appears ” great and fluctuant ” before, we still believe they are met for the moment ” 3 canals fall together ” .