10 businesses will participate in the maiden edition of the PanAfrican Fintech Accelerator 10 businesses will participate in the maiden edition of the PanAfrican Fintech AcceleratorThe Entrepreneurship Academy of the SANAD Fund for MSME in partnership with IMPACT Lab and MEST has announced a six-month Financial Technology (Fintech) Accelerator program designed for high-potential technology businesses looking to scale their business, create partnerships and explore North African markets. Globally, the financial sector is undergoing profound changes, driven by digital transformation and technological innovation. In Africa, where approximately 66%of the adult population is unbanked, this has created an unprecedented opportunity to drive financial inclusion for all. However, the development of the fintech industry is inhibited by inadequate access to capital and gaps in technical skills needed to build robust products and businesses that can scale successfully. Thus, the core objective of the Pan African Fintech Accelerator is to stimulate growth-stage startups operating within the fintech vertical and equip them with the skills and knowledge to successfully scale their solutions into NorthAfrica. The six-month programme is open to Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire and will be entirely virtual. Using a high-impact and tailor-made market integration and immersion curriculum, training will be complemented by facilitated sessions with North African experts on the local fintech regulatory environment as well as mindset culture. Speaking about the programme, Ms Ines Ebrecht, Chairperson of SANAD TechnicalAssistance Facility which runs the Entrepreneurship Academy, said the accelerator hopes to support the development of a resilient and agile tech ecosystem in Sub-Saharan Africa that is capable of expanding into the NorthAfrican market and competing globally’. To achieve this goal, the accelerator welcomes startups with solutions in personal finance, lending, insurance, regulatory technology, payment and money transfer, HR, payroll, wealth management, accounting and expense management. Ten (10)businesses will be selected to participate in the maiden edition of the PanAfrican Fintech Accelerator. They will receive industry-specific training on how to assess and enhance their fintech product for the North African market as well as invaluable access to pre-identified potential clients, corporate investors, industry experts and an ecosystem of institutional partners. Implementing the program, MEST and IMPACT Lab both bring to the initiative a wealth of knowledge and experience in equipping the continent’s most promising tech entrepreneurs with the skills required to launch and scale successfully through training, incubation and seed funding. In a joint statement, the Director of MEST Consultancy, Prasanth Kumar, and the CEO of IMPACT Lab, Salma Kabbaj, expressed their excitement about the program, lauding its distinctiveness in promoting cross-regional learning, collaboration and immersion. They added that ‘with more startups in Africa providing technology-based financial solutions than ever before, and the COVID-19 pandemic compounding the need for contactless commerce, it has become crucial for local startups to bridge their knowledge and experience gaps with industry players and develop stronger ties with other regions.’ Applications for the PanAfrican Fintech Accelerator closes on December 20th, and interested startups can apply here. The program officially kicks off in January 2021 and will conclude with a live Demo Day where investors, industry experts, corporates and ecosystem players will witness the transformative growth of the startups. An equal opportunity initiative, the program aims to have an even ratio of male to female participants. Interested applicants must have a dedicated full-time founding team and be operational for at least two years before applying for this program.Send your news stories to and features to . Chat with us via WhatsApp on +233 55 2699 625.form#revue-form div{float:left}form#revue-form{width:600px;margin:auto}.revue-form-group{margin:5px 10px 10px 0}.revue-form-actions{width:298px;margin:5px 0}div#revue-embed{width:715px;display:inline-block;text-align:center;background-color:#e1e1e1;margin-top:10px}form#revue-form h3.title{text-align:center;padding-top:5px; width: auto;position: relative;bottom: auto;}input{border:solid 1px #d2d2d2;border-radius:3px;padding:10px}input#member_email{width:270px}input#member_first_name{width:191px}input#member_last_name{width:193px}input#member_submit{width:300px;padding:10px;background:#99b53a;cursor:pointer;color:#fff}input#member_submit:hover{padding:10px;background:#8db115;cursor:pointer;color:#fff}@media screen and (max-width:768px){div#revue-embed{width:100%;display:inline-block;margin:0 0 10px}form#revue-form{width:100%;margin:auto}.revue-form-group{width:95%}label{margin:0 0 5px 0;display:block}input#member_email{width:93%}form#revue-form div{margin:0 10px 10px;width:95%}input#member_submit,input#member_submit:hover{width:99%}}



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Admire of bitter fleabane of American Wu dear abstruse express, american the State Council will ” fulfil commitment ” , with the Bai Dengzheng that is about to assume office government office spreads out influence to transfer the work together. The White House already approved handle by proxy of federal general affairs 24 days this month (GSA) spread out political power to hand over the job.

Bitter fleabane admire abstruse confirm Telangpu already indicated his open influence to transfer program. (associated press)

According to CNN 27 days report local time, according to American system tradition, arrange of federal general affairs is met to transfer governmental group provides office space, assistance and each confederative orgnaization contact, harmonious, the State Council also can support the communication move that leaves a government. Bitter fleabane admire abstruse accept ” Fox news ” Zhou Si (26 days) when famous first gear program is interviewed, express, handing over the job is ” the president indicates us according to arrange of American general affairs (GSA) the decision goes doing, we can be finished entirely. This is requirement of a law, we will abide by this acceptance forever ” .

Bitter fleabane admire abstruse also be asked about, whether will Telangpu give orders to withdraw Afghan garrison completely before lieutenancy ends. He expresses, this is already the task cause with good set, “The president is about to make a decision, he expresses at present, we can fall from present 4000 much people about 2500 people ” , but did not disclose schedule.

The report points out, according to traditional United States the State Council should support interim to be elected as all communication of the president. But, official of hip the State Council points out, begin to send the message American the State Council to be done obeisance to in order to congratulate when a lot of countries ascend when be elected, the government prevents Telangpu be elected as a president to obtain these information.

Origin: Abroad net / Hou Xingchuan



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Identity of Party member of staff of company of shipping of American interrogate China, response of Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Hua Chunying of spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs chairs press conference of routine of Ministry of Foreign Affairs 30 days. Reporter query says, according to China Daily report, the near future, the United States executes the law about the branch personnel for many times the communist identity of staff of square shipping company in assault examination, include ship and flight number, excuse me in square whether confirm? Is there just He Ping to talk to this in?

Hua Chunying (the data pursues)

Hua Chunying expresses, really, since period of time, beautiful square concerned branch executes the law personnel for many times in assault examination square ship crew, and be opposite in the unit staff that square much sortie attends beautiful flight number asks ask, interrogate and examine, discriminate their communist identity. Dare of beautiful square concerned practice is ideological contrary, destroy come-and-go of Sino-US and normal personnel, it is the square serious politics in be opposite is provoked, also be Mccarthyism resurgence and beauty are turned over China interest is right China comprehensive keep within limits makes the another show that press, violate the history to develop tide, also do not accord with place of common feelings of people of friendly companionable of hope of people of Sino-US two countries to. In just already just put forward solemn and just bargaining to the United States at this point, we urge beautiful Fang Li to stop to concern wrong action namely, stop to make ideological contrary, in stopping to be opposite square unjustifiable hit pressure. If the United States just is determined to upgrade,provoke the action, just be sure to adopt in make step instead.

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In what last in imprint border land confronts each other in, india to this area deploy several main forces in order to show strong. But come as the hiemal, front of Yin Jun army is facing all-time challenge that harsh environment brings. ” Indian wall bulletin ” the website was described 29 days in detail be located in alleged ” Ladake ” the Yin Jun of the area, it is currently how hard hold together lives, patrol, fight wait for main task.

Environment is right Yin Jun particularly adverse

“On the history, napoleon inbreaks Russia, Xitele inbreaks when Russia, be defeated by cold weather of place. Be in today in imprint the foe that the army that border land confronts each other also is facing same dreariness ” . Report the description says, worse is, “Ladake ” can not be Russia Campagna, the mountain peak here is as high as 18 thousand feet (add up to 5486 meters about) , yin Jun exceeds 100 thousand main force in local deploy, “This is peerless on martial history ” .

Data chart

Ceng Renyin spends army 14 army lieutenant general of exert of army commander handkerchief expresses, confront each other in hiemal border land in, india suffers natural condition effect, a priori is in adverse posture. “Compare with photograph of Indian a side, square landform resembles housetop in same evenness, mountain range apart is further, the valley is more broad. Because this Chinese need not overcome too much mountain pass, build a road more easily. And of big hill cut off make the Indian must think method gets channel, to avoid a project too giant, yin Jun also cannot build expanse road ” . Another brutal reality is, the the Himalayas held off the warm wet air current that comes from the indian ocean, make the snowfall of Indian a side soars, and ” the Chinese won’t encounter firn block byway or long the test that channel is blocked up ” .

To ” Ladake ” the area, it is freezing that the hiemal is challenged first times, place’s current highest temperature only 3 Celsius, lowest can fall to come 0 times to 0 10 Celsius 15 Celsius. Enter will mix in December in January, temperature can drop to arrive 0 times to 0 30 Celsius further 40 Celsius. The still has high cold country strong wind that accompany and comes, mean rely on tent only cannot keep out is cold. Extreme severe cold ” the frostbite that can cause similar burn effect ” , “Feeling a metal directly with the hand here is dangerous behavior, may be stayed in by aspic. May be stayed in by aspic..

Indian government publishs ” imprint in 1962 conflict history ” to the battle of this area Shi Jilu is, “In Ladake, the first problem that the soldier faces is to live, just be next fight with the enemy. Peculiar geographical environment reachs his to having major effect as a result to the battle. ” ” the casualty that causes as a result of weather reason, with war casualty almost equal. ” ever was in charge of imprinting army 14 army major general admits the Xin Ge that logistics works, “The challenge that the soldier faces is weather above all, include extreme chill and high speed wind; It is rare air next; The 3rd ability is the enemy ” .

Yin Jun border land lives not allow hopeful

The report says, as a result of in imprint the 8th round talk of army commander class fails to obtain materiality breakthrough, below one round of negotiation also does not have any messages, about 50 thousand Yin Jun must rely on line-haul safeguard to supply. “Yin Jundong Ji Zaila amounts to the army that overcomes area deploy so much, or history go up first ” . Although Yin Jun throws conveyor and helicopter airdrop goods and materials, but this insoluble problem. Handkerchief exert lieutenant general expresses, “Imagine, airdrop goods and materials from designation airdrop area overhand, scatter in hundreds of meters even inside limits of a few kilometers. Want possibly to those daylong time ability gets military of taxi of a few kilograms of requisite on the flower for, this became a nightmare. This became a nightmare..

As a result of previously never the army that deploy crosses such dimensions, “Ladake ” a lot of forward position guard that the area is building do not have any martial infrastructure. Indian army is ” Ladake ” rear army was offerred a few build warm oneself establishment, but front soldier is not enjoyed apparently. Because road establishment is not perfect, only a few places have road to arrive directly at the summit, faceless Yin Jun’s official shows, “Although race to control a new ridge ” , yin Jun also must rely on manpower to carry the material that makes guard.

Message personage announces Yin Jun, “Ladake ” Yin Jun has circumstance of blame battle depletion of numbers to happen everyday, a lot of people cause a disease to be forced because of chill evacuation cure. Xin Ge discloses, 10 years ago ” Ladake ” the rate of natural depletion of numbers of the area is as high as 20% . Although Indian government says, place is not mortality casualties ” not astonishing ” , but also admit India cannot be produced suit ” Ladake ” the outfit of insulated cold wear of the area, must spend costly entrance.

“Want to patrol normally it is not easy to fight “

Deploy is in in imprint the Yin Jun of border area cannot be satisfied at living only apparently, they still must be participated in patrol and even fight. The official says a Yin Junjun, patrol in area of high height above sea level, the soldier needs to carry 20-45 kilogram weapon and equipment. If carry organic gun, mean load increased 20 kilograms, need many soldier assistance to carry. Besides weaponry, soldier oneself carries an apparel necessarily to still include helmet, prevent cold boots, highland insulated cold wear, underwear, multilayer jacket, prevent the cold face guard, blinkers, sleeping bag, mattess, things that wash gargle, sock, water bottle, measure cooked food grain ration with the lash-up that reachs at least 24 hours, high fever. Because ” if be squelched by enemy firepower, the soldier must rely on him to be on battlefield subsist. The soldier must rely on him to be on battlefield subsist..

Handkerchief exert lieutenant general expresses, environment of highland low oxygen means army loss of efficiency close 30%-50% , in on Campagna one day of work that can complete, in highland ” need 5 arrive 7 days ” . Any miniature actions, cost 6-10 possibly hour. “In reality, yin Jun’s soldier cannot be waited for possibly in guard too long. They must patrol, build blindage and have defence, avoid the enemy’s air attack and gunfire even, must mix finally in the frozen earth of the ground struggle in firn, bear directly the consequence of exceeding chill. Bear directly the consequence of exceeding chill..

Chinese expert expresses, deploy is in in imprint the test that the liberation army of border area faces downy and freezing environment likewise, but rely on the logistics at modernization to guarantee a system, no matter the liberation army is be stationed in highland or patrol, better than Yin Jun circumstance much. According to channel of CCTV military affairs the report at the beginning of November, type of new-style and detachable outfit is self-confessed can heat preservation square cabin appears on downy army, this kind of new-style barracks has the flexibility of tent of for military use already, give attention to two or morethings those who secure barracks is comfortable with security. It is OK that it relies on manpower only installation is finished, dormitory, dining room, compositive washroom, small electrified wire netting and heating equipment everything needed is ready. At the same time the liberation army is listed recently install a variety of preventing cold fight equipment, include to apply to altitude among them the downy Gao Han of 0 5000 meters of above, 40 Celsius sleeping bag of environmental simple soldier.



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Lieutenancy is about to end, american president Telangpu lets American people ” buy low prescription drug ” acceptance came to nothing.

Local time on November 30, american food and medicaments management board (FDA) the policy that allows to import low prescription drug from Canada with American sanitation and public service ministry will be official become effective. However, add square 28 days will cause native medicines and chemical reagents with American policy for shortage, announce to already prohibited since 27 days the big batch exit of partial prescription drug. Occupy Reuter 29 days to report, lowering prescription drug price is one of crucial topic for discussions of American political circles all the time, be in especially new coronal is pneumonic during epidemic situation, telangpu and await a president to do obeisance to ascend ever made similar commitment. Doing not have those who think of is, not only Cheng Aimo of Canadian direct calm can be aided, also represent even American pharmacy company dissatisfaction in succession.

The report says, patty Hayidu of Canadian wholesome minister is 28 days in a statement express, shortage of medicines and chemical reagents still is challenge of a whole world at present, and new coronal is pneumonic epidemic situation aggravate this one phenomenon. If certain the drug that supplies for Canadian market originally sells abroad, be caused likely or add play traditional Chinese medicine to taste shortage, add a government to will prohibit this medicines and chemical reagents is sold in abroad. She still asks in statement these pharmacy companies provide information, evaluate existing or potential medicaments shortage. If appear serious or the safe risk of extremely urgent, so pharmacy company should be in 24 these information are provided in the hour. Statement earlies childhood, in new coronal pneumonic epidemic situation breaks out earlier, add a government to ever released two to command temporarily, allow to increase entrance and sale to treat the relevant drug with new pneumonic coronal, and afore-mentioned newest regulations are response United States at 30 days of become effective ” prescription drug imports a regulation ” , this regulation allows the apothecary of beautiful state-owned charter or jobber to import prescription drug from Canadian market batch.

“Our Medical Protection system is national status is indicative, we devote oneself to defend it, the action that takes today will conduce to protective Canadian obtaining the drug that they count. ” Hayidu says, canada sells a field in medicines and chemical reagents still is a very small market, take the whole world only about 2% , among them the medicines and chemical reagents of 68% counts an import, and 44% what sale of American medicines and chemical reagents takes global market. Accordingly, canada needs to be in safeguard medicines and chemical reagents to supply a side ” keep vigilant ” . According to the view of Canadian Ministry of Public Health, since 2017, the of about 44% medicines and chemical reagents on Canadian market ” had appeared at least shortage phenomenon ” , and new coronal is pneumonic of epidemic situation spread let shortage circumstance one disaster after another. Canadian premier Teluduo ever expressed in September, if possible sentence, he is willing to supply drug to other country, but first job is to assure the demand of Canadian.

Occupy associated press 29 days to report, a few experts of American suspect the feasibility that imports prescription drug from Canada, partial reason is the huge market demand that afraid Canada supplier satisfies the United States without ability. In addition, american drug research and pharmacy trade association (PhRMA) think, this plan may bring about a patient to face the risk that buys false drug. At present already at least 3 guild sue Telangpu government. Sitansaier shows PhRMA executive vice president, according to federal law, foreign medicines and chemical reagents must satisfy security and low cost in the sale on American market two requirements, but government of before this each United States rejects to import drug because of an among them reason. Innovation of American biology technology organizes chief division Lin Wude to express, according to the assessment of nonaligned budget expert, import prescription drug and can not achieve the result that helps American customer save money truly, “This plan no more than is politician people the empty attitude that places ” .

Be in early last year in July, telangpu gives orders to draft a plan, allow to import prescription drug with inferior value from Canada. At that time, american sanitation and A of public service minister are plunged into say, he and Telangpu discuss ” formulate plans, involve how to import drug effectively from Canada ” , so that ” company of carry out drug and other country are reached trade, let American people be benefited ” . This year in July, telangpu signs a government order, allow the United States to import low prescription drug from the country that includes Canada inside. Be in nevertheless at that time, telangpu’s plan encounters many resistance. PhRMA says in a statement, this action ” the behavior that is a kind of harum-scarum dispersive attention, hampered we are answered current new coronal is pneumonic the ability of epidemic situation ” .

The anger of American pharmacy business not without the truth. According to ” new York Times ” 29 days of reports, the thanksgiving that just goes and ” black 5 ” the country caused shopping Ji Zaimei new round of virus transmits a height, number of daily and average death forces continuously the highest value since April. 28 days that day, the United States adds diagnose case load newly to exceed 155 thousand, die 1189, this is the United States successive the 26th day add diagnose case load newly to exceed 100 thousand. November, the United States has record of case of illness of weekly diagnose of 44 cities refresh, 25 cities break through record of weekly death case of illness, cut is consummate Saturday, the United States adds diagnose case of illness newly to exceed 4 million, was October (1.9 million) double much, yinggesibi of director of center of university sanitation safety expresses John Hopkins, as a result of holiday the yield results in work outside people uses grow in quantity, the rate that predicting future case of illness raises will faster.

“The United States is about to hit an encounter with disaster. ” network of news of American cable television (CNN) say 29 days, american new coronal is pneumonic number of be in hospital continues 28 days to rise, reach record-breaking 91635 people, the equipment of the hospital and hand are apparent have too many problems to deal with. Tall controls Washington college develop of lukewarm Lin of doctor of emergency call of Mi Erken institute expresses, number of death of pneumonic odd-numbered days can turn over new coronal of the United States likely time, the people needs against a rainy day, for coming ” freezing ” ready-made. CNN says, just end the congressman with off thanksgiving to will be in future a few vaccine that decide brightness luck company is produced inside week whether the urgent authorization that obtains FDA, and how does vaccine undertake allocation reasonably between each city. But protect staff level difference as a result of each city geography, climate, environment and cure very big, be carried in vaccine and vaccinal respect still faces bigger obstacle.

Our newspaper is stationed in Zheng Ke of reporter of American engage by special arrangement

Zhang Jidan of our newspaper reporter


Vice President of Ghana, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia Vice President of Ghana, Dr Mahamudu BawumiaVice-President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia says government has spent GH¢21 billion to clean up the financial sector.He said 99 percent of depositors of the affected banks, microfinance and savings and loans companies had been fully settled.The Vice-President was speaking at the 12th Edition of the Nation Building Updates at the Cedi Conference Centre, Department of Economics, University of Ghana.The event was on the theme, “Future of Ghana’s Economy”.He added that the government on compassionate grounds had decided to pay up to GH¢50,000 to all customers of affected Fund Management Companieswhile the liquidation processes continued.Dr Bawumia informed that based on the validated claims, the partial bailout would result in 89 percent of the affected individuals being fully settled.He said the relatively strong performance of the economy, among other things, led to Ghana becoming the destination of choice for Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) in West Africa, according to the 2019 World Investment Report by UNCTAD.He said the strong economy built by the Government had provided space and ability to provide the basic needs for people, both as part of a broad, inclusive, transformational development strategy and also to withstand a crisis like COVID-19.”The shock of COVID-19 notwithstanding, the economy is bouncing back,” he added.The Vice-President said the government’s economic transformation agenda was on course.However, he added, in the next four years the government would build on the successes of their “One District, One Factory” and “Strategic Anchor Industries” policies to further enhance agro-processing.He said government would also enhance cocoa processing, add value to minerals and petro-chemicals, promote labour-intensive and light manufacturing activities.”We will continue the development of the Aluminium, Iron and Steel industries along their entire value chains through GIADEC and GIISDEC, and leverage our Regional Hub status and as hosts for the Secretariat of the AfCFTA to expand our access to regional and continental markets,” he said.The Vice-President said those things were not happening in a vacuum, and more importantly, they did not happen by accident.He said rather it came from their overarching strategy to transform the structure of the economy to add-value to the country’s agricultural and natural resources as well as careful planning and execution.He said the Akufo-Addo led government was also building the foundations for industrial development to ensure sustainable, long-term economic growth as well as create jobs.Send your news stories to and features to . Chat with us via WhatsApp on +233 55 2699 625.form#revue-form div{float:left}form#revue-form{width:600px;margin:auto}.revue-form-group{margin:5px 10px 10px 0}.revue-form-actions{width:298px;margin:5px 0}div#revue-embed{width:715px;display:inline-block;text-align:center;background-color:#e1e1e1;margin-top:10px}form#revue-form h3.title{text-align:center;padding-top:5px; width: auto;position: relative;bottom: auto;}input{border:solid 1px #d2d2d2;border-radius:3px;padding:10px}input#member_email{width:270px}input#member_first_name{width:191px}input#member_last_name{width:193px}input#member_submit{width:300px;padding:10px;background:#99b53a;cursor:pointer;color:#fff}input#member_submit:hover{padding:10px;background:#8db115;cursor:pointer;color:#fff}@media screen and (max-width:768px){div#revue-embed{width:100%;display:inline-block;margin:0 0 10px}form#revue-form{width:100%;margin:auto}.revue-form-group{width:95%}label{margin:0 0 5px 0;display:block}input#member_email{width:93%}form#revue-form div{margin:0 10px 10px;width:95%}input#member_submit,input#member_submit:hover{width:99%}}



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Observer net a week army judge: Assassinate Iran scientist how so easy

Iran plunges into heart experience assassinate in conspicuous of domestic discipline exercised by the head of a feudal household of presiding nucleus science, become the heat event that the world pays close attention to again. This assassinate action has He Te to nod, why can important official security of Iran have so much problem, sequel may appear again around this matter what variable, we make this week slightly analysis.

[Civil / Asia of banquet of author of observer net column]

Assassinate Iran scientist how so easy?

Say according to Iranian government media, its course is such, fahelizade passes the Abasade near Teheran by the car at that time, the truck that charger uses a carriage wood above all bears down on Fahelizade’s seat coach, the Tibet on this lorry has dynamite, final bomb was standing by Fahelizade to the place of seat coach explodes and blow up another cars. Subsequently Fahelizade’s bodyguard and many gunman undertook belligerent. Final Fahelizade and its bodyguard get shot on car backlash, iranian report says bodyguard beat dead successfully 3-4 name charger, and many family of Fahelizade and bodyguard also are in assault get hurt. In addition Iran returns a report to say to have death of charger of a suicide.

Fahelizade is sent toward the hospital later, classics rescue is invalid die.

And in light of the assault spot photograph that publishs from Iranian media, the circumstance accords with their description it seems that.

The face has a few problem here, the seat coach of heart is being pitched in law conspicuous above all is an average day only produce sounds of nature, do not have any ballproof ability apparently.

From the point of spot state, this paragraph of freeway two side are to have those who protect column, and both sides of this paragraph of highway is broader, because this is unlikely,hot season is set in roadside.

Can see from the photograph road keeps apart the attaint of the belt, this may show charger is to take two cars, one is the lorry that the suicide assaults, planned the vehicle of charger of a carry again at the same time.

Assassinate ground chooses satellitic picture

Assassinate spot photograph

Likelihood they are from develop a target to be in driveway to crossing segregation to take to driveway, this also may be the suicide assaults a lorry to fail accurate hit the target target, and the reason that after colliding with another car happening, explodes.

Charger also considered this kind of possibility probably, because this still arranged gunman, undertake mowing to the seat coach of the target.

And pitch heart seat coach from law conspicuous destroy a circumstance to look, driver seat has many to play hole, other place does not have too much depredation it seems that, this shows charger number may be not much, not be the appearance that we imagine to a flock of medium hand hold assault musket to mow.

But on the other hand, what can see the place among the windscreen before standing by has an efficient is perforative, the position at the back of backlash, can see many bigger play hole, from its appearance looks, it is the exit with splintery perhaps bullet it seems that.

Assassinate spot photograph, the large requirements bullet that can see the car is hind is exported

In light of the condition that the Fahelizade that sees from inside the photograph gets hurt, compare it seems that ” clean ” , the person is secured by safety belt, the head is small, did not see the body has apparent big cut or limbs is short of caustic.

According to these evidence analysises, mowing is existence, but the single shot weapon that truly fatal attack is a kind of large requirements it seems that, the likelihood is to send full power musket to shoot bullet of large even requirements, likely after seat of puncture windscreen, front seat of bullet play core happening disintegrate, or the disintegrate after the metallic component on the car is hit by bullet, these fragments rebound repeatedly inside the car, the member that bring about the everybody inside the car gets hurt.

In addition, can see from inside the photograph the car is left have the apparent human body organization that is broken by scamper and bloodstain — this may make clear, suicidal charger also is existence.

From the point of these circumstances, the first, charger has one to plant ” among secret service of a gang amateur interfuse an ace ” feeling. The 2nd, charger ties the specific route of heart in conspicuous of very clear standard, include the place that he takes inside the car, bullet, explode oneself charger is the positional accost that developing him. The 3rd, the plan of charger is very careful, enrol through be being killed quadruply (explode oneself bomb of pork of lorry, person, random gun mows, accurate snipe) ensure kill a target, and of final get the desired result the biff that be being returned probably is finally really, but this biff also needs to let a target jockey finally, ability ensures successful.

The face has a variety of possibilities here, probably the instrument that charger made so much weigh, because,be to in front a few serious steps (explode oneself bomb of pork of lorry, person, random gun mows) meeting by the other side ” prevent go out ” have certain anticipation, arranged final snipe technically still so. And on the contrary, if the 3 action in front are medium any one action is successful, last action also need not move.

Security aspect of Fahelizade, should saying is very lax, it is a car that does not have ballproof ability only, the likelihood inside the car is 4 people, foregone backlash is Fahelizade and a bodyguard, so the driver of front seat and deputy drive locally a family that is Fahelizade, another also is bodyguard.

Another direction photograph, can see the car fragment that explosion leaves, the spot does not have crater, show explosive power is very little

Should say, if charger a little a bit more professional, explode oneself the scamper dosage on the lorry is a bit bigger, give your blast to become a large hole the bed of highway directly, that also was not necessary to do so much thing, and from the back explode oneself in light of the debris of charger, this use play from explosion without what splintery also, the positional space vehicle that explodes because of him has been held out close, but do not have however on the car by splintery the mark that makes. The specification explodes oneself the bomb of charger also might of it doesn’t matter.

34 gunman are beaten dead directly by bodyguard unexpectedly (of course this thing impeach) , also making clear is not what profession ace, apparent, this side person does not have enough professional quality already, also lack weaponry.

There is that to may ambuscade only probably inside this thing the sharp-shooter in roadside is professional personage, whole even thing may be this plan and spot commanding.

So from the point of this, this incident should say is ” collude of inside and outside ” assassinate the action, have Iran or of area of its week border district ” spare secret service ” , also have at least one ” professional ace ” participate in, next still in-house personnel provides the travel information of accurate Fahelizade.

The learns the home in the light of nuclear physics bayonet charge that before reviewing Iran, has produced acts, use method also is right the car starts work, particular way is threw magnetic bomb in the past by motorcycle, next again random gun mows.

The earth that ISIS element abstains makes snipe musket

With this the action has the place of a lot of likeness.

Although not be to produce this kind of event for the first time any more,truly surprising nevertheless is, iran did not strengthen the security measure of his important scientist truly unexpectedly, such important expert go on a journey took Fahelizade only unexpectedly two bodyguard, even neither one motorcade, prep let alone does not have ballproof car.

Fahelizade is Iran ” national defence innovation and research organization ” and ” enlarge domain of advanced technique deploy ” mechanism (the code name that Iranian assess delimits) main leader, resemble the leader of such important orgnaization, if be in other country, his security level, everybody imagines also should know, go out to travel not to say Feng Lu, also be at least with a large retinue, have a motorcade, also should make safe inspection for some time ahead of schedule on the way.

With so harsh measure also can assassinate should have ” national leader class security ” crucial figure, and had happened before similar issue… this is to let a person generate deep suspicion to security capability of Iran really.

And Iranian respect also feels to the person safety of his relevant technologist really not very attention, the name of its key character and live roughly working range has open story unexpectedly, each universities of Iran of prep let alone still are fond of publish a few ” sensitive ” paper.

In at the outset England criticises assassinate of Russia chemically toxic flees emissary when, the author discovers, about the paper of this kind of chemical toxic, most ” professional ” , include its to make the paper that takes a method, come from Yu Yilang namely.

Same, india also is fond of the open paper that publishs this kind quite, many such as that can search India to publish on the net to east wind – a few detailed data of principle of the labor with the ballistic flight of 21D missile, nuke are waited a moment.

And this kind of paper is in major nation is to won’t be published at least, won’t publish publicly at least, still can arrive in the search on Internet.

some kind of angle, a kind this may be these two countries ” deterrence ” means — Israel also cannot affirm whether Iran has up to now make a few ” advanced ” the ability of chemical weapon, because see Iran has on one hand,publish namely very the makes these chemical weapons paper that relies on chart, did not find its on the other hand presence is massive the evidence that produces these chemical weapons.

If want to make a simple conclusion on one hand to this, what the author feels Iranian basic level administers ability to go up is short board very apparent.

Iran and Iraq made war of 8 years of two Yi, plus having the commando with constituent quite complex structure and place to arm, this brings about Iranian folk to hold a gun in great quantities, iranian government bans a gun in the round on one hand without that administration ability, on the other hand the comprehensive itself that ban a gun does not accord with the thing in now inferior of the area ” politics is correct ” . If intentional thought does bit of thing,this brought about Iranian home, it is not difficult to get a gun.

Sulaimanni is pricked the spot

The political situation that has Iranian home again also is not ” unitive of one mind ” condition, still put in the counterforce that comparative in fact, it is under the environment of basic level processing with not quite strong now Iran, these force and foreign country undertake collude, can do bit of thing to come out.

If Iran wants to alter this kind of aspect, the grass-roots unit that builds modern nation in home with respect to need administers a system, this and their political concept existence conflicts and do not go saying, more important is it also does not have this ability really.

Want since Iran is long-term ” both ends eats ” , want to make again ” I am in produce nuclear weapon ” appearance, dare not build a nuclear weapon really again, the situation that for fear that causes it to had been blocked is more exasperate, perhaps say to be hated to part with that a bit pots and pans concerns between it and European country.

Nevertheless we say so, because,be we ” it is along the body only outside this hill ” , iran is returned with Korea after all not quite same, “Burn one’s boats ” if, it is to do not have ” the friendship that blood forms ” give him disclose the whole inside story… so them must take things easy.

However this kind of take things easy, brought about him to become the target of adversary humiliate easily, and the spoken parts in an opera that their adversary hopes most namely Iran is true ” burn one’s boats ” , let them can be permeated of be perfectly justifiable hard to Iran thereby ” new moon region ” tentacle undertakes hitting.

Iranian spirit cacique publishs a speech to express to meet those who be Fahelizade undertake retaliation to death certainly today, but can be to be in ” equal opportunity ” , whether do this show Iran won’t is like retaliation undertakes immediately euqally after Sulaimanni makes a surprise attack at the outset, unknown.

But theoretic for, iran still can adopt a few retaliation to act — if Iran is right,oneself missile has hope, can blast off toward Israel — but their confidence arrives by force after all the missile defense system that believes oneself missile can break through Israel certainly, this bad to say, prep let alone if missile a deviation falls to Palestine territory, that becomes joke really.

Of course, iran still has an idea is a revengeful eye demarcate country of the special grade that it is sand, the domestic security of these countries goes not as by force as Iran also where, let ” brigade of the Holy City ” wait for an organization to do bit of business over them, that is no problem.

Libyan fold go in ambassador of an United States, enunciate the word that wants the true job that make a point, american institution functioning abroad also is not impeccable

Undertake retaliation to American institution functioning abroad namely again, for instance at the outset Libyan that, kill ambassador of an United States, this Iran also is to be done likely get.

But if such doing, be equal to the relation of become acute and west undoubtedly, the effort that renews Yi nucleus agreement wants an all in vain probably. And the analyst that also already international goes up people saying, this assassinate action is for Rangbaideng more undertake negotiating with Iran hard — so Iranian retaliation faces a lot of difficulty really.

Of course, iran is not fool, at the outset the revengeful action of the Iran after incident has Sulaimanni very much skill, undertook retaliation already, did not kill and wound American again, internally external one is explained.

The mainest is such retaliation action after all is to should have certain surprise effect, ability shows his measure, resemble at the outset Doolittle bomb Tokyo in that way, this is about to see Iranian original story.



Military affairs from media


Christopher Laien: Can Sino-US two countries make a big country again battle of contend for hegemony?

Recently, the United States ” diplomatic general affairs ” the magazine publishs the article to discuss Sino-US erupt warlike possibility. Author date from two countries of last century flower heart erupt the origin of big fight, made the Sino-US impact now with relation of one prewar Ying De quite. The author discussed hegemonic state objectively already in the article to maintain its position by hook and crook fact, likely to China also future moves toward absurd from conjecture. The diplomatic line that peace expands holds to since China is long-term, reiterate to won’t seek hegemony forever for many times, but the author resembles majority west scholar same, do not wish to believe this. Observer net translates the article, offer reader reference sincerely.

[Civil / Christopher Laien interpret / observer net You Guanqun]

Since cold war ends, scholar of relation of American policymaker, authoritative personage, international and policy analysis personage think all the time, big country the hangover that warlike no more than is past times. 1986, does the historian make an appointment with writing? Liu Yi Si? Jia Disi (John Lewis Gaddis) call the period after World War II ” long-term peace ” times, because Russia is mixed,the United States did not produce conflict finally. After a few years, does politics home make an appointment with writing? Mu Le (John Mueller) put forward, the behavior standard of constant change makes big country is gotten to mutation malapropos. Arrived 2011, psychologist Steven? Smooth gram (Steven Pinker) think, “Long-term peace ” had evolved ” new peace ” , its indicate is the mankind already less and less use force resort goes solving a problem.

Of course, the conflict with the continual country such as Afghanistan, Libyan, Sudan, Syria, Wukelan and Yemen also explains, show level to erupt in Xiaoguo the armed conflict that has an organization is not infrequent. Nevertheless, in view of since contemporary international system builds 16 centuries bloody political course, those who make a person surprised is big do not have again after 1945 between the country had erupted war.

However, this does not mean big country conflict or else can appear. In fact, although academia and political circles personage try no longer big country the war treats genuine menace, but the condition that the war erupts between big country still exists. Current the tight situation between big country exists continuously as before, be in especially in the beauty between two big countries, any spark detonates the conflict between two countries possibly. The trend that because of appearing influence changes, two countries is mixed in the prestige of competitive homeland again position, this increased the odds of barge against of two countries directly. If two countries not change over to new ways, two countries is in did not come a few years erupt the war is a likelihood not only, and happen extremely likely.

The the First World War created source of huge picture of life property loss: Data chart

Not due optimism

Although be in the ground in the beauty,fringe politics competes aggravate during, great majority ponders over the American of foreign policy and old strategy to also reject to believe the war may happen seriously. This kind of optimism basically comes from at a few famous national action theory. Above all, the interdependent sex of height of respect of the economy between two countries reduced two countries to erupt the risk that the armed strength conflicts. But the history offerred a lot of example to refute this one hypothesis. Before the the First World War erupts, european each country is spent in the mutual depend on sb or sth for existence on economy and culture reach highest peak, and two is having close economic connection more between main belligerent England and Germany greatly. Although the relation of mutual depend on sb or sth for existence of the two countries in the United States is in theoretic may reduce the risk that the war erupts between two countries, but the economic connection of two countries has begun crumble in recent years, both sides begins the economic unhook with the other side.

Doubt erupts warlike possibility returns big country result from the confidence to the nuclear deterrent. The perish together risk that nuclear war place causes is in of course prevent cold war to became shooting war respect to produce effect. However, come nearly a few years, technical progress weakened power of this kind of deterrence. Nuclear warhead of miniaturization, low equivalent and high accuracy carry provided couple, make once adv unimaginably business becomes not bad imagination: Hit to won’t bring about the world to destroy ” finite ” nuclear war.

Finally, other learned man thinks, order of so called latitudinarian international will maintain peace. This kind of viewpoint thinks, the United States passes the multilateral orgnaization such as leader U.N. , World Trade Organization and international Monetary Fund and transmission peace to cooperate concept of this one principle, already offerred for international behavior now regularity and can forecast a gender. A few people, for instance · of heart of blessing of Er of politics home auspicious writings brush about in · Yi Kenbai (G.John Ikenberry) , forecast hopefully, although China can rise abruptly, dominant position of the United States will end finally, but this kind of order still can last tens of year.

However, this kind of hypothesis has a problem. The challenge that this one order is changed not only by international circumstances, and in the defend on the tradition this is planted the country of international order is in-house, its politics situation also produced change. Be in the United States and Europe, populism and those who be not latitudinarian democracy is arisen be pair of current order rebound, also be pair of elite that support and gain profit from inside this kind of order rebound. Decrease to the support of this order as home, the balance of influence begins to tilt to other country, this an organic whole fastens the function of mediatory conflict to be able to be weakened necessarily. The big country in rising abruptly also may see an opportunity that changes this system thoroughly, increased to erupt thereby warlike possibility.

Historical lesson

Besides theory, the history still makes clear, to big country of the war restrict what should look than the surface weaker. Especially, 1914, the argue of flower heart two countries was achieved erupt warlike climax, this one process made clear two big countries is how is those who go go to by flintily be involved in in a conflict, and this conflict until erupt to look momently then be like happen unlikelily. This war and the competition between the two countries in the United States is again similar today did not pass.

At the beginning of 20 centuries, the economy that heart volition empire rises quickly, technology and naval force begin to be opposite already the international order of some British dominant launchs a challenge. Although there is close business relation between two countries, but the economic actual strength that British elite begins to grow Germany increasingly regards a kind of menace as. In addition, they hate the German success in economic respect, because they think this kind of success comes from the trade that counts inequity at them and industrial policy: They think, german prosperity results from national intervention, is not to result from the practice of creed of allowing unrestrained freedom of economy of dictate England politics. British elite people also have deep antipathy to Germany, because they think political culture of Germany makes army enjoys a privilege, its viewpoint of value and latitudinarian viewpoint of value basically are contrary. Say simply, they think Germany is the bad part of a hopeless. This is not strange also why war at the beginning, it is latitudinarian that the Englishman is this conflict understanding instantly with Prussian absolutism and militarism contend for ideologically.

Flower heart two countries is in contend for power and profit while also counterpoise in dominant of contention public opinion. Germany built large navy and the international politics strategy that extend abroad colony to irritate England, england has the commerce state of broad and abroad territory as, cannot ignore appear opposite the North sea an emulative naval power. However, actually, the plan of Germany that build ship is not to stem from economy or martial consideration, however Germany longs to acquire international position. German target is not to should challenge U.k. certainly, want international society to admit it is as big as the world of British be on an equal footing country however.

Although two countries is put in a few inducement that cause conflict possibly, but in August 1914 two countries erupts the war is not inevitable. Is historian of no less than checked pull? Sitanna (Zara Steiner) and base think of? Nielsen (Keith Neilson) what point out, two countries ” in domanial, emperor or attrib border respect conflicts directly without what ” . In fact, a few main factors still may promote the peace between two countries: The elite of ligament of commerce, culture, mutual connection and royalty are familial etc.

Why should they fight then? Historian Margaret? McMillan (Margaret MacMillan) the answer is, this war is ” a main whole world that feels him advantage is disappearing is great country and a challenger in rising abruptly erupt conflict be caused by. This war is ” a main whole world that feels him advantage is disappearing is great country and a challenger in rising abruptly erupt conflict be caused by..

This kind of change can is in charge of to accuse by peace rarely. Existent might often too proud, always teach exotic nation how to should supervise native work, but the fear to punier country and be anxious to often be had no feeling for however. Such might, for instance the England at that time is mixed the United States now, inevitably meeting boycotts his sick into death announcement, and the big country in rising abruptly criterion ground of too impatient to wait wants to receive its due share, no matter be colony, commerce, resource or consequence.

The Ying De before 1914 is contrary the place with the likeness between the relation in contemporary beauty already conspicuous, also be worth people vigilance. The United States discovers he once was being held at England locally, a relative actual strength is in the overlord of v/arc be on the throne of wear off. Washington and the London in those days are same, also express dissatisfaction to the rise of adversary, because it rises abruptly this kind,ascribe to unfair trade and economic policy, think its adversary is a bad part, its viewpoint of value and latitudinarian run in the opposite direction. To China character, the Germany before resembling a the First World War is same, the China that rises abruptly quickly today hopes he is admitted to be is as equal as the United States on international arena big country, the area seek hegemony that belongs to in oneself. England cannot rise abruptly with what peaceful way gets used to Germany, this caused a the First World War. The United States abides by British precedent to will decide whether the competition in the United States ends with the war.

Of the concept contend for?

To Chinese leader, their native history rose the big state that becomes power to offer caution to those failing that jump. What scholars of no less than point out, china is beaten by flower law two countries in two the Opium War of 19 centuries middle period, because China cannot get used to the change that Industrial Revolution brings,be. Because Chinese leader answers not do one’s best, what ability of more powerful imperialist big powers controls China quite is municipal; Chinese later the times of western big powers and Japanese suppress China is called ” hundred years national humiliation ” .

Because it wants the disgrace that suffers for oneself to avenge,China’s current rise is, restore its to be before 19 centuries the dominant position of East Asia. Of Deng Xiaoping ” reforming and opening ” the first pace that is this one process. Grow to stimulate economy and promote modernization, china was blended in US-led international order. Xiaoping of Deng of no less than was said 1992, “Backward be about to take a beating. ” the long-term goal of Beijing is to become rich not just. Its target is to be in enough necessary military affairs and technical ability are gotten after be full of in order to contend for East Asia hegemony, drive this out of one area the United States. China adds system of this generation group is not to protect it, want to challenge it from interior however.

This one strategy is already successful. China is close to the United States quickly in facet of each important actual strength measure. 2014, international Monetary Fund alleges, measure with purchasing power par, china already exceeded the United States to make system of world the biggest economy. And calculate by market exchange rate, 70% what Chinese gross domestic product already was close to the United States now. Continue to anabiosis quickly from inside the economic depression that epidemic situation causes as China, be in this 10 years before the end, no matter with why be being planted the standard is measured, china surmounts the United States possibly to make the whole world system of the biggest economy.

Look from martial angle, the case is similar also. 2015, the research that by Lan Degong department organizes ” scorecard of the military affairs in the United States ” mention, the in East Asia area martial power difference in the United States is narrowing quickly. The military strength that Chinese industry already increased is browbeating the American fleet of this area and base. The author of this research also shows to this kind of change open-eyed. They say, “For a lot of contributors that although be opposite,report originally, they are dogging all the time the development of Asian war situation, metabolic speed… also make a person feel astonish. Metabolic speed… also make a person feel astonish..

American policymaker regards the competition in the United States as increasingly a traditional big country competition no longer, however democratically the argue with communism. This year July, michael of American Secretary of State? Bitter fleabane admire abstruse published a speech, its are main the purpose is model the animosity in the United States from ideological angle. He says: “We must be remembered well, (Chinese Communist) political power is political power of a Marxism-Leninism. (Chinese Communist) political power is political power of a Marxism-Leninism..

The United States cannot ignore our two countries to be mixed in politics again ideological the fundamental difference that go up, never had ignored like the Chinese Communist same.

Resemble describing Russia in cold war period ” evil empire ” , the lawful sex Chinese government from the efface in American public heart, bad part in becoming Chinese depict international politics, the purpose of this kind of one’s words is the attrition in more intense in the future beauty to lay next foundations namely.

Resemble bitter fleabane admire not only abstruse such accipitral group public figure already passed through China of ideological prism look upon. The one person large quantities of is in power that is Washington also begins to believe, not be the military affairs that China grows increasingly and economic actual strength to genuine menace of the United States, however the challenge that Beijing launchs to mode of American politics and economic progress. Is Er of library of no less than special? Campbell (Kurt Campbell) with Jackie? Sha Liwen (Jake Sullivan) what wrote 2019, “China may pose more formidable than Russia ideological challenge finally ” ; China ” rise abruptly to will make for superpower absolute regime produces very big attraction. China ” rise abruptly to will make for superpower absolute regime produces very big attraction..

The United States is right China of policy this kind ideological changing direction is unwise. It created a kind of enthusiastic mood in Washington, make the war happens more likely. The United States is best should ideological from the eliminate in this one condition, regard the relation of it and China as a kind of traditional big country competes relation, in this kind of competition, diplomatic purpose is to adopt compromise, reconcile to be in charge of with seek common points while reserving difference accuse to compete. On the other hand, the essence of ideological competition is 0 with game. If your adversary is evil, compromise (actual it is negotiation itself) can become pacificate.

Before the path is risky

Today, the relation in the United States is in condition of free falling body. As a result of Telangpu the government started trade war, impact of the economy in the United States is be between the beetle and the block already, technical policy of the United States aims to force China close down to wait for Chinese enterprise. See very easily, random catchs fire a few times the drop is in possibly cause a war in the near future. Korea peninsula a got-up affair may meantime of be involved in of the two countries in the United States, a sham battle of two countries also aggravate the tight situation of Southern China and taiwan strait. Washington also concerns the long-term consensus of Taiwan position in the challenge, be close to gradually admit Taiwan is independent at China, admit the United States ever had the martial commitment that defends Taiwan publicly. The Xinjiang policy that the United States returns pair of Beijing and the new safe law that implement severity in Hong Kong made strong reaction. Be in two cases this in incident, two party officials of American condemned China, congress and Telangpu the government implemented measure of revengeful sex punish to China.

Although encountered the United States rebound, china still abandons homeland unlikelily becoming the target of overlord of East Asia area. Beijing still will continue to urge the United States to give its equal big country the position. If want to cater to Chinese apiration to avert a war, that is about the United States calls in the safe safeguard that it makes to Taiwan is affirmatory, admit Beijing has dominion to Taiwan. Washington still needs to accept a such reality: Its latitudinarian viewpoint of value is not general world, the country is municipal in stopping interference at this point the Hong Kong that condemns Beijing no longer and Xinjiang policy, do not ask undisguisedly to change system.

Recently origin of picture of like a rising wind and scudding clouds of Taiwan Strait condition: Xinhua net

The possibility that the United States takes these step is very little. Such doing mean those who admit American dominant position is terminative. This makes erupt the possibility of shooting war is larger and larger. With beauty of cold war period the sphere of influence that the other side accepts to be in Europe like Su Yi differs, today, washington and Beijing should be in the East China Sea, Nanhai and Taiwan area to enjoy dominant position to having disparate view to who.

American community public opinion prevents the war of this likelihood happening unlikelily also. Look from the history, american foreign policy is decision-making a public opinion of community of not active echo, a lot of United States constituency are right of the United States external what martial acceptance and its meaning know is very little. Once China launchs attack, launch attack to Taiwan especially, “Get together banner effect ” (interpret notes: Get together banner effect is politics and a concept that international involves strung, when showing the country faces a battle or be in is diplomatic crisis, national leader or in can obtain very high support to spend inside certain period, what at the same time domestic public opinion can reduce pair of government administration is critically. ) operate with American government the mood opposing war that the ability of public opinion can dissolve the public probably. American leader can condemn Beijing is a callosity, the communistic dictatorship that has invasive, outspread principle, its purpose is the people that suppresses those who live on democratic land to have deep love for freedom. American public can be informed to fight is the requirement that maintains viewpoint of value of American general lifetime. Of course, mix like war of the First World War, Vietnam Iraqi battle is same, if the war undertakes not smoothly, so public illusion is met undone. Nevertheless, when already was right now late already.

In the past in a few years, does many observation home think (include to be like Robert? Robert Kagan blocking a root and dust article? Aosinuosi Evan Osnos such United States’ famous China assayer inside) , the United States and China may be mixed like the England 1914 Germany is same ” somnambulate is worn ” enter a battle. Although two countries still is in the road that moves toward conflict, but now everybody already 2 eye circle is opened.

The problem depends on, although support aggravate opposed,the person is in loud and clarify explicitly viewpoint, but in diplomacy decision-making circle is inner, the person that opposes this kind of policy however the unexpectedly maintained silent. Among them a reason is, a lot of normally foreign policy of view United States should hold strategic self-discipline and the person that exercise restraint, become more strong on Chinese problem in recent years.

In agree with the United States to answer commonly from middle east (someone says, it is even from Europe) remove army in scholar and analytic personage, support of very rare person undertakes in East Asia similar strategy is adjusted. Contrary, a few people in this a group of people of same interest, especially does distinguished realistic scholar make an appointment with writing? Miaerhaimo (John Mearsheimer) claim now, the United States must object China getting area hegemony. But is this one viewpoint to be based on the worry at the beginning of 20 centuries British strategy ideologist Haerfude? Sir Mai Jinde (Halford Mackinder) nightmare of ground fringe politics: If onefold big country dictate the heartland of Eurasia, it acquires global hegemony position possibly. Mai Jinde’s theory has a lot of weak points. In him that times, martial actual strength is equal to figure quantity and coal steel output at population. In times of wheat gold heart, ou Yawei coerce was exaggerated, such still now. Area hegemony of China is undeserved rely on to start a war to capture.

The United States whether can, perhaps deny meeting pacifically to abandon its be in the dominant position of East Asia, admit China has as equal as the United States big state position, this is a pendent problem. However, if Washington not so if doing, the drive that then it stepped to lead to a war — the consequence of this war may make the United States is in the martial disaster that Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq suffer is inferior by comparison.

(observer net You Guanqun interpret from the United States ” diplomatic general affairs ” magazine)



Abroad net


Data chart: Telangpu and do obeisance to ascend. (Getty Images)

Report of electric beautiful intermediary said abroad net on November 29, still reject to admit the American president Telangpu that general election suffers a defeat up to now, once suffer a defeat in lawsuit,considering, will be destroyed with all sorts of methods ” do obeisance to immediately to take the place of ” . In the meantime, telangpu and its group already began to run 2024 general election matters concerned, or doing obeisance to ascend will attend presidential inaugural ceremony on January 20, 2021 that day, announce to participate in 2024 presidential election.

According to ” congress hill signs up for ” and ” commercial inside ” intermediary waiting for the United States 28 days of messages, telangpu rejects to admit general election to suffer a defeat, he discussed the opportunity that recaptured the White House possibly 2024 with close advisory etc trusted follower not only, still discussed relative row to enter into an election contest the detail that advertisement releases. The report says, once suffer a defeat in lawsuit,Telangpu is considering, will let with all sorts of methods ” do obeisance to immediately to take the place of ” won’t feel well, include to do obeisance to among them ascend will attend presidential inaugural ceremony on January 20, 2021 that day, announce to participate in 2024 presidential election. Early before, ” Washington Post ” the report also points out, telangpu is in be defeated after choosing in chatting with the phone in private party all the time, discuss 2024 again the possibility that the president enters into an election contest, tell cater-cousin him to the likelihood is in announced before the end of the year 2020 2024 electioneering.

The report points out, telangpu ever was discussed with many adviser and trusted follower recently, when announcing to share presidential vote again just is optimal opportunity, borrow this to ensure republic party future continues to support him, include to hold electioneering that day in presidential inaugural ceremony among them. In addition, telangpu and its trusted follower already began to investigate, what gold advocate can support him to be challenged again advocate the White House, and main ally already indicated the share meeting try to gain is special bright general good opinion, so that will not in the White House have one place, ensure oneself are in the official career of republic party.

The report says, telangpu ever expressed under the counter, although do obeisance to,ascend enter finally advocate the White House, but oneself are media closes inspect assure, because this still attributes news central point. Occupy report of Peng rich company additionally, telangpuben at the beginning of the month ever with admire of bitter fleabane of vice president Peng Si, Secretary of State abstruse reach national security advisory O’Brien (Robert O ‘ Brien) meeting, once refer turns over dish of failure to plan to compete for total unified duty again, o’Brien makes known his position face to face: “If you (Telangpu) such doing, I think I represent the holder inside the room, we hundred n holds you. We hundred n holds you..

Current, the United States still gets serious economy is turbulent with grim new coronal epidemic situation destroy, the government makes Telangpu hard all sorts of different strategy in order to hold to dependency and political consequence. These policy also are the queasiest on history of American president system, one of the strangest power move happen below setting. Telangpu Zhou Si says to the reporter in the White House: “Want to admit to beat the issue that choosing will be a special difficulty, because we know,have large-scale fraudulent action. ” the report points out, telangpu rejects concessional effort to obtaining effects at present, ascend with trying to make do obeisance to more turn round Telangpu hard policy impact of the government. (abroad net Hou Xingchuan)