Carry Wuhan of 20 rush to the rescue has He Yiyi: The strategy is cast send ability to obtain revolutionary progress

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Origin: Turn tubal artillery piece

13 days, the use that 6 China proper motion develops – 20 large transport, fly to Wuhan airport, carry comes a large number of rescuers and goods and materials!

This is representing use – 7 years 20 ago first since flying, carry out public decisive carriage task first!

Carry – the 20 need after be being developed have many test-fly activity, improve of the respect such as Jiashangshe and engine further, still need to undertake more for long test and revise. In the past, this machine has played parade, boat to exhibit for many times, participate in the real task that Wuhan comes to help this, it is a major breakthrough.

Before this, chinese air force is in bottom and the Russia that 11 sortie employ at the beginning of Feburary made Yi Er in January – 76 large transport, carry the personnel that fight epidemic disease and medical treatment goods and materials, basically solved my surgeon to protect resource to be moved toward local demand. After my army created plain of short of Wenshui River, jade to cultivate an earthquake to come to help on Feburary 2, the most large-scale peacetime is large conveyor dispatchs dimensions record.

Carry – 20 loading the Russia Yi Er that replaces my army to introduce – the task of 76. Latter function is relatively advanced, it is a when Russia times develops large transport, should replace its fact to belong to not easy. Latter the greatest takeoff weight 190 tons, the biggest load 50 tons, the biggest member that carry can be 225 people, main effect has in come to help, and carry – the affiliation of 20, your two kinds of large transport all throw my army to this one core in the action.

Chinese carry – the birth of 20 and development, prove again in this incident, big country has taken off, my army strategy is cast sent ability to have revolutionary progress!

In addition, 13 days of carry – 9 etc my army is newest medium or small conveyor also reachs the spot, carry comes personnel of goods and materials. Believe before long in the future, prep above or under carry – a variety of China transport of level of 20 locomotive ability, can appear early or late. Replace carry at present – 8, carry – the carry of 7 – 9 transport, and the use that expanding – 30 medium or small tactical transport, meeting huge complement carries – the 20 strategies that are core carry a system.

Carry – 20, carry – 9 with casing, participate in Wuhan to come to help

Conveyor is opposite at ordinary times and low-key, not quite conspicuous, but all sorts of missile, tank and even advanced opportunity for combat, often need transport of have the aid of to carry out deploy, obtain the capability of deploy of frequent for emergency use of strategic level. In the meantime, in humanitarian rescuing respect, actual strength is carried in the powerful sky that conveyor represents, can gain the great and practical effect on home, international and influence, carry – the 20 crucial link that achieve this one goal just about.

Come on particular significance say, 20 large transport are in carry – peacetime meaning surpasses tank cannon, aircraft carrier even. As rapid development of China, make a global carriage guarantee a system, also be special apparently be necessary. For example, air force owns nearly 600 older transport plane, included C – among them 17 ” round-the-world Xiang Yu the Conqueror ” , C – 130 ” energetically god ” and C – 5 ” galactic ” in waiting large transport, to American strategy carriage ability laid the foundation that nobody can compare.

At present our country air force has 145 transport plane about, included medium or small the – of many 40 carry of fixed position 7. And my army is carrying – 20 before, what having global strategy to carry ability truly is to be less than 76MD of – of 30 Yi Er. Factual proof comes to help in a few international, in humanitarian aid operation, our country needs Yi Er – 76 carry a weight, and the carry with mass-produced future – 20 apparent ability are long-term means of settlement.

Be in war, apparent the action of these transport is more incomparable. The 99A that our country hefts about 60 tons stand for war tank, only large transport just can enter line space to carry. 20 prototype of carry – machine in January 2013 emerge as the times require, to 99A tank such advanced weapon platform is inserted went up wing!

Those who be worth to emphasize is, this machine is in positive research and development is homebred engine, replace the Russian-made D – that uses at present engine of 30 eddy fan, say according to concerning a message, be in those who make diligent rate older is homebred after big contain path compares eddy fan engine, the locomotive ability of this machine, economy can rise significantly, come true on main system at the same time complete homebred change.

Future, carry – 20 the strategic remodel such as machine is cheered in still can developing plane of the early-warning in sky and sky. Also the view wants to develop war direct platform. Anyhow, this Wuhan carries the operation, showed movement – the 20 heroic bearing that enter autumn, let people feel spirit one brace up!

Army is new-style and self-confessed can tear open settle of the guard that fit pattern person of boreal border implementation takes house change

Graph ① : Guard exterior. Graph ② : Fold bed. Graph ③ : Fold desk and chair. Graph ④ : Receive component part. (photography Fang Han makes Mao Liang)

Can satisfy army temporarily task deploy need, implementation accompanies the task to transfer ” the person takes house change “

Have fixed building to use a function, aseismatic fire prevention, sound insulation is adiabatic, have establishment of form a complete set of water warm electricity

Tectonic the largest component part does not exceed whole 60 kilograms, construction need not employ machinery, can tear open for many times outfit use

Season of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day, a variety of functions such as first market room, meal, Wei Yu, entertainment are army of an organic whole tear open guard of the frontier defence that fit pattern, army of war zone of formal consign north element of coastguard cutter of brigade of some frontier defence, the accommodation that perplexes officers and soldiers of group of a light boat for a long time difficult, heating it is difficult, difficult to use the toilet difficult, shower wait for a problem,

“Self-confessed can tear open guard of the frontier defence that fit pattern, it is army content of a when project of 10 big innovation tears open the barracks that fit pattern important research. ” business branch chief introduces related army logistics department, research and development is new-style tear open the barracks that fit pattern to be able to satisfy army temporarily task deploy, long-term field is stationed in example and Bian Hai to prevent guard to be on duty need, implementation accompanies the task to transfer ” the person takes house change ” , build quickly control a function quickly, macrocosm of powerful stimulative force fights ability is extended.

New-style and self-confessed can tear open the guard that fit pattern, by army logistics department leading army is versed in more than 20 units such as Cheng university are developed, use ” type of tenon the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches ” electrified wire netting of heat preservation of steel structure, tall airtight, smooth Chai Chuwei, advocate the new technology such as toilet of passive heating, Gan Shisheng condition, integral function is in domestic banner level. Army project university teachs Han Xu to tell a reporter, distinguish the activity at the tradition board room and bivouac tent, tear open the barracks that fit pattern to have fixed building to use a function, can aseismatic fire prevention, sound insulation is adiabatic, have establishment of form a complete set of water warm electricity; Use assemble type to make way, standardization design, factory turns production, assemble change construction.

The reporter understands, new-style and self-confessed can tear open the guard that fit pattern to blend in concept of energy-saving environmental protection, clingy frontier defence is on duty, field is stationed in the actual condition such as example, in assembling a process, have not bad news report, do not rely on the characteristic such as professional team. Tectonic the largest component part does not exceed whole 60 kilograms, construction need not employ machinery, can tear open for many times outfit repeat use, can change according to ensuring a strength and differ to undertake increase and decrease with demand, convenient Bian Hai prevents canal of affection of army basis edge to accuse to need to adjust a dot.

“Previously be stationed in diligent square cabin winter is so cold that square cabin winter resemble ice house, there was new-style sentry post now, do not be afraid of endure aspic. ” enlist in army in frontier defence the Li Yingzhan of 4 class Master Sergeant of 10 one’s remaining years says frankly, design of guard interior detail is close, toilet of new-style zoology doing type uses biology bacterium to decompose a technology, convenient and clean; Solar energy and infra-red heating, environmental protection energy-saving, operation is handy.

It is reported, mechanism of army logistics department organizes force to go to company of 15 9 army, army land to undertake special subject survey early or late, introduce home to build a technology first-rate, sea of combinative army edge prevents army task characteristic, early or late ocean of island of research and development climate tears open the guard that fit pattern, downy frontier defence to tear open many kinds of new-style barracks such as square cabin of the heat preservation that fit pattern, preparation is thrown in succession use. Next, army will continue to finish battalion class dimensions to tear open the barracks that fit pattern pilot demonstrative project, form dismantle system of technology of the barracks that fit pattern perfectly, increase promotion application strength, task of contented diversification military affairs ensures demand. (Huang Jie of reporter Han Cheng, reporter)

Wuhan is much more important to Chinese war industry: See this grow list of long place of war industry courtyard

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Origin: Army fierce a face

The closest period of time, as a result of the relation of epidemic situation, wuhan became the city that people of a complete China misses most, wuhan is handed in to China, to Chinese economy, the meaning that teachs to China is a few otherer media has reported, this period push send, we cast the speak or act on hearsay evidance that a few plot talk, understand Wuhan objectively together this city is mixed to Chinese national defence the principal port of martial industry.

The situation of ▲ Wuhan, gentleman of easy meridian passage ever evaluated it so ” two rivers hand in be well versed in of a gleam of collect, 3 towns hero stands erect, echo of the four seas, 5 miscellaneous place, 6 Qi Guan

7 stars are illuminated high, smooth and slick, 9 provinces are connected thoroughfare, 10 point to even the heart “

The friend that has lived in Wuhan knows for certain, the urban landscape of Wuhan city is very big one part by ” river ” and ” lake ” composition, accordingly we above all from with ” water ” the war industry school that concern, enterprise and courtyard place begin.

1, fierce prosperous dockyard

Naval battle is different from a land battle, the weapon on battlefield of a land battle is inferior to the enemy, can use landform, start masses, bushfighting of put to good use and athletic battle, will be the same as powerful enemy mix with other people, so that be in finally ” the sword is inferior to a person ” below the circumstance, lean ” sword law ” get the better of a person, but naval battle is different, there is masses without favourable geographical position over the sea, equipment cannot be contended for with enemy ocean as the person sharp edge, can remove past alongshore defence only, also accordingly, the research and development of naval weaponry and make became major issue of first class of each country naval.

The huge barbette that carries on the 072 Ⅲ that place of ▲ netizen AndrewTear films landing boat

2018 by the netizen accidental notice already the super electromagnetism big gun that mount warship tests, be discovered in Wuhan namely. The dockyard that is in charge of this project construction is fierce prosperous shipping the Wu Chang dockyard of limited company of heavy industry group, besides project of electromagnetism artillery piece, the boat of inspect of sea of partial main force of Diaoyu Island of cruise of Chinese sea inspect (for example ” Chinese sea inspect 50 ” ) the product that also is Wuhan.

▲ enlists in army in boat of inspect of sea of 10 thousand tons of class before the sea inspect of 4000 tons of class 50, 83

Ever long-term it is tonnage of Chinese sea inspect the biggest, function is the most advanced execute the law boat

Submarine of motivation of convention of Chinese naval part and naval vessel of partial mine sweeping, frigate is built here, some closer year, the frigate of for military use that Chinese exit gives a few friendly states, patrol naval vessel also is built here.

Near dockyard of ▲ fierce prosperous the warship of berth

2, naval project university

Naval project university is the arms of the person at the head of a procession of domain of equipment of our country naval scientific research, it established in November 1949, was labelled 1963 countrywide key university, had fostered nearly 100 republic general and academician of 5 Chinese Academy of Engineerings up to now, some closer year come very famous is Ma Weiming academician.

Building of education of college of Cheng of ▲ sea war industry

Academician of ▲ Ma Weiming

Naval project university specializations as naval direct technology qualified personnel develops an unit, besides education skill qualified personnel, still was in charge of a lot of forward position the project of research and development of great skill project, with the electromagnetism eject technology of Yu Hang’s mother, the electromagnetism that is used at submarine is driven wait for a project to be advanced steadily here.

▲ graph source: Net of official of ministry of science and technology

3, ” 7 ” word head institute

The college amount that Wuhan has (89) be next to Beijing, be in world of school undergraduate amount the first, also the place of scientific research courtyard here is very accordingly much, war industry kind place of scientific research courtyard especially much, army fan people almost unmanned insensible ” cement aircraft carrier ” platform is in Wuhan, it is belonged to ” Chinese ship vessel designs a research center ” .

The cement aircraft carrier with famous lakefront of ▲ Wuhan yellow home, actually border utility should be main

The test is about to use the device of of all kinds electron of Yu Hang’s mother, the information here

Also be home of observation of China and foreign countries people equipment of conjectural China navy changes ” vane “

Was in 2011 ” cement aircraft carrier ” after causing the world to pay close attention to, “Xinhua News Agency – Bing looks at Oriental weekly ” research center of design of vessel of ship of China of report of reporter Ceng Zhi enquires relevant circumstance, but by with ” confidential ” reason excuse oneself from.

“Chinese ship vessel designs a research center ” it is namely a few senior army in confusing a mouth, often mention ” 701 ” institute, it is naval ships of main attack China the unit of overall design, the design program of the brunt battleship that we see now is mixed closely related it. Key laboratory of national defence of technology of body of hidden from view of electromagnetism compatibility, reputation also is here.

701 institutes of ▲

▲ is done not have 701 do not have China is naval now Zhuang Cheng’s soldier’s bearings

This word is exaggerative not at all

Looked ” 701 ” we look again ” 709 ” , “709 ” the institute taught an organization to found by famous mathematician Li Guoping 1956, original name ” lab of computation of maths of Wuhan of the Chinese Academy of Sciences ” , the research that at present it basically pursues leading the field such as unifinication of technology of processing of picture of control system, computer, logo, automata, microelectronics, Electromechanical and development work, in informatization war times, its importance nature is self-evident.

709 institutes of ▲

Picture 701, 709 be located in Wuhan euqally ” institute of 7 words head ” still have 4, they are the 712 institutes that electric power of main attack shipping advances batteries of system and equipment, special type to develop respectively, the 719 institutes that technology of project of main attack ocean equips.

719 institutes of ▲ , the picture comes from ocean of China of small gain @ marine magazine

The 722 institutes of the 717 institutes of technology of optics of main attack project, laser, infra-red technology and research and development of system of photoelectricity of large special type and communication of network of main attack military affairs and ship vessel communication.

722 institutes of ▲

These are located in Wuhan ” institute of 7 words head ” in what place contain wears is OK saying is current China and even world’s most advanced ocean / ship vessel kind science and technology, they win prospective naval battle to hitting, commanding elevation of technology of ocean of race to control is having crucial effect.

Of course the place of scientific research courtyard of Wuhan beyond the 7 words head besides ship system, still have a lot of a lot of research organizations that for instance division of company of 3 rivers group leaves Chinese spaceflight, in the outdated of certain street start off of Wuhan, often can see unit of several large scientific research all the way, should fine fine theory rise tens of thousands of word may be not hit, here becomes a delegate with them only.

Korea and Japan this expression we can be written down in the heart

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Original title: Korea and Japan this expression, we can be written down in the heart

Head Er general to China 12 cities contribute goods and materials of 3.53 million yuan of epidemic prevention; Japan is in office party congressman each will to Chinese contribution 5000 yen.

Thank the Beijing help when MERS epidemic situation, head Er general to China 12 cities contribute goods and materials of 3.53 million yuan of epidemic prevention!

11 days of latest news weigh Han couplet company, head Er municipal government expressed that day, the China such as northerly Beijing, Chongqing 12 cities offer 600 million Han yuan (add up to a RMB about 3.53 million yuan) the aid goods and materials of dimensions, new coronal of beat back of the China that help strength is pneumonic epidemic situation.

Han couplet company reports cut pursues

Han couplet company shows, general of this batch of goods and materials that day from Shou Erren plain the airport sets out, will reach Chinese each city at 12 days. The report says, these 12 cities include 8 Beijing friendly cities of an Er city, and northeast the partial city of 3 provinces.

Head Er city respect expresses, considering demand of this locality citizen, this aid sends the medical treatment of problem of nonexistent supply and demand goods and materials first, include 1000 medical defend take, blinkers of 500 pairs of medical treatment, 90 medical defend face guard and 30 portable heat are become wait like camera. Civil defend take and guaze mask will inspect condition of domestic and international article to be in next second send. This can be participated in to donate an activity jointly in the center of Korea medium and small businesses.

Head Er city donates goods and materials to get ready wait for hair. Head Er municipal government offers a plan

The picture that presents goods and materials shows an Er city that Han couplet company makes public, still affixed on these goods and materials write with Chinese and Hanyu ” brother is homocentric, its force breaks gold. Keep watch and help defend each other, the difficult when be being overcome in all ” the paster of model of written characters.

Head Er city donates goods and materials to get ready wait for hair, head Er municipal government offers a plan

Head Piao Yuanchun of Er city mayor expresses, acknowledgment Beijing is in breath of deep-set middle east asks for an Er integratedly (MERS) epidemic situation during send ambassador-at-large group to offer a help, hope China can overcome current crisis at an early date, return to normal, expect friendly city of an Er city and China to immerse in predicament with foam, deepen friendship ceaselessly.

Korea is stationed in China diplomatic mission plays a banner: Chinese difficulty is our difficulty, china is cheered!

“Chinese difficulty is our difficulty. China is cheered! ” on Feburary 11, korea is stationed in China embassy releases small gain to support new coronal of Chinese beat back pneumonic epidemic situation, and the model of written characters on the banner that this plays outside diplomatic mission just about.

Korea is stationed in China embassy 11 days morning 10 when be in 45 minutes small gain dispatch. Be in ” the difficulty that Chinese difficulty is us ” , “Because we are families ” below label character, diplomatic mission is written, “Chinese difficulty is our difficulty, korea embassy and you are together! Korea embassy and you are together!!

Korea is stationed in China scheme of check of embassy small gain

Korea is stationed in China embassy cheers bosomy interest to China, halt China Korea culture courtyard also nods assist for this.

Korea is stationed in China this one act of embassy also obtains many Chinese netizens to praise.

Japan is in office party congressman each will to Chinese contribution 5000 yen

According to ” Japanese economy news ” report, japan is in office a secretary in charge of sth of Dang Zimin party is long 2 rank handsome rich is in expressed on the press conference after caucus on Feburary 10, be aimed at the new coronal that happens in China pneumonic epidemic situation, will offer to China from civilian party boost capital. He announces from civilian within the party congressman each will to Chinese contribution 5000 yen.

Day pursues via press section

According to the report, 2 rank say, “Will from (from civilian) the congressman that party place belongs to unites go ahead of the rest to deduct 5000 yen in the funds March (add up to a RMB about 318 yuan) ” .

Notable is, 2 rank handsome rich is accepted before this when interviewing, ever also expressed, to Japan, see China encounters epidemic situation, as it is kin, neighbour castaway, japanese countryman is willing to help China, hope epidemic situation is appeased at an early date.

Current, japan from civilian party congressman adds up to 397 people, among them congressman 284 name, senators 113. Deduct 5000 yen computation with everybody, assist golden amount to will be 1.985 million yen about.

Head Er mayor: ? Travel pagoda tree? of this Liu of ┰   now is an Er when paying a debt of gratitude (contain video)

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Head video of Er mayor collection cheers to Wuhan: Want the favour before signing up for Beijing 5 years!

[Head Er mayor Piao Yuanchun should pay a debt of gratitude: Head Er supports China! Acknowledgment Beijing once was helped! ] recently, video of transcribe of Piao Yuanchun of mayor of Korea head Er is Wuhan to cheer. Piao Yuanchun expresses, before thanking 5 years, beijing government is in an Er because when middle east breath asks for epidemic situation integratedly to suffer anguish, the help that offer. Now should be an Er when paying a debt of gratitude. As the best friend of Beijing, China, head Er wishs to aid a helping hand. Wuhan is cheered! China is cheered! Head Er supports China! (Ceng Nai)

US$655m oil cash ‘vanished into thin air’ under Akufo-Addo – Minority

Former Deputy Power Minister, John Jinapor Former Deputy Power Minister, John JinaporThe Minority in Parliament has said US$655 million of Ghana’s oil revenue can still not be accounted for by the Akufo-Addo administration, per reports by the Public Interest and Accountability Committee (PIAC) reports of 2017 and 2018.In a presentation on Ghana’s oil sector by a Deputy Power Minister in the erstwhile Mahama administration, Mr John Jinapor said: “Now, if you look at the PIAC report, it makes it clear that there is a lack of transparency and accountability within the oil sector, in terms of accounting for our oil revenue”.For instance, he said: “During President Mahama’s time, we followed the Public Financial Management Act and spent a chunk of that money on physical infrastructural projects that come under capital projects but under Akufo-Addo, they are spending less than 50 per cent of petroleum resources on capital expenditure.“Equally, the PIAC report of 2017 and 2018 – and this is a public document – state categorically that US$655 million cannot be accounted for between 2017 and 2018”, Mr Jinapor said at a forum in Accra on Wednesday, 12 February 2020.“What it means”, he noted, “is that US$655 million of the taxpayers’ money has vanished into thin air”, adding: “This is unfortunate”.“We’ve raised it on the floor, we’ve demanded answers and yet this government is evasive when it comes to this”.