南京和杭州很像吗 Zhou Ting bails with 200 thousand HK dollar! Travel papers is confiscated


Zhou Ting says, its bail amount amounts to 200 thousand HK dollar.

Occupy harbor intermediary 12 days to report, “Harbor alone element ” , before ” Hong Kong numerous records ” member Zhou Ting is suspected of disobeying Hong Kong country to bring a way on August 10 by Hong Kong alarm office of security of Wu place state is arrested catch. On August 11 evening 11 when, zhou Ting obtains accurate bail, leave big Bu police station. Zhou Ting says, its bail amount is amounted to 200 thousand (HK dollar, similarly hereinafter) , include 20 thousand cash to reach 180 thousand human affairs to assure, travel papers is confiscated.

Zhou Ting

The report alludes, yesterday, dispatch of facial book administrator says, police reachs 11 meridian midday at 10 days respectively, have kinescope question two rounds to Zhou Ting, zhou Ting is accompanied by the lawyer during. In addition, zhou Ting needs to will report for duty to the police station on September 1.

According to media the report before this, on August 10 21 when 20 minutes or so, facial book of Zhou Ting is stuck civil confirm, because Zhou Ting is suspected of disobeying Hong Kong country to bring a way medium ” fan be puzzled breaks up ” the blame is arrested. Police is ransacking according to what gave out on August 6 your, to Zhou Ting abode undertakes ransacking.

Hong Kong police is reported 10 days late, police takes action 10 days, arrested 9 males and a female commit a crime 10 times in all suspect, their age comes 72 years old in 23 years old between, among them 5 males and a female are suspected of disobeying Hong Kong country to bring foreign country of the collude in the law or blame of security of state of harm of the force outside the condition; Among them 2 are suspected of those who disobey Hong Kong country to bring a way be arrested the male and additionally 4 are arrested the male is suspected of stringing together seek bilk, they all are medium high levels, be suspected of using factory building with fraudulent means low.

Hong Kong police did not disclose be arrested the identity of guilty suspect. Coverage of Hong Kong media says, zhouting is divided in the center besides, in still including to turn over, Li Zhiying of random harbor element reachs his two sons, 4 ” one medium ” high level and before ” learn civilian thoughts ” member Li Zongze, ” Hong Kong story ” member Li Yuxuan.

南京夜市经济 Bawumia launches ECA Price Watch Centre for Africa

Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu BawumiaClick to read all about coronavirus →Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia on Tuesday, 11 August 2020, launched the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa’s (ECA) Price Watch Centre for Africa in a virtual meeting.The ECA Price Watch is an initiative aimed at developing a platform to provide information on prices and other related variables for all countries on the continent.Dr Bawumia underscored the importance of a mechanism for common price comparison and also called on African governments to invest in ICT infrastructure and digital data collection tools, and urged the heads of national statistical offices to work with ECA in transforming their national statistical systems.Dr Bawumia noted that it is his expectation and hope that the Price Watch Centre will mark the beginning of a new chapter in Africa’s trade, commerce and policy setting operations for greater pricing commonalities across the continent, particularly in the context of the Continental Free Trade project.

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微信怎么查询做鸡的微信 There already were two ministers to ask acceptance of demit international society to help after Lebanon explodes


In report reported new net integratedly on August 10, lebanon Beirut haven produces big burst 4 days, exceed 150 people get killed. Local time 9 days, samade of minister of afterwards Lebanon news (Manal Abdel Samad) after abdication, environmental minister Qatar (Damianos Kattar) also announce resignation. In addition, world multilateral acceptance provides the support of more than 250 million euro to Lebanon.

According to the report, qatar says in a statement, “In view of this gigantic catastrophe… I already decided to offer resignation, leave a government. Leave a government..

Nevertheless, local media says, lebanon premier Diyabo tries to persuade Qatar to continue to perform this one job.

Local time on August 5, area of center of Lebanon capital Beirut, the fragment on the floor of Lebanon parliament hall scatters one ground.

Area of Lebanon Beirut haven produces acuteness explosion 4 days. Newest data says Lebanon Ministry of Public Health, explosion already caused 158 people death, 6000 much people to get hurt, additionally tens of people miss. Explosion still causes about 300 thousand people homeless.

8 days begin, the big person that approve demonstrate gathers two days in Beirut downtown continuously, protest big burst and authorities corruption. Demonstrate person as intense as police happening conflict, cause hundreds person to get hurt.

9 days, world multilateral leader held the video meeting of collect international alms with U.N. , the conference chairs square France authorities to point out, each country acceptance provides the support of more than 250 million euro to Lebanon, financing of this critical support is met ” direct ” the stricken people that gives Beirut big burst.

Associated statement earlies childhood, each congress assists Lebanon, spread out in order to be aimed at Beirut big burst ” the just, investigation that reachs independence reliably ” .

成都城市名人酒店spa正规吗 Whether should buy TikTok? Microsoft interior is voting the employee of 63% objects


Telangpu brandish ” ban ” big stick-means of intimidation, apply pressure between Microsoft and TikTok buy a negotiation, cock-a-hoop still put forward desire from inside trade ” smoke ” , its ” eat ” malformation cannot accept to your Microsoft employee: An interior that 250 employee participate in is voting show, the Microsoft employee of 63% objects buying TikTok. Somebody is commented on, “This trades almost from it is immoral for any angle. “This trades almost from it is immoral for any angle..

Beautiful intermediary ” commercial inside ” reported on August 10 local time, this media obtains a Microsoft interior that is revealed to discuss: 250 companies staff is right ” whether should buy TikTok ” voting, among them the participator of 63% expresses to object, 18% support, 19% answers ” inaccuracy is decided ” .

Voting release on Yammer of platform of network of socialization of the enterprise below Microsoft banner, the name is ” connection CEO ” special group of groups. Microsoft says, employee can quiz to CEO Sa Diya here and ” discuss the issue with whole company be closely bound up ” . The article was not explained voting and open reach end time.

Check scheme: ” commercial inside “

Among them a personnel deals with respect to what buy TikTok write: “Since Sadiya become CEO, I feel proud to Microsoft from beginning to end. But this is me since very long period of time misgive of first time bellyful, perhaps we were not doing correct business. Perhaps we were not doing correct business..

This employee returns appearance, telangpu thinks TikTok should pay brushstroke to American government from inside trade ” commission ” idea, be equivalent to ” bribery ” . And even if Microsoft shows an attitude that is willing to buy, make client and stuff possibly right the sincere letter of the company raises doubt.

Another employee criticism also shows: “This trades almost from it is immoral for any angle. Adv unimaginably Microsoft is willing even this one pace. Adv unimaginably Microsoft is willing even this one pace..

“Consider us likely to be in (Telangpu makes known his position) before already put forward to buy, what calculate a president to point to perhaps is taxation favourable and be not brushstroke to pay directly, american government buys the fact that sells by force by force to still can damage the image of Microsoft. We should exit a negotiation. ” a comment says.

CEO Connection group the open page of the group pursues from: Microsoft homepage

” commercial inside ” appearance, although voting participator occupies Microsoft only in 150 thousand employee very small one part, but the inner atmosphere that still reflected this company to be faced with current not affirmatory condition to fall. Microsoft author, before the in interviewing appearance that Bill Gates is in CEO 7 days to make public, buy TikTok to resemble ” poisonous grail ” , think Telangpu asks ” smoke ” view ” very strange ” .

“I think, the principle that current situation development is based on already very strange, ‘ smoke ‘ it is more strange to say. Anyhow, microsoft must want to answer all these. ” the science and technology that serves as Microsoft is advisory, he competes to joining socialization media this thing maintains ” careful ” .

“This sounds very may selfish, but I think (in gregarious media domain) more competition perhaps are a favour. But Telangpu tries to be opposite exclusive competitor be ruthless, this is too barpque (Bizarre) . This is too barpque (Bizarre) ..

Telangpu puts forward 3 days to be bought to TikTok trade ” smoke ” , object by legal expert

The message weighed beautiful intermediary on August 5, microsoft plan beats with byte of TikTok parent company in 3 weeks inside finish buy a negotiation, trade appraise value amounts to 30 billion dollar at most. If trade,succeed, microsoft will be inside a year bring back the whole code that manages TikTok operation from China the United States.

And American country is common broadcasting station (NPR) personage of know the inside story of 8 days of cite discloses, tikTok is the fastest will at next week 2 sue Telangpu government, reason is its administration ban may violate American constitution, and exceed president power.

Origin: Contain of observer net Guo

qm啥意思 Tamaki Drive closed to all traffic this weekend

There will be a full closure on Tamaki Drive this weekend for road works and residents are being asked to plan ahead.Tamaki Drive between Quay Street and the Ngapipi Bridge will be closed to all traffic including buses from 10pm Friday 14 August until the evening of Sunday 16 August.The closure is to allow a 450-tonne crane to lift two 60-tonne beams onto the new pedestrian bridge extension at Point Resolution. Each beam is the same weight as about four double-decker buses.The new pedestrian bridge will be constructed on the northern (sea) side of the existing Point Resolution Estuary Bridge. The existing shared path on the bridge will be converted to continue the bi-directional cycleway. “While this closure may have its inconveniences for a weekend, important work is being done that will lead towards a safer and more user-friendly Tamaki Drive,” says Ōrākei Local Board Chairperson Scott Milne.“The road will be re-opened in time for Monday, so residents will be able to move to and from the area again for work.”The weekend closure for the pedestrian bridge is part of the larger $14.4 million Tamaki Drive cycle route project.“This project will improve walking and cycling facilities along Tamaki Drive,” says David Nelson, AT’s Portfolio Delivery Director (Projects).“Once complete, the cycleway will connect with cycle routes to Glen Innes, Parnell, and the central city. During construction, low spots on Tamaki Drive will be raised to improve protection against flooding.”The upcoming full-weekend operation at Point Resolution will be on reclaimed land and a special crane will be used to lift the beams onto the new bridge.The crane will need to be set up in two locations to perform the job. It takes at least 18 hours to set up the crane, lift the beams into place and then dismantle. Once the crane has been moved to the next location, it will take another 18 hours to do the work. For vehicle traffic, there will be signs for the detour route along Ngapipi Road, Orakei Road, Shore Road, Ayr Street Gladstone Road, St Stephens Avenue, Brighton Road and Parnell Road. A lane for emergency vehicles will be maintained through the construction site. The footpath on the south side of Tamaki Drive will be open for pedestrians and people on bikes.AT thanks residents for their patience while we carry out this important work that will improve safety and movement in the area.For more information on the Tamaki Drive Cycle Route project, visit the Auckland Transport website.

贵阳喝茶微信 U.S. Army machine touchs close China Zhang Shaozhong often: By accident scamper is attacked by accident bump by accident possible


Origin: Bureau call together faithful

According to ” Nanhai strategy posture feels a plan ” the information that platform released on August 7, channel of bus of way of scout of electron of EP-3E of naval of an United States entered Nanhai that day, forward Guangdong province and direction of Fujian Province boundary fly, fly for a time to base line of distance Guangdong coastal territorial water 59.22 sea mile (about 109.67 kilometers) the position.

Before two days on August 5, the U.S. Army is infrequent still in nightly expedite plane of surveillance of an E-8C clearing, fly for a time to base line of distance Guangdong coastal territorial water 59.27 sea mile (about 109.77 kilometers) the position.

It is before a month, “Plan of perception of Nanhai strategy posture ” platform discovered on July 8, scout of American naval EP-3E once stood by Guangdong coastal, recently when it is 52 sea mile about (about 96 kilometers) .

And July, u.S. Army add up to dispatched the large scout of 67 sortie, head for Nanhai to begin investigation operation. Nanhai of course of channel of bus of 12 days of by way of patrols or ever was to fly to Guangdong continuously coastal undertake touching close scout. In fastigium, 5 are expedited in the day, the military plan of 4 type enters Nanhai. Can saying is ” frenzied ” .

Since U.S. Army epidemic situation just got controlling May this year, all sorts of bomber, scout, aircraft carrier and warship enter Nanhai again and again, this is not any more ” explore ” so simple, be in however ” critical margin roc is volant ” .

So also the netizen gives out doubt: “Is American military plan to enter Chinese air defence to identify an area? Down giving bifurcation not have to? Down giving bifurcation not have to??

Emmmm… this thing is not so plain.

On November 23, 2013, china announces to create division of air defence identifying in the East China Sea, cover sea area of major the East China Sea, the aerostat that the requirement sails inside area must report flight plan to China, identify to doing not deserve to close or refus is disobedient the aerostat of the instruction, chinese armament ” will take defence sex urgent deal with measure ” . This with one action is moved, be identify an area to air defence of Chinese direction dilate to Japan answer. Up-to-date, japanese air defence identifies an area to still enclothing Diaoyu Island.

Ceng Chuan gave China to will delimit 2014 the information that establishs Nanhai air defence to identify an area, government of abstruse Ba Ma declares where one stands clearly at that time: Won’t admit; Be in this year on the press conference of Ministry of Foreign Affairs July 15, again the reporter raised pertinent question. Zhao Lijian of spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs responds to at that time: “Fang Huigen is according to oneself in in the sky that Nanhai is faced with about maritime space place safe menace, consider each respect factor integratedly, consider to concern an issue cautiously seriously. Consider to concern an issue cautiously seriously..

One character is my, china has not announce Nanhai air defence to identify an area at present.

And even if China delimits in this one area established division of air defence identifying, the U.S. Army also can look for all sorts of reason to enter Nanhai to execute so called ” the voyage is free ” ” aviation is free ” , and set according to law of nations, even if is inside area of air defence identifying, china also warns the power that leaves with drive only, have no right crash, down any aircrafts.

Nevertheless the word says, “Area of air defence identifying ” not be China ” patent ” .

Outside the bigger than him territory Japan that identifies division into districts besides the air defence in above paragraphs, of old on area of air defence identifying write an essay still have the United States. Besides mainland ” North America air defence identifies an area outside ” , the United States is in Alaska, Hawaiian still delimit with Guam set 3 place air defence to identify an area, among them Alaska air defence identifies an area in recent years all the time not disappear stops.

According to the United States ” commercial inside ” website report, local time on June 26, air force F-22 is invisible battleplan is near Alaska intercept 4 Russia go instead scout. And this had been June U.S. Army Russia of the 6th intercept army opportunity for combat, and before headquarters of North America air defence is annual and average ability intercept 6 to 7 Russia military plan.

So, american military plan enters Nanhai is ” the voyage is free ” , and Russia military plan flies face Alaska to be about ” urgent intercept ” … of course, of democratic country ” double mark ” how can you cry ” double mark ” ? Cry at most ” smelly shameless ” went.

On July 22, bureau be based on American home epidemic situation, commotion and the development state that pick affection, forecast next 4 the middle of a month, the United States instigates leave no stone unturned conflict, and defiant form not strife of region of be confined to, still include classics trade war, banking battle, network battle, public opinion war, electromagnetism war and aerospace antagonism to wait a moment.

So, can not eliminate American military plan now or the likelihood that the warship continues to touch close China coast and insular reef deep. And bureau think, missile by accident scamper, plane is attacked by accident, naval ships bumps by accident, 9 chaser or antagonism of 9 tactical level low intensity of military plan, miniature armed conflict, also definite possibility can happen.

But the more this moment, we want keep calm more.

南京福建路喜城浴室还开吗 Russia prevents long: Russian army modernization must be achieved before weaponry rate the end of the year 70%


Yi Gu of carry on of electric Russia defense minister expressed Moscow of Xinhua News Agency 5 days on August 5, rate of weaponry of Russian army modernization must be achieved before the end of the year this year 70% .

According to message of website of Russian department of defense, the new equipment delivery that Shaoyigu held in Russia department of defense that day says on the seminar, this year must the 100% national defence that finish order goods the task, make Russian military uniform maintains altitude fully in good condition.

He expresses, although be affected by new coronal epidemic situation, enterprise of Russian war industry and relevant orgnaization still were finished by established plan the national defence first half of the year orders goods this year the task, to Russian army pay many 1100 important equipment, include 80 53 all sorts of 16 fixed ala planes, helicopter, unmanned aircraft and 5 naval ships and boat. In addition, the army still received equipment of a certain number of aviation weapons, military vehicle, engineering and communication equipment to wait by the plan.

Keliwolujike of undersecretary of Russia department of defense expresses on the seminar, this year first half of the year, weaponry rate is Russian army modernization 68.5% .

In recent years, russia installs a respect to obtain significant progress in military progress and new-style weaponry row. The development of national defence industry that Beijing of Russian president general held in May last year says on problem conference, the modern weaponry rate of force of Russia strategy nucleus already was amounted to 82% , for nothing this one index of day army is achieved 74% , airborne arms and navy exceed 60% , army is adjacent 50% .

南京梧桐拍照 Boeing is undeserved Shi Yafei machine brings check staff or be faced with 1.25 million dollar to fine


In new network report is comprehensive on August 6 ” central company ” report, management board of American confederative aviation (FAA) express, plan to be in to Boeing company with fine of 1.25 million dollar, the plant manager that reason is administrative division of the card austral Boeing is undeserved apply press place to belong to the employee that install check, check job is brought related interpose. It is reported, the attestation before management board of these aviation of employee representative federal carry out a plane to leave factory works.

Data chart: Local time on June 29, xi Yatu of American Washington city, plane of 737 MAX of a Boeing descends after Boeing airport test-fly.

According to the report, confederative aviation management board says, have near two years of time, many manager applies Boeing control the employee that install check, when the job installing check before they handle a plane to leave factory, give annoy, ask speed is accelerated, minatory want a their exchange job.

Confederative aviation management board expresses, in south the boreal Charles of card pauses (North Charleston) factory, occasionally the manager can be defended outside the plane, inspect sees the personnel that install check carry out examination project to want to spend how long.

The report points out, boeing a few employee act as agent technically plane of processing of confederative aviation management board leaves factory attestation works. Be in south the factory that blocks a city, came in September 2018 during May 2019, the employee that install check gets of at least 4 managers undeserved apply press or intervene.

Confederative aviation management board writes the letter of Boeing to say, the of short duration inside 30 days won’t have future to act further, good let Boeing pay fine, or offer other concerned information.

南京新街口网红打卡小吃 : of beautiful learned man? Beauty of? of plaque of pagoda tree of  of astounded Chinese suck is known perfectly well need not the nucleus plays Japan to also can surrender


Hiroshima nucleus explodes the tremendous mushroom that lift (Getty)

Abroad net on August 6 report 75 years ago on August 6, american bomber abandons atom bomb in Hiroshima, city by instantaneous raze to the ground, about 330 thousand person on the spot or die because of sequela. Fourth · of American historian horse abandons gentle Jiaer Aerpeiluoweici to be in ” los angeles times ” print article says, although do not have this atom bomb, japan also can surrender in August 1945, and the American government at that time and army know this.

According to ” los angeles times ” 6 days of reports, the traditional point of view of American society thinks, the atom bomb that the U.S. Army abandons in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it is the payoff that brings about Japan to surrender, this action saved the life of several U.S. Army soldiers and millions Japan people. But a series of data that come from the United States and Japan show, although did not suffer a nucleus to explode, japan also can be in the portion announced to surrender in August 1945, and the door of American president Du Lu at that time and its aides and staff people know this, but most American does not understand this paragraph of history.

The report says, american army also understands this. A paragraph of record in memorial hall of American naval country shows, “The annihilative explosion of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is very small to the influence of Japanese army, those who let Japan change think of a way is Russia those who initiate is full continent battle ” . The 7 people in the General of the Army of 8 U.S. Armies when 1945 support this one point of view, no matter be to be on military affairs or moral level,they think, the atom bomb of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is ” unessential ” . On the meeting of wave Ci calm that before Hiroshima nucleus explodes, holds, one of General of the Armies the Eisenhower ever was warned say, “Japanese had prepared to surrender, not was necessary to use so terrible thing ” .

The text is final say, the nuclear era that Hiroshima nucleus pop opens is permanent the course that changed human history, nuke is browbeating from beginning to end of complete mankind live. 1947, of American Chicago university ” nuclear scientist bulletin ” the magazine was established ” the bell of doomsday ” , undertook every year assessment in January, designation gives the world to be apart from ruined distance. And now, the hour of the bell of doomsday leaves midnight only 1 minute of 40 seconds, to leave midnight of recent. (abroad net Wang Xiluo)