Ontario records 7th death, one-day jump of 85 COVID-19 cases

The province’s confirmed number of COVID-19 cases rose to 588 Tuesday, a one-day increase of 85 cases, which is the largest since the pandemic began impacting Ontarians.According to provincial public health numbers, there now have been seven deaths and eight resolved cases.A man in his 90s from Durham is the latest death related to COVID-19.The youngest new cases — where the age was available — were two woman in their 20s, one from Toronto and one from Peel.Travel to the United States was common in cases where the source of the infection was known, although travel to Singapore, Italy, the United Kingdom and Dubai was also involved in some cases.'THE RIGHT DECISION': Ontario ordering non-essential businesses to closeThe Ontario government's list of essential businessesOne in five Canadians think pandemic blown out of proportion: PollThere were 10,074 cases under investigation as of Tuesday morning, either awaiting testing or results.Ontario’s order to close all workplaces not deemed essential by the provincial government takes effect at 11:59 p.m. Tuesday.The province also brought in new measures to manage staff in long-term care homes“This temporary order would give long-term care homes the ability to free-up valuable staff, identify staffing priorities, and develop, modify and implement redeployment plans,” a Health Ministry statement says.aartuso@postmedia.comCommentsShare your thoughtscoronavirus Ontario Public Health

Westjet losing nearly half of its employees due to COVID-19 shutdowns

A WestJet Boeing 787 Dreamliner arrives in Calgary from London on Tuesday, March 17, 2020.Gavin Young / Postmedia NetworkNearly half of Westjet’s 14,000 employees are leaving the company, the airline announced Tuesday.In a statement from president and CEO Ed Sims, the Calgary-based airline said 6,900 employees will be departing the airline, most voluntarily.“Today, 6,900 WestJetters are receiving notices confirming early retirements, early outs and both voluntary and involuntary leaves,” Sims, said describing the news as “devastating.”“The fact that we avoided a potentially worse outcome is testament to the spirit and selfless attitude demonstrated by our people, who have enabled WestJet to continue operating with a collective remaining workforce of 7,100.”Last week, all Canadian airlines announced drastic measures to deal with coronavirus-related drops in bookings and travel restrictions abroad, while shifting their focus towards repatriating Canadians stranded overseas.Westjet announced a week ago the cancellation of all transborder and overseas flights effective this past Monday, and an appeal to staff to take advantage of voluntary leave options such as early retirement.Porter, Transat suspend service, cut jobsCanadian airlines suspend routes, lay off workers over COVID-19The airline also froze capital projects, renegotiated contracts with vendors, and cut pay for senior management and executives.On Monday, the airline announced five additional flights to bring Canadians home from vacation spots in Mexico and Bermuda, in addition to 34 repatriation flights already announced.bpassifiume@postmedia.com On Twitter:@bryanpassifiumeCommentsShare your thoughtscoronavirus

‘Double-dipping’ doc bilked OHIP: Disciplinary panel

(Getty Images)A St. Catharines doctor committed professional misconduct by inappropriately billing OHIP from 2006-10, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario has ruled.“His actions were dishonest. He abused the trust that his patients, their family members and the public have that he and the profession will act in their best interests,” a college discipline committee said of Dr. Gabriel Attallah.Prosecutor Carolyn Silver argued that Attallah “orchestrated a scheme to illicitly improve his billings at the expense of Ontario taxpayers who fund it.” Attallah took health card numbers from the relatives of caregivers who accompanied his patients to their appointments and then charged the non-patient escorts for services he never provided, the panel ruled.Attallah would also charge his patients for their services during the same visit, thus “skirting the rules and double-dipping,” said Silver.While the number of patients, and OHIP claims must be a “small percentage of Dr. Attallah’s practice … there is a clear pattern of involvement of family members that resulted in billings payable to Dr. Attallah for both the patient and the family member for the same visit,” the committee decided.“He was knowingly, improperly bilking the system,” said Silver. “When a patient says she’s worried because her mom is coughing, the doctor doesn’t get to bill OHIP for counselling because she’s describing a symptom.”Attallah’s actions constitute discreditable and unprofessional conduct, the judgment stated.Toronto neurologist accused of sexually assaulting patientsToronto doctor punished for sexual remarks, inappropriate touching during psychotherapyGUEST COLUMN: The facts regarding my work as a medical examiner“These people were not his patients — they didn’t come to him for medical services,” said Silver. “They were escorting their spouses, a parent or, in one case, a mother who couldn’t find babysitters brought both her children into the examination room with her.”The college rejected the defence’s argument that the billings were “inadvertent administrative errors.”However, the committee determined the billing shows “a pattern and were purposeful. He knowingly billed OHIP improperly … and created charts and notes that are false and inaccurate to support his improper billings,” the committee stated.A penalty hearing date has not been set.spazzano@postmedia.comCommentsShare your thoughts

Mei Fang Chang Cheng Ren : Mei Jun Yi Yuan Chuan Bing Bu Shi He Jiu Zhi Chuan Ran Bing Bing Ren

[ Huan Qiu Shi Bao Bao Dao Ji Zhe Li Si Kun Te Yue Ji Zhe Zhang Yi Chi Liu Yu Peng ] Sui Zhuo Xin Guan Fei Yan Yi Qing Quan Qiu Liu Xing , Ge Guo Fen Fen Na Chu Yi Xi Lie Kang Yi Zhuang Bei Zu Ji Yi Qing Man Yan 。 Cong Min Yong Wu Ren Ji 、 Dao Jun Yong Yi Yuan Chuan , Zai Dao Zhuan Ye Ji Bie De Xiao Du Che Deng Fang Yi She Shi 。 Zhe Xie Bei Mei Ti Fang Zai Ju Guang Deng Xia Shen Shi De “ Shen Qi ” Dao Di Zai Quan Qiu Fang Yi Jin Cheng Zhong Qi Dao Na Xie Zuo Yong , Zhen De Xiang Wai Jie Zuo Ran De Na Yang Niu Ma ?

Yi Qing Cui Sheng Wu Ren Ji Xin Yong Tu

Wu Ren Ji Zai Quan Qiu Kang Yi Zhong Pin Xian Mei Ti Bao Dao 。 Zai Kang Ji Xin Guan Fei Yan Yi Qing Zhan Yi Zhong , Wu Ren Ji Biao Xian Ru He ? Yi Qing Fang Kong You Dui Wu Ren Ji Ji Shu Ti Chu Na Xie Xin Yao Qiu ?

Yin Du 《 De Gan Ji Shi Bao 》 Jin Ri Zai Yi Pian Bao Dao Zhong Cheng ,“ Zai Xi Ban Ya 、 Ke Wei Te He A Lian Qiu , Zhuang You Kuo Yin Qi De Wu Ren Ji Yi Zhi Zai Jing Gao Si Chu You Dang De Shi Min Hui Jia 。” Zai Bao Jia Li Ya Ze Jiang Shi Yong Pei Bei Re Cheng Xiang Yi De Wu Ren Ji Dui Bu Er Jia Si Di Qu Luo Mu Pin Min Ku De Ju Min Jin Xing Ti Wen Jian Ce 。 Ju Ying Guo 《 Jin Rong Shi Bao 》 Bao Dao , Zai Mei Guo Jia Zhou Zhu La Wei Si Ta Shi , Gai Shi Jing Cha Ju Jin Ri Gou Mai Liao Liang Jia Jia Zhi 1.1 Wan Mei Yuan 、 You Zhong Guo Da Jiang Gong Si Zhi Zao De Wu Ren Ji , Bing Ji Hua Wei Ta Men Pei Bei Yang Sheng Qi He Ye Shi She Xiang Tou 。“ Ru Guo Wo Men Xu Yao Zai Yi Da Pian Qu Yu Fa Bu Tong Zhi , Huo Xu Yao Qu San Zai Mou Di Ju Ji De Ren Qun ( Shi Yong Wu Ren Ji ) Jiu Ke Yi Zai Bu Xu Yao Jing Cha Can Yu De Qing Kuang Xia Zuo Dao Zhe Yi Dian 。”

Yi Wei Bu Yuan Yi Tou Lu Xing Ming De Ye Nei Zhuan Jia 23 Ri Dui 《 Huan Qiu Shi Bao 》 Ji Zhe Biao Shi ,“ Mu Qian Lai Shuo , Quan Qiu Kang Yi Zhong Dui Wu Ren Ji De Shi Yong Da Zhi Fen Cheng San Lei , Guan Ce 、 Pen Sa 、 Yun Shu 。”

《 Hang Kong Zhi Shi 》 Zhu Bian Wang Ya Nan Zai Jie Shou 《 Huan Qiu Shi Bao 》 Ji Zhe Cai Fang Shi Ye Ren Wei , Ci Ci Kang Yi Zhong , Zai She Ji Zhu Duo Ren Qun 、 Zhu Duo Di Yu Deng Da Liang Xin Xi De Shou Ji He Hui Zong Ling Yu , Wu Ren Ji You Bu Ke Bi Ni De You Shi 。 Tong Guo Ren , Zhi Neng Zai Di Mian Gong Zuo , Er Wu Ren Ji Ke Yi Zai Di Kong He Zhong Kong Jin Xing Guang Yu Jian Kong 。 Wang Ya Nan Shuo , Ji Shi Pai Fei Xing Yuan Kai Zhuo Zhi Sheng Ji Zai Kong Zhong Jian Kong , Ye Bu Ru Shi Yong Wu Ren Ji De Xiao Guo Hao 。

Yi Qing Fang Kong Dui Yu Wu Ren Ji Ji Shu Fa Zhan Ti Chu Na Xie Xin Yao Qiu ? Wang Ya Nan Biao Shi , Fang Yi Dui Wu Ren Ji Er Yan Zhi Shi Yi Ge Lin Shi Ying Yong , Guo Qu Bing Mei You Zhen Dui Xing Di Yong Wu Ren Ji Lai Zuo Zhe Yang De Shi Qing 。 Jing Guo Ci Ci Shi Zhan Jian Yan , Wu Ren Ji De Yong Tu Hen Duo , Dan Ji Shu Reng You Jin Yi Bu Ti Sheng Kong Jian 。“ Bi Ru Te Ding Qu Yu Xiao Sha , Chuan Tong Ren Gong Xiao Sha Shi Zai Ju Li Pen Sa Mu Biao Hen Jin De Di Fang , Ru Guo Yong Wu Ren Ji Dui Mou Xiao Qu Jin Xing Pen Sa , Jiu Bu Ke Neng Fei De Tai Di , Suo Yi Wei Lai Xu Yao She Ji Chu Zhuan Men Pei He Wu Ren Ji Shi Yong De Yao Wu , Huan Xu Yao Gei Wu Ren Ji She Zhi Zi Dong Bi Zhang Xi Tong 。” Wang Ya Nan Shuo , Ru Guo Wei Lai Wu Ren Ji Neng Gou Zai Cheng Shi Jian Zhu Mi Ji Huan Jing Xia Jie Jue Dian Chi Xu Hang Shi Jian 、 Yi Wai Zhui Luo Feng Xian 、 Yi Ban Zi Dong Huo Quan Zi Dong Mo Shi Wan Cheng Te Ding Shi Ming , Jiang Fa Hui Geng Da Zuo Yong 。

Wang Ya Nan Ren Wei , Huan You Yi Xie Yi Qing Qi Jian De Te Shu Xu Qiu , Bi Ru Hen Duo Ju Jia Ge Li De Ren Qun Mai Cai Nan , Shi Yong Wu Ren Ji Kuai Su Song Da Wan Quan Ke Yi Zuo Dao 。“ Bu Pai Chu Wei Lai Mei Jia De Yang Tai Shang Hui You Yi Ge Ke Shen Suo Tuo Pan , Wu Ren Ji Zhi Jie Ba Dong Xi Fang Zai Tuo Pan Li , Ren Men Ke Zhi Jie Zai Yang Tai Shou Huo , Zhe Yang Jiu Ji Da Jiang Di Zhi Yuan Zhe De Fu Dan 。” Ta Shuo , Shen Zhi Ke Yi Dui Yi Xie Liu Guan Ren Yuan Jin Xing Ti Wen Ce Ding , Ke Yi Yao Qiu Ta Men Zhan Zai Yang Tai Qian , Wu Ren Ji Zhi Jie Yong Tan Ce Zhuang Zhi Dui Qi Jin Xing Ce Wen , Jiu Bu Xu Yao Zhi Yuan Zhe Ai Jia Ai Hu Ce Ding Liao 。

Mei Jun Yi Yuan Chuan Kang Yi Shi Li You Duo Qiang

Zui Jin Zhong Guo Wang Luo Shang Liu Chuan Zhuo Mei Jun You 10 Sou Yi Liao Chuan , Shen Zhi 35 Sou “ Yi Liao Chuan ” Xie Zhu Mei Guo Zheng Fu Kang Yi De Chuan Yan , Ling Bu Shao Bu Ming Zhen Xiang De Wang Min Dui Mei Hai Jun Neng Li Shen Gan Zhen Han 。 Bu Guo Shi Shi Shi , Mei Jun Xian Yi Zhi You Liang Sou Zhen Zheng De Yi Yuan Chuan 。 Er Qie Mei Guo Fang Chang Ye Cheng Ren , Yi Yuan Chuan Bing Bu Shi He Jiu Zhi Chuan Ran Bing Bing Ren 。

Mei Guo Guo Fang Bu Chang Ai Si Zuo Zai Dang Di Shi Jian 3 Yue 17 Ri De Xin Wen Fa Bu Hui Shang Jie Shou Cai Fang Shi Biao Shi , Mei Guo You Liang Sou Yi Yuan Chuan , Fen Bie Shi Wei Yu Dong Hai An De “ Shu Shi ” Hao He Wei Yu Xi Hai An Sheng Die Ge Gang De “ Ren Ci ” Hao , Qi Zhong “ Shu Shi ” Hao Zheng Zai Wei Xiu Zhong 。 Ci Wai , Ta Huan Biao Shi , Yi Yuan Chuan Zhu Yao Yong Yu Zhi Liao Wai Shang , Mei You Ying Dui Chuan Ran Bing Suo Xu De Bi Yao Ge Li Kong Jian 。 An Zhao Ai Si Zuo De Jie Shi , Mei Jun De Ye Zhan Yi Yuan He Yi Yuan Chuan Zhu Yao Yong Lai Huan Jie Pu Tong Bing Ren De Jiu Zhen Ya Li , Cong Er Teng Chu Dang Di Yi Yuan De Kong Jian Ji Zhong Ying Dui Xin Guan Fei Yan Bing Ren 。 Mei Guo 《 Hai Jun Shi Bao 》23 Ri Bao Dao Cheng ,“ Ren Ci ” Hao Dang Di Shi Jian Zhou Yi Li Kai Sheng Die Ge Ji Di Qian Wang Luo Shan Zuo 。“ Shu Shi ” Hao Yi Yuan Chuan Ye Jiang Zai Shu Zhou Hou Bei Bu Shu Dao Niu Yue Zhou 。

Zi Liao Xian Shi ,“ Ren Ci ” Hao He “ Shu Shi ” Hao Yi Yuan Chuan Fen Bie Yu 1986 Nian He 1987 Nian Fu Yi , Shu Yu “ Ren Ci ” Ji Yi Yuan Chuan 。 Zhe Liang Sou Yi Yuan Chuan Shi Zai Tong Yi Ji You Lun Ji Chu Shang Gai Jian , Man Zai Pai Shui Liang Yue 7 Wan Dun , Xiang Dang Yu Yi Sou Chang Gui Dong Li Hang Mu 。 Tong Chang Qing Kuang Xia ,“ Shu Shi ” Hao Yi Yuan Chuan Zhi Yao Yue 70 Ren Bian Ke Yi Yun Zhuan , You Yi Liao Ren Wu Shi Yi Hu Ren Yuan Da Dao 1200 Ren Yi Shang 。 Chuan Shang Gong You Yue 1000 Zhang Bing Chuang Yi Ji 12 Jian She Bei Qi Quan De Shou Shu Shi 。 Mei Jun Yi Yuan Chuan Li Shu Yu Mei Guo Jun Shi Hai Yun Si Ling Bu , Shi Wei Mei Jun Ti Gong Hai Shang 、 Liu Dong De Yi Liao She Shi , Ye Wei Shi Jie Fan Wei Nei De Jiu Zai Yu Ren Dao Zhu Yi Yuan Zhu Xing Dong Ti Gong Yi Liao Fu Wu 。 Liang Sou Yi Yuan Chuan Jun Duo Ci Can Jia Zuo Zhan Zhi Yuan Ren Wu He Ren Dao Zhu Yi Yuan Zhu Ren Wu 。

Yi Wei Zeng Deng Shang Mei Jun Yi Yuan Chuan De Zhuan Ye Ren Shi Ci Qian Xiang 《 Huan Qiu Shi Bao 》 Ji Zhe Jie Shao , Mei Jun Yi Yuan Chuan Nei Bu Mi Feng Xing Qiang , Bu Ju Bei Ge Li Tiao Jian , Zai Yi Ge Feng Bi Kong Jian Li Ren Yuan Liu Dong , Rong Yi Zeng Jia Chuan Yuan 、 Yi Hu Ren Yuan He Bing Huan Zhi Jian De Jiao Cha Gan Ran Feng Xian 。 Ci Wai , Xin Guan Fei Yan Bing Huan Chan Sheng De Yi Yong La Ji Ru He Chu Li 、 Wu Shui Ru He Pai Fang , Du Shi Xu Yao Jie Jue De Wen Ti 。 Gai Ren Shi Shuo ,“ Ren Ci ” Hao Sui Ran Yong You Shang Qian Zhang Chuang Wei , Dan Chuang Wei Shi Jia Zi Chuang 、 Shang Xia Pu , Zhe Dui Yu Ping Shi De Wai Ke Zhi Liao Shi Shi Yong De , Dan Dui Yu Chuan Ran Bing Zhi Liao Jiu Shi Hen Da Que Xian 。

E Xiang Yi Kong Yun Qi Rong Jiao Xiao Du Che

Wei Bang Zhu Yi Da Li Kang Yi , E Luo Si Xiang Yi Fang Pai Chu Xian Jin De Fang Yi Te Zhong Zhuang Bei ( Ru Zuo Tu ) He Ju You Feng Fu Fang Yi Jing Yan De Jun Shi Zhuan Jia Tuan Dui 。 E Luo Si 《 Xiao Xi Bao 》23 Ri Bao Dao Cheng , E Guo Fang Bu Dang Tian Xuan Bu , E Kong Tian Jun 9 Jia Yi Er -76 Yun Shu Ji Wan Cheng Xiang Yi Da Li Yun Song Yue 100 Ming E Jun Shi Yi Xue Zhuan Jia He Da Liang Zhuang Bei De Ren Wu 。

Ju Bao Dao , E Yun Shu Ji Jiang Yong Yu Zhen Duan 、 Yi Liao He Xiao Du De She Bei Yun Song Dao Luo Ma Zhou Bian De Yi Da Li Pu La Ti Ka · Di Ma Lei Kong Jun Ji Di 。

Ju E Luo Si 《 Mo Si Ke Wan Bao 》23 Ri Bao Dao , Zai Yun Wang Yi Da Li De She Bei Zhong , Zui Yin Ren Zhu Mu De Shi An Zhuang Ka Ma Zi Ka Che Di Pan De Yong Yu Chang Di He Yun Shu Gong Ju Xiao Du De Xin Xing Ji Dong Shi Qi Rong Jiao Xiao Du Xi Tong 。2016 Nian Xia Tian , Zai Ya Ma Er Ban Dao Bao Fa Tan Ju Bing Shi , E Jun Zeng Shou Ci Shi Yong Zhe Zhong Zui Xin Xing De “ Hai Diao ” Qi Rong Jiao Xiao Du Xi Tong 。 Gai Xi Tong An Zhuang Zai Ka Ma Zi -53501 Ka Che Shang , Zhe Yi Mo Kuai Hua Xi Tong Ke Zai Ren He Di Xing Bu Shu 。 Ling Wai , E Jun Xiang Yi Da Li Yun Song De Te Zhong Zhuang Bei Huan Bao Kuo Yi Kuan Ji Yu GAZ-2705 De Zuo Zhan Zhen Cha Che , Yong Yu Kuai Su Shou Ji Yang Pin Bing Jin Xing Chu Bu Fen Xi 。 Huan You Yi Kuan Da Zai Mo Kuai Hua Zong He Xi Tong De Che Liang , Zhu Yao Yong Yu Fen Xi Bing Yuan Sheng Wu Cai Liao 。

Former Scottish first minister Salmond cleared of sex crimes

Former Scottish National Party leader and former first minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond leaves the High Court in Edinburgh on March 23, 2020, after being acquitted of attempted rape and a string of sexual assaults, including one of intent to rape. ANDY BUCHANAN / AFP via Getty Images)LONDON — Former Scottish first minister Alex Salmond, a figurehead of Scotland’s independence movement, was cleared on Monday of committing multiple sex offences against nine women after a case that led to divisions in the nationalist movement.Salmond, 65, was found not guilty by a jury at the High Court in Edinburgh of 12 charges including attempted rape, sexual assault and indecent assault. A charge of sexual assault with intent to rape was found not proven.Salmond, who led the devolved Scottish government for seven years until 2014 and helped drive growing support for Scottish independence as leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP), had denied any wrongdoing.During the trial he said some of his behavior had been inappropriate but he had not broken the law.“Obviously above all I would like to thank my friends and family for standing by me over the last two years,” an emotional Salmond, widely credited with helping push support for secession to record levels, said outside court.“Whatever nightmare I’ve been in over these last two years is as of nothing compared to the nightmare that every single one of us is currently living through,” he said in reference to the coronavirus crisis.“People are dying, many more are going to die. God help us all.”In 2018, Salmond took legal action against the Scottish devolved government, now led by his successor Nicola Sturgeon, over how it handled a complaints process against him in a sexual harassment case.He won a judicial review in January last year over how that case was handled by the Scottish government when it conceded it had acted unlawfully in probing the harassment claims.The case has pitted the two most popular figures in the Scottish independence movement against one another and a dispute has continued to simmer between two factions in the nationalist party.SNP lawmaker Joanna Cherry said there needed to be an independent inquiry into how the allegations against Salmond were handled by her party.“Those of us who know him, and indeed many of the thousands of people who have met him over the years, did not recognize the man described in the evidence,” Cherry said in a statement.“This verdict of acquittal is the culmination of two very lengthy investigations by the Scottish Government and Police Scotland and two court cases.“In both cases, Mr Salmond has been vindicated and serious questions now arise about the background to these cases especially given the considerable sums of public money which have been expended.CommentsShare your thoughtsScotland Sexual Offenses

Wai Mei : E Jun Zai Xu Li Ya Zhan Chang Xue Dao Zhe Xie Jing Yan He Jiao Xun

Bi Li Shi Lu Jun Shi Bie Wang Zhan Zai Shang Zhou Fa Biao Liao Xi Lie Wen Zhang , Fen Xi Liao E Luo Si Jun Dui Zai Xu Li Ya Zhan Chang Xue Dao De Jing Yan He Jiao Xun 。

[ E Luo Si Jun Dui Zai Xu Li Ya De Kong Jun Ji Di Ju Xing Yue Bing Shi ]

Zai Xu Li Ya Zhan Chang De Dao De Zhu Yao Jiao Xun Shi , E Luo Si Po Qie Xu Yao Yi Ding Shu Liang De Zhan Ji , Yi Bian Zai Chong Tu Zhong Bao Hu Zi Shen De Li Yi Bing Zhan Xian Shi Li 。 Ci Wai , E Luo Si Huan Bi Xu Gei Guo You Hang Kong Gong Si Pei Bei Guo Chan Fei Ji 。

Xu Li Ya Zhan Zheng De Zhu Yao Mu Biao Shi Kong Zhi Ju Min Qu He Lin Jin De Ling Tu 。 Zai Shan Qu , Zhan Dou Zhu Yao Zhen Dui Shan Gu , Shan Kou He Qi Ta Ju You Xiang Tong You Li Di Shi De Di Fang 。 Xu Li Ya Zhan Zheng Gui Jie Wei Kong Zhi Zhong Yao Di Dian , Yao Qiu Shi Yong Ge Zhong Wu Qi , Kong Zhong Li Liang , Zhong Xing Huo Pao He Tan Ke Zhi Chi De Di Mian Bu Dui Fa Hui Liao Guan Jian Zuo Yong 。

Di Yi Ge Jiao Xun Shi , Ren Wei Xian Dai De You Xian Chong Tu Hui Gui Jie Wei Qing Xing Ji Dong Zu Zhi He Kong Zhong Li Liang De Jiao Zhan ( Fei Jie Chu Shi Zhan Zheng ), Zhe Shi Bu Zheng Que De 。 Di Mian Bu Dui He Zhong Xing Zhuang Bei Ji Xu Fa Hui Guan Jian Zuo Yong 。 Qi Ta Zhan Zheng , You Qi Shi 2008 Nian Yu Ge Lu Ji Ya De Chong Tu Ye Zheng Shi Liao Zhe Yi Dian 。

Zai Xu Li Ya , Zheng Gui Jun He E Luo Si Kong Jun Yu Dao Liao Yi Zhi Fei Chang Gui De Bu Dui 。 Ta Que Ding Liao Shuang Fang De Can Yu Xing Shi He Fang Fa 。 Fei Fa Wu Zhuang Bian Dui Cai Qu Jian Dan De Zhan Shu , Bu Xu Yao Ge Zhong Wu Qi De Yan Ge Pei He 。 Qing Xing Lin Shi Wu Qi Gou Cheng Liao Ta Men De Wu Qi Gu Gan 。 Wu Zhuang Fen Zi Jiao Huo Liao Hen Duo Chen Zhong De Zhuang Bei , Dan You Yu Ji Neng Bu Jia Yi Ji Que Fa Da Xiu She Shi , Ran Liao , Run Hua You Yi Ji Dan Yao , Dao Zhi Ta Men Hen Shao Shi Yong 。 Zhi Yu Zhi Hui Tong Xin , Ta Men Da Duo Shi Yong Shou Ji 。 Jin Guan Ru Ci , Zai Jing Guo E Luo Si Wu Nian De Gan Yu Zhi Hou , Ta Men Bing Mei You Bei Wan Quan Ji Kui , Ta Men Zai Yi De Li Bo (Idleb) Bao Chi Zhuo Zhen Di Bing Cheng Gong Fan Ji 。

[ Tan Ke Zai Xu Li Ya Zhan Zheng Zhong Fa Hui Liao Bu Xiao Zuo Yong ]

Di Er Ge Jiao Xun : Shou Dao Wai Jie Zhi Chi De Chu Yu Zong Jiao Dong Ji De Ji Jin Fen Zi Shi Zhu Yao De Di Ren 。 E Luo Si Wu Zhuang Bu Dui Ying Gai Shi Yong Te Ding De Fang Fa , Wu Qi He Xing Shi Lai Da Ji 。

Wu Zhuang Fen Zi Shi Hun He Zhan Zheng Zhong Qin Lue Zhe De Di Yi Ge Zhan Lue Ti Dui , Ru Guo Zao Dao Che Di Shi Bai De Wei Xie , Ze Ke Yi De Dao Wai Guo Chang Gui Bu Dui De Zhi Chi 。 Zhe Fa Sheng Zai Yi De Li Bo , Tu Er Qi Jun Dui De Zhi Jie Gan Yu Zu Zhi Liao Xu Li Ya Jun Dui De Qian Jin 。 Zhe Shi Di San Ge Zhong Yao De Jiao Xun 。

Ran Er , Jin Guan Yi Min Ya Li Hen Da , Bei Yue He Mei Guo Reng Ju Jue Xiang Tu Er Qi Ti Gong Jun Shi Zhi Chi , Yin Wei Ta Men Bu Xi Wang Yu He Wu Zhuang De E Luo Si Fa Sheng Chong Tu 。 An Ka La Bu De Bu Ting Zhi Zhi Chi Ji Jin Fen Zi 。 Mei Guo Ben Ke Yi Tong Guo Zai Xiu Ma Mi Mu Kong Jun Ji Di Jin Xing De Zhan Fu Da Ji Jiang E Luo Si De Kong Zhong Li Liang Cong Xu Li Ya Gan Chu Qu , Cong Er Hui Fu Qi Quan Qiu Ba Quan Di Wei , Dan Ta Que Dan Xin E Luo Si De He Li Liang 。 Zhe Shi Di Si Ge Jing Yan : He Wu Qi Zai Di Qiang Du Chong Tu Zhong De Wei She Zuo Yong , Bing Zu Zhi Qian Zai De Qin Lue Zhe Zhi Jie Jin Xing Jun Shi Gan Yu 。

[ E Luo Si Zai Xu Li Ya Da Liang Shi Yong Liao Yao Kong Zhuang Bei , Bi Ru Uran-6 Yao Kong Sao Lei Che ]

Kong Jun De Jiao Xun : Ta Zai Di Fang Mei You Zhong Yuan Cheng Fang Kong Neng Li De Qing Kuang Xia Xing Dong 。 Wu Zhuang Fen Zi Zhuang Bei Liao Xiao Kou Jing Gao She Pao , Bian Xie Shi Fang Kong Dao Dan ( Da Duo Shi Guo Shi De ) Yi Ji 12.7-14.5 Hao Mi Ji Qiang 。 Ta Men Dui Yu 2-2.5 Gong Li Gao Du De Fei Ji He Zhi Sheng Ji Shi Wei Xian De 。 E Luo Si Kong Jun Zai Zhong Kong Zuo Zhan , Bing Zai SVP-24-22 Xi Tong De Yin Dao Xia Tou Zhi Zi You Luo Ti Zha Dan , Jing Que Zhi Dao Wu Qi De Fen E Hen Xiao 。 Zai Liang Hao De Tiao Jian Xia , E Luo Si Fei Ji Zai Di Kong Fei Xing 。Tu-22M3 Yuan Cheng Hong Zha Ji Yi 6 Dao 9 Jia De Ji Qun Zai Zhu Yao Hai Ba Gao Du Fei Xing 。 Zhan Lue Kong Jun Hen Shao Can Yu , Ta Tong Chang Cheng Dui Xing Dong Bing Fa She Yuan Cheng Xun Hang Dao Dan , Bing Mei You Jin Ru Xu Li Ya Ling Kong 。 Xu Li Ya Kong Jun Yi Su-22,MiG-21 He MiG-29 De Shuang Ji Zuo Zhan 。 Ta Men Da Duo Fa She Wu Zhi Dao De Zi You Luo Ti Zha Dan He Dao Dan 。 Ta Men Shi Zai Di Kong Fei Xing , Zhe Shi Ji Jin Fen Zi Gao She Pao Huo Neng Gou Zao Cheng Ju Da Sun Shi De Yuan Yin 。 Xu Li Ya Kong Jun Shi Yong De Fei Zhi Dao Wu Qi Bi Chuan Tong De Jing Que Zhi Dao Wu Qi Yao Mi Ji De Duo , Zhe You Liang Ge Yuan Yin 。 Di Yi Ge Shi SVP-24-22 Zhi Dao Xi Tong , Ke Que Bao Zi You Luo Ti Zha Dan Jing Que Ming Zhong 。 Di Er Ge Yuan Yin Shi , Zai Zhen Dui Zhi Hui Suo Huo Ju Ji Qu , Huo Xing Jun Zhong De Bu Gui Ze Bian Dui Jin Xing Hui Mie Xing Da Ji De Qing Kuang Xia , Jing Que Zhi Dao Dan Yao Yu Fei Zhi Dao De Lian Jia Dan Yao Xiang Bi Mei You You Shi 。 Suo Yi Di Wu Ge Jing Yan Shi , Dang Di Fang Fang Kong Xi Tong Bei Cui Hui Huo Bu Cun Zai Shi , Wu Zhi Dao Wu Qi Jiang Ji Xu Zai Xian Dai Zhan Zheng Zhong Fa Hui Zuo Yong 。

[ Xu Li Ya De Fang Kong Zhuang Bei Sui Ran Da Bu Fen Guo Shi Liao , Dan Shi Yong De Dang De Hua Reng Ran You Xiao ]

Xu Li Ya De Fang Kong Jing Yan Ti Gong Liao Di Liu Ge Jing Yan 。 You Yu Mei Guo He Yi Se Lie De Ge Zhong Kong Xi , Xu Li Ya De Fang Kong Li Liang Can Yu Liao Chong Tu 。 Di Fang Bu Zhi Dao De Fang Kong Wu Qi Di Kang Liao Yi Bai Duo Mei Xun Hang Dao Dan De Da Gui Mo Da Ji , Zhe Yi Jing Yan Biao Ming , Ta Men Ke Yi Zu Zhi Kong She Dao Dan Ji Zhong Shou Bao Hu De She Shi 。 Zhe Shi Zhong Yao De Di Liu Ge Jing Yan 。

Jin Shen De Fang Kong Xing Dong Ke Neng Hui Po Huai Di Fang De Kong Zhong Li Liang 。 Dui Shou Zhi Neng Tong Guo Mei You Qi Ta Lei Xing Wu Zhuang Bu Dui Bang Zhu De Fei Ji Lai Ya Zhi Zhe Zhong Fang Kong Xi Tong , Zhe Shi Dui Di Ren Shi Yi Ge Wen Ti 。 Zhe Dui Yu Zai Fang Kong Qu Zhuang Bei You Lei Si Can Shu He Dan Dao De Kalibr He Kh-101 Dao Dan De E Luo Si Bu Dui Lai Shuo Shi Di Qi Ge Jing Yan 。

Ta Men Jiang Xu Yao Dian Zi Zhan Fang Hu Cai Neng Tu Po Mu Biao 。 Di Ba Ge Jing Yan Shi , Fang Kong Xiao Neng Shi You Quan Gao Du Lei Da Fan Wei Jue Ding De , Xia Xian Wei 25-100 Mi , Shi Di Xing Er Ding 。 AEW Fei Ji ( Yu Jing Ji ) Zai Chuang Zao Zhe Yang Yi Ge Qu Yu Zhong Qi Zhuo Guan Jian Zuo Yong 。 Ta Men Que Ding Liao Fang Kong Xi Tong De Zong Ti Xiao Li , Shen Zhi Ke Yi Shi Yong Guo Shi De Wu Qi 。

Xu Li Ya Zhan Zheng Zhan Shi Liao Wu Ren Ji Zai Xian Dai Tiao Jian Xia De Zuo Yong 。 Ge Fang Du Shi Yong Wu Ren Ji Can Jia Ge Zhong Ren Wu 。 E Luo Si Kong Jun He Xu Li Ya Zheng Fu Jun Shi Yong Wu Ren Ji Jin Xing Zhen Cha He Kong Zhi 。 Di Fang Pian Ai Zhan Dou Wu Ren Ji 。 Tu Er Qi Gong Ji Wu Ren Ji Zai Cui Hui Tan Ke Deng Yi Dong Qie Shou Dao Liang Hao Bao Hu De Mu Biao Fang Mian Biao Xian Gao Xiao 。 E Luo Si Zhu Hu Mai Mi Mu Ji Di Bu De Bu Jian Li Qiang Da De Fan Wu Ren Ji Fang Kong Xi Tong 。 Di Jiu Ge Jing Yan Shi Wu Ren Ji Yi Jing Fa Zhan Cheng Wei Zai Ju Bu Chong Tu Zhong Jin Xing Xian Dai Zhan Zheng De Zhen Zheng You Xiao Gong Ju 。 You Bi Yao Jin Ji She Ji Zhe Zhong Wu Qi Bing Tou Ru Shi Yong 。

Zai Zhan Zheng De Zui Hou Jie Duan , Xu Li Ya Di Mian Bu Dui Yu Qi Ta Lei Xing De Bu Dui He Dang Di Min Bing Jin Xing Liao Hu Dong 。 Bing Tuan You Cong Shi Zhan Lue Ren Wu De Ge Ge Bu Men Zu Cheng 。 Dan Shi , Xu Li Ya Jun Dui De Zhe Zhong Bian Dui Shu Liang You Xian 。 Ta Bu De Bu Zhong Xin Bu Shu Neng Li Zui Qiang De Bu Dui Qu Zuo Zhan , Bing Jiang Neng Li Jiao Ruo De Bu Dui Bao Liu Zai Xiang Dui An Jing De Di Fang 。 Ta Jing Chang Zao Cheng Ju Min Ding Ju Dian De Sun Shi , Bu De Bu Zai Ci Yi Gao Ang De Dai Jia Yu Yi Jie Fang 。 Ba Er Mi La Jiu Shi Yi Ge Li Zi 。 E Luo Si Jun Dui De Di Shi Ge Jing Yan Shuo , Bi Xu You Qiang Da De Ling Tu Fang Yu 。

Xu Li Ya De Jing Yan Zheng Ming Liao Dong Yuan Qian Li He Xun Lian You Su De Hou Bei Li Liang De Zhong Yao Xing 。 Zhe Shi E Luo Si De Di Shi Yi Ge Jing Yan 。

Di Shi Er Ge Jing Yan Zhi Chu Liao Zhuang Bei He Dan Yao De Zhong Yao Xing 。 Cang Ku Zhong De Zhuang Bei Sun Shi Shi Xu Li Ya Jun Dui De Zhan Dou Neng Li Sang Shi 。 E Luo Si Gan Yu Bing Kai Shi Da Liang Gong Ying Zhuang Bei Hou , Qing Kuang Fa Sheng Liao Bian Hua 。

Di Shi San Ge Jing Yan Hu Yu E Luo Si Jiang Zhuang Bei Chu Bei Bao Chi Zai Shi Dang De Zhuang Tai 。 Sui Zhuo Zhan Zheng De Bao Fa , Xian Dai Wu Qi Jiang Zai Di Yi Ge Zhan Lue Ti Dui Zhong Bei Cui Hui , Sheng Chan Xin Wu Qi Jiang Ji Kun Nan You Ang Gui 。 Guo Shi Dan Ke Cao Zuo De Zhuang Bei Ku Cun Hui You Suo Bang Zhu 。

Xu Li Ya Zhan Zheng Biao Ming Jun Dui Zai Xing Dong Zhong Xiao Hao Liao Da Liang Dan Yao 。 Zhe Shi Di Shi Si Ke 。 You Bi Yao Jin Ji Hui Fu Dan Yao De Sheng Chan 。

Zhe Xie Xing Dong Bi Xu Zai Yi Ge Zhu Yao Ding Ju Dian Zhong Jiang Dui Shou Duo Shu Bao Wei Qi Lai , Bing Po Shi Qi Tao Li Er Mei You Zhong Da Di Kang 。 Zhe Yu Yi Qian De Zhan Zheng You Hen Da De Bu Tong , Na Shi Di Ren Hui Bei Bao Wei Bing Xiao Mie 。 Di 15 Ke Yao Qiu Li Jie Di Ren De Zui Zhong Mu Biao 。

Te Lang Pu Xuan Bu Mei Guo Jia Zhou Wei Xin Guan Yi Qing “ Zhong Da Zai Qu ”

Zai Mei Guo Luo Shan Zuo Yi Jia Chao Shi Wai , Yi Ming Gong Zuo Ren Yuan Dai Kou Zhao Zheng Li Tui Che 。 Xin Hua She Tu

Dang Di Shi Jian 22 Ri , Mei Guo Zong Tong Te Lang Pu Xuan Bu Jia Zhou Wei Xin Guan Fei Yan Yi Qing Zhong Da Zai Qu , Jiang Xiang Jia Zhou Ti Gong Lian Bang Zi Jin Yuan Zhu 。( Yuan Ti Wei 《 Te Lang Pu Xuan Bu Mei Guo Jia Zhou Wei Xin Guan Yi Qing “ Zhong Da Zai Qu ”》)

Yin Jun Bian Fang Zhen Cha Bing Que Zhen Gan Ran Xin Guan Zhu Fang Zhong Yin Bian Jing Di Qu

Lai Yuan : Dian Bo Zhen Chang Kong

3 Yue 20 Ri , Yin Du Jun Fang Xiang Mei Ti Zheng Shi , Yi Ming Zhu Fang Zhong Yin Bian Jing Xi Xian Lie Cheng Di Qu De Yin Jun Zhen Cha Bing Bei Jian Ce Chu Xin Guan Yang Xing , Mu Qian Ta Ben Ren He Zai Bu Dui Suo Jie Chu Ren Yuan Du Yi Jing Bei Ge Li 。 Tong Shi Yin Du Lu Jun Zong Bu Yi Jing Fa Bu Ming Ling , Yao Qiu Bu Dui Suo You De Pei Xun Ke Cheng Cong 3 Yue 16 Ri Kai Shi Tong Tong Tui Chi , Ling Wai , Lu Jun Huan Qu Xiao Liao Suo You Bu Bi Yao De Xun Lian , Hui Yi He Yu Le Huo Dong , Yu Wai Guo Jun Dui De Suo You Lian He Xun Lian He Yan Xi Ye Yi Bing Tui Chi 。 Guan Yu Zhe Ming Zhen Cha Bing Shi Cong Na Li Gan Ran De Xin Guan Bing Du , Yin Du Jun Fang Ye Xiang Mei Ti Zuo Liao Shuo Ming , Ju Xi Ta Shi Bei Zi Ji De Fu Qin Gan Ran Liao , Er Ta De Fu Qin Ze Shi Zai Jin Qi Qian Wang Guo Yi Lang Chao Sheng , Suo Yi Jun Fang Que Ding Zhe Ming Zhen Cha Bing De Gan Ran Yuan Shi Yi Lang 。

Yin Jun Bian Fang Bu Dui Xiang Dang Di Min Zhong Fen Fa Kou Zhao

Yin Jun Bian Fang Bu Dui Xuan Chuan Fang Yi Zhi Shi

Zhe Ming 34 Sui De Zhen Cha Bing Li Shu Yu Zhu Fang Lie Cheng De La Da Ke Zhen Cha Bing Tuan , Qi Lao Jia Jiu Zai Lie Cheng Fu Jin De Chuchot Cun , Zai 2 Yue 25 Ri Zhi 3 Yue 1 Ri Zhe Duan Shi Jian , Ta Cong Bu Dui Xiu Jia Hui Dao Jia Zhong , Er Ta De Fu Qin Zai Ta Xiu Jia Qian Jiu Yi Jing Qian Wang Yi Lang Chao Sheng Liao , Bing Yu 2 Yue 27 Ri Da Cheng Yin Du Hang Kong Gong Si De Hang Ban Fan Hui Liao Yin Du 。 Bu Guo Fan Hui Hou Ta De Fu Qin Bing Mei You Bei Ge Li , Er Shi Zai Jia Zhong Dai Liao Liang Tian , Zhi Dao 2 Yue 29 Ri Cai Bei Ge Li , Ye Jiu Shi Shuo Zhe Ming Zhen Cha Bing Yu Fu Qin You Liang Tian De Jie Chu Shi Jian , Ta Ye Jiu Shi Zai Zhe Duan Shi Jian Bei Chuan Ran De 。 Zhi Hou Zhe Ming Zhen Cha Bing Yu 3 Yue 2 Ri Fan Hui Bu Dui , Er Zhe Ge Shi Hou Bu Dui Bing Bu Zhi Dao Ta Yi Jing Bei Gan Ran , Zhi Dao 3 Yue 6 Ri , Qi Bei Ge Li De Fu Qin Jing Jian Ce Que Zhen Wei Xin Guan Bing Li , Yi Yuan Cai Gan Jin Tong Zhi Bu Dui Jiang Zhe Ming Zhen Cha Bing He Suo You Yu Ta Jie Chu De Ren Yuan Ge Li 。 Zui Hou Dao 3 Yue 16 Ri Shen Ye , Lu Jun Jun Yi Gen Ju Qi Jian Ce Jie Guo Wei Yang Xing , Que Zhen Qi Wei Xin Guan Bing Li 。

Yin Du Mu Qian Quan Guo Que Zhen Bing Li Ren Shu Gang Gang Tu Po 150 Ren , Sui Ran Kan Qi Lai Huan Bu Yan Zhong , Dan Shi Cong Zhe Ming Zhen Cha Bing De Gan Ran Guo Cheng Lai Kan , Qi Guo Nei De Fang Yi Gong Zuo Huan Shi You Xiang Dang Duo De Lou Dong De , Zai Jia Shang Ta Men Huan Mei You Jin Xing Da Gui Mo De Shai Jian , Suo Yi Zhen Shi De Gan Ran Qing Kuang Wai Jie Du Huan Bu Qing Chu 。 Yin Du Jun Dui Dui Mu Qian De Qing Kuang Ye Shi Fei Chang De You Xin , Suo Yi Cai Fa Bu Liao Tui Chi Xun Lian He Yan Xi De Ming Ling 。 Ling Wai Yin Du Nei Zheng Bu Ye Yao Qiu Ge Zhun Jun Shi Bu Dui Kai Shi Jin Ru Jin Ji Zhuang Tai , Bing Yu 3 Yue 17 Ri Fa Bu Ming Ling , Yao Qiu Zhong Yang Wu Zhuang Jing Cha Bu Dui (CAPF)、 Zhong Yang Hou Bei Jing Cha Bu Dui (CRPF)、 Bian Jing An Quan Bu Dui (BSF)、 Zhong Yang Gong Ye An Quan Bu Dui (CISF)、 Yin Cang Bian Jing Jing Cha Bu Dui (ITBP)、 Guo Jia An Quan Wei Dui (NSG) He A Sa Mu Bu Qiang Dui Deng Zhun Jun Shi Zu Zhi Quan Bu Qu Xiao Xiu Jia , Chu Liao Wei Ying Dui Ke Neng Bao Fa De Jin Ji Qing Kuang Zuo Zhun Bei Wai , Nei Zheng Bu Huan Xi Wang Tong Guo Zhe Zhong Shou Jin Ren Yuan Wai Chu De Fang Shi Jian Shao Bu Dui Bei Gan Ran De Gai Lv 。

Yin Du San Jun Sui Ran Zan Shi Huan Mei You Xiang Zhun Jun Shi Bu Dui Na Yang Yan Ge Guan Kong Ren Yuan Xiu Jia , Dan Shi Ye Zhi Zuo Xia Fa Liao Yi Fen Fang Yi Zhi Nan Gei Jun Ren He Jia Shu , Shang Mian Gao Jie Suo You Ren Jin Qi Bu Yao Qian Wang Ren Qun Mi Ji De Gong Gong Chang Suo , Tong Shi Ye Yao Qiu Ta Men Jin Ke Neng De Bi Mian Da Cheng Chang Tu De Jiao Tong Gong Ju , Bi Ru Fei Ji 、 Huo Che He Chang Tu Qi Che 。 Te Bie Shi Huo Che , Quan Shi Jie Du Zhi Dao Yin Du Huo Che De Yong Ji Cheng Du Shi Ju Shi Wu Shuang De , Suo Yi Yi Dan Fa Sheng Gan Ran , Na Jiang Shi Zai Nan Xing De 。 Dang Ran , Sui Ran Wai Jie Mu Qian Bi Jiao Dan Xin Bing Du Hui Zai Yin Jun Bu Dui Kuo San , Dan Shi Cong Fang Yi Jiao Du Lai Shuo , Jun Dui Huan Shi Yao Bi Di Fang Geng Rong Yi Chu Li Zhe Zhong Chuan Ran Bing De Bao Fa Qing Kuang De 。 Yin Wei Bu Dui Da Bu Fen Shi Jian Bing Bu Yu She Hui Fa Sheng Mi Ji He Pin Fan De Jie Chu , Er Qie Huan You Ling Xing Jin Zhi He Fu Cong Ming Ling Ting Zhi Hui De Chuan Tong , Suo Yi Zai Fa Sheng Gan Ran Hou De Ke Yi Jie Chu Ren Yuan Cha Zhao He Ge Li Fang Mian Du Fei Chang Rong Yi , Ji Ben Shang Zhi Yao Neng Zuo Kuai Su Shai Jian , Bu Dui Nei De Chuan Bo Hen Kuai Jiu Hui Bei Kong Zhi 。

STUPID-19: Self-quarantine never looked so good

The wife of former Manchester United star Javier Hernandez is laying out the bare facts of her self-isolation. INSTAGRAMSOCCER STAR’S GAL PAL DOES ISOLATION IN STYLEThe wife of former Manchester United star Javier Hernandez is laying out the bare facts of her self-isolation. Model Sarah Kohan took to Instagram where she posted a photo of herself riding a horse naked!And Kohan promised her 1.5 million Instagram followers that once the coronavirus epidemic passes (she didn’t let us know when that will be), she’ll be back in true form. She has previously said “being naked” is one of her favourite things to do.Model Sarah Kohan still teases her 1.5 million Instagram followers. INSTAGRAMShe wrote: “Two years ago today from a work trip shooting for Luli Fama in Fiji with France Durque and Jesse Rambis.Can we go back please? Once the world is safe again and free from a highly contagious illness.”Tinfoil hats for mullahs. Iran’s “Supreme Leader” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is blaming his country’s COVID-19 woes on the “Great Satan.” REUTERSMAD MULLAH WEIGHS INThe Supreme Leader of Iran (sounds like a James Bond villain) is claiming that American “charlatans” may have created the deadly COVID-19 in a lab. This comes as Ayatollah Ali Khamenei rejected an offer of medical help from the U.S.His country has suffered more than 1,500 COVID-19 deaths with more than 20,610 infections. So, OK, have it your way.In a televised speech Sunday, he told Iranians: “Several times Americans have offered to help Iran to contain the virus …You are accused of creating this virus. I do not know whether it is true, but it is strange that you want to help Iran. Aside from the fact that you have shortages in your fight against the virus, what if you give us a drug that will help the virus to remain in Iran permanently?”Maybe the U.S. should be shipping tinfoil hats to Tehran’s mad mullahs.Kansas GOP politician Marvin Hernandez doesn’t think his tiny corner of the tiny state has anything to worry about when it comes to COVID-19. Reason? There’s not many Chinese around. FACEBOOKSTUPIDITY AS AMERICAN AS APPLE PIEA Republican politician from Kansas is under fire for suggesting his tiny town is safe from the coronavirus because there are “not that many Chinese people living there.” No, really, county commission chairman Marvin Rodriguez said that.Officials on Wednesday were discussing whether Manhattan, Kan., should declare a local emergency after the explosion of cases in Italy. Not for our hero.“I know that other people [Italy] are having a great problem,” Rodriguez reportedly said. “Someone reminded me that in Italy, they have a lot of garment-people there, fashionistas, and they have a tremendous amount of Chinese there, and that’s where a lot of it started.Former star of the Disney TV show Boy Meets World Maitland Ward is transitioning to porn star. INSTAGRAMBIG PAYDAY FOR SELF-ISOLATING PORN STARSAs the entertainment industry scrambles to adjust to a new financial reality, porn queens are making out like bandits.“Actually, I’ve seen upticks in some of my income because people are home and they want entertainment and they want to get away from all the corona stuff,” former Boy Meets World actress-turned-porn-star Maitland Ward told TheWrap.“I’m stuck at home, too, so I’m doing a lot more content just to fill time as well.”Porn stars like Sarah Vandella are cashing in with private shows via the web. INSTAGRAMThat’s one bit of good news for the sex-rated industry which like its legitimate cousins is reeling form the COVID-19 shutdown.“Truth be told, performers on our side are in a better spot because they can still create and make money,” porn bible AVN’s editor Sherri Shaulis said.Starlet Sarah Vandella added: “Most performers — adult models and actors — are encouraged to utilize their own personal time to continue to create content as much as possible. That’s a remarkable thing — that we can earn good money in a crisis like this, when a lot of people are hurting. I’m really grateful for that.”BOOZING BRITS BUSTED BY RIOT COPSBritish police raided a packed Scottish pub where boozers defied an edict from Prime Minister Boris Johnson to stay home.Cops took notice after a disturbance outside the watering hole, called Cheers, near Glasgow. The U.K. government has advised pubs, bars and other packed places to shutter. Not so Cheers — and cops can’t force them to close.“We are fully behind the request from the U.K. and Scottish Governments for entertainment venues to close, and the Chief Constable has already thanked the vast majority of people in Scotland for complying with the instruction,” a police spokesman said.Apparently sun-seekers in Hawaii aren’t much better than their Florida cousins. Despite COVID-19, the beaches at Waikiki are still packed. INSTAGRAMHAWAII STILL OPENApparently, the Aloha State — or at least devoted beachgoers and surfers — didn’t get the message. On Sunday, the sandy paradise remained packed despite public health warnings.Surf’s up.CommentsShare your thoughts

Gobierno presentó aplicación digital que facilita consultas de usuarios por coronavirus ante prestadores de salud – Presidencia de la República

No olvidarse de completar este campo

La presentación de la herramienta informática fue realizada en la tarde de este viernes 20 en Torre Ejecutiva, en una conferencia de prensa encabezada por el secretario de Presidencia, Álvaro Delgado, acompañado por el prosecretario Rodrigo Ferrés; el ministro de Salud Pública, Daniel Salinas; el director de la Agencia de Gobierno Electrónico y Sociedad de la Información y del Conocimiento (Agesic), Hugo Odizzio, y el ingeniero Nicolás Jodal, en representación de las empresas uruguayas de software que colaboraron en este desarrollo.A través de la aplicación digital, se soluciona un problema fundamental ante casos de emergencia, que es la conexión de la población con sus prestadores de salud, explicó Jodal. De esta manera, “cualquier persona que tenga una sospecha de estar infectada con coronavirus” deberá contestar un cuestionario especialmente formulado por epidemiólogos del Ministerio de Salud Pública y, en función de la respuesta, el sistema les explicaráde manera automática los procedimientos que deberían seguir.En ese proceso, la aplicación enviará los datos brindados por el usuario a su prestador de salud, que se comunicará con la persona en caso de que se registre algún síntoma relacionado con el COVID-19. Jodal informó que el mismo procedimiento podrá concretarse vía servicio telefónico o web-chat, por tratarse de un proceso integrado.En una segunda versión de la aplicación, se atenderá a las personas ya diagnosticadas como casos positivos de coronavirus COVID-19. En este caso, la aplicación solicitará datos como la temperatura e incluirá una herramienta de telemedicina a través de la cual un médico podrá comunicarse con el usuario por una videollamada, facilitando la atención, según añadió Jodal.Hugo Odizzio explicó que “toda la información de este sistema está amparada en el secreto del derecho de las personas a la información privada”. Agregó que los datos serán gestionados en la nube del Gobierno en el data center de Antel, ubicado en Pando. “Es un entorno controlado (que) cumple con los requisitos en el proyecto de historia clínica electrónica”, remarcó.El secretario de Presidencia, Álvaro Delgado, dijo que esta herramienta permitirá mejorar las respuestas en atención de las propias instituciones de salud. “Es una aplicación innovadora y novedosa, Uruguay está siendo pionero en este sentido. Es el esfuerzo de mucha gente y mucho tiempo”, destacó.Delgado precisó que la aplicación no suprime otras vías de comunicación, como la línea gratuita 0800-1919 del Ministerio de Salud Pública, o la consulta a las emergencias móviles o los prestadores, sino que es un elemento adicional para la trasparencia de la información con la población.La aplicación Coronavirus.uy podrá ser descargada para teléfonos con los sistemas Andorid y, en el caso de iPhone, estará disponible en unas horas. Además, estará disponible en la web del Plan Nacional Coronavirus.